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July 23, 1955
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APPROVED FOR RELEASE^DATE: oONAL HISTORY STATEMENT - (Al, ,I) (TO BE i CUTED BY SPOUSE OF APPLICANT Wh,,N APPLICABLE) below are names of organizations identified b th y e Attorney General, under his respon- 10-Nov-2008ty Pursuant to Executive Order 10450, dated 27 April 1953, to list the names of each foreign or organization, association, movement grou or b , p com ination of persons which he designates as Totalitarian, Fascist, Communist, or subversive, or as having adopted or having shown a policy of advocating or approving the commission of acts of force or violence to deny others their rights under the Constitution of the United States, or as seeking to alter the form of government of the United States by unconstitutional means. The spouse of an applicant must review the following list of organizations for certification pur- poses, and sign on the last page. Communist Party, U.S.A., its subdivisions, subsidiaries and affiliates Communist Political Association, its subdivisions, sub- sidiaries and affiliates, including: Alabama People's Educational Association Florida Press and Educational League Oklahoma League for Political Education People's Educational and Press Association of Texas Virginia League for People's Education Young Communist League Abraham Lincoln Brigade Abraham Lincoln School, Chicago, Illinois Action Committee to Free Spain Now American Association for Reconstruction in Yugoslavia, Inc. American Branch of the Federation of Greek Maritime Unions American Christian Nationalist Party American Committee for European Workers' Relief American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born American Committee for the Settlement of.-Jews in Birobidjan, Inc. American Committee.for Spanish Freedom American Committee to Survey Labor Conditions in Europe American Committee for Yugoslav Relief, Inc. American Council for a Democratic Greece, formerly known as the Greek American Council; Greek Amer- ican Committee for National Unity American Council on Soviet Relations American Croatian Congress American Jewish Labor Council American League Against War and Fascism American League for Peace and Democracy American Lithuanian Workers Literary Association (also known as Arnerikos Lietuviu Darbininku Literaturos Draugija) American National Labor Party American National Socialist League American National Socialist Party American Nationalist Party American Patriots, Inc. American Peace Crusade American Peace Mobilization American Poles for Peace American Polish Labor Council American Polish League American Rescue Ship Mission (a project of the United American Spanish Aid Committee) American-Russian Fraternal Society . American Russian Institute, New York, also known as the American Russian Institute for Cultural Relations with the Soviet Union American Russian Institute, Philadelphia American Russian Institute of San Francisco American Russian Institute of Southern Cali- fornia, Los Angeles American Slav Congress American Women for Peace American Youth Congress American Youth for Democracy Armenian Progressive League of America Associated Klans of America Association of Georgia Klans Association of German Nationals (Reichsdeutsche Vereinigung) Association of Lithuanian Workers (also known as Lietuyiu Darbininku Susivienijimas) Ausland-Organization der NSDAP, Overseas Branch of Nazi Party Baltimore Forum Black Dragon Society Boston School for Marxist Studies, Boston, Massachusetts Bridges-Robertson-Schmidt Defense Committee Bulgarian American People's League of the United States of America California Emergency Defense Committee California Labor School, Inc. 321 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, California Carpatho.