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June 18, 1987
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(b)(1) (b)(3) DOCID: 3352426 Directorate of Intelligence Terrorism Review The ~1bu Nidal Terror Network) ,Special Issue: APPROVED FOR RELEASE^DATE: 24-Nov-2008 ~y 1 8 9 DOCID: 3352426 Terrorism Revie~ I Highlights 7 Special Issue: The Abu Nidal Terror Networl~ Counterterrorist Center 31 Chronology of Terrorism 1987 Counterterrorist Center DOCID: 3352426 Highlights DOCI~.pt 3352426 ~DOCID: 335242.6 Secret DOC~I~_. 3352426 Syrian Crackdown on Abu lYidai Syria apparently has c{osed the Damascus offices of the Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) and expelled the group's publicly known members, except those holding Syrian passports. Palestinian sources told the Jordan Trmes that the crackdown began on i June when Syrian security forces took over an ANO office in the Yar- muk refugee camp outside Damascus. Damascus then ordered all ANO members who do not hold Syrian passports to leave the country and threatened those who do with deportation or imprisonment if they continue to work for the group. The sources also claimed that Libya asked Syria to give the expelled ANO members more time to clear out and find a new location ret 4 DOCID: 3352426 South/East Asia Western Europe Antiterrorism Robots in Use Israel is manufacturing a robot called WASP that reportedly could be useful for counterterrorism applications such as locating and defusing mines and other explosive devices. The robot stands over 6 feet tall, has arms and TV cameras, and moves on treads similar to those on tractors, according to press reports. French and Spanish police have already put such robots to use, and in Spain a similar robot was used in an attempt to defuse a bomb planted by the Basque Fatherland and Liberty group outside a French car showroom on 11 May. Although the robot was destroyed in the explosion of the bomb, it demonstrated that the use of such machines-even if they are costly--could save human lives. DOCID: 3352426 Se ret ! 8 June (987 DOCK: 3352426 S ret Sy~ret 8 DOCID: 3352426 DOCK 3352426 ret 10 DOCID: 3352426 DOC~D~et 3352426 ret ! 2 DOCID: 3352426 DOCK, 3352426 DOCID: 3352426 OC..~b.: 3352426 DOCID: 3352426 DOCID~ 3352426 S ret ret 18 DOCID: 3352426 DOCID: 3352426 DOCIDet 3352426 DOCID: 3352426 DOCef 3352426. ret 24 DOCID: 3352426 DOCt 3352426 Chronology of Signifccant Abu Nidal Group Terrorist Activities, 1974-86 22 November United Arab Emirates (UAE): Four terrorists, armed with machineguns, handgrenades, and pistols, hijack British Airways plane en route from Dubai to Tunis .. ,two people wounded during takeover ...plane took off with approximately 46 hostages, refueled in Tripoli, Libya, and went on to Tunis ...one passenger killed on ground; hostages later released. (v) Location unknown; probably Lebanon: Murder planned by Sabri al-Hanna against Yasir Arafat, Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad), and other prominent Palestinian leaders uncovered by Fatah intelligence ... al-Banna sentenced to death in absentia in OCiobe[. (U) 26 September Syria: Four terrorists, armed with machineguns and grenades, take over Semiramis Hotel in Damascus, taking 90 hostages ...Syrian troops storm hotel .. . one terrorists killed and three captured;. four hostages killed and 34 wounded. (u) ~ 11 OCtObeT Pakis4an: Grenade attack on Syrian Embassy and Syrian Ambassador's residence in Islamabad. (v) l7 November Jordan: Four Palestinians attack Intercontinental Hotel with handguns and grenades, killing two employees and taking hostages ...Jordanian troops counterattack, killing three terrorists and wounding one ...two soldiers, one hotel guest killed; four hotel guests wounded. (v) 2 December Syria: Syrian Foreign Minister `Abd al-Halim Khaddam seriously wounded in assassination attempt in Damascus. (v) October UAE: Assassination attempt against Syrian Foreign Minister Khaddam in Abu Dhabi results in death of UAE Minister of State. (u) 4 January United Kingdom: PLO representative murdered in London. (v) 15 February Cyprus: Two gunmen attack Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization meeting in Nicosia and kilt its secretary general, Yusuf as-Siba`i, a confidant of Anwar EI-Sadat ...leave country on aircraft with I I hostages but refused permission to land in Libya, Kuwait, Somalia, Ethiopia, or South Yemen .. . subsequently return to Larnaca Airport ...Egyptian