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June 22, 2015
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December 15, 2008
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April 21, 1951
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? 0/11. 11468notart (14an1ivis SU *Wel" 1,101k Itedmigehefes, LAVA OE. us so rpz ONLY ussusettaS), Wolter Seater, boys as "Tanya'? of Alexander salrie. nee. _NI married, to 04 textile, engineer. forsterlY rediiet iiiersee 2. trASII1,01MIX is a forner Lithuanian eitiren. In September 1544, be emPea from the ettseking Russian troops to Gerstar. In the epring of 1945, be arrived in Linden Me naulch. an 8 Avast 1945, he yes istened e "organ elierevaseport ? by the sob...prefect of Linden. This paseport was veild for one year, i.e.- instil 8 hugest 1946. On 26 Angest.1946, he wont to Ihnienhefen mar Speyer. and in /April 1946 Uft for lohrtech. In lepterftr 1946, he reported to the Seviet-auestaa Atepatriation 4esittee in:frankfart a. b. in order to be returned to the *Neel territory. through this ?above-nentioned comittee he vas sent to Bebstai, and _ from there wee token aeross the frontier with a transport at other nationala. from the Seeteril PV4111121006 to Ilieenatth. On the bowie of Me former membership in the deresonlet Legion in Sierilf, be claim* to have been singlet out of the tienie port by the Th* tans end to have been interrogated with regard total, past metlettleSULCOM elates that already 01 the ago of Viiiteell be silto Unnamed. byConsonism, end as a result becalm farrillar with tearable; Ws 1s4. to his having joixsoo. the Conannist Imigion to Memel In 1940. As? a suesber of this organisation, whir functioned as a caninkflaged resistance -noverwort egniest the Germeeei be furtively practiced sabotage on aernen arnarekt faatorlie. Vbie feat comb/4ot eith his .commaist attitude was allegedly the ragmen: eV he was urged to remota in the iflisetera UMW by the interrogatime eethoritiee inltieennetk# Be claims that at ?the tine doe his wife eat 41.11d were in?Proedel moor refolahnrg, and that he aecop. ted the proposal of theltaselans for that reaeon. 00Mealeently, ha wee given political training la order to isprove?his knowledge of conioniess. Shortly thereafter; actually before he brow SA *faecal Mater of the 60.,i he became a fauctionary of that party, end wes appointed instructor of the SO. ?1 district Proatol. la that capacity he ilptice night instruction course* to umbers: et the UD. As a 0=0U-01103P of the WM he also obtained ea identification mod ishich entitled him to the free pitchese of rationed pods at Aneeinn.Aray coif. alsearies (thermal:ire). At the iroanisearies he allegedly net the folavo officers of the -threaten severity service.; MUM, Roman . MUSAitta captain, 6045 years 014, Approx. 1,0 am tall, 4461404244-401124, face, hAfalthr complexion, *leen- right hend sown/hat pararged. *Peaks ittuo. 4 an& peithohly Slew* Th is Docume ? Caraithaii &action Date t*Pt4 1?5 on. tell, I/9 features (men of hmir, cones from fluent Germs' end for east or, *beet 50 lean 0164 .P-Pree ? round face, promaseat ?03 world type), eleea-sherees dark co Sielek region, speaks Massimo, (allegedly lived laPrema. - C, , A friendship developed. between OSSILOVIII and the above-ateationed and he was ettea invited to )VAUZPs home, in the course of tine be learned that the La above..meatitterel were functionaries of the SM.-- At the end of Karr& 19474 be net the following through 101114611.1# co APPROVED FOR RELEASEDDATE c!rf--.1j1:'.rT Ofilwirnnv V;t L . 04-Nov-2008 th Si triFV.J.1 MP 2 10 SoataftretrAlt.(Pretketa7 Seri* - abent 44 yearn elis ap,prea. IA ea. tall. -001r. WId,. etentv toinittnent? .Slaila feeturei. 41esta-Stateanv heldleg. apiece. 24041*Iami tliont german iota illifire In . ? eivillawelethee. ' ? I 411e60434,, 40.011610318 *eked 4$01021ST ehint .410::.01,1:1414; eet1tt 44 stated. WS :be:-en01.1,Anah? tits :aiit : at: a 1.4ar? 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