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February 6, 1950
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Standard Form No. 51 August 1946 U. S. CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION R~~'?RT ?F EF~'I~~~1~~Y RATIO AD MINISTR ATIYE-UNGFFICIAL OFFICIAL: REGULAR ( R) SPECIAL PROBATIONAL ( ) Aa of ~-J 25~5~___________________ based on performance during period from __~/~5f ,~'9 1"26` jt~ --------- --- --------------- to ---------------------------- E~raard '! . Barnard __ Illtelli~ence Cfficer GS-13 (Name of employee) (Title of position, service, and grade) CO Contac~ (Organization-Indicate bureau, division, section, unii, field station) ON LINES BELOW 1. Study the 1nstTLLCtiOri3 In the Ratnlg af11C1a1'S ~iulde, (~'. S. C. Form MARS EMPLOYEE ~IO. 3823A. 2. Underline the elements which are especially important in the position. V if adequate 3. Rate only on elements pertinent to the position. a Do not rate on elements in italics except for employees in admin- if weak i- if outstanding istrative, supervisory, or planning positions. b. Rate administrative, supervisory, and planning functions on elements in italics. (1) Maintenance of equipment, tools, instruments. {2) Wlechanical skill. (3) Skill in the application of techniques and pro- cedures. !(4) Presentability of wont (appropriateness of ar- rangement and appearance of work). {5) Attention to broad phases of assignments. ____ ~(6)~ r ttention to pertinent detail. ______ (7) Accuracy of operations. ______ (8) Accuracy of final results. _~'_ (9) , Ac~cyr?,~,cy of judgments or decisions. _~ (10) Effectiveness in presenting ideas or fasts. ______ (11) Industry. ______ (12) Rate of progress on or completion of assign- ments. ______(13) Amount of acceptable work produced. (Is mark based on production records? _____________________) (Yea or no) _=-~_{14) Ability to organize his work. _x(15) Effeativ~ness in meeting and dealing with others. ~~Y6) Cooperativeness. __ ~__ (17) Initiative. _ ___(18)_ $esourcefuiness. _ ~ { 19) Dep-, e?c1~3aality. ______(20) PPhysical fitness for the work. Adjediae Rating Plus marks on all underlined elements, and check marks or better on all other elements rated---------------------------------------------------------------------- Escellent Cheek marks or better on all elements rated, and plus marks on at least half of the underlined elements-------------------------------------------------------- Very CTood Check marks or better on a majority of underlined elements, and all weak performance overcompensated by outstanding performance___________________ Good Check marks or better on a majority of underlined elements, and all weak performance not overcompersated by outstanding performance______________ Fair Minus marks on at least half of the underlined elements__________________________ tinsatisfactory STANDARD Deviations mnsY be explained on reverse aide of tbla form ______ {21) Effectiveness in planning broad programs, ______ {22) Effectiveness in adapting the work program to broader or related programs. ______ {23) Effectiveness in devising procedures. ______ (2k) Effectiveness in laying out work and establish- ing standards o f performance for subordi- nates. ? _____ (25) Effectiveness in dvrecting, reviewing, and eheck- ang the work of subordinates. _~__ {2S) Effectiveness in instructing, training, and developing subordinates ~.n the work. _____ (27) E$ectiveness in promoting 'nigh working morale, ______ (28) Effectivent=ss in determining space, personnel, and equipment needs. ______ (29) E,~'ectiveness in setting and obtaining adher- ence to time limits and deadlines. ______ (30) Ability to make decisions. ______ (31) Effectiveness in delegating cleaa'ly defined authority to act, STATE ANY OTHER ELEMENTS CONSIDERED ----- (A) ------------------------------------------------------- - (B) ------------------------------------------------------ P~gi:ino Form approved. Budget Bureau No. 5D-I?,tD12.3. CHECI{ ONE.: Administrative, supervisory, or .planning -____-- I All others_________ sp Reviewing offieial__ ~'3 ~ - , ,; . ~, f ~ g Adjedioe Rating APPROVED FOR RELEASE DATE: FEB 2008