-Russian People's Society Central Council of American Women of Croatian Descent, also known as Central Council of American Croatian Women, National Council of Croatian Women Central Japanese Association (Beikoku Chuo Nipponjin Kai) Central Japanese Association of Southern Cali- fornia Central Organization of the Ge_ an-American National Alliance (Deutsche -Amerikanische Einheitsfront) Cervantes Fraternal Society China Welfare Appeal, Inc. Chopin Cultural Center Citizens Committee to Free Earl Browder Citizens Committee for Harry Bridges Citizens Committee of the Upper West Side (New York City) Citizens Emergency Defense Conference Citizens Protective League Civil Rights Congress and its affiliated organizations, including: Civil Rights Congress for Texas Veterans Against Discrimination of Civil Rights Congress of New York Columbians Comite Coordinador Pro Republica Espanola Committee to Aid the Fighting South Committee for Constitutional and Political Freedom Committee to Defend Marie Richardson Committee for the Defense of the Pittsburgh Six Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy Committee for Nationalist Action Committee for the Negro in the Arts Committee for Peace and Brotherhood Festival in Philadelphia Committee for the Protection of the Bill of Rights Committee to Uphold the Bill of Rights Committee for World Youth Friendship and Cultural Exchange Commonwealth College, Mena, Arkansas Congress of American Revolutionary Writers Congress of American Women Connecticut Committee to Aid Victims of the Smith Act Connecticut State Youth Conference Council on African Affairs Council of Greek Americans Council for Jobs, Relief and Housing Council for Pan-American Democracy Croatian Benevolent Fraternity Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (Military Virtue Society of Japan or Military Art Society of Japan) Daily Worker Press Club Daniels Defense Committee Dante Alighieri Society (between 1935 and 1940) Dennis Defense Committee Detroit Youth Assembly Emergency Conference to Save Spanish Refugees (founding body of the North American Spanish Aid Committee) Families of the Baltimore Smith Act Victims Families of the Smith Act Victims Federation of the Italian War Veterans in the U.S.A., Inc. (Associazione Nazionale Combattenti Italiani, Federazione degli Stati Uniti d'America) Finnish -American Mutual Aid Society Frederick Douglass Educational Center Freedom Stag .iic. Friends of the New Germany (Freunde des Neuen Deutschlands) Friends of the Soviet Union Garibaldi American Fraternal Society George Washington Carver School, Ndw York City German-American Bund (Amerikadeutscher Volksbund) German-American Republican League German-American Vocational League (Deutsche -Amerikanische Berufsgemeinschaft) Harlem Trade Union Council Hawaii Civil Liberties Committee Heimuska Kai, also known as Nokubei Heieki Gimusha Kai, Zaibel Nikhonjin, Heiyaku Gimusha Kai, and Zaibei Heimusha Kai (Japanese Residing in American Conscripts Association) Hellenic-American Brotherhood Hinode Kai (Imperial Japanese Reservists) Hinomaru Kai (Rising Sun Flag Society - a group of Japanese War Veterans) Hokubei Zaigo Shoke Dan (North American Reserve Officers Association) Hollywood Writers Mobilization for Defense Hungarian -American Council for Democracy Hungarian Brotherhood Independent Socialist League Industrial Workers of the World International Labor Defense International Workers Order, its subdivisions, subsidiaries and affiliates Japanese Association of America Japanese Overseas Central Society (Kaigai Dobo Chuo Kai) Japanese Overseas Convention, Tokyo., Japan, 1940 Japanese Protective Association (Recruiting Organization) Jefferson School of Social Science, New York City Jewish Culture Society '. Jewish People's Committee Jewish People's Fraternal Order Jikyoku Iinkai (The Committee for the Crisis) Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee Joint Council of Progressive Italian -Americans, Inc. Joseph Weydemeyer School of Social Science, St. Louis, Missouri Kibei Seinen Kai (Association of U.S. Citizens of Japanese Ancestry who have returned to America after studying in Japan) Knights of the White Camellia Ku Klux Klan Kyffhaeuser, also known as Kyffhaeuser League (Kyffhaeuser Bund), Kyffhaeuser Fellowship (Kyffhaeuser Kameradschaft) Kyffhaeuser War Relief (Kyffhaeuser Kreighshilfswerk) Labor Council for Negro Rig, Labor Research Association, inc. Labor Youth League League of American Writers Lictor Society (Italian Black Shirts) Macedonian-American People's League Mario Morgantini Circle Maritime Labor Committee to Defend Al Lannon Massachusetts Minute Women for Peace Maurice Braverman Defense Committee Michigan Civil Rights Federation Michigan School of Social Science Nanka Teikoku Gunyudan (Imperial Military Friends Group or Southern California War Veterans) National Association of Mexican Americans (also known as Asociacion Nacional Mexico-Americana) National Blue Star Mothers of America (not to be confused with the Blue Star Mothers of America organized in February 1942) National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners National Committee