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August 1, 1995
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Director of Central Intelligence (b)(1) ?`(b)(3) DI TR 95-008 August 1995 Copy 49 National Security Unauthorized Disclosure Information Subject to Criminal Sanctions Dissemination Control NOFORN (NF) Abbreviations PROPIN (PR) ORCON (oc.) Not releasable to foreign nationals Caution-proprietary information involved Dissemination and extraction of information controlled by originator This information has been authorized for release to Terrorism Revievsl iii Se et DI 7R -008 August 7995 Highlights The Terrorism Diary for September and October 31 Chronology of lnternatwnnqL~ roris Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-July 199$ 37 Center. Comments and queries are welcome and may be directed to This review is published monthly by the DCI Counterterrorist Information available as of 11 August 1995 was used in this Review. TA t DI Sec' D T 95-008 August 1995 Se et Se et DI T 5-005 August 995 sec 9 Secret DI T45-008 Augusl 1995 13 Se et SeVe Se et 14 secls(t DI TR OQ8 August 95 17 Se t DI X5-008 August 1995 Sec t D1 TR -008 August 995 21 Sec et Se\el 24 Highlight DTTR DI TR 5-008 See August 1995 27 Se et Se ret 28 The Terrorism Diary for September and October I September 1939 1 September 1969 September 1970 3 September 1971 3 September 1982 4 September 1980 8 September 1982 10 September 1922 14 September 1982 15 September 1982 17 September 1978 17 September 1982 21 September 1989 23 September 1932 23 September 1964 25 September 1984 27 September 28 September 1970 Below is a compendium of September and October dates of known or conceivable significance to terrorists around the world. Our inclusion of a date or event should not by itself be construed to suggest that we expect or anticipate a commemorative terrorist eventI West Germany, Europe. Antiwar Day (anniversary of Nazi invasion of Poland). Libya. Coup overthrows monarchy. Palestinians. During this month, the Jordanian Army drove the Palestinian guerril- las out of the country because they would not stop attacking Israel from Jordanian soil; in response, the largest group, Fatah, established the Black September Organi- zation, best known for its attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. Qatar. Independence Day. Peru. Death of Sendero Luminoso leader Edith Lagos. Iran, Iraq. Date Iraq charges Iran started war. India. Death of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, "the Lion of Kashmir." Turkey. Founding of Turkish Communist Party. Lebanon. Assassination of Phalangist leader and Lebanese President-elect Bashir Gemayel. Lebanon. Israeli invasion of Muslim West Beirut. United States, Israel, Egypt. Signing of Camp David accords. Lebanon. Massacre in Shatila and Sabra refugee camps (17 September Organiza- tion takes its name from this event). Saudi Arabia. Execution of 16 Kuwaiti shias for hajj bombings (sparked anti- Saudi retaliatory attacks). Saudi Arabia. Unification of the kingdom. Saudi Arabia. National Day. Egypt, Jordan. Resumption of diplomatic relations. Spain. Basque National Party Day. Egypt. Death of Jarnal `Abd al-Nasir. 31 Suet DI T 95-008 August 1995 1 October 1985 4 October 6 October 1973 8 October 1967 10 October 1980 12 October 1965 14 October 1985 Mid-October 1992 21 October 1978 23 October 1983 28 October 29 October 1923 29 October 1973 31 October 1984 Tunisia, Israel, Palestinians. Israeli bombing of PLO headquarters in Tunis. Jewish World. Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). Israel, Arab World. Arab-Israeli war. Egypt. Armed Forces Day (commemorates October War with Israel). Cuba. Heroic Guerrilla Day (death of Che Guevara in Bolivia). El Salvador. Founding of Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN). Chile. Movement of Revolutionary Left (MIR) founded. West Germany. Revolutionary Cells bomb economic targets to commemorate 1977 suicides of Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin. Spain, Latin America. 500th Anniversary of Columbas' discovery of the New World. Japan. Beginning of construction of Narita airport (usually marked by 10 days of demonstrations). Lebanon. Bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut. Cyprus. Greek National Day (observed by Greek Cypriot community). Turkey. Independence Day (proclamation of republic). Cyprus. Turkish Republic Day (observed by Turkish Cypriot community). India. Assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards, triggering anti-Sikh riots throughout northern India. Chronology of International Terrorism The following incidents were considered by the Intelligence Community's Incident Review Panel since publication of the previous issue of the Terrorism Review and were determined by the Panel to