counterterrorism force conducts airborne assault on airport ...resulting firelight kills 15 and wounds 16. (U) IS dune Kuwait: PLO official murdered in Kuwait. (u} 3 August France: ?wo gunmen attack PLO office in Paris and kill PLO representative to France. (v) DOCID: 3352426 S August Pakistan: Four gunmen, armed with submachineguns and grenades, attack PLO office in Islamabad and kill radio operator, two Palestinian students, and Paki- stani police guard. (u) 17 January France: Manager of Arab bookstore murdered in ParIS. (U} 3 March Spain: Gunman mistakenly shoots and kills Spanish attorney Adolfo Cotelo Villareal :..apparent target Max Mazin, leader of Spanish Jewish community. (u) 22 April Yugoslavia: Attempted murder of Fatah official Salah Khalaf in Belgrade; one bodyguard wounded. (u) S June Kuwait: Attempted murder. of PLO representative in Kuwait. (u) 27 July Belgium: Attack on Agudat Israel synagogue in Antwerp; one person killed and 20 injured. (u) 1 May Austria: Head of Austrian-Israeli Friendship Society killed in Vienna. {u) 1 June Belgium: PLO representative murdered in Brussels. (u) 29 August Austria: Two gunmen, armed with machine pistols and handgrenades, attack Vienna synagogue ...two killed, 19 injured. (u) 23 September Cyprus: Two Arabs attack Israeli shipping firm in Limassol with handgrenades, injuring five employees. (u) S October Malta: Aborted attempt to kill the PLO representa- tive to Libya in Valletta. (u) 9 October Italy: Senior PLO official murdered in Rome. (u) 4 February Austria: Bomb explodes at residence of chief rabbi in Vienna, causing some property damage but no casual- ties. (o) l March Spain: Nabil Arnaki, a coleader of Arab People's Liberation Movement (APLM), a splinter group of the ANO, killed in Madrid. (u) 3 June United Kingdom: Attempted assassination of Israeli Ambassador Shlomo Argov in London ...precipitates Israeli invasion of Lebanon. (u) S June India: First Secretary of Kuwaiti Embassy assassinat- ed in New Delhi. (U) 17 dune Italy: Deputy director of PLO office in Rome mur- dered.(u) 9 July Turkey: President of Palestinian Student Union mur- dered in Ankara. (u) 23 July Francc: Dcputy director of PLO office murdered in Paris. (u) DOC~I~et 3352426 9 August France: Two gunmen with grenades and automatic weapons attack Jewish-owned restaurant; six killed, 27 wounded. (u) 23 August Kuwait: UAE Charge d'Affaires wounded in assassi- nation attempt. (u) 26 August India: UAE Consul General in Bombay escapes injury in assassination attempt. (u) 16 September Pakistan: Attempted assassination of Kuwaiti Consul General in Karachi. (u) 18 September Spain: First secretary of Kuwaiti Embassy assassinat- ed in Madrid, driver wounded. (u) 9 October Italy: Grenade and machinegun attack against syna- gogue in Rome kills a child and wounds 10. (u) 8 December Greece: Kuwait Airways offices bombed in Athens, no casualties. (u) 10 April Portugal: Issam Sartawi, prominent PLO moderate and close friend of Arafat, killed in Lisbon. (u) 20 August Greece Murder of aide to high-ranking Fatah official Khalil al-Wazir. (u) 23 September UAE: Gulf Air Boeing 73'7 en route from Karachi, Pakistan, to Abu Dhabi, crashes killing all 111 pas- sengers and crew ...crash may have been caused by bomb aboard aircraft. (u) 25 October India: Jordanian Ambassador wounded in assassina- tion attempt in New Delhi. (u) 26 October Italy: Jordanian Ambassador and driver wounded in assassination attempt in Rome. (u) 3l October Jordan: Car bomb detonated outside main Jordanian Army officers' club in Az Zarga', no casualties reported. (u) 7 November Greece: Two security guards of Jordanian Embassy in Athens attacked; one killed, one wounded. (u) 12 November Jordan: Discovery of car bomb in residential area in Amman. (u) l9 December Turkey: Car bomb discovered midway between French cultural center and US officers' club in Izmir. 