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APPROVED FOR RELEASE^ DATE: 07-25-2011 (b)(1) (b)(3) National Security Unauthorized Disclosure Information Subject to Criminal Sanctions Not releasable to foreign nationals Dissemination and extraction of information controlled by originator Se et Terrorism Review Special Edition: 1996 in Perspective i Sec et DI TR 7-001 January 1997 The Terrorism Diary for February and March 33 Sec t ~~ Chronology of International Terrorism This review is published monthly by the DCI Counterterrorist Center. Comments and queries are welcome and muy be directed to /nformation available as of 24 January 1997 was used in tlais Review Sec et 171 TR 7-001 January 1997 Seclc~t D/ TR 7-001 January 1947 Se~.ret ~ ~ 11 Se et i 3 Suet DI r 97-nol January 1997 Se et 14 DI TR~97-001 Jnnuar~? 1997 Se Se et 18 19 Seclc~t DI TR 7-001 Januar~~ 1997 Sec et Secret 24 25 Secret DI TR 7-001 January 1997 29 Sect DI TR 7-001 3anuary 1997 Sec t 1 February 1979 1 February 1984 3 February 1963 4 February 1948 4 February 1979 7 February 1997 8 February 1963 14 February 1979 19 February 1980 22 February 1969 25 February 1991 26 February 1993 2 March 1956 2 March 1977 3 March 1878 3 March 1961 4 March 1982 The Terrorism Diary for February and Marc>~' Below is a compendium of February and March dates of known or conceivable significance to terrorists around the world. Our inclusion of a date or event should not by itself be construed to suggest that we expect or anticipate a commemorative terrorist event.) Iran. Return of Ayatollah Khomeini to Iran from exile in Paris. India. Kashmir separatist leader Magbool Butt executed. Iraq. Anniversary of Bath Revolution. Sri Lanka. Independence Day. Iran. Revolution Day. Quds Day or Jerusalem Day. Muslims protest Israeli occupation of Jerusalem. (Quds Day is commemorated on the last Friday of Ramadan, which in 1997 ends on 8 February.) Iraq.. Revolution Day. Iran. Attack on US Embassy in Tehran; the Embassy was briefly occupied and the Ambassador briefly held. Egypt, Israel. Exchange of ambassadors. Palestinians. Democratic Front For the Liberation of Palestine founded. Iraq. Beginning of the ground war in Desert Storm. United States. World Trade Center bombing in New York City. Morocco. Independence Day (termination of Treaty of Fez). Libya. Establishment of Jamahiriyah (Masses' State). Bulgaria. Independence Day. Morocco. Accession of King Hassan to throne. Colombia, United States. Effective date of extradition treaty aimed at narcotics traffickers. Ghana. Independence Day. Kurdish region. Algerian accord between Iran and Iraq abandoning support for the Kurds. Secret DI TR 7-OOI January 7997 IO March 1979 Il March 1966 12 March 1968 l2 March 1880 12 March 1968 13 March 1979 14 March 1975 l7 March 20 March 1956 20 March 1981 21 March 22 March 1945 25 March 1932 2S March 1975 26 March 1971 26 March 1978 26 March 1970 28 March 30 March 1974 Kurdish region. Death of Kurdish leader Mul1a Mustafa Barzani. Indonesia. President Sukarno turns over power to Suharto. Gabon. National Day. Turkey. Birthday of Ataturk. Mauritius. Independence Day. Grenada. Coup d'etat by Maurice Bishop (National Day). Japan. Chukaku-ha (Nucleus Faction) Secretary General Honda assassinated by rival radical groups. Ireland. St. Patrick's Day (National Day). Tunisia. Independence Day. Colombia. Death of M-19 terrorist Carmenza Londono (La Chiqui). Turkey. Kurdish New Year. Arab World. Founding of Arab League (original members: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Syria). Pakistan. Pakistan Day (founding of Islamic republic). Greece. Greek Revolution Memorial Day (celebrating beginning of independence from Turkey). Iraq. Independence Day. Saudi Arabia. Assassination of King Faisal and accession of King Khalid. Bangladesh. Independence Day. Egypt, Israel Peace agreement ratified. Libya. UK Evacuation Day (day British forces turned over bases and departed). Palestinians. National Day. Tuurkey. Death of terrorist Mahir Cayan, member of Turkish People's Liberation Party. Palestinians. Day of the Homeland. Chronology of International Terrorisrt~ The following incidents were considered by the Intelligence Community's Incident Review Panel since publication of the previous issue of the Terrorism Review and were determined by the Panel to constitute international terrorism, Such incidents provide the basis for the State Department :s Patterns of Global Terrorism, which is published annually as the US Government's official record of interna- tional terrorism.