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APPROVED FOR RELEASE^ DATE: 07-25-2011 (b)(1) (b)(3) National Security Unauthorized Disclosure Information Subject to Criminal Sanctions Dissemination Control NOFOI2N (tvF) Not releasable to foreign nationals Abbreviations ORCON (oc) Dissemination and extraction of information controlled by originator I2EL... This information has been authorized for release to... Terrorism Review i i Seci~t DI TR ~j-009 September 1997 Highlights Snmmarv of indi~enn~c Terrorism-August 1997 Se et ii Sect DI TR 7-009 September 1997 Se et 2 S Sel~et DI T 7-009 September 1997 9 Sec t DI T 97-009 September .1997 11 Se ret Se et 12 Highlights HAMAS and the PIJ Have Few Vulnerabilities To Exploit The suicide bombings of the Ben Yehuda street pedestrian mall on 4 September underscore, however, that HAMAS remains capable of mounting terrorist attacks ,Dl TR -009 September 1997 Sec3~t Sec's~t Se et 16 The Terrorism Diary for October and Novembezl Below is a compendium of October and November dates of known or conceivable significance to terrorists around the world. Our inclusion of a date or event should not by itself be ~n?~to suggest that we expect or anticipate a commemorative I October 1985 14 October 1985 21 October 1978 23 October 1983 28 October 29 October 1923 29 October 1973 31 October 1984 4 November 1983 7Ysnisia, Israel, Palestinians. Israeli bombing of PLO headquarters in Tunis. Israel, Arab World. Arab-Israeli war begins. Egypt: Armed Forces Day (commemorates October War with Israel). President Anwar Sadat was assassinated during a military parade on this date in 1981. Peru. Founding of the Communist Party of Peru, out of which the Sendero Luminoso evolved. Cuba. Heroic Guerrilla Day (death of Che Guevara in Bolivia). Israel, Jewish World. Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). Anniversary of 1973 Arab-Israeli war, according to the Hebrew calendar. Chile. Movement of Revolutionary Left (MIR) founded. Germany. Revolutionary Cells bomb economic targets to commemorate 1977 suicides of Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin. Japan. Beginning of construction of Narita airport (usually marked by 10 days of demonstrations). Lebanon. Bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut. Palestinians. Assassination of Palestine Islamic Jihad leader Fathi Shaqaqi in Malta. Cyprus. Greek National Day (observed by Greek Cypriot community). Turkey. Independence Day (proclamation of republic). Cyprus. Turkish Republic Day (observed by Turkish Cypriot community). India. Assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards, triggering anti-Sikh riots throughout northern India. Peru. Founding of'1ltpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) and People's Revolutionary Command (CRP). 17 Secret DI TR`97-009 September 1997 22 November 1943 29 November 1945 29 November 1947 Syria. Hafiz al-Asad assumes power. Saudi Arabia. Bombing in Riyadh of the Office of Personnel Management/Saudi Arabian National Guard (OPM/SANG). Greece. Student uprising at Athens Polytechnic University (terrorist group Revolutionary Organization 17 November takes its name from this incident). Lebanon. Independence Day. Yugoslavia. Republic Day. Palestiue. International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (anniversary of partition). Chronology of International Terrorism The following incidents were considered by the Intelligence Community's Incident Review Panel since publication of the previous issue of the Terrorism Review and were determined by the Panel to constitute international terrorism. Such incidents provide the basis for the State Department's Patterns of Global Terrorism, which is published annually as the US Governments offcial record of international DI TR ~Z-009 September 1997 Sec I July 7.July Is Jnty 23 ,July 23 July Earope s ,Jr~ty Sri Lanka: Liberation Tigers of-Tamil Eelam (LTTE) guerrillas captured an Indonesian passenger ferry, taking the nine crewmembers hostage and torching the ship. 11vo Indonesian crewmembers were released, but the fate of the seven Sri Lanka: LTTE guerrillas seized a North Korean merchant ship that was d~eliv- ering food and other essential items on the Jaffna peninsula. One North Korean crewmember was killed in the attack, and the remainin 37 were later released to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).~ Bosnian Serbs are suspected. Bosnia and Herzeovina: An explosive device detonated outside an OSCE o,~cial's apartment in Banja Luka, causing minor damage but no injuries. Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Bosnian Serb threw a handgrenade at a peace- causing minor damage. The assailant and an accomplice were arrested. keeping vehicle on a road near Kotor Varos, injuring a Dutch soldier and responsible. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Unknown assailants fired an antitank rocket at an IPTF truck in Bratunac, causing major damage but no injuries. Authorities recovered a second rocket that failed to detonate. Bosnian Serbs are probably Norway: Unidentified assailants threw Molotov cocktails at an Irania~t dissid~:nt book exhibit in Oslo, causing minor damage. No one claimed responsibility 8 July hostage United Kingdom: Armed assailants seized a train when it entered the rail station in Newry, Northern Ireland, and ordered all passengers off before setting it on fire. The train, owned and operated by the Irish Republic's CIE rail com an sustained major damage. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) is suspected. 10 January-30 June Colombia: Unidentified assailants attacked the Cano Limon-Covenas pipeline on 30 separate occasions. The bombings and attempted bombings cnor damage to the pipeline and occasional brief suspensions of operation 27 June Colombia: Some 60 National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas kidnapped three employees of a Brazilian company in San Pablo. Two of the workers were released unharmed on 1 July. The rebels still hold a Spanish engineer and are demanding a ransom of $9,000 worth of "food for the people" to release the 6 July-29 July Colombia: Suspected ELNguerrillas bombed the Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline on five separate occasions.~~ 9 July 12 July 22 July 30 July Venezuela: Thirty Colombian rebels attacked a border post in La Charca. Two yPnP~nelan soldiers were wounded. No group claimed responsibility for the attack. diers who intend to spark a revolt against Fide] Castro Cuba: Two bombs exploded at two tourist hotels in Havana, injuring three per- sons and causing minor damage. A Jamaican man was among the wounded. The Cuban Government issued a statement blaming the United States for the attacks. A previously unknown group, the Military Liberation Union, claimed responsibility for the bombings. The group claims to be composed of dig senchanted Cuban sol- the six were taken and to have loaded the helicopter with explosives. Colombia: Rebels kidnapped six persons, including a Nicaraguan engineer, and seized their helicopter. The victims were flying to a remote area in Antioquia to work on electrical lines. A previously unknown group, the Guevarist Revolution- ary Army, claimed responsibility for the attack and demanded a $500,000 ransom for the hostages and the helicopter. It claims to have mined the jungle site where ~~ Colombia: ELNguerrillas bombed the Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline in pended for over a week, resulting in several million dollars in lost revenue Norte de Santander, causing a major oil spill. Pumping operations were s 21 Sec t 6 July Bahrain: Arsonists setfire to a store in Sitrah, killing one Bangladeshi and injuring another. Shia extremists are suspected. 26 July Yemen: Unknown assailants kidnapped two Italian tourists and their Yemeni driver near Quhlan. Security forces freed the hostages the next day. 4 September Israel: Three suicide bombers detonated bombs in the Ben Yehuda shopping mall in Jerusalem, killing nine persons, including themselves, and wounding 165 others. A dual US-Israeli citizen was among the dead, and seven US citizens were wounded. The `Izz AZ-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS), claimed responsibility for the attack. Se et 22 Seclget Ethiopia Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-August 1997 This description of incidents and situations is not meant to be a detailed account- ing of all domestic terrorist incidents b t rather to provide an overview of indigenous terrorism worldwide. On 8 August a grenade exploded in a building in Harer that houses a post office and a radio station, wo two persons and shattering windows. No one claimed responsibility. India On 7 August in Maharashtra, suspected People's War Group (PWG) guerrillas detonated a landmine under a police van, killing five policemen Suspected PWG guerrillas exploded a landmine under a jee in Andhra Pradesh on 8 August, killing seven policemen and injuring two others Suspected United Liberation Front of Assam militants detonated a bomb on a rail- road track on 14 August near Silanibari, Assam, killing seven persons, injuring eight others, and derailing a passenger car