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June 22, 2015
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September 30, 2008
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January 7, 2008
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(b)(3) (b)(6) Central Intelligence Agency Scott A. Koch Information and Privacy Coordinator Washington, D.C. 20505 CIA HAS NO OBJECTION TO[] DECLASSIFICATION AND/OR^ RELEASE OF THIS DOCUMENT ^ DATE: 10-Sep-20081 This is a request filed under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552). 1 request copies of the following documents be provided to me: Any and all documents, photographs, records and correspondence referencing Arne Treholt and dealing with events between the period of Feb. 1, 1979 through Aug. 25, 1982. Mr. Treholt has signed a privacy waiver, a copy of which is attached. For your information, but not as a limiting factor in this request, Mr. Treholt is a former Norwegian diplomat serving with the Norwegian U.N. delegation during the aforementioned period. For your information, but not as a limiting factor in this request, Mr. Treholt was under investigation for espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union. If this request is denied in whole or part, I ask that you justify all deletions by reference to specific LJ exemptions of the FOIA for each withheld document. I expect you to release all segregable portions of otherwise exempt material. The records requested are sought as part of newsgathering and not primarily for commercial use. The requester is a freelance journalist working for Fenris Film, an Oslo-based documentary producer. I am willing to pay fees up to $100 for duplication and other services without the need for further confirmation. Please consult me if fees will exceed $100 and I will authorize an additional payment. Thank you for your timely consideration of this request. I have include a phone number and e-mail address in the event you have questions or require further clarification. Sincerely MORI DocID: 1514206 21/12 2015 21:26 FAX 0110712008 Mon 15:50 0002 ID: #3168 Page 2 of 4 Privacy Waiver and Certification of Identity Full Name: G l!~lLb' Current Address: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: ,J Social Security Number (optional): I hereby waive my right to privacy, and I authorize all federal government agencies of the United States to release all information concerning me to Q a professional researcher. Under penalty of perjury, I hereby declare that I am the person described above and understand that any falsification of this statement is punishable under the provisions of Till 18, United States Code (U.S.C.), Section 1001 by a fine of not more than $10,000 or b onnient of not than five years, or both; and that requesting or obtaining any record(s) under Ise p uses is puns able under the provisions of Title 5, U.S.C., Section 552a (i)(3) as a misdemeanor and b a fi of not more tl $5,000. Signature- ". o/ -4-0r Rider to waiver: Requested records shall pertain only to the period of Feb. 1, 1979 through Aug. 25, 1982. The requested records shall only be used for research by the Fenris Film company and its designated agents. Signature: Date:? l" 1 I ca C L a 0 c Q U 0) 00 < > o a) N C a- U c 60 U Ca N C O 0 C 0.2 (La Q cU C 1 ( 0 )4c co c :