~~ 1 November Sudan: A breakaway group from the Sudanese People's Liberation Army kid- napped three International Committee of the Red Cross {ICRC) workers when their plane landed in Wunrock. The hostages, a US citizen, an Australian, and a Kenyan, were transporting five wounded Sudanese soldiers who had been released from a Red Cross hospital in Kenya. On 9 December the rebels released the hos- tages in exchange for ICRC supplies and a health survey for their camp.~~ Philippines: Authorities detonated a bomb found in a bag in the arrival area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. No one claimed responsibility for the bomb.~~ in the village of Childara. Tajikistan: Guerrillas attacked a jointly owned Tajik-British gold mine in Darvaz, abducting four employees and causing an unknown amount of damage. Two of the hostages were a Briton and a South African. The assailants occupied the mine for five days. After negotiations, the hostages were released on 28 December 12 December Tajikistan: A mine placed in a Pakistani Embassy vehicle detonated in front of the Embassy in Dushanbe, destroying the vehicle and damaging the Embassy. No one claimed responsibility for the attack. Tajik apposition forces or groups apposing the cease-fire agreement may be responsible 17 December Russia: Gunmen broke into a residential area for the ICRC in Novyye Atagi, Cheehnya, shooting to death six ICRC staff employees while they were sleeping and wounding a seventh. The victims included two Norwegians, a Dutch national, a Canadian, a New Zealander, a Spaniard, and a Swiss national.~~ 35 Se>c~et DI TR 97-OOl January 1997 Europe 30 September damage to two vehicles. One of the vehicles belonged to the international Bosnia-Herzegovina: An assailant threw a hand grenade at a regional office of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, causing major Implementation Force. No group claimed responsibility for the attack Bulgaria: A bomb detonated outside the Serbian Embassy's consular section in Sofia, causing minor damage. No one claimed responsibility for the attack Turkey: Assailants threw a handgrenade at the Eastern Orthodox Church's headquarters in Istanbul. The grenade exploded in the garden, causing minor damage. The Great Eastern Islamic Raiders-Front claimed responsibility for the attack.~~ Greece: Unknown assailants bombed a Citibank o,~ce building in Athens, caus- ing extensive damage to the facade, nearby vehicles, and surrounding buildings. Authorities believe members or sympathizers of the Revolutionary Organization I7 November or the Revolutionary People's Struggle are responsible.~~ 20 December Italy: An improvised incendiary device detonated outside the Peruvian consulate building in Milan, causing minor material damage. A note found at the scene hinted that the attack was perpetrated by the Tupar. Amaru Revolutionary Move- . ment (MRTA), but local authorities suspect Italian sympathizers of the Peruvian leftist group which is holding hostages in the Japanese Ambassador's residence in Lima, Peru (see page 38) Colombia: National Liberation Army (ELN) members attacked the Cano I"L~Covenas oil pipeline near Araquita, causing a spill and igniting a fire. denouncing US efforts to reinstate an extradition treaty with Colombia pamphlets outside the church identifying themselves as ELN members and Colombia: Assailants hurled two explosive devices at a Mormon church in Tulua, causing minor material damage but no injuries. The attackers left several caused no injuries, No one claimed responsibility for the attack Colombia: An explosive device detonated in Bogota near Colombia's national newspaper library, where representatives of the Nonaligned Movement were meeting in the library's auditorium. The explosion damaged a libr~r~ffice but Chile: Six hooded individuals hurled five Molotov cocktails inside a Mormon church on Cerro Navia, causing minor damage but no injuries. No group claimed responsibility for the attack~~ causing major oil spills. The ELN is suspected Colombia: On two consecutive days, suspected Colombian guerrillas dynamited two sections of the Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline in the Arauca province, 11 December Colombia: Five armed men claiming to be members of the FARO kidnapped a US mining engineer in La GuajiraDepartamento. The engineer was working for a company that is exploring methane gas in the region. 