20 December Turkey: Car bomb injures one person and causes extensive damage to apartment building near PLO office and living quarters in Ankara. (u) 29 December Spain: Two Jordanian Embassy employees attacked in Madrid; one killed, one wounded. (u) 8 February France: UAE Ambassador to France assassinated in Paris. (u) 24 March Jordan: Bomb defused outside British Consulate in Amman. (u) 24 March Jordan: Bomb defused outside British cultural center sn Amman. (u) DOCID: 3352426 24 March Jordan: Bomb explodes in parking lot of Interconti- nental Hotel across street from US Embassy, damag- ing two vehicles and slightly injuring two persons; second bomb discovered and defused. (u) 28 March Greece: British Embassy First Secretary assassinated in Athens. (u) 3 May Cyprus: Chairman of Arab Writers' Union killed in Nicosia. (u) 25 October Italy: UAE vice consul wounded and student accom- panying him killed in assassination attempt in Rome. November Lebanon: Bomb attack on British Airways office in Beirut. (u) 12 November Austria: Bomb partially explodes at Israeli El Al airlines office; no casualties. (u) 12 November Austria: Bomb explodes in entrance hallway of British Consulate. (u) 27 November India: British Deputy High Commissioner assassinat- ed in Bombay by ROSM. (u) 29 November Greece: Attempted assassination of Jordan's Deputy Chief of Mission in Atherrs. (u) 4 December Romania: Deputy Chief of Mission of Jordanian Embassy assassinated in Bucharest. (u) 14 December Italy: Ismail Darwish, a leading military figure in Fatah movement, murdered in Rome. (u) 9 March UAE: ANO member arrested for attempted sabotage of Royal Jordanian Airlines flight. (u) 21 March Italy: Grenade attack on Royal Jordanian Airlines office in Rome,. injuring two. {u) 21 March Cyprus: Unidentified man throws two grenades into Royal Jordanian Airlines office in Nicosia. (u) 2l March Greece: Grenade thrown into Royal Jordanian Air- lines office in Athens, injuring three. (u) 26 March Lebanon: British journalist kidnaped in Beirut. (u) 3 April Italy: Rocket fired at Jordanian Embassy in Rome ...misses Embassy and hits apartment on fourth floor of the building, but causes no casualties. (u) 4 April Greece: Rocket fired at Jordanian airliner as it takes off from Athens airport ...projectile hits plane but does not explode. (u) 23 April Kuwait: Moderate newspaper editor wounded in murder attempt. (u) 15 May Lebanon: UN Relief and Works Agency official kidnaped but released the next day. (u) 1 July Spain: Bomb explodes at British Air ticket office in Madrid, also damaging TWA office upstairs .. . Royal Jordanian Airlines ticket office nearby hit by automatic weapons fire and two grenades that fail to explode ...one killed, 24 wounded. (u) DOC~G;t 3352426 11 July Kuwait: Two bombs explode within minutes of each other, killing eight and injuring 89 at two cafes about t0 kilometers apart in Kuwait City ...third bomb defused at another cafe. (u) 21 July Lebanon: Bomb explodes outside Kuwaiti Airlines office in Beirut ... no casualties reported. (u) 24 July Turkey: First Secretary at Jordanian Embassy, assas- sinated in Ankara. (u) $ August Greece: Bomb explodes in kitchen of London Hotel in Athens, wounding 13 tourists. (v) 24 August Turkey: Bomb discovered in PLO office in Ankara. (U) 30 August Greece: Palestinian arrested in Athens for plotting assassination of Jordanian Ambassador. (u) 3 September Greece: Two grenades thrown at swimming pool at Glyfada Hotel in Athens ... 19 British tourists wounded.{u) 16 September Italy: Grenades thrown at Cafe de Paris in Rome, injuring 38 tourists. {u) i8 September Greece: Palestinian magazine publisher murdered in Athens. (u) 22 September United Kingdom: British authorities arrest. an ANO member found in possession of four handgrenades and charge him with conspiracy to cause explosions and to endanger life ...grenades provided by Libyan contact ...target identity unknown. (u) 2S September Italy: Bomb explodes at British Air office in Rome, killing one and injuring 14. (u) 23 November Malta: Three gunmen seize Egypt Air Flight 737 en route from Athens to Cairo and force it to land in Valletta, Malta ...when. hijackers' demand for refueling refused, they begin shooting selected passen- gers ...ultimately, 56 passengers and two terrorists killed; 23 passengers and one terrorist wounded ... on 24 November Egyptian military commando unit storms plane. (u) 24 November Jordan: Husayn ai-Bitar killed in Amman as a result of financial dispute over his house which was allegedly owned by Sabri al-Banna. (u) 27 December Austria: Three gunmen attack El Al counter at Vienna's Schwechat Airport with grenades and AK-47s, killing two and wounding 39 ... one terrorist also died and two were wounded. (u) 27 December Italy: Four gunmen attack El Al ticket counter at Rome's Fiumicino Airport with grenades and AK-47s, killing 12 and wounding 72 .. ,three terror- ists also died and one was injured. (u) 5 September Pakistan: Four men armed with automatic weapons, handguns, and grenades storm Pan Am Flight 747 in Karachi, killing 21 and injuring over 100 others. (u) 6 September Turkey: Two gunmen attack Neve Shalom synagogue in Istanbul with grenades and machineguns .. . 