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July 26, 1956
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SE -rw-h,7. Filled In) FITNESS REPORT (Part I) PERFORMANCE INSTRUCTIONS MR TI:E ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER: Consult current instructions for completing this report. FOR THE SUPERVISOR: This report is designed to help you express your evaluation of your subordinate and to transmit this evaluation to your supervisor and senior officials. Organization policy requires that you inform the subordi. nate where he stands with you. Completion of the report can help you prepare for a' discussion with him of his strengths and weaknesses. It is also organization policy that you show Part Iof this report to the employee except under conditions specified in Regulation 20-370. It is recommended that you read the entire form before completing any question. If this is the initial report on the employee, it must be completed and forwarded to the Office of Personnel no later than 30 days after the date indicated in item 8, of Section below. SECTION A. GENERAL I. NAME (Last) (First) (Middle) 2, DATE OF BIRTH 3. SEX 4. SERVICE DESIGNATION BARNARD, Edward T. ' l0 Oct 1910 M OC 5. OFFICE/DIVISION/BRANCH OF ASSIGNMENT 16. OFFICIAL POSITION TITLE Operations/Contact/New York Office Intelligence Officer (Contact) 7 GRADE 9. DATE REPORT DUE IN OP 9, PERIOD COVERED BY THIS REPORT (Inclusive dates) Gs-14. 21 July 1956 7/21/55 - 7/20/56 1 0 . TYPE OF R E P O R T k Ch I N I T I A L R E A S S I GN M E N T - S U P E R V I S O R SPECIAL ( Sp e c i fy ) ec one) ( X ANNUAL REASSI GNM E,V T? EMP LOY E E SECTION B. CERTIFICATION 1. FOR THE RATER: THIS REPORT HAS = HAS NOT BEEN SHOWN TO THE INDIVIDUAL RATED IF NOT SHOWN EXPLAIN WHY . NOT: A. CHECK (,Y) APPROPRIATE STATEMENTS: Xv' THIS REPORT REFLECTS MY OWN )PINIONS OF THIS INOI- V I D U A L IF INDI IIDU AL IS RATED I N G i O R D . A W A R N I N G L E T- TER WAS SENT TO HIM &A COPY ATTA'CHEO TO THIS REPORT. T H 1 3 R E P O R T R E F L E C T S T H E C O M B I N E D O-P I N I O N S O F M Y S E L F C A N N O T C E R TI F Y THAT T H'E RATE 0 I N D I V I DUAL KNOWS 'H O W AND PREVIOU5 SUPERVISORS. _ I EVALUATE HIS 008 PERFORMANCE BECAUSE (Specify): 1 H A V E D I S C U S S E D W I TH TH I S E M P L O Y E E H I S STRENGTHS A N D W E A K N E S S E S 5 0 T H A T H E K N O W S W 8. TH 15 DATE C. TYPED OR P NATURE OF SUPERVISOR D. SUPERVISOR'S OFFICIAL TITLE 26 July 1956_ Chief, New York Office 2. FOR THE REVIEWING OFFICIAL: RECORE IN, N WITH THE SUPERVISOR, OR ANY OTHER IN. FORMATION. WHICH WILL LEAD TO A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THIS REPORT. control PCS? paste -~--? T CI, 10 jtL~i'ft' IN ON ATTACHE D SHEET I certify that any substa with the' isor is reflected in the above ti , sec on. A. THIS DATE B SIGNATURE OF REYI ENING C. OFFICIAL TITLE OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL 1 :::: hief Cont LC?,D V C- SECTION C. R i. RATING ON GENERAL PERFORMANCE OF DUTIES DIRECTIONS: Consider ONLY the productivity and effectiveness with which the individual being rated has performed his duties during the rating period. Compare him ONLY with others doing similar work at a similar level of respon- sibility. Factors other than productivity will be taken into account later in Section D. 1 - DOES NOT PERFORM DUTIES ADEOIJATELY: HE IS INCOMPETENT. 