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June 22, 2015
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December 22, 2008
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April 1, 1943
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BEST COPY AVAILABLE 'he .;:f'jut.,,.r.t ;eneral War Depar:zent 2. :11. APPROVED FOR RELEASED DATE: 09-Dec-2008 April 1, 1943 Almander Gregory Graft 6AraliAA . 32654737 14 6 fpr WIll 17)ror certffI(.o7.-. in order IhaT, tniz alian a.-7f;:l,te in 7 r icr naturaii? zati.,-,nr:nder the prav1:15 t.e 17zttIt. t cf 140, as Scatic,n 32.7a) 0: M1). forwz-d certificatiaa iat..c attc1 Jrmalope wtich has been :market:. for the'attention s; 11xa.n.iner. Van, yours, )16 M11;ries Xualor Agigla Anaint District Mractor. litelotures. Fr,rn J. S. DEPARTMF.\T OF _;j5TICE ? :mMArj. Ate., Ati".1triOs..SER; E.,!..1 ,...I'EIPSTTZS OF AMERII 4 , U-9. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTitt IMMIC.:RVION AND NATURALIZATION SERV.CE aso PRI.LIMiNAIZY .---`5RM FOR PETIT.I6N FOR NATURALIZATION UNDER SE.I....uN ;al OR 702 OF ;hi- NATIONALITY ACT OF 1940 ? (Fcr use by members or former members of the armed forces of the United States) .., ,f ? 1 ? TO THE APPLICANT; Read Carefully and Follow the Instruct Ii ons on the Reverse Hereof. 1 ? D'Ita, . _ ..?,... ._. ..... ... .... . i . ., 1.4......, _) .... _ ? 4. N . ; i, , i ,'..-:.1, 1-,. t-.1.? ..: :-..-! roll fri- r..".r..;:ir.r.. ,-,r, a. A eAin.n ...f In, 1-nited ,i4faitii, and manniit nerewith a s1,114.1114 1,1 nf Diet- ii. he ui.e.) in fliing such ;10 it.,0: (lf this Clot sippiw,,n is made u.1"riu,. reatiewstal Vetted States. Alsoka. Hawaii. Puerto Hire. or the Virgin Islas& of the tiled States. Mare sr ,, also submitted herewith . 1/4? . .? three unissued shotozreptu. of myvelf.: -? ? ? r ? -7*, - - ?-, i i .1 % ..j.??- .. -44 1 ,--2,7.),-; 4. ii . art .. ? , , ..., , ?,.. ........? ' qn ? ?ir if ....:..1' ,.?: have! 1hree.: kl; ;LI 1 ..,...,;t: . Stuto- ..,.:- .1!.../..; 424 ir:i ' , . _ .. /45.. ' r .,....?,...,,",1.....,. . - . . - - ..... . ???...,???????- ...." .44-2....11. _.. a..tv ? , '' .A.I., ' Zit.a&H...q......-._. .._ . - 01.? t 1 aurir, I; the r,:or,-.? ??th..1. ? ft I La., , /- ? ? 1./.% totor of eye, -.. . ..? --,Lthztive marks LAP.% it 41:W:: .7, 1 er,..,..a?te.1 0, the 1.-rniad tales. zts Te011W. i.?,,,,,,Vq4kfrO..1:1,1 ' .1.? ? 414/10a:' Lu the Untied Sbalegs, 12$ 'rernituria,, laf its poAseisous, as at _ 114 PC: , tizoler. th?Witite ' ?S? ?"" ? ou _ ? , 1%1, .;?.? atria tot ea 14-4 - .le; I entureds ' ? al., 44'41 1.11,tr Nen-X. 2 54t73 /A:41 1105 mad. SOIN100 With the taua of (01% deletsared ff I A- 1) ?) prit.,,,,,1,4edu.?,,,t111,,,,?,,,1 /m,1.04isielyi,revmdit.ig the ,tste4ff tx,ot s; .1-u;,;. 01?1,41!ii..1; rior UN111.,,ear 1s U nI,ss fill darnuo, of O.,: ruilli011 et toN?Nert),. or asiNaser. Dot a .101eilever 111 or upiNessi to ialtatineal giossratneut, IT a 'is;; -t Or aftillide4 ,sny orvanirAtioti Or per., tradurisdtelistiu or oppototiott te organised enverinneat. I ani etuened to Us, 1,t11,11411. of to I.,414111UtIttO Of the l'nited Suites and ...ofl good wales Wad LikpialAder. Oi Vag United ROWS. It 16 my intention In reel hula necon,s a rit 11.11 ,.r the United etette, bolt to reside t.e.,ua- nonng thonsu. 11. r,"{"N AT* beloW Uw. sautes, rso. all ,flusuiration (if S Dleir)rlat of the armed foree.'.., rout 14.VOK rositert.e .it least tSof. Itit.PI I Wit1101114{M.Wh4X. 1. I IL, et tu.11: ; ? o' p ? , is 801,1?171, J6- ...ens to oast.. verity nay pstatian for assurshaetkon io tastily la Obartieter attd inYnity end ist ?sr ohatinintrhig to beuuttie ii raison of the &Anted k?t, ? ND 51' .10 r- r /7 ?,-444?1 4 .14Z 1A .tb( ? .., . ? tr, 4 a mtg.., tar s ef{ 4'* '4/ iLf 0, of woot., Cftitt. ,;:"0 ' t aad ?47 he i,'rj I n.tur -400l0a count): uke Itetorionulai IVO of the collittusektuer of 1th no.aatioll >did change Joy nem sea, loft oI as,- Oaf- ce.) V, 4./ ki N J.,,..11.18 areaml.. ;..4.4.0 the h .,11 or .. it.a au VI UI.A.,,511111.4; a 01,1hba L a 1:fiatif ra1150,?011 and ar.n.re ? ..n4 ttdeht..ny foreign ,?raase, irotentate. SU le, Cr A+,:ere,o-4.v - it :Oa Mitt IOW's the 1:Lited State, I .,,lastk ? -Seism* to the eatas. ho t,,at I tat, uhloratioh Ireo.y Wittg,ut shy 'ui UIItstiiil. IT i". noreoilary ti.. or t?ave nor., ??i 501 of the ot.ters of uutr?lity 10 soy 1hre,, o 1 A:1: rL 1 4,11) 0.01011111011101111r the aprilirse t tor nit,/ Ar .4 a 3?144,&. is Wtril t!.: the jraoL. ..uaTa inttutnt,nr.t..,, in s the `finds 101111410 of Om aacwi b?rtr..) .1.11w4hed 1: .