for Freedom of the Press National Committee to Win the Peace National Conference on American Policy in China and the Far East (a Conference called by the Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy) National Council of Americans of Croatian Descent National Council of American-Soviet Friendship National Federation for Constitutional Liberties National Labor Conference for Peace National Negro Congress National Negro Labor Council Nationalist Action League Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico Nature Friends of America (since 1935) Negro Labor Victory Committee New Committee for Publications Nichibei Kogyo Kaisha (The Great Fujii Theatre) North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy North American Spanish Aid Committee North Philadelphia Forum Northwest Japanese Association Ohio School of Social Sciences Oklahoma Committee to Defend Political Prisoners Original Southern Klans, Incorporated Pacific Northwest Labor School, Seattle Washington Palo Alto Peace Club Partido del Pueblo of Panama (operating in the Canal Zone) Peace Information Center Peace Movement of Ethiopia People's Drama, Inc. People's Educational Association (Incorporated under name Los Angeles Educational Association, Inc.) also known as People's Educational Center, People's University, People's School People's Institute of Applied Religion People's Radio Foundation, Inc. Philadelphia Labor Committee for Negro Rights Philadelphia :_Al of Social Science and Art Photo League (New York City) Political Prisoners' Welfare Committee Polonia Society of the IWO Progressive German-Americans, also known as Progressive German-Americans of Chicago Proletarian Party of America Protestant War Veterans of the United States, Inc. Provisional Committee of Citizens for Peace, Southwest Area Puertorriquenos Unidos (Puerto Ricans United) Quad City Committee for Peace. Revolutionary Workers League Romanian-American Fraternal Society Russian American Society, Inc. Sakura Kai (Patriotic Society, or Cherry Association - composed of veterans of Russo-Japanese War) Samuel Adams School, Boston, Massachusetts Santa Barbara Peace Forum Schappes Defense Committee Schneiderman-Darcy Defense Committee School of Jewish Studies, New York City Seattle Labor School, Seattle, Washington Serbian-American Fraternal Society Serbian Vidovdan Council Shinto Temples Silver Shirt Legion of America Slavic Council of Southern California Slovak Workers Society Slovenian-American National Council Socialist Workers Party, including American Committee for European Workers' Relief Socialist Youth League Sokoku Kai (Fatherland Society) Southern Negro Youth Congress Suiko Sha (Reserve Officers Association, Los Angeles) Tom Paine School of Social Science, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tom Paine School of Westchester, New York Tri-State Negro Trade Union Council Ukrainian-American Fraternal Union Union of American Croatians Union of New York Veterans United American Spanish Aid Committee United Committee of Jewish Societies and Landsmanschaft Federations, also known as Coordination Committee of Jewish Lands- manschaften and Fraternal Organizations United Committee of South Slavic Americans United Harlem Tenants and Consumers Organiza- tion United May Day Committee United Negro and Allied Veterans of America Veterans of the Abraham. oln Brigade Voice of Freedom Committee Walt Whitman School of Social Science, Newark, New Jersey Washington Bookshop Association Washington Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights Washington Committee for Democratic Action Washington Commonwealth Federation Washing, ?ension Union Wisconsin Conference on Social Legislation Workers Alliance (since April 1936) Workers Party, including Socialist Youth League Yiddisher Kulture Farband Yugoslav-American Cooperative Home, Inc. Yugoslav Seamen's Club, Inc. I certify that I have read the names of the above listed organizations, and that I am not, nor have I been, a member of, contributed to, knowingly received literature from, or attended meetings of any organization listed above, except as indicated and explained below: (Organization) (bates of Membership) Remarks: (Set forth all pertinent information concerning the nature and extent of your activities in any organization listed above, including titles or any posicions or offices. held by you. Include also similar information known to you concerning affiliations of your spouse with any listed organization.)