2 - BARELY ADEQUATE IN PERFORMANCE: ALTHOUGH HE HAS HAD SPECIFIC GUIDANCE OR TRAINING, HE OFTEN FAILS TO 5 CARRY OUT RESPONSIBILITIES. 3 - PERFORMS ,MOST OF HIS DUTIES ACCEPTABLY: OCCASIONALLY REVEALSSOME AREA OF WEAKNESS. INSERT 4 - PERFORMS DUTIES IN A COMPETENT, EFFECTIVE MANNER. RATING 5 - A FINE PERFORMANCE: CARRIES OUT MANY OF HIS RESPONSIBILITIES EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. NUMBER b - PERFORMS HIS DUTIES IN SUCH AN OUT5TANDING MANNER THAT HE -IS EQUALLED BY FEW OTHER PERSONS KNOWN TO THE SUPERVISOR. COMMENTS: The productivity of the subject is very satisfactory. His strength is ;-n his high standard of accomplishments in the -field of reporting He meticulousl . y prepares himself for interviews and results of his interrogations are clear , concise and finished documents. REPLACES FO N E D U 7. 45 (Part I ) OFFORMS 45 ROV 45A WHI CHS AND ARE OBSOLETE. Performance APPROVED FOR RELEASE DATE: FEB 2008 RATINGS ON PERFORMANCE OF SPEClF,I-C DUTI ES DIRECTIONS: a. State in the spaces below up to six of Place the most important first. Do not b. Rate performance on each specific duty C. For supervisors, ability to su ervise w the more important SPECIFIC duties performed'txlfy~~ q rating period , . ?? err include-minor or unimportant duties . considering. ONLY effectiveness this, specificduty.. p ill alwa s b r ted a y e a s a specif d ut? (do1 of rate as sup'ervisors those who supervise a secretary only) t . I 1/ p d. Compare in your mind, when possible, the individual being rated with others p P'oP411 d i il 1 uty at a S m 1 e same ar level of responsibility. 956 e. Two individuals with the same job title may be performing different duties. If so, rate them on different duties. fat t~ f. Be specific. Examples of the kind of duties that might be rated are: r7O(0A f ORAL BRIEFING HAS AND USES AREA KNOWLEDGE CONDUCTS INTERROGATIONS GIVING LECTURES DEVELOPS NEW PROGRAMS PREPARES SUMMARIES CONDUCTING SEMINARS ANALYZES INDUSTRIAL REPORTS TRANSLATES GERMAN WRITING TECHNICAL REPORTS MANAGES FILES DEBRIEFING SOURCES CONDUCTING EXTERNAL LIAISON OPERATES RADIO KEEPS BOOKS TYPING COORDINATES WITH OTHER OFFICES DRIVES TRUCK TAKING DICTATION WRITES REGULATIONS MAINTAINS AIR CONDITIONING SUPERVISING PREPARES CORRESPONDENCE EVALUATES SIGNIFICANCE OF DATA g. For some jobs, duties may be broken down even further if i superv sor considers it advisable, e.g., combined key and phone operation, in the case of a radio operator. 1 INCOMPETENT IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS DUTY 6 - PERFORMS THIS DUTY IN AN OUTSTANDING MANNER 2 ? BARELY ADEQUATE IN T E H PERFORMANCE OF THIS FOUND IN VERY FEW INDIVIDUALS HOLDING SIMI - DESCRIP.TIVE DUTY RATING 3 ? PERFORMS THIS DUTY ACCEPTABLY LAR JOBS NUMBER 4 -'PERFORMS THIS DUTY IN A COMPETENT MANNER 7 EXCELS ANYONE I KNOW IN THE PERFORMANCE OF TH I 5 DUTY 5 PERFORMS THIS DUTY IN SUCH A FINE MANNER THAT HE IS A DISTINCT ASSET ON HIS JOB S P E C I F I C DUTY NO, 1 RATING S P E C I F I C D U T Y N 0 4 Oral briefing and debriefing of NUMBER . MBER sources 4 Manages files and keeps books NU 3 SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 2 RATING sP ECI FlC DUTY N0. 