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June 22, 2015
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January 28, 2008
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April 16, 1970
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ALL FBI INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS UNCLASSIFIED. DATE 07-24-2007 BY 60324/AUC/BALD/STP/b1s yri -TOPE SPECIAL HANDLING 16 April 1970 MEMORAIMUM, FOR : Director Federal Bureau of Investigation Attention : ? .!dr. S.. J. Papict. ' Report # Attacf ed is item(s) which may be of internal security interest to you. FOR THE DEPUTY 'DIRECTOR (PLANS) : Att. Special Notation: dames Angleton '(b) (3) (b) (6) AP,,OV.ED _FOR RELEASE I7.KTE?: JAN Z008 SEA ETCo~? ly Eng/FA states he was. gratified by addreseee'8 letter informing him that the. editorial' BO TO: .71 Editor,. ?. ?.r...;.1'~dR,~.::w1i.... ?,J:,'?~~'. ..w rte.. ~:... ~ 1 ~:V+i ... ...... .. i 3P; LC1.V rt, Washington, P.G. Writer, associated with Soviet6Fditor of board had awarded writer a premi'm. Writer requests that the money be' . transfered to his account in TA SS, Writer states he will be =able to core to,.. ........... Moscow in this jubilee year, but hopes that next year., he will have the pleasure. of meeting addressee. States he will be happy to write the article she _requests, Writer states he believes that it will be more effective if addressee ccmraunicates directly with Art BUC:i~;ALD, whose address is b327 Hawthorne Street, IM, WashinUtor D.C., Of.fic drgsa. 1750 Penz&gvlvania Ave 11 VT Washin&ton , D!C. ~~ ~ . ` ems, (I~q.-q. rj,~, %,Editor4. J-.;...1::11 ;) ?~= \1M .r~.r..: w\1 \i.\.7~.+..^.... Enslish 4ditionj . Uosco::, U.S.S.3- A V Fc::. ry 15; 19 O Moscow,' .u. .a. Dear I V y tr letter filth tha 1 iinformation tha:,,.~hc .dltorial ':ocrdyyof your pt 1iea 4.::/. G`.... .; ^.Q r c ~.. ~Y e:~..; ?' ". IY? it' is no t.O?:..:.c., ?:.1::asc ? tr_^n :fcr to .v- monoy, to rbv 2C.:... cl. _.- T ass. U Iori,:i.narcly, no, -? e to visi t ' r::asco:, this ~uai1e year; aut I ' '. 3 to do so rcxc year and have the 71csu:::. o= rncctins you. I shall be hap_ y to ::rite the artio? e yc;: request. As ,*Qr- 7 ,:l irva that it would :.L zG3'3 G..-:.C'.. CO,:L',:1;,Cw4:. vP: 77 Mt:aress' 17 O.:PC.v .v.