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June 22, 2015
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December 15, 2008
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March 30, 1980
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REGRADFIL .1 $ J ~ by the,&. CON i.~pendix ": t7 by A.R. Stirling, CW0,W-4 USA .1 date...3!_ 30IFR }!r Person litiee in, or connected with, Gen E. 1. PIT0VRL1c0V's organisation The follaaxbig personalities have been traced since the issue of reports based on source infoxia.ticn prior to December, 1955. hLTUKHOV bnstolii KuDti.h Crossed the Polish-Gertaenfrontier "over the bridge" on Monday, 5 Dec 55, at 1)400. hours, with one teen, at Fft KFURT/Oiler. Escort to FF',1 'URT/Odor was Maj E llumuK0. The request for the opening of the frontier was made by Col GOLOVKOV to Gen t1:LYI, (Chief, Frontier Control Dte, HQ, GSFG) on or about 4 Dec 55. : ERiu,OV ESaUINK0, iaj IciRtC.NOV, aj ...- SVETOV. ZUEV, Vladimir haksiEn ch Traced on or about 14. Mar 56 as DO. Sac Capt LLTLRHOV, above. Crossed the German:-0zoch frontier at 1200 hours on or about 29 Dec 5_5, at SCIN=, in a car driven by SVI."TC , in order to take one s n and then return. The request for the openin of the frontier was made by PC,TRfl V, (Dop to Col GCGO KOV) , to Gen MLLYT, Chief, Frontier Control Dte, HQ, SSG. Stated on or about 14. h r 56 to have siined passes valid. for crossing the DD; fronteors; passes were also signed by Gen PlTOVRi.NOV and. Col GOLOVKOV. Chauffeur. See Maj Kt:RMtN0V. Crossed the German frontier on 4. Jan 56 at SCH ttLK'i, at 1400 hours. Request rrode by_ Col GOLOVKOV to Frontier Control Dte, HQ, GSFG to facilitate this movement. BEST COPY AVAILABLE APPROVED FOR RELEASE^DATE: 04-Nov-2008 hob 5-60l- '=- gQ 902d CIC Gf oats-~ Personalities in Col SiikLLOV'a organisation ARTCMs oV, Capt ~l BLRYSH1 V, Lt DORONIR CIUKOV KRIVTSOV, Cat PAVLOV MCNOV, Lt Ih ANOVL:, Tanya SPIVtJOV, Lt Col On 13 Jan 56 Lt BARYSHEV informed Col SIIhT'S.OV that he had left all documents with Cupt ARTEt EV. On 15 Feb 56 PRI Li OV was informed that Capt AThI1C had arrived. Left for good for unknown destination on 16 Jan 56. Rank unknown. Traced as assi.^tant DO at SFU_TT. LOV' s HIQ; received query from Capt N~.-20LOV for . Lt Col SPIVi.KOV as to when the unit allocations would be sent out; it transpired that they had been - scnt long ago. Rank unknown. Traced as DO at SFILT.',LOV's HQ. Informed Capt EFLIGL NOV of arrival of Copt LRThEV above and of P,i.VLOV below. Traced as DO at SI TL,LCV' a PQ. Spoke with Capt TRENIM on 31 Jan 56 when he took dawn some data and was told that Lt Col TJJ HOV was caning to EEATE.LOV. Traced as DO at SHITJLOV's HQ. On 30? Jan 56 informed Capt TEENIN that Col SI1'2_T1 LOIV had left for the HQ and that IPJ N 3J would accompany him to POTSDI.i:_, to TSI EV, the next day where there would be a party meeting when directives would be discussed and . naaers should be prepared to speak. Traced as DO at Sii TLLOV' s HQ. Was reported on 9 Jan 56 to be giving a lecture next day. Spoke with Maj FROLOV on 24 Jan 56 from SHkTLLOV' s HQ. On 31 Jan 56 he was stated to be Dep to Col m