5 t iTri tin reports g NUMBER Prepares summaries R AT 111 NUMBER S P E C I F I C D U T Y N RAT I N G S P E C I F I C DUTY NO. 6 Su .ervises' NUTTE NUMBER. - NUMBER R a c ion or t_ e Chief) 3- NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION OF MANNER OF JOB PERFORMANCE DIRECTIONS: Stress strengths and weaknesses, particularly those which affect development on present job, The subject's greatest strength is undoubtedly the cause of hi s one apparent weakness. He is inquisitive by nature and because he is inquisitive he is i cli d , n ne to be overzealous regarding some aspects of his operational assignments. His judgement is sound but unless he is occasionally guided his ever-present enthusiasm may result in decisions without the desired estimate of the situation. He accepts direction but needs constant administrative support. SECTION D. SUITABILITY FOR CURRENT JOB IN ORGANIZATION DIRECTIONS: Take into account here everything you know about the individual .... prod uctivit pertinent personal characteristics or habit d t s, special defects or talents.. .and how he fits in with pare him with others doing simil your team. Com- ar work of abo t th . u e same level. I DEF I N ITELY UNSUITABLE - HE SHOULD BE SEPARATED 2 OF DOUBTFLIL SUITABILITY, . WOULD NOT HAVE ACCEPTED HIM IF I HAD KNOWN WHAT I KNOW NOW 3 A BARELY ACCEPTABLE EMPLOYEE . .BELOW AVERAGE BUT WITH NO WEAKNESSES SUFFICIENTLY OUTSTANDING TO WAR- 5 RANT HIS SEPARATION 4 OF THE SAME SUITABILITY AS MOST PEOPLE I KNOW IN THE ORGANIZATION 5 RATING - A FINE EMPLOYEE ? HAS SOME OUTSTANDING STRENGTHS NUMBER 6 - AN UNUSUALLY STRONG PERSON IN TERMS OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE ORGANIZATION 7 EXCELLED BY ONLY A FEW IN SUITABILITY FOR WORK IN THE ORGANIZATION S THIS INDIVIDUAL BETTER SUITED FOR WORK IN SOME OTHER POSITION IN THE ORGANIZATION? EXPLAIN FULLY' YES ND IF YES . , FITNESS: REPORT (Part II) POTENTIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE MAIINISTRATIVE OFFICER: Consult current instructions for completing this report. FOR THE SUPERVISOR: This report is a privileged communication to your supervisor, and to appropriate career manage- ment and personnel officials concerning the potential of the employee being rated. It is NOT to be shown to the rated employee. It is recommended that you read the entire report before completing any question. This report is to be completed only after the employee has been under your supervision FOR AT LEAST 90 DAYS. If less than 90 days, hold and complete after the 90 days has elapsed. If this is the INITIAL REPORT on the employee, however, it MUST be completed and forwarded to the OP no later, than 30 days after the due date indicated in item 8 of Section "Ell below, SECTION E. GENERAL I. NAME (Last) (First) (Middle) 2. DATE OF BIRTH 3. SEX 4. SERVICE, DESIGNATION BARNARD, Edward T. 10 Oct 1910 M OC 5. OFFICE/O IV ISION/BRANCH OF ASS IGNMENT A. OFFICIAL POSITIDN -TITLE Operations/Contact/New York Office IntelligenceyOfficer (Contact) 7, GRADE 9 DATE REPORT DUE IN OP 9. PERIOD COVERED BY THIS REPORT-(Inclusive dates) Gs -11+ 21 duly 1956 7/21/55 - 7/20/56 1O,- TYPE OF REPORT INITIAL REASSIGNMENT-SUPERVISOR SPECIAL (Specify) (Check one) X ANNUAL REASSIGNMENT- EMPLOYEE SECTION F. CERTIFICATION I. FOR THE RATER: I CERTIFY TH AT THIS TS MY BEST JUDGEMENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL BEING RATED A. THIS DATE B. TYPED OR PRI IGNATURE OF SUPERVISOR C. SUPERVISOR'S OFFICIAL TITLE 7 August 1956 Chief, New York Office 2. FOR THE REVIEWING OFFI EPORT AND NOTED ANY DIFFERENCE OF OPINION IN ATTACHED MEMO. A. THIS DATE B SIGNATURE OF REVIEWING C. OFFICIAL- TITLE OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL -!~`? Chief, Contact Division SECTION G. I. POTENTIAL TO ASSUME GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES DIRECTIONS: Considering others of his grade and type of assignment, rate the employee's potential to assume greater responsibilities. Think in terms of the kind of responsibility encountered at the various levels in his kind of work. I - ALREADY ABOVE THE LEVEL AT WHICH SATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE CAN BE EXPECTED 2 . HAS REACHED THE HIGHEST LEVEL AT WHICH SATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE CAN BE EXPECTED 3 MAKING PROGRESS, BUT NEEDS MORE TIME BEFORE HE CAN BE TRAINED TO ASSUME GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES 3 4 - READY FOR TRAINING IN ASSUMING GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES 1: 1 5 - WILL PROBABLY ADJUST QUICKLY TO MORE RESPONSIBLE DUTIES WITHOUT FURTHER TRAINING - ' ALREADY ASSUMING MORE RESPONSIBILITIES THAN EXPECTED AT HIS PRESENT LEVEL RATING 7 AN EXCEPTIONAL PERSON WHO IS ONE OF THE FEW WHO SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FOR EARLY ASSUMPTION OF HIGHER NUMBER LEVEL RESPONSIBILITIES 2. SUPERVISORY POTENTIAL DIRECTIONS: Answer this question: Has this person tFie ability fb be a supervisory [~] Yes = No If your answer-is-YES', ind-ica-t-e belowyour opinion or guess of the-l-e,el of supervisory ability this-person.will reach AFTER SUITABLE TRAINING. Indicate your opinion by placing the number of the descriptive rating'below which comes closest to expressing your opinion in. the appropriate column. If your rating is based on observing him supervise, note your rating in the "actual" column. If based on opinion of his potential, note the rating in the "potential" column. 0 HAVE NO OPINION ON HIS SUPERVISORY POTENTIAL IN THIS SITUATION DESCRIPTIVE - BELIEVE INDIVIDUAL WOULD BE A WEAK SUPERVISOR IN THIS KIND OF SITUATION RATING 2 - BEL IEVE INDIVIDUAL WOULD BE AN AVERAGE SUPERVISOR IN THIS KIND OF SITUATION NUMBER 3 . BELIEVE INDIVIDUAL WOULD BE A STRONG SUPERVISOR IN THIS SITUATION ACTUAL POTENTIAL DESCRIPTIVE SITUATION _" - A -GROUP- D-OIN'G-THE- BASI C--soB (truck dri-vers,-, stenographers_ technicians or professional spe- 2 cialists of various kinds) 'WHERE CONTACT WITH IMMEDIATE SUBORDINATES 15 FREQUENT (First line supervisor) 2 A GROUP OF SUPERVISORS WHO DIRECT THE BASIC JOB (Second line supervisors) A GROUP, WHO MAY OR MAY NOT BE SUP ERV I SO RS, WH I CH 15 RE5PONSI BLE FOR MAJOR PLANS, ORGANIZATION 3 AND POLICY (Executive level) 3 WHEN CONTACT WITH IMMEDIATE SUBORDINATES IS NOT FREQUENT 2 WHEN IMMEDIATE SUBORDINATES' ACTIVITIES ARE DIVERSE AND NEED CAREFUL COOROINATI ON 2 WHEN IMMEDIATE SU BO RD I NA TE 5 INCLUDE MEM 8 E R 5 OF THE OP P 051TE SEX OTHER (Specify) REPLACES PREVIOUS E01 FORM NOV NO. 45 (Part I I ) OF FORMS 45 AND 45A WHICH T Potential 14) ARE OBSOLETE 4- COMMENTS CONCERNING POTENTIAL 1 f .i 1 The subject is an enthusiast, has unlimited initiative, an in e a i z a a worker and is occasionally inclined to proceed without devoting necessary thought to the planned operation. He is not necessarily implosive but in his ruV}3-ft9,, j omplish he does not always devote his energies to the best advantage. I. TRAINING OR OTHER DEVELOPMENTAL EXPERIENCE PLANNED FOR THE INDIVIDUAL The su ip-0. 