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June 22, 2015
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January 10, 2008
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June 25, 1991
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4 aY~ 4xttt ' it ! z tztri Cdr tx __ _ w~Yl.ltr DISTRICT OF. UNITED STATES OF Ail R-CA Ala F D U KI':h I ^ CIVIL n CRIMINAL TO: George Cave 14112 Burling Bush =a. SUBPOENA CASE NUMBER: CRIN. e`a6-59 ('TFCD) t PERSON ^ DOCUMENT(S) or OBJECT(S) YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to appear in the United States District Court at the place, date, and time specified below to testify in the above case. PLACE JT 15 ~.+,.. r rl ~r L L -~.".' L: LTV L . ZSCS i^ ~7l C~_ YOU ARE ALSO COMMANDED to bring with you the following document(s) or object(s): ` ^ See additional information on reverse This subpoena shall remain in effect until you are granted leave to depart by the court or by an officer acting on behalf of the court. ,6...6-MAaTSftMTe-OR CLERK OF COURT !VEN Jr. HOWE (BY) DEPUTY FLERK\ This subpoena is issued upon appticatiolfk.6f the: ^ Plaintiff ~^ Defendant hrny' 'If not applicable, enter "none." COURTROOM Ft.:u~ .t 1 r n . DATE AND TIME July 29, 1991 10:00 a.J::. 6/25/91 4WEST7ONS MAY BE ADDRESSED TO: "W 1~11c~i:: M. b1c ~', 1r3Q. P.C.. 1St Cra?--J~% S~.. New HaVc:n, CT 4E51i 0 3) 77 1v'0 ATTORNEY'S NAME. ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER FORM 08D-Z26 JAN R6 AO 24b' (Rev. 6/86) Application to Proceed xTitPb $tati8 Jfrct QLiurt DISTRICT OF Conn c- t i c, u t UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. ARIF DURRANI APPLICATION TO PROCEED IN FORMA PAUPERIS, SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION AND ORDER CASE NUMBER: ARIF DURRANI ^ petitioner/plaintiff ^ respondent/defendant , declare that I am the (check appropriate box) movant (filing 28 U.S.C. 2255 motion) in the above-entitled proceeding; that, in support of my request to proceed without being required to prepay fees, cost or give security therefor, I state that because of my poverty, I am unable to pay the costs of said proceeding or give security therefor; that I believe I am entitled to relief. The nature of my action, defense, or other proceeding or the issues I intend to present on appeal are briefly stated as follows: In further support of this application, I answer the following questions. 1. Are you presently employed? Yes fXJ No o a. If the answer is "yes," state the amount of your salary or wages per month, and give the name and address of your employer. (list both gross and net salary) Not paid for work by BOP b. If the answer is "no," state the date of last employment and the amount of the salary and wages per month which you received. 2. Have you received within the past twelve months any money from any of the follow- ing sources? a. Business, profession or other form of self-employment Yes ^ No ^ b. Rent payments, interest or dividends? Yes ^ No ^ c. Pensions, annuities or life insurance payments? Yes ^ No ^ d. Gifts or inheritances? Yes [ No ^ e. Any other sources? Yes ^ No ^