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June 22, 2015
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April 17, 2008
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June 23, 1954
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SE SEC TY INFORMATI0 PERSONNEL EVALUATION IREP3# Fos, C Items I through 6 will be completed by Administrative or Personnel( ?ram 1. NAME (Last) (First) (Middle) 2. GRADE 3. POSITION TITLE B_ARNARD Edward T. GS-14 Intelligence Officer CD-00 4 . O F F I C E STAFF OR D I V I S I O N BRANCH P1 O E P T ' L . I F FIELD, PF T N DDT /00 Contact New York Off . ? F I ELD 5. PERIOD COVERED BY REPORT 6. TYPE OF REPORT From To Initial rX~ Annual LI Special 21 July 20 July 4 Reassignment Reassignment of Supervisor Items 7 through.10 will be completed by the person evaluated 7. LIST YOUR MAJOR DUTIES IN APPROXIMATE ORDER OF IMPORTANCE, WITH A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF EACH. OMIT MINOR DUTIES, Om-tact Specialisti responsible for O O/C intelligence activities ss on calls for scove ng, establishing contact with, and securing cooperation from all potential sources of information and assistance germane to requirements of the Agency, and includes continuing contact with persons, both native and foreign, whose activities r e from university research to the diverse industrial complex Concurrently, it calls for preparation of classi- fied in e r r most useful to consumers thereof. Because of the wide range of activity in the area of responsibility, the successful execution of this mission requires constant self-instruction through extensive background reading and inspection of plant operations. 8. LIST COURSES OF INSTRUCTION COMPLETED DURING REPORT PERIOD. Name of Course Location Length of Course - Date Completed None 9. IN WHAT TYPE OF WORK ARE YOU PRIMARILY INTERESTED? As described in pass 7 above IF DIFFERENT FROM YOUR PRESENT JOB, EXPLAIN YOUR QUALIFICATIONS (APTITUDE, KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS). 10. 23 iyu 54 DATE SIGNATURE Items 11 through 18 will be completed by Supervisor 11. BRIEFLY DESCRIBE THIS PERSON'S PERFORMANCE ON THE MAJOR DUTIES LISTED UNDER ITEM 7 ABOVE. The subject is an outstanding reporter. He has the ability to interview persons over an extended period of time and record findings resulting from these interviews in a compre hensive and presentable form. Reporting is his greatest attribute. Inasmuch as he has during the period of this report been on duty for a limited eriod of two months in all fairness to the 5uu ec rse i rein made J p , te relative to any comment relating to his performance in that capacity;. It-1.5,-however, believed that he will perform that assignment in a most acceptable manner. These added responsibilities, though limited to two months, have not in, anyway affected his.hereto- fore high production of intelligence reporting. FORM NO. 37_151 APPROVED FOR RELEASE (Over) MAY AY 1952 DATE: FEB 2008 S S ITY INFORMATION 12. IN WHAT RESPECT 15 THIS PERSON'S PERFORMANCE ON PRESENT JOB MOST NOTICEA.BLY GOOD OR OUTSTANDING? The subject's performance on his present assignment of collecting and reporting is notice- ably outstanding because he fully prepares himself by self-in oct 'nation before proceed' to an interview or conference calling for extended negotiati .z eJ[a j 'r-1' devoted duty and is exceptionally "Career Mind d", and has availed himself of every opportunity (See attached 13. PELT OF PERFORMANCE SHOULD THIS PERSON CONCENTRATE EFFORT FOR SELF IMPROVE i The subject can concentrate effort on overcoming his over-abhndan 916: husiasm. He, on occasion, when faced with a difficult problem, will become so overenthusiastic that he will miss the crux of the situation. He is a nervous, high-strung individual and under pressure, in giving vent to his enthusiasm will oftentimes discuss his problem in a loud' (See attached) 14. COMMENT ON THI-SPERSON'S ABILITY TO HANDLE GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES NOW OR IN THE FUTURE. The subject is capable of assuming greater reportorical responsibility, however, he is not an individual who could supervise personnel or oversee administrative responsibility of a large facility. He possesses the temperament of an artist and is not basically the executive type and, therefore, needs continual guidance in this regard. 15. ARE THERE OTHER DUTIES WHICH BETTER SUIT THIS PERSON'S QUALIFICATIONS? (Recommend appropriate reassignment, if possible.) The subject, as a reporter and with limited administrative responsibility, is ideally cast. He is presently devoting his efforts in an area which presents a real challenge to his reportorical abilities. He is a probative man-"and (4:oes hips best work:by exploitation rather than by prescribed direction. He is happiest and at his best when being a "Free Lancer". He harbored a desire and an intense interest in covert support type work. How- (See attached) L6. WHAT TRAINING OR ROTATION DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR THIS PERSON? In view of the fact that the subject is an outstanding reporter and has served a limited period of 2 plus months in his new assignment, it is recommended that no interruption of his present schedule be initiated for the next reporting period. 17 IF FER'FORM-ANC'E 'DURING REPORT PcER.IOD HAS BEEN UN'SAT-ISFACTORY, ,TH-ERE IS ATTACHED COPY OF MEMORA-NOUM NOTIFYJ-.NG TH IS PERSON OF UNSATISFA-CTORY PERFORMANCE. L8. THIS PERSONNEL EVALU'ATI'.ONREPORT HAS BEEN .D.1'SCUSSEDWtTh THE: PERSON EVALUAT.ED: ADDITIONAL COMMENTS INCLUDI-NG COMMENT ON ITEMS.,. I,,;8.AN.D.9, ARE SHOWN BELOW UNDER ITEM 20. The: substance of this report, particu1arly-Para.'13, have , been d.isczssedwith the subject on repeated occasions and the suggestions of'his superior, have, been graciously accepted and acted upon ac cording ly., DATE SIGN R 19? I HAVE REVIEWED T HE ABOVE REPO T. (Comments, if any, are shown in item ~ oo DATE ?O. COMMENTS: (If necessary, may be continued on reverse side of cover sheet.) BARNARD, Edward T. 12. In doing so, the subject has unselfishly given his time and efforts to assisting in the indoctrination of others. 13. and disturbing manner. He is a trained reporter and still lives and operates in the atmosphere of the "City Desk". This is not intended to mean that he is not security conscious. His bounding oral enthusiasm ofttimes becomes an annoyance to others in a concentrating mood. 15. ever, it is the opinion of the reporter that the subject's enthusiasm coupled with his self-generated intrigue that this type of work often creates, may possibly over extend his enthusiasm and result in a speed of accomplishment thus sacrificing details for this exacting type of assignment.