22 killed and six wounded. (u) ~OCID: 3352426 Chronology of Terrorism-1987 (v) Below are described noteworthyforeign and international events revolving terrorists, or the use ojterrorist tactics, that have occurred or come to light since our last issue. In some cases, the perpetrators and their motivations may not be known. Events and developments that have already been described elsewhere in this publication are not included. (uJ 29 March West Germany: Unknown perpetrators commit arson attack against construction site in West Berlin. causing considerable damage but no injuries. A claim letter signed by the "Autonomous Group, Erna Sielka" was found at the scene. (u) 2I and 28 April Lebanon: Bomb goes o,Q''in Middle East Airlines o,BFce is Sagiyar al-Jinzir in West Beirut. The explosion caused extensive material damage, but no injuries were reported. (u) Lebanon: Two Finnish UNIFIL sentries are taken hostage when Hizballah terrorists seize weapons and military radios and loot UNIFIL unit in village of Aaichiye. The sentries were later freed. There were no injuries reported in the attack. (v) 22 April Lebanon: Boobytrapped Volvo explodes in village t~i'Tulin, injuring tJkree persons. No group has claimed responsibility for the car bombing. (u) Northern Ireland: Provisional IRA member is killed while handling bomb in BeUast. The terrorist was planning to throw the device at a Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) station. (u) Off: 3352426 Northern Ireland: Police seize at least 2,700 pounds oJ'homemade explosives hidden in a horse trailer near Antrim. The Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) believes it prevented a major Provisional IRA. bombing attack against a County Derry RUC station. (u) Northern Ireland: Belfast police thwart bomb attack against Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) station. They discovered four loaded mortar tubes aimed at the police station, presumably planted by the Provisionat IRA. (u) Bolivia: Grenade explodes in a classroom oJan engineering facility in La Paz, se- riously injuring a student. (u) Netherlands: Firebomb thrown into hutch Prime Minister's house in Rotterdam causes material damage but no injuries. No one claimed responsibility for the attack. (u) Northern Ireland: Pollee clash with mourners at Provisional IRA (PIRA) mem- ber's funeral in Ulster. One policeman and several PIRA supporters were injured. The deceased was a terrorist who died 2 May when a bomb he was trying to throw at a police station exploded prematurely. {u) Northern Ireland: Catholic youth shot to death at his South Belfast home. No one claimed responsibility for the murder. (u) Argentina: Explosion at a military factory kills three persons and seriously wounds another in Buenos Aires. No group has claimed responsibility. (u) Lebanon: Police bomb-disposal o,8icer injured in northern Lebanon when booby- trapped car he is trying to defuse explodes. No one has claimed responsibility for rigging the car. (v) Northern Ireland: Eight Provisional IRA members killed during attack on Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) station in County Armagh. A passing motorist was killed in the crossfire, and at least four people were injured. The deaths appear to have been the result of swell-orchestrated ambush by the security forces. (u} Yugoslavia: Unident~Jied object explodes at Belgrade,fine arts facility. No one was injured, and the bomb caused only slight material damage. (u) DOCID: 3352426 10 May Lebanon: Six bombs explode in same evening in West Beirut, jour et!'them within a,rve-minute span. One of the reported targets was the Carmel Saint Joseph School. There was no report of injuries, and no group has claimed responsibility. (U) Colombia: Two Coca-Cola facilities in Antioquia and Magdalena Departments are bombed by suspected members of the National Liberation Army (ELN,I Coca-Cola interests in Colombia have not been attacked since May 198b, when M-19 guerrillas bombed the company's Bogota facility 11 May France: Bomb explodes at a Marseilles o,~ice, injuring three persons; another bomb jails to explode. No one claimed responsibility for the attack. (u) Italy: Police raid 100 homes in Naples, Rome, and Venice during antiterrorism