Philippines On 16 August, suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf Group detonated one bomb in a bus terminal and another in a department store in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, killing three persons and injuring 16 others Europe Spain On 19 August a bomb exploded at the Athens office of a member of Parliament who once served as the minister of public order, causing ma or damage but no injuries. The Revolutionary Nuclei claimed responsibility. Authorities defused an explosive device left beside the Valencuuia-Barcelona railway line between TorrebIanca and Peniscola on 9 August. The Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ET~C1ai~ed responsibility in a series of warning calls to a local Basque newspaper. Unknown assailants threw several Molotov cocktails at three banks in Guernica on 15 August, injuring two bystanders and causing extensive damage. The perpetra- tors also broke windows and furniture at two outdoor cafes as they moved from nn~hank to the other. Authorities suspect youth members or sympathizers of ETA. ETA claimed responsibilit} On 23 August police experts in Bilbao deactivated two antitank grenades left in their launcher tubes in an area facin the office of the military governor of Vizcaya. ~- 23 Sect DI TR 7-009 September 1997 ' Sep et Set 24 Se ret 7Y~rkey Unidentified gunmen forced their way into a construction company compound in Siirt on 9 August, kidnapping six truck drivers and destroying their vehicles. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is suspected Suspected PKK militants launched a rocket at a minibus in Van on 11 August, killing three persons Gunmen attacked ahydro-electric power plant in Hakkari on 12 August, killing one guard and wounding another. The PKK is suspected The same day, suspected PKK unmen attacked the police barracks in Ergani, injuring two policemen. Force (LVF). United Kingdom On 6 August in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, masked assailants smashed a side window of a taxi and Ehreatened the Catholic driver with a gun. The victim man- aged to speed away from the scene, narrowly escaping a Molotov cocktail thrown in his direction. Authorities suspect militant members of the Loyalist Volunteer Several gunmen strafed the home of a retired prison guard in Armagh on 13 August, causing minor damage but no injuries. On the same day, unidentified assailants threw Molotov cocktails at the homes of two prison guards in Craigavon and Dungannon, causing minor damage but no injuries. the LVF staged the attacks t~ o force authorities to improve prison conditions for LVF inmates at Maze prison On 27 August an unidentified gunman opened fire on the Belfast home of a former member of the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), causing minor damage but no inju- ries. Authorities suspect that the UFF or the Ulster Volunteer Force targeted him for his outspoken public support of the rival LVF~~ Two gunmen opened fire on a liberal party senator in Cucuta on 8 August, killing him and one of his bodyguards. On 19 August the National Liberation Army (ELN) claimed responsibility for the senator's murder. The group had recentl stated that it considers a number of ruling"party politicians "military targets."~ and killed a mayoral candidate in San Carlos municipality. On 15 August, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas shot ~ In Simiti, ELN guerrillas kidnapped i0 local politicians on 16 August and released them four days later. The politicians reported that the guerrillas had ordered them to cease their political activities. The ELN has stated that it will not allow elections in the municipalities of Simiti, San Pablo, and Cantagallo in Bolivar Department. Algeria On 3 August Islamic extremists set up a fake roadblock in Hammam Melouane and shot eight bus assert ers to death. The Armed Islamic Group (GIA) may be responsible Militants attacked the village of Souhane on 20 August, killing 63 villa ers and kidnapping 12 girls. No one claimed responsibility for the attack. On 22 August an armed group attacked a village in Djelfa, killing 30 persons, `_""~0, and kidnapping six girls. Authorities believe the GIA is responsible. A parcel bomb exploded in a market in Algiers on 25 August, killing four persons and injuring 49 others. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, but authorities suspect the GIA~~ On 19 August, al-Gama'at al-lslamiyya gunmen opened fire on two police cars in Manfalut, Asyut, killing four police officers and a civilian and wounding five police officers and two civilians~~