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June 22, 2015
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December 31, 2008
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October 27, 1966
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APPROVED FOR RELEASE^DATE: 12-Nov-2008 __ CT (When Filled In) ,1: ,NAIdE ... : `. -~ ,YLastl ~. ,_ , .(First) . - ', ,(~ddtel - CAR.t~iNCT . John.: ~ :? C. .. FfTNE3S`REP~R~T 6: .OFfiGIkL ROSIT'KON TITLE _ &E ~eci~ 9?. CHECK~(X-)'-TYPE OF-'AR.POINTMENT 11:~DATE REPORT DUE 1.[,h~O:P.. __ _34 November- 1966 }?EASSIGN~MEN TSUPERV ISOR RE A557GN'MEN j='E WTP t'OYEE - _ .. 12. REP~OR.Ti-NG .PERIOD (Ftomr fo) - ~ -- - 1 -September 19.65 3Q September 1966 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION W ? Weak Performance ranges from wholly inadequate to slightly less than satisfactory. A rating in this category requires positive remedial action. The nature of_the action.could range from counseling, to furthe7 training, to placing on ~probatiori, to reassignment.=or .to separation. Describe action taken or proposed in Section C. A - Adequate Performance meets all requirements. It is entirely satisfactory and is characterized neither by deficiency nor excellence. P -Proficient Performance is more than satisfactory. Desired results are being produced in a proficient manner. S -Strong .Performance is characterized by exceptional proficiency. 0 - Outst?ndi~ Performance is so exceptional in relation to requirements of the work and in comparison to the performance of others doing similar work as to warrant special recognition. SPECIFIC DUTIES List up to six of the most important specific duties performed during the rating period. Insert rating letter which best describes the manner in which employee performs EACH specific duty. Consider ONLY effectiveness in performance of that duty. All employees with^supervisory responsibilities MUST be rated on their ability to supervise (fndlcete number of employees supervised). ING TER RATING LETTER ?. SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 5- ~ - _ Assumes aupe.rvision of, the Section in the absence of the :super-: visor, ixicludng record.. keeping and._: the writing of cables j :dis- ~;patches .and reports ... __ (SPECIFIC DUTY NO: 6 RATING LETTER RATING LETTER RATING LETTER OVERALL PERFORMANCE IN CURRENT POSITION Take into account everything about the employee which influences. his effectiveness in his current position such as per- formance of specific duties, productivity, conduct on job, cooperativeness, pertinent personal traits or habits, and particular limitations orta nts. Based on your knowledge of employee's overall performance during the rating period, place the letter in the r~(-~~gox corresponding to the statement w1,1,-t, .,,.,~, .,.._......_1.. __n__._ ~ ._ ~ , 7 -Feb=22. (b) (1) (b) (2) (b) (3) EMPLOYEE SERIAL NUMBER 4. GRADE ,GS=-11 ~[bl[31 [bl[11 RATING LETTER FORM ceouv ~ 4-62 45 Eadvdad Fom amammie OB OLET REVIOUS EDITIONS. do...sradinB..d dveVevtecafion fri+nrT _ ... , . W ~. ~. (When Filled In) NARRATIVE COMMENTS indicate significant strengtFrs or weaknesses demonstrated in current posi rngr ~rop ers active their re{otionsirip to overall performance. State suggestions mode for improvement of work perf~n G~~s r~a~ier~i tions for training. Comment on foreign language competence, if required for current position, Amplify or explain ratings green rn ction B to provide best basis for determining future personnel action. Manner of performance of mono erial or supervisory duties must be described if a li bl pp ca e. t't ~s ~r l , . i ~k Subject has served several tours of duty overseas both in Europe and the Far .East. These?~mariy years of operational concealment exper- - ience combined with .his. superior mechanica-1 knowledge .make this indi- - vidual one o~ the best men in the business. As a result of .this field expe.r.ience he posse agree of a erati well as technical awareness .. As a member of- the ~,he has carried out his duties in a highly ona.inanner. Subject continues to handle in an expedious manner the relations . with local contractors for the manufacture of, producti on Line items ~ , , utilized -His higYi, degree _of co"s t_ con- scousne ? r ec a i n he use of equipment, materials-and especially in his negotiation with contractors. This man -possess-es- supervisory ;and .a.dmnistrative- talents which he utilizes din managing the during t-he absences of the supervisor. Because of ny a en s I would not hesitate ' recommending this man for considerat' far assignment to the of ~ or. upon. completion of hi with D ._ It is again recommended that this individual be promoted to the next higher .grade.,,.... . SECTION D CERTI FICATiON AND COMMENTS i? BY EMPLOYEE 1 CERTIFY THAT I HAVE SEEN SECTIONS A, 8, AND C OF THIS REPORT DATE 2? October 1966 5IGNATURE OF EMPLOYEE / / s John C. Caranci 2? BY SUPERVISOR MONTHS EMPLOYEE HAS BEEN UNDER MY SUPERVISION IF THIS REPORT HAS NOT BEEN SHOWN TO EMPLOYEE, GIVE EXPLANATION 4 months DATE OFFICIAL TITLE OF SUPERVISOR TYPED OR PRINTED NAME AND SIGNATURE 27 October 1966 C 3. COMMENTS OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL The Reviewer concurs in the above report..-:Subject continues his very Strong performance. He requires a bare minimum of supervision and can be consistently counted on to complete the numerous and varied-jobs, many with extremely short deadlines, well within the operational time limits. .During the absences of the Chief, he assumes all the responsibilities in a Strong mann nsuring goo c - vision of--.the work. Even after all the years of making he has not gotten stale. He continues to apply goo common sense, ig degree of creativity and?an excellent technical know-how and knowledge H i t e s a s DATE OFFICIAL TITLE OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL TYPEDOR PRINTED NAME AND SIGNATURE 14 November 1966 C /s/ .~.~ _ -- FITNESS REPORT - Section B Continued ?. Handles production contracts for outside production of items needed in quantity. _ S ~' 0