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June 22, 2015
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December 15, 2008
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November 1, 1956
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Internal. Ref No. 7-13 It 4 :3 30 6 the IMGRAUED ------- - -~ n~ 7~e. r6 ~uX Copy No. putA. 04. CW1%W-4 USA / r,y A.t StirlinBr dates--- This report supersedes MPU 530 of 29 Jr. 56 Which is cancelled and should be destroyed, SOVIET MI1ITAiY' Ih7KZZGrliCE) Gen P.N. CHEI M6ZOV's Group i.n B RLIIK~ (16 Feb - 13 Apr 56) Foreword: -This report is a continuation of MPU Nos. 252 and 270 first issued on 2 and 19 Mar 56, reissued-on 26 Oct 56. It provides further details of the activities of Gen Petr Nikiforerich C-MAZOV. who heads a GSFG Intelligence Detachment. in BERLIN, and his relations with Gen Andrei Egorovich Cr CHENPSEV., Chief, intelligence Directorate, IkQ,. GSFG. APPROVED FOR RELEASE^DATE: 04-Nov-2008 ooh, Y2". Imam T.W)m Yri 1eL'e,t~, E~..,.. 1, On 16,/16 Feb 56 Gen P.N. CHEKUAZOV mentioned to Gen A.E. CIH;CHENPSEV that he had a film on "these same balloons". 2. On 20/22 Feb 56 Can CI 1fAZOV mentioned to Col YULUSOV, Intelligence Directorate, HQ, GSFG, that he wanted Col Can A.P. TARASOV, CoS, HQ, CSFG, to see "this film on the aviation balloons," The film itself was short - some 120 metres - and took up to half an hour to run through; there was"a commentary to it. C1 CMAZOV explained that he could let TARASOV have the film for only a short time, as he had to send it on, further, "there" (presunably' NDSCOW). CH13KiIAZOV then added that there had been a coument that day on this subject in "Pravda". BEST COPY.AVAILABLE 3. - ? On 22 Mar 56 'CHF. MP.ZOV reported to CHI:CY,ENPSEY that he had two sound films in English. One showed training in various countries, and the other the history of the organisational structure of NiO Tand the visits of SISSEN HO{fl R to various countries. The second one was in the nature. of a S ,RET -??'??? J PPM PC LOG NO; as 147244 Request for Radio Service 4. On 19 Mar 56 and again on the 22nd March, Gen C RKMAZOV spoke to Gen CIIDCBINTSi;'V about a request concerning a radio service which some people (unstated) wanted net up, and which CHgIMAZOV had agreed to propose to the CinC. He remarked that "your regiments (Le, ?CK XH SEV'n are there", implying -that-they could p;abably help to set up or implement the link. The radio service required was "of the 11th type" (po lir_ii odinadtsatogo) anal OH ZI(AZOV presumed tint the major problem would be the technical difficulties involved. CiIECHENTSEV agreed to support the proposal, adding that the technical side was. important as the proposed set-up was such a complicated one. In his time, "Niio a.i" (snu) hal already tried to bring this question up, but'nothing came of it, and then "they closed down". There vras a chance, however, that they might be lucky on the second attempt. CEEKMAZ,OV added that ?STOCK or ?STOPH (see comment c) might also apply to see the CinC, since he (STOCK or STOPH) was principally concerned with. the plan. Comment: a) "The 11th" may refer to an 11th Radio Network or to an 11th organisation or directorate, or to the function of such organization or directorate. b) The Regiments described as "CHCCHENTSEV's" may refer to regiments under the direct supervision of CHECHENTSEV, such an the 28th and 4-9th Special Designation Radio Regiments. These regiments which, according to other sources, formerly had their Hq at STILBNSDORF, and are now at TORGAU and GEHA respectively, are subordinate to the Intelligence Directorate, GSFG. On the other hand, they may refer to any GSE'G Signals. Regiments, since CBJCHENTSLV is in Hq,. GSFG, c) It is impossible to make out for certain whether the person referred to by Gen CIiNKM-ZOV as- being principally concerned with the plan was STOCK or STOF}.H, Gen ,llI STOPH is DDR Minister for Defence ,and. Col STOCK, thief of the DDR Border Police Hq at PAETZ. d) The cryptic reference to the closing down, evidently of. an office-or organisation, might-possibly refer to the reduction to the status of a department of the former Frontier Control Dto. This would explain the interest in the matter of Col STOGIE, if it was he and not Gen STOPH who was, in fact; concerned. It is not Imowh who Nikolai Mikhaiiovich was." Coverage of. Western military exercises BEST COPY AVAILABLE 5. In the same conversation quoted in Para 3 above, Can. CHECHGNTSEV asked C`E'I& ZOV whether- he had got anything yet about these -- "teeth, - or claws". C_ U ZOV replied, "What, Bear's? No, nothing yet," One (man) had- arrived but he had nothing, so the results so far were completely negative. 147244 The significance of "Bear's claws" (po kogtyam-po medvedyu) is not known, but it may refer to Intelligence Directorate coverage of the Western mi itary exercises which apparently are the subject of paras.6 and 7 below. 6. Later, on 20 Mar 56, Y'JLUSOJ also asked CH[1ZOV about the "claws"; CBEKIAZOV replied flat they had absolutely nothing and that there had been nothing in the press. They had sent someone "there" but had got nothing. It was, he added, a "staff" (affair). YULUSOV expressed disappointment at this negative result, saying that they had pinned great hopes on CH1MAZ0V, CI? M tZOV replied that nothing could be done; failures had. to occur at times, and he had in fact had a complete failure, YULUSOV replied t1a t they also had cone poorly that time, worse than before. In the meantime they had to rake fresh preparations, and the-brief must be set out more clearly. They would make some rearrangement; but would not entrust it to one person alone, but to more. 7. In a: conversation on 12/13 Apr 56, Gen C,HECHEA'TSEV told Col KONOVALOV? of CH1!5tt?QAZAV's group that something was due to take place on the 17th, that they were all awaiting the results of this, and that all eyes were fixed on it Gen GH MAZOV's "Chief" $. Gen CHE"t AZOV appears to have a "chief" other than Gen CHECISNTSEV. On 22 Feb 56 CIiEKM1 ZOV asked Col YULUSOV whether he bad spoken to his (CI fAZOV'a) chief at the Red Army Pali reception, and what sort of impression he had of him. From the conversation it appeared that this "chief" was visiting from MOSCOW. CHEI0 AZOV described him as "shrewd" and "experienced". 9. On an earlier occasion, on 16/18 Feb 56, Oi {aZOV, speaking to CHECHENTSLV-about tickets for the same Red Army Day reception, had mentioned' his "chief", to whom he gave'the names "Karl Karlovich", Gen OHE NAZOV's visit to MOSCOW 10. CI0CMAZOV mentioned to Col YULL'SOV on 6 Mar 56. that he had written to M)SOOW about a visit which he wished to make for three days. YULUSOV later reported that permission for this visit had been given. C[I MAZOV was apparently taking his wife with him; she was to remain in the USSR for a month and would return to Gernnny later; ii; On 20 Mar 56. Gen CI&MMZOV returned from M.OS0CW and reported to YUI,USOV that everything was "normal" there. BEST COPY AVAILABLE zp 147244