- u,:,..,eht 01 :sets W.: boa. road true .1.. di% i.re,10 moll, tiot 1 Veintlta 1 neve norato...it% : a. foreign And euL , ..1I aL best of 1W1141)7.1" sI, 111;.1 :0 ; t). noLittne ONIno,ly yOn (JI. Ala a kJ. --i LIsaat 1.111.0 11411:0t. ????.\ ,..., :::.: i. l'ilitte. i't,41TCK:K ArilS Or Y4.1 f(S11.1, Mt sl' ,54.CONii. ANT TillS A 1?11.1e *1 '.? v.'? . ; i" V. Alit: IX, i iiIN CLANTIN.XNTAL UNITE:lira ?Tr?s. N.... ALASKA. itAIA, 11. PIKE?* t Hie?. utt THE lartGliN, iter?sNion tit' I HE L,g1T14. riTATICts.) -%.-...-..`,. t ,...: 1 - e? ,,,:t-.... -7 / - , i ' /0, io , .. 18-101?021-. attelOOWINI art Moto. Qt 144( *1 otin, one. INSTRUCTIONS TO,...Tri1.-; APPLICANT ^ -40 *ham this application ?:bout seat.?if you are now serving, honorably in the .7 or naval fom...s State- and wish o iecrirrie a eltizen tins eolintry, you sLould con snit yr,ur eornnianding (Alice:, who wiii advise ? ?,!,e 1,w:fled to :lie your ptiition for naturalization. If you havi.. been discharged front th.? military or svi to beconic a eiliZen, you shofarl consult the rearest Immigration zu :ura1jzazioil OfLee 14.:i uralt.:a; ???ourt, for further information as to where you should send this forth. Witnesses and proof tit service in the armed torces,----At the time you file your pc{ ion i??.- ;61.4 two V6i;;Olv,.-O;;'? 10 1.*:;;;;Cil for your character, loyalty, and attachment to the pr.neiples t to ion of he I :r Sf at t'S. e w r.eCilizer,:, of it Ulillea States, and, if naturalized, should I ring e I Iota if possinle docom.- wary ,vidence M?ir cit.-et?tis.jp. if W;;;;;O:=-Ses are meant SI'S Or flintier pleltilkeTS during Ill.? iire.sent- war of the taval forces of n' I tined States if :he noncommissioned or warrant. officer grade or rating, na- iiigher, may testify f.1,o 10 .?.;irl,moral,le military or t,,eval service, If such wit I:VS:Se:410 your service are not avail& it. el:tt he pro' -si, in lieu of With. h.: a duly elOhei,iicated copy of I ha, reisiini of the executive del .artment, having custody of I tie n-cord of your service, showing t-!mitt you are a member serving honorably in the military or naval forces of the United States during the present war. Photographs.---In those CUSPS only where the applicant, for naturalization is WITHIN the jurisdiction of a naturalization '-ort in ccoitiriental United itqates, Alaska. Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands of the United States, you must semi or iiring with this ni,ipheation 3 unsigned photographs ti yourself ,"aiken within 341 days of the of this application, These photographs inti-; be 2 by 2 inches is size, 111124 1.0t be pa ted on a card or mounted ill any other way, must be on thin paper, have a light background, and clearly show n, front viewir..f :be face without. hat. Snapshot, group, or full length portraits cannot be accepted. PENALTY FOR FALSELY SWLAUNG IN NATURALIZATION CASES Ti. is a felony, punishable by a fine of not more than $5,000 or imprisonment for not more thann fi years, or both, for an other alien oer person, whetnet an applicant for naturalization or citizenship, or otherwise, knowingly to a false statement until. otitL. either orally or in writing. in any case, proceedis g, or matter relating to, or under, or by virtue of any law of the United States relating to naturalization or citizenship. (Nationality Act of 1940, Sec. 34(1 (al).) RESULT OF EXAMINATION TO THE APPLICANT.?Da wet write ea these lbws otf Vs?--WoO2I-1 _ fi itei):c.,...,c;;,,Livo of ttie 1:1i11114.71tIbi; Ale.; 1 tur,4l1zation SelVi.>4)