constitute international terrorism. Such incidents provide the basis for the State Department's Patterns of Global Terrorism, which is published annually as the US Government's official record of international terrorism 33 Secret DI A 95-008 August 1995 23 May 6 April 6 May diamond district of Kono Sierra Leone: Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels abducted three Leba- nese businessmen during attacks on towns in the Lebanese community of the Colombia: Members of the National Liberation Army (ELN) bombed a Colom- bian pipeline. The attack at kilometer 139, in Antioquia, caused a dent in the pipe- Colombia: ELN members dynamited an oil pipeline at kilometer 16, in El Danu- bio, causing a loss of 3,000 barrels of asoline and destroying a factory in the attack. No injuries were reported, and threatened passengers during the robbery Peru: Five alleged Sendero Luminoso members held up a bus and robbed some 50 passengers, including three US citizens. The attack occurred between Chim- bole and Pallasca Province. Five men, wearing ski masks with a red hammer and sickle painted on them, boarded the bus brandishing machine guns and.grenades k sec'et two guerrillas dead Colombia: Seven ELN guerrillas kidnapped a US citizen and three Colombians at the Verde Limon Gold Mine in Zaragoza. Shortly afterward, the Colombian Army freed the captives. The armed confrontation left one Colombian hostage and Chile: Three hooded members of the Recontra 380 occupied the Chilean Embassy in Managua and took hostage the husband of Ambassador Laura Sota. The abductors left a package they claimed was a bomb and fled the scene without making any reported statements or demands. The victim was released unharmed a few hours later.) ries were reported Colombia: The ELN dynamited an oil pipeline in Santander Department. The attack caused a spill of gasoline and suspended fuel pumping operations. No inju- 7 June Algeria: Suspected members of the Armed Islamic Group (AIG) shot and killed a French couple in Algiers. No one claimed responsibility for the attackF_~ Algeria: A Vietnamese teacher from the University of Traret was killed by sus- pected AIG members.F--] Israel: A Katyusha rocket attack was launched on western Galilee by Hizballah, wounding four civiliansF__1 Sec t 36 Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-July 199 Africa India This description of incidents and situations is not meant to be a detailed accounting of all domestic terrorist incidents, but rather to provide an overview of indigenous from a political rally. No one has claimed responsibility for the murder. on 3 July as he stepped off a bus near his home in Umzumbe. He was returnine Several gunmen assassinated a senior official of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) electricity. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing A bomb exploded at the Gisenyi power station in northwest Burundi on 17 July, destroying the station and leaving the Rugero sector and surroundin as without Five 81 mm mortar shells exploded in a Myawadi marketplace 13 July, killing three workers and seriously wounding two others. Burmese a, believe that the Karen National Union (KNU) is responsible for the attack On 6 July seven men armed with AK-47 assault rifles abducted four Kashmiri jour- nalists in Srinagar, Kashmir. The abductors released two on 7 July and the remain- ing two on 9 July. Kashmiri Muslim guerrilla groups have denied invol n the abductions. It is unknown who was responsible for the kidnappings bombing A bomb exploded on a bus in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh on 13 July, killing four persons and inuring several others. No one has claimed responsibility for the A bomb blast outside a state run school in the Kashmiri city of Jammu killed 20 people and injured 60 others on 20 July. Police believe that M slim guerrillas are responsible for the bombing and have arrested 13 suspect The next day, an identical cyanide gas emission device was discovered in a lava- tory at Shinjuku station in Tokyo. A small amount of cyanide gas was released but no one was injured. The police are investigating the possibility that the Aum Shinri- kyo cult is responsible for leaving the lethal chemical.F I See Nt DI T DR 5-008 August 1995 Georgia Europe Germany Spain A bomb explosion on 9 July in a park in Colombo created a two-and-a-half-foot- deep crater; no one was injured. No one has claimed responsibility, but the Ellalan Force (EF) warned that it would be bombing the city to protest alleged human rights abuses by the military. The EF is believed to be a front organization for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). A Georgian subversive group may be responsible for detonating a remote-con- trolled mine on 6 July in the Gali region of Abkhazia outside the village of Kobe- rio, wounding three peopleF__1 A bomb exploded during a 15 July Baltic folk festival in Riga, injuring four per- formers. All three Baltic prime ministers resent but were not injured. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. An attempt was made to assassinate a deputy of the Tajikistan parliament at his home in Dushanbe on 15 July. The deputy and his bodyguard were injured. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, which is the fourth assassination attempt against a parliament deputy this year.n (FLNC) responsible for the attack On 6 July, five armed masked men detonated a bomb inside a restaurant in San- Cypriano. The perpetrators tied up the manager and two other persons and left them nearby. No one was injured, but the building was destroyed. The gunmen left a sign proclaiming the National Liberation Front for the Liberation of Corsica responsibility Assailants firebombed police facilities in Freiberg and Constance on 3 July. In Freiberg, they threw three incendiary devices at a police station and nearby parked cars. In Constance attackers threw five devices at a police automobile workshop. Damage was minor and there were no casualties in either attack. No one claimed kidnapping was financial. However, no ransom amount was mentioned. Zaragoza. Their letter said that he was in good health, and that the motive for the In a 3 July letter from Paris to a Spanish newspaper, the terrorist group Anti-Fascist Revolutionary Group-I October (GRAPO) claimed responsibility for the 26 June abduction of a Spanish businessman. He was taken while jogging near his home in Sec t 38 On 19 July during a routine inspection of the main Madrid-Barcelona railway, workers found an explosive in an electrical box. Experts defused the bomb. Police Turkey believe the group Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) was responsible claimed responsibility On 19 July in San Sebastian, assailants fired hollow-charged grenades at the civil government building, National Police headquarters, and Road Rescue Organization headquarters. There wereo_ca~ualties, and the damage was minor. No one Three assailants shot a police officer waiting at a bus stop in a drive-by shooting in Istanbul 9 July. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, but Dev Sol may be responsible. United Kingdom A letter bomb injured a fox hunt club member and his son on 4 July in Cheshire. Experts defused a second letter bomb sent to another Cheshire hunt club supporter. No one claimed res onsibility for either incident, but animal rights extremists may be responsible. National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas ambushed a police patrol, killing six officers on I July in Santander. The following day, suspected guerrillas of the Rev- olutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) attacked a police station, killing five police officials in Sueva, Cundinamarca. On 7 July the former mayor of Bogota was kidnapped by fifteen suspected FARC guerrillas in San Antonio, Cundinama- Guatemala Guatemala National Revolutionary Union (URNG) guerrillas wounded a soldier when they attacked the electrical generating plant in Alta Verpaz, on 2 July.F_ On 8 July, the prosecutor of the Attorney General's Office was shot and killed while driving his car in Guatemala City. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack On 2 July, a car bomb exploded next to the Lima home of the second Vice Presi- dent of the Peruvian Congress, injuring six people, Sendero Luminoso (SL) is sus- pected in the incident. That same day, SL guerrillas conducted a dynamite attack against the home of a policeman in the city of El Salvador. No injuries were reported. On 8 July in Nuevo Progresso, 100 SL guerrillas attacked and took over the town for several hours, killing four policemen and one civilian. Fifteen guerril- las were killed and dozens were wounded Algeria A car bomb exploded in front of the Justice Ministry in Algiers on 10 June. There were no injuries. The Armed Islamic Group (AIG) may be responsible.) 39 Se\et Egypt Asyut Suspected al-Gama'at al-Islamiyya militants killed six policemen, and wounded another policeman and a civilian when they fired on a police car escorting vehicles that were car ing questions for high school exams. The 6 July attack occurred in Lebanon A Hizballah official was killed when his car was blown up on I fu1viniie village of Al-Sama'lyah. No group claimed responsibility for the attack Republic of Yemen On 19 July, unidentified gunmen opened fire on and threw an explosive device at the Sanaa headquarters of the Union of the Yemeni Popular Forces, a small Yemeni opposition party. There was damage but no injuries were reported. No group claimed responsibility for the attack.)