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October 1, 1997
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National Security Unauthorized Disclosure Information Subject to Criminal Sanctions Copyright Contains copyrighted material which cannot be reproduced or disseminated without permission. Dissemination Control NOFORN (tve) Not releasable to foreign nationals ORCON (oc) Dissemination and extraction of information controlled by on inator Terrorism Review i Si~ret D1~~97-010 October 1997 f j Se et Highlights Chronology of International Terroris Summary of Indigenous Terrorism--September 199X_ 27 This Review is published monthly by the DCI Counterterrorist Center: Comments and queries are welcome and may be directed to Information available as of 20 October 1997 was used in this report. i Secret D/ TR 7-010 October 1997 - 3 Se et 5 Sed~'et Sel~et D! T 7-010 October 1997 S~c~et Sec Sec t 10 a_ 13 Seci~t DI TR -010 October 1997 Sec t 14 -c~ Highlights 4 November 1995 I3 November I970 l3 November 1995 22 November 1943 29 November 1945 29 November 1947 3 December 1934 10 December 1966 13 December 1981 14 December 1983 17 December 1996 21 December 1948 21 December 1967 23 December 1933 The Terrorism Diary for November and December Below is a compendium of November and December dates of /cnown or conceivable significance to terrorists around the world. Our inclusion of a date or event does not su est that we expect or anticipate a commemorative terrorist incident. ~~ Peru. Founding of Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) and People's Revolutionary Command (CRP). ,Israel. Assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Syria. Hafiz a1-Asad assumes power. Sandi Arabia. Bombing in Riyadh of the Office of Personnel Management/Saudi Arabian National Guard (OPM/SANG). Jordan. King Hussein's birthday. Greece. Student uprising at Athens Polytechnic University (terrorist group Revolutionary Organization 17 November takes its name from this incident). Lebanon. Independence Day. Yugoslavia. Republic Day. Palestine. International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (anniversary of partition). Peru. Birthday of Sendero Luminoso leader Abimael Guzman. Palestinians. Founding of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PEEP). Poland. Imposition of martial law. Chile. Founding of Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Eront (FPMR). Peru. MRTA Takeover of Japanese Ambassador's residence in Lima. Ireland. Proclamation of republic. Palestinians. Founding of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Japan. Birthday of Emperor Akihito. 21 Se DI TR~97-010 October 1997 24 December 1951 Libya. Independence Day. 26 December Peru. Birthday of Mao Zedong (usually sparks Sendero Luminoso attacks). 28 December Latin America. Equivalent of US April Fools' Day--traditional day for hoaxes and bomb threats. Chronology of International Terrorism The following incidents were determined to meet the criteria for International Ter- rorism by the Intelligence Community's Incident Review Panel since publication of the previous issue of the Terrorism Review. These incidents are the basis for the State Department's Patterns of Global Terrorism, published annually as the US Government's official record of international terrorism. 23 Se et DI T 97.010 October 1997 11 August India: A bomb exploded at the Russian Cultural Center in Chennai, a building that also houses part of the American School. The blast injured a policeman and shattered windows, but no US citizens were injured. Police confirmed that the Tamil Nadu Liberation Army was responsible 14 August Thailand: A bomb exploded in the parking garage of the IBM o?ljice in Bangk injuring two persons and damaging, fzve vehicles. No one claimed responsibility 2 August Russia: Unknown assailants kidnapped four employees of the French humani- tarian organization Equilibre in Ma~khachkala, Da estan. The hostages are being held in Chechnya. No one claimed responsibility. IOAugust Tajikistan: Thirteen.armed men in military uniforms kidnapped two Iranian dip- lomats and their driver outside the embassy guest house in Dushanbe. The hos- tages were released the same day 23 August Tajikistan: Unknown gunmen opened fire on a UN helicopter, causing damage but no casualties. The helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing at Komsomolabad. The passengers included the secretary of the Tajik Security Coun- cil, the Chief-of Staff of the United 'Tajik Opposition, the Deputy Chief Military observer, two other UN military obsf:rvers, and a co e t've eacekeeping force officer. No one claimed responsibility for the attack Europe 10 August Spain: Unidentified assailants threN~ Molotov cocktails at a Citroen car dealer- ship in Urduliz, causing extensive damage to several vehicles. No one claimed responsibility, but authon'tie~cl: youth supporters of the Basque Fatherland and Liberty organization 2 August 3 August 7 August tan Workers' Party is responsible 7tirkey: A bomb hidden in a trash c~~ntainer exploded near a hotel in Istanbul, injuring a Canadian tourist and two Turkish citizens. Police believe the Kurdis- ~ damage Colombia: Unidentified guerrillas bombed the Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline in Fuerte Lleras. Arauca Departme~zt, causing an undetermined amount of $2 million Colombia: Unidentified guerrillas bombed the Cano Limon-Covenas oil i eline in Cerro Madera, Tibu Municipality, causing a rupture in the line. Colombia: Unidentified guerrillas attacked the installations of a Colombian firm that works for British Petroleum in Yopal Municipality. Damage is estimated at I2 August Colombia: National Liberation Army (ELN) and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARO) guerrillas bombed the Transandean oil pipeline between and Tumaco. The Transandean pipeline runs between Colombia and Ecuado I2 August