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June 22, 2015
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April 17, 2008
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April 10, 1969
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.. ~ ~ ~ - ~ EMPLOYEE SERIAL NUMBER FITNESS REPflFtT SECTION A GENERAL 1. NAME (Last) (First) (Middle) 2. DATE OF 81RTH 3. SEX 4. GRADE 5. SD Parnard Edward T. 10 10 lfl y? l~ IT 6. OFFICIAL POSITION TITLE ~ 7. OFF/DIY/6R OF ASSIGNMENT 8. CURRENT STATION ntact ew a 9? CHECK (X) TYPE OF APPOINTMENT 10. CHECK lX) TYPE OF REPORT CAREER RESERVE TEMPORARY INITIAL REASSIGNMENT SUPERVISOR CAREER-PROVISIONAL (See instructions -Section C) ~ ~ ANNUAL REASSIGNMENT EMPLOYEE SPECIAL (Specify): SP cCIAL (Specify): 11. DATE REPORT DUE IN O.P. 12. REPORTING PERIOD (From- to-) SECTION B PERFORMANCE EVALUATION w -weak Performance ranges from wholly inadequate to slightly less than satisfactory. A rating in this category requires positive remedial action. The nature o~the action could range from counseling, 'to further training, to placing on probation, to reassignment or to separation. Describe action taken or proposed in Section C.. A -Adequate Performance meets all requirements. It is entirely satisfactory and is characterized neither by deficiency nor excellence. P -Proficient Performance is more than satisfactory. Desired results are being produced in a proficient manner. S ? Strong Performance is characterized by exceptional proficiency. 0 -Outstanding Performance is sa exceptional in relation to requirements of the work and in comparison to the performance of others doing similar work as to warrant special recognition. SPECIFIC DUTIES List up to six of the most important specific duties performed during the rating period. Insert rating letter which best describes the manner in which employee performs EACH specific duty. Consider ONLY effectiveness in performance of that duty. All employees with supervisory responsibilities MUST be rated On their ability to supervise (indicate number of employees supervised). SPECIFIC DVTY NO. 1 RATING LETTER S SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 2 ~,~ RATING Locates and develops the potential oi' domestic organizations ,and LETTER individuals as sources-of foreign intelligence.. p SPECIFIC DUTY. N.O.. 3 .. - ~ - - - - \ RATING Collects intelligence lnfOrmatl0n, br~.efs and debriefs. LETTER P SPECIFIC DUTY N.0.4 -. - - _ .RATING - Initiates .leads. and furnishes operational suppor-.t to other elements LETTER of the Agency. S SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 3 _. _ - RATING Prepares reports, memoranda, and Ogler COmmuTl3Cat10nS. LETTER SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 6 . .._ _ .. ~ RATING , LETTER OVERALL PERFORMANCE IN CURRENT POSITION RATING Take into account everything about the employee which influences his effectiveness in his current position such as per- .LETTER formance of specific duties, productivity, conduct on job, cooperativeness, pertinent personal traits or habits, and particular limitations or talents. Based on your knowledge of employee's overall performance during the rating period, ~ place the letter in the rating box corresponding to the statement which most accurately reflects his level of performance. GROUP 7 FORM ,1[ USE PREVIOUS EDITIONS a-as iJ Excluded from auiomartc do.mereding and dedauiflmebn APPROVED FOR RELEASE DATE: FEB 2008 ET en Filled In) SECTION C NARRATIVE COMMENTS Indicate significant strengths or weaknesses demonstrated in current position,keeping In proper perspective their reiation~hip to overall performonce. Stote suggestions mode for improvement of woik ~~~+xrri~ane~: ~~ive''`re+cvmmendotions for troining. Comment on foreign language competence, if required for current position. Amplify or exploin ratings given in Section B to provide best bosis for determining future personnel action. Manner of performance of mano4erial ar supervisory duties-and cost consciousness in the use of ersonnel s ace a ui ment and funds must be commented on if a icob{e. t~,f extra space is needed to compete Section C, attach a separate sheet of paper. s ,I ~~ ~ l ~ Mr. Barnard, during the period, has Offici~l~`~max d a~ "ne removal of his office to new quarters and effectively reorganized it in accordance with new DCS procedures, d~.spo;sir3g of over two-i'ifths Of the e,, "fed ;holdings of the office . g tie has done a good job on the new organizational a:ssz ent thrust on him in late 1857 by the transfer of another member of the office. Char relationships with the organization remain cordial and cooperative and while our "take" has diminished, the.-las,s is due ta-change s.;i.n. the organization, cuts in its travel " budget, and to Mr. Barnard's inability to spend as much time there as his predecessor. tie .. time_.required. by the. activities . u- 1-in?:d above hay -u~derstandab.~y hampered l~s'. Barnard's exploitation of his territory. During the coming year however, T expect him to concentra e is e arts on a. new approach to this territory. It is becoming increasingly important as a potential source of intelligence as mare and-more ha. h ualit Indust relocates. there.. :i~ithirZ the near future, far example, will move into the area. Mr. s assigns ass o ss now up o gee average and I anticipate a cag~nensurate. increase- in his inteLti.gence production. Nir. Barnard's response to assigned activity continues to be thorough and expeditious. Fie is both security and cast conscious.. SECTION D CERTIFICATION AND COMMENTS ~, BY EMPLOYEE 1 CERTIFY THAT HAVE SEEN SECTIONS A, B, AND C OF THIS REPORT DATE SIGNATUR ~ FEMPLOYEE n 2. BY SUPERVISOR MONTHS EMPLOYEE HAS BEEN UNDER MY SUPERVISION IF THIS REPORT HAS NOT BEEN SHOWN TO EMPLOYEE, GIVE EXPLANATION ~ _ 2 DATE OFFICIAL TITLE OF SUPERVISOR ~ IGNATURE A ril 1 Chief New York Office 3, BY REVIEWING OFFICIAL COMMENTSOF REVIEWING OFFICIAL DATE OFFICIAL TITLE OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL E l~+ A ril 1 6 Director DCS SE