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June 22, 2015
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March 26, 2008
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October 27, 1970
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(b) (6) MEMORANDUM TO Assistant for Personnel via AGDh DATE: October 27, 1970 FROM Director of Personnel via Presiden REF. No. PI\,-DP-70/:2358 ' REC D WAS NOV 21970 SUBJECT ; Maurice H. Cocchi - Manager of Crew Schedulers i; F. PND-DP-70/1378 dated July 6, 1970 HOJO8OD This is to advise that we have employed sir. Cocchi as Manager, Crew Schedulers effective September 9, 1970. We enclose herewith a copy o j-" the letter of employment (PND-DP-70/1994 of September 9, 1970) for your information and files. MVir. Cocchi's employment has been charged against a vacancy in the field. h/f ile File P/file APPROVED FOR RELEASE DATE: JAN 2008 AIR AtiIERICA, INC. Field Executive Office Box 20010 APO San Francisco 96239 c/o 824th Hq. Sq. PND-DP-70/1994 September 9, 1970 Kr. Maurice H. Cocchi Udorn, Thailand This letter constitutes an offer of employment in the position of N1gr.,Crew Schedulers at a monthly salary of $880.00 . This offer is subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. Your possessing the necessary qualifications in our opinion for the above position being offered. 2. Completion to the satisfaction of the Company of such personal history checks as it may deem necessary or desirable. 3. Your satisfactorily passing a physical examination and meeting the physical requirements as set forth by the Company for the position offered to you. 4. Reporting for Duty: a. You will report to Air Asia Company Limited, an associated Company, at its offices located at 108 Chung Shan North Road, Second Section, Taipei, Taiwan, for further employment processing on or before 9 Sept. 70 or at such other place as you may subsequently be notified. b. As you will travel by air and will have to adhere to the prescribed passenger baggage weight limitations, the Company will pay for the transportation by surface shipment of up to 3,500 lbs. of your personal effects from your bona fide home or place of employment to your station of assignment. Any duty or customs fees on the shipment. to or importation into a foreign country of your personal effects must be borne by you. Salary: Your salary will conmence the day you start your travel en route to the place stated in paragraph 4.a. above, provided no undue or voluntary delays occur en route. Salary will be paid by U. S. dollar check once a month. 3. // / 4/ / 7,2 6. Term of Employment: Subject to your satisfactory completion of the probationary period, as set forth in the Company's Personnel Manual, herein identified as Personnel Manual For American Employees, your employment will be for an indefinite period. If you fail to meet at any time any of the conditions set forth in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 above, or if your services become excess'"to the needs of the Company, and your services are therefore terminated by the Company, you will be given two weeks advance notice, or pay in lieu of such notice, with return passage to Monson, Massachusetts . If your services are terminated by the Company for any other reason you will be given return passage to Monson, Massachusetts . If, however, you resign prior to completion of at least three years of service the Company will not be responsible for return passage for you or your dependents to Monson, Massa- chusetts or for the repatriation of your personal property. 7. Assignment to Associated Companies: In accepting this offer, you will evidence your agreement to any assignment to perform like services for any associated company at the Company's election, as long as the terms contained herein are met. When so assigned you may receive a salary based upon the local value of your services directly from the associated company, in which event that amount will be offset against the amount payable by the Company. Any difference between any such salary payment and your agreed compensation will be paid by the Company. No such assignment shall operate to dissolve the employer-employee relationship herein created nor to release you from your obligations hereunder and you will continue to hold yourself available for services on behalf of the Company upon its request. By the same- token no such assignment shall relieve the Company of any of its obligations to you except as stated above. . 8. Transportation for Dependentss: Transportation for your dependents will be provided by the Company upon certification by your Supervisor that you have successfully completed a probationary period of such duration as the Company deems necessary to evaluate your performance and suitability, however, if you wish to bring your dependents with you, you may do so at your own expense. You will be reimbursed by the Company for dependent travel only after certification by your Supervisor, as provided above, that you have successfully completed your probationary period. In either case, only travel by Company authorized route will be provided or reimbursed and reimbursement will be only at authorized Company discount fares. 9. Company Personnel Manual: The terms, conditions and benefits governing your employment with the Company are set forth in the Personnel Manual identified in paragraph 6. above, and shall be controlling unless expressly provided to the contrary herein. -3 10. Personal Conduct: We expect that personal conduct of our employees will reflect no discredit upon themselves, upon their fellow employees, or upon the Company. Exces- sive or even considerable use of intoxicants will not be-permitted. An employee's dependents for purposes of Company afforded travel referred to herein are his wife and children under eighteen years of age. This letter constitutes the only authorized offer of employment to you from or on behalf of the Company. We have attempted to cover the general terms of your employment and some of the benefits which will result from your employment. As provided above, it is understood that the Personnel Manual (as it presently exists and as amended from time to time) is the final authority on details. It is an employee's privilege and responsibility to familiarize himself with the Company Personnel Manual and the benefits provided therein. If this offer of employment is acceptable to you, please indicate your acceptance by signing the attached copies hereof, as provided below, and return them to us. This offer of employment shall remain in effect only for a period of thirty (30) .days from the above date unless extended by written notice from me. Very truly yours, I have read, understand, agree with, and accept the above offer of employment this day of 1970.