operation. Six suspected members of the Red Brigades faction, the Union of Combatant Communists, were arrested during the raids. Documents and a number of weapons were also seized. (v) Lebanon: Suspicious personshrefour shells from hotel in East Beirut. Three of the shells fell on the Beirut Port compound, and another shell hit a school in the Al-Ashrifiyah area. A Lebanese Army force found the launching apparatus- consisting of a battery, a timing mechanism, and wires--in the abandoned Hilton Hotel in the Al-Zaytunah area. (u) Chile: Terrorists attack the National Intelligence Center with explosives and submachinegun.fire in Santiago. No organization has claimed responsibillty although similar actions have been carried out by Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front. (u) Lebanon: Ganmen toss packages gi'dynamite oat eN'two passing cars. causing six explosions within 15 minutes. The targets included a playground, a gasoline station, a pharmacy, a mosque, and the entrance to the AL-Shaykh Musa Trade. Shops. There has been no claim of responsibility. (u) 33 ret DOCIFpf . 3352426 18 May Peru: Three terrorists assassinate the mayor of the Florencia Mora District of Trujillo and seriously wound his lieutenant. (u) Ecuador: The National Police arrest two Ajlaro Vive, Carajo! {AVC) members as they prepare to assist Colombian forces in the M-19-led America's Battalion. The Battalion operates in rural areas of Colombia. (u) Lebanon: Bomb explodes at Beirut's main post o,B"rce, injuring three bomb- disposal experts as they attempt to defuse it. No one has claimed responsibility. (u) Ecuador: Police arrest the bead a1'A,Uaro Vive Cargjo!'s (AYC} Second Region, Antonio Pincay Moran. His capture is another blow to the group's dwindling Lebanon: Bomb goes g,@''under vehicle parked behind UNRWA building in West Beirut's Verdun District, causing material damage. No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing. (u) Lebanon: Bomb weighing l0 kilograms detonates near Syrian post in Al-Minyah area c;/'Tripoli. There were no injuries reported. The Lebanese Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the explosion. (u) I9 May France: Paris police arrest three suspected former Red Brigades members. Italy- has issued warrants for their arrest and will seek the extradition of all three. (u) Peru: Unknown perpetrators throw three bombs at banks awd leave one outside the O,~ice gJ'Public Registry in Lima after a genera! strike protesting the economic policies oJ'President Garcia. Police suspect the Tupac Amaru (MRTA} may be re- sponsible. (u) Spain: British and West German Embassies in Madrid receive letters warning of bomb campaign against tourists. The letters were allegedly sent by the Basquc Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) organization. Interior Ministry security personnel reportedly do not believe the letters are genuine. (v) Austria: Two Palestinians receive life sentences for attack in December 1985 on El Al airlines o.94ce at Yienna airport. The two men were accused of two murders and 87 attempted murders. Four persons, including one of the terrorists, were killed, and 40 others were injured in the attack. (v) France: Police arrest an Italian national outside his apartment in Paris.. He is suspected of having links to the Red Brigades. (v) DOCID: 3352426 Lebanon: Bomb attached toJuel truck explodes in East Beirut, killing a S-i Lankan national and wounding an Egyptian. A device, made up of 2 kilograms of TNT and attached to a truck parked at a gas station in the Nahr Al-Mawt area, set the gas station on fire and caused extensive material damgage. There has been no claim of responsibility. (u) Northern Ireland: Part-time Ulster Defense Regiment (UDR) soldier shot dead near his County Tyronejarmhoase. The Provisional-IRA claimed responsibility for the attack. (u) Northern Ireland: Unidentified gunmen seriously injure Sinn Fein city council member at his Beijast home. No group claimed responsibility but the police suspect the Ulster Volunteer Force. (u) Northern Ireland: Two Provisional IRA gunmen murder a Protestant at his County Down farm. The victim was a former prison official. (u) Peru: Unknown assailants in Tacna bomb, the home al'the president ai'a regional development agency, causing serious damage. There had been little terrorist activity in that area since 1982, when police broke up a Sendero Luminoso (SL) cell there. (u) Chile: Government