1q tl receiving supervisory training by being the off icer-in- charge and in order that he may have the best advantage in this training, frequent consultation with his immediate supervisor is exercised.. 2- NOTE OTHER FACTORS, INCLUDING PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. TO BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT IN INDIVIDUAL'S FUTURE ASSIGNMENTS The subject endeavors to be conservative and understanding, but fails to realize that his loquaciousness is not always acceptable. He is not always careful of his personal appearance and is believed to enjoy leaving a Bohemian impression. SECTION I. DESCRIPTION OF INDIVIDUAL DIRECTIONS: This section is provided as an aid to describing the individual as you see him on the job. Interpret the words li terally. On the page below are a series of statements that apply in some degree to most people. To the left of each statement is a box under the heading "category." Read each statement and insert in the box the category number which best tells how much the statement applies to the person covered by this report. X - HAVE NOT OBSERVED THIS: HENCE CAN GIVE NO OPINION AS TO HOW THE DESCRIPTION APPLIES TO THE INDIVIDUAL 1 - APPLIES TO THE INDIVIDUAL TO THE LEAST POSSIBLE DEGREE CATEGORY NU MBER 2 - APPLIES TO INDIVIDUAL TO A LIMITED DEGREE 3 - APPLIES TO INDIVIDUAL TO AN AVERAGE DEGREE 4 - APPLIES TO INDIVIDUAL TO AN ABOVE AVERAGE.. DEGREE .,:... -.--- -. - - - - - :. .. ~_ `5 - APPLIES TO INDIVIDUAL TO AN OUTSTANDING DEGREE_ - -- - CATEGORY STATEMENT CATEGORY STATEMENT CATEGORY STATEMENT 1 ABLE TO SEE ANDTHER'S ~ II. HAS HIGH STANDARDS OF 21. IS EFFECTIVE IN DISCUS- POINT O F VIEW ACCOMPLISHMENT SIONS WITH ASSOCI ATES 2. CAN MAKE DECISIONS ON HIS 12. SHOWS ORIGINALITY 22 - IMPLEMENTS DEC! SI ONS RE 3 OWN WHEN NEED ARISES 3+ CORDLESS OF OWN FEELINGS 3 H A S I N I T I A T I V E 1 3 . A C C E P T S R E S P O N S I G I LI 3 23. IS THOUGHTFUL OF OTHERS 5 . TIES . 2 $ . . I S A N A L Y T I C IN H15TH INK- ING 3 14 ADMITS HIS ERRORS ' 3 24. 'WORKS WELL UNDER PRESSURE 4 5. 5TRI VES CONS TANTLY'P-OP.' OWLEDGE AND IDEAS EW K 3 15. RESPONDS WELL' TO SUPER- VISION 1 3 25. D I S P L A Y S J U D G E M E N T N N 6 TO SEEK W KNOWS HE N 16. DOES HIS JOH WITHOUT - 26. IS SECURITY CONSCIOUS 3 ASSISTA C E N 3 STRONG SUPPORT 7. CAN GET ALONG WITH PEOPLE 17. COMES UP WITH SOLUTIONS TO P R HL EM 5 `. A{ 127. IS VERSATILE 3 I S O B S E R V A N T 1 4 2 g ? H I S C R I T I C I S M I S CON- 5 8 . H A S M E M O R Y F O R F A C T S C ~ $ . S T R U C T I V E 9 GETS THINGS DONE THINKS CLEARLY 19 1.. ~ 29. FACILITATES SMOOTH OPERA- 4 . 3 . ' F TION DF HIS OFFICE 20. COMPLETES ASSIGNMENTS 30. DOES NOT REOUI RE STRONG 3 ~ O CAN COPE WI TN EMERGENCIES WITHIN ALLOWABLE TIME 3 AND C0NTIN0005 S. UPERVI - SION v IMITS L