17 December Peru: Twenty-three MRTA militants took several hundred persons hostage at a party given at the Japanese Ambassador's residence in Lima. The terrorists entered the compound dressed as waiters and set off explosions and exchanged gunfire with police. Among the hostages were US officials; European, Latin Amer- ican, and Asian ambassadors; other foreign diplomats and staff; several Peruvian Government officials; and a large number of Japanese businessmen. The group is demanding the release of all MRTA members currently in prison and safe passage for them and the hostage takers. The guerrillas released most of the hostages in December but are holding over 70 Peruvian and Japanese citizens.~~ Asia India Pakistan Sri Lanka Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-December 1996 This description of incidents and situations is not meant to be a detailed account- ing of all domestic terrorist incidents, but rather to provide an overview of indige- nous terrorism worldwide A bomb exploded on a passenger train in Ambala on 2 December, killing 12 per- sons and injuring 39 others. No one claimed responsibility for the attack. A time bomb exploded outside a branch office of the National Bank of Pakistan in Karachi on 4 December, injuring 19 persons. No one claimed responsibility. On 17 December in Karaitivu a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide bomber on a motorcycle detonated a bomb against a police jeep,. killing a police commando and wounding his driver,~~ Spain A bomb detonated in an Irun'courthouse on 5 December, causing minor damage but no injuries. The Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) claimed responsibility. Turkey persons were arreste ETA forces threw three grenades at a San Sebastian civil guard barracks building on 18 December, causin minor damage to an outer wall but no injuries. Two On 27 December assailants set fire to a police vehicle and two public buses in Bilbao, causin extensive damage but no injuries. Authorities suspect ETA youth sympathizers. policeman and causing extensive damag ETA youth supporters threw several Molotov cocktails at a Hernari train station terminal, bank office, and several parked vehicles on 29 December, injuring a Gunmen opened fire at the Dargecit Mayor's house on 9 December. The gunmen fled when security personnel returned gunfire. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is suspected.~~ claimed responsibility A bomb exploded next to a confessional booth inside a Catholic church in the district of Beyoglu in Istanbul on l7 December, causing minor damage. No one Five armed assailants abducted the brother of the Mayor of Lice on 30 December from his residence there. The PKK claimed responsibility on 2 January.n 39 Sect DI TR -001 January 1997 Two bombs exploded in Diyarbakir on 31 December. One was near a nightclub and the other was outside a billiard ha]] in a different part of town. No casualties were reported, and no one claimed responsibility for the attacks~~ United Kingdom Unidentified gunmen shot and wounded a police officer on 20 December as he guarded a Democratic Unionist Party official visiting his son at a Belfast hospital. The Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) claimed responsibility. Algeria Egypt A car bomb detonated in Belfast on 22 December, injuring a vocal PIRA su orter and causing minor damage. Loyalist paramilitary groups are suspected Authorities defused an explosive device hidden on the car of a suspected PIRA official in Londonderry on 28 December after the device became partially det~ from the car. Authorities believe loyalist paramilitary groups are responsible On 17 December in Currulao Municipality, 10 Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia guerrillas bombed a market. No in'uries or damage were reported. Army members opened fire, killing four guerrillas. A group of 50 Sendero Luminoso rebels used sticks and stones to kill five peasants in Abra De Porculla on 26 December. After a bus arrived they shot the bus dr' the head and set the bus on fire. They fled shouting "death to the informers.' bility for the attack On ] l December suspected Islamic extremists killed 20 persons and injured seven others who were traveling on a bus in the Blida region. No one claimed responsi- On 19 December in Markaz Mallawi in A] Minya Governorate, unidentified gun- men shot and killed two policemen and wounded a third policeman and a civilian. Al-Gama'at al-Islamiyya may be responsible~~ A bomb exploded on 6 December near a high school bus stop at the exit from Ramla toward Lod, injuring a girl. No one claimed responsibility for the attack