I2 August 12 August I S Augrist 15 August i 27 August Middle East 6 August I3 August 14 August ZI August Colombia: ELNguerrillas blew up a section of the Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline in Tapoa, between Ayacucho and Covenas. Colombia: ELN~uerrillas bombed the Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline in Bar- rancabermeja. Colambia: FARCguerrillas dynamited the Cano Limon-Covenas ail ipeline between ~llagarzon and Toeorayo in Putumayo Department. Peru: Sixty Sendero Luminoso (SL) guerrillas kidnapped 30 oil workers in Junin Department, but failed in their reported goal to hijack the oil company's helicopter. The workers are employed by a firm contracted by a French transna- tional oil company. On 17 August the SL rebels released the oil workers unharmed in exchange for a ransom consisting of food, medicine, clothing, and batteries.C Venezuela: Fifteen Colombian guerrillas kidnapped a Venezuelan Army lieuten- ant and an unidentified person in Chorrosquero. Authorities believe the two vic- tims were immediate]y taken to Colombian territory. No group has claimed responsibility, but both the ELNand the FARC operate in the area~~ Venezuela: Colombian guerrillas seized the land of 30 farmers in the Guasare River area, forcing the farmers to abandon their properties~~ released the tourist on 10 August Yemen: Yemeni tribesmen kidnapped an Italian tourist they selected at random from among six others traveling between Rada and Aman. The tribesmen Yemen: Tribesmen kidnapped six Italian tourists travelin to Aden from Mukalla. They released the hostages on 15 August. Yemen: Tribesmen kidna ed our Italian tourists in Khami. They released the hostages the next day Yemen: Unknown assailants opened firma jeep carrying Italian tourists in the Shabwah area, injuring one person 25 Secret Sec t 26 Bihar, killing eight persons Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-September 1997 The incidents and situations described below are not a detailed accounting of all domestic terrorist incidents. but rather provide an overview of selected indigenous India On 3 September over 200 suspected Naxalite guerrillas opened fire on residents in Japan Spain Turkey Guerrillas detonated a bomb on a railroad track near Jammu on 6 September, derailing the Delhi bound Shalimar Express and injuring at least four persons minor fire damage to a nearby school. In Tokyo Kakuroyko Ha claimed responsibility for launching two improvised mor- tars at a police station on 22 September. The mortars missed the station but caused pected. On 5 September a policeman was killed in Basauri after setting off an explosive device hidden underneath his car. The Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) is sus- Alleged ETA youth supporters threw Molotov cocktails at two Basque political partly offices in ~izurkil on 7 September, causing major damage but no injuries.[ On 8 September authorities defused two explosive devices found under the vehi- cles of a mayor and town councilor in Rrncon de la Victoria. The ETA claimed responsibility for the attempted bombings. in a series of warning phone calls ties suspect the ETA Unidentified assailants threw Molotov cocktails at a post office in Usurbil on 26 September, injuring a worker and causing major damage to the building. Authori- arrested members of the Vasat organization in connection with the bombing On 14 September a bomb exploded at a Christian bookstand at a trade fair in Gaziantep, killing afour-year-old boy and wounding 24 other persons. Authorities responsibility for the attack An armed group killed a village guard on l5 September in Balkiri. No one claimed United Kingdom A car bomb exploded outside a police station in Markethill, Northern Ireland, on l6 September, causing extensive damage. No one claimed responsibility, but authorities suspect the Irish .Republican Arm Continuity Council, a breakaway faction of the Irish Republican Army. Sec'~et DI TR4~7-010 October 1997 Colo~rcbia On 1 September Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas kid- napped four mayors from eastern Antioquia. The FARC rebels released them on 4 September and sent a communique reiterating their threats against the electoral process.~~ FARC guerrillas dynamited a hydroelectric plant in Antioquia Department on 4 September, causing serious damage to the plant but no injuries. The rebels also burned several vehicles as they fled them On 7 September in Yali 250 National Liberation Army guerrillas attacked the police station and mayor's office. Before leaving, the rebels planted plastic explo- sives and grenades throughout the community, but authorities located and defused Hooded FARC guerrillas raided an oilfield near Yondo on 11 September, tied up workers for the state oil company, and destroyed $200,000 worth of drilling equipment looted astate-run bank The same day in Pajarito FARC rebels killed five policemen and three civilians and damaged several buildings. The assailants went on afive-hour rampage in which they destroyed the police headquarters, a local clinic, and three private homes and Venezuela On 9 September police deactivated a small leaflet bomb left on a subway car in Caracas. Authoritie,~-~a~P, device contained "rebel leaflets" but offered no further information Algeria A bomb exploded on a bus in Bouarfa on 5 September, killing four ersons and injuring 27 others. No one claimed responsibility for the attach The same day militants armed with knives and axes killed 49 civilians and wounded 60 others in Beni Messous. The Armed Islamic Group (GIA) is suspected. On 19 September an armed group killed 53 villagers in Medea. Authorities believe the GIA is responsible EgyF~ On 19 September gunmen opened fire on a police car in Asyut, killing one police officer and wounding another. No one claimed res onsibility for the attack. Al-Gama'at al-Islamiyya may be responsible Sect 28