security forces discover a terrorist arsenal in Santiago. The cache included six bombs, dynamite sticks, plastic explosives, homemade grenades, and bullets. (u) Northern Ireland: Catholic man shot and kilted at the wheel ctf'his bread van near Omagh. The Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) were responsible for the murder. (u) Spain: Bomb explodes in French car showroom in Basque town ctJ'Haro, setting fire to several vehicles only hours before a socialist party rally there. No one was injured. The ETA is suspected. (u) 2S May _ Brazil: Bomb explodes in Porto Alegre bus station. injuring one individual and wounding jour others. No one has claimed responsibility. (u) Spain: Fenwle Basque guerrilla receives 1 S9-year seetence jot three murders. Mercedes Galdos, a Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) commando leader, confessed to the bombing in 1978 of a civil guard convoy and the murder in 1981 of a retired police chief. (u) 17 May Spain: Small bomb explodes at Mieres mining region town hall, injuring two elderly persons. Na one claimed responsibility for the attack. (u) DOCK: 3352426 ret Argentina: Bomb explodes in an undergound parking garage l00 meters from the capitol, injuring jour persons and damaging SO cars. (~) France: French police hand over two sr~spected Basque separatists to Spanish authorities. This brings to 62 the number of Basques ezpelied since last 3uly. (v} Northern Ireland: Two armed terrorists ambush sehoolbus in Strabane, injuring the driver, apart-time Ulster Defense Regiment (UDR) o,~cer. The four children on board the bus were not harmed. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, but police suspect the Provisional IRA. (u) now be singling out and attacking only whites Zimbabwe: Two West German tourists are murdered near Victoria Falls in Matabeleland Province. The tourists had pulled ofI' the road to a rest stop when the terrorists emerged from the bush and started shooting. Seven whites have been killed in Matebeleland in the last three months, suggesting that dissidents may damaging the concrete p1atJorm and shattering windows Ireland: D,~ duty Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) police officer shot dead by two gunmen outside County Donegal village. The slaying of the 40-year-old policeman, who was visiting his elderly parents, was the second such death in the Republic of Ireland this year. The Provisional IRA claimed responsibility for the murder. (u) Spain: Basque political parties halt election campaigning and demand release of kidnap victim.. The parties called on the Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) organization to free the elderly businessman who was kidnaped from his home on 19 May. Spanish voters will vote on 10 June to elect local councils, regional assemblies, and representatives to the European Parliament. (u) Northern Ireland. Soldier killed while on paaol in West Belfast. The viciim was a member of the 1st Queen's Lancashire regiment and was the first member of a British-based regiment to be shot in Northern Ireland in nearly two years. No one claimed responsibility. (u) ret 3ti Z)OCID: 3352426 b June 10 June Spain: Police seize 220 pounds ctf'explosives near Barcelona, foiling what may have been a preelection bomb plot by Basque extremists. The explosives, timers, and remote-control detonators were found in seven cardboard boxes in a parking lot. ETA has used similar explosives recently in a series of car bombings in Barcelona. {u) West Germany: Censas forms destroyed in frre at Filderstadt City Hall. Two molotov cocktails were thrown into an office where the completed forms were stored. No group claimed responsibility. {v) West Germany: Extremists attempt to derail a US military train entering West Berlin. The train's driver stopped before hitting the steel chain and burning tires that had been laid across the tracks. A leaflet found at the scene read "Fire and flames for the US President." President Reagan visited West Berlin on 12 June. (u) Greece: Bomb destroys car belonging to nephew oJ'the Minister ct!'Pubtic Order. Several cars and businesses were damaged by the blast in Athens, but no one was injured. No group has claimed responsibility. {u) Spain: A Bilbao court convicted Juan Carlos Yoldi to 25 years imprisonment for terrorist activity as a member ct/'the outlawed ETA. Yoldi was a candidate for pre- mier of the Basque regional government. (u) DOCK: et 352426