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National Security Unauthorized Disclosure Information Subject to Criminal Sanctions Dissemination Control NOFORN (rre) Abbreviations PROPIN (rtt) ORCON (oc) Not releasable to foreign nationals Caution-proprietary information involved Dissemination and extraction of information controlled by originator Terrorism Review October-November 2000 Highlights i Sect DI TR 00-07H November 2000 Chronoloev of International Terrorism-August-October 2000 19 Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-October 200 Special Insert This Review is published monthly by the DCI Counterterrorist Center. Comments and queries are welcome and may be directed to Information available as of 30 November 2000 was used in this Review, except as otherwise noted. Se ?et DI 2000-07H Nove er2000 Sec eY 2 5 Sec'fiet DI TR 000-07H November 2000 9 Se et Suet DI T 2000-07H .November 2000 Sec et i6 The Terrorism Diary for November-D 2000 and January 200 4 November I979 I3 November 1970 I3 November 1995 IS November 1983 I7 November 1973 22 November 1943 10 December X966 I3 December 198T Z4 December 1983 I7December 1996 event does not suggest that.we anticipate a commemorative terrorist even conceivable significance to terrorists around the world. Inclusion of a dat~or Below is a compendium of November, December, and January dates of known or Peru. Founding of Tupac Amara Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) and People's Revolutionary Command (CRP). Iran. Seizure of US Embassy in Tehran. Syria. Hafiz al-Asad assumes power. Saudi Arabia. Bombing in Riyadh of the Office of Personnel ManagemendSaudi Arabian National Guard (OPM/SANG}. Greece. USN Capt. George Tsantes assassinated by Revolutionary Organization 17 November in Athens. Greece. Student uprising at Athens Polytechnic University from which terrorist group Revolutionary Organization 17 November takes its name. Lebanon. Independence Day. Sri Lanka. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Velupillai Prabhaka- ran's birthday. Marks commencement of Heroes' Week celebrations in the LTTE. Yugoslavia. Republic Day. Palestinians. Anniversary of the adoption of the resolution for Palestine partition by UN General Assembly. Peru. Birthday of jailed Sendero Luminoso founder Abimail Guzman. Palestinians. Outbreak of the Palestinian Intifadah, when youths engaged in throw- ing stones at Israeli troops to protest an accident in the Gaza Strip in which an Israeli motorist killed Palestinian pedestrians. Palestinians. Founding of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PEEP). Poland. Imposition of martial law. Chile. Founding of Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR). Peru. MRTA takeover of Japanese Ambassador's residence in Lima. Se et DI T 000-07H Novem r 2000 21 December 1948 2I December 1967 23 December 1933 23 December 1975 24 December I95I 26 December 28 December I January 1956 I January 1965 S Jaztuary 1996 7 January 1965 I S January 1922 16 Janzzary 1979 16 January 1991 18 Ja~zuary 1974 25 January 1993 30 January 1972 Ireland. Proclamation of republic. Palestinians. Founding of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Japan. Birthday of Emperor Akihito. Greece. CIA Chief of Station Richard Welch assassinated by Revolutionary Organization 17 November in Athens. Libya. Independence Day. Perzz. Birthday of Mao Zedong. Usually sparks Sendero Luminoso attacks. Latin Aznerica. Equivalent of US April Fools' Day, traditionally sees many hoaxes and bomb threats. Sudan. Independence Day. Proclamation of republic. Palestinians. Palestinian revolution; founding of Fatah. Palestinians. Assassination of HAMAS bombmaker Yahyah Ayyash. Colombia. National Liberation Army (ELN) attacks the city of Simacota in Santander Department, establishing itself as an armed force. b?eland Founding of the Irish Free State. Iran. Departure of the Shah from Iran. baq, Kuwait. Operation Desert Storm begins. Egypt, Israel. Disengagement agreement signed. U~zited States. Mir Aimal Kansi shoots and kills Dr. Lansing Bennett and Frank Darling and wounds three others in front of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. India. Republic Day (national day). Northern Ireland. Bloody Monday; 13 killed, 16 wounded during demonstration in Derry. Chronology of International Terrorism August-October 200a The following incidents have met the criteria for the Intelligence Community's Incident Review Panel since publication of the previous issue of the Terrorism Review. These incidents are the basis for the State Department's Patterns of Global Terrorism, published annually as the US Government's of zcial record of Sec'~et DI TR 00-07FI November 2000 25 August Kenya: In Nairobi press accounts reported unidentijze shot and killed a US citizen priest. No one claimed responsibility~~ ing a Namibian man Naznibia: Press accounts in Sikenge reported rebels belo~zging to the National Union for the Total I~zdependence of Angola {UNITA) attacked the village, injur- Sierra Leozze: Xn Freetown, the West Side Boys kidnapped II British soldiers and one Sierra Leonean znilitary officer, according to press reports. On 10 September, British forces rescued all the hostages. One Bnti h hosta a was killed during the rescue, and one other was seriously injured~~ 29 August Namibia: In Mukekete, UNITA rebels raided the village, shooting and killing one person, according to press reports I7 September Central African Republic: In Bangui, unidentijied militants shot and killed the Libyan Ambassador, according to press reports. No one claimed responsibility. No one claimed responsibilit Guiz:ea: Irz Macenta, unidentijied rebels attacked and killed a Togolese United Nations refugee agezzcy emplove~rebels also kidnapped an Ivorian secretary. 2 October Uganda: In Kitgum, press accounts reported Lord's Resistance Army rebels and killed an Italian priest as he drove to churclz. No one else was injured. I4 October South Africa: Lz Cape Town, deznonstrators, possibly supported by People Against Gangsterism and Drugs members, vatzdalized and threw rocks at a McDonald's restaurant, press accounts reported. No one was injured, but signifi- cant damage was done to the restaurant and customers' vehicles responsibility Laos: I~t Viezttzane, a bomb was defused in a Vietnamese social club located opposite the Vietnams es~ bossy, according to press reports. No one claimed 26 August I~zdia: In Kangar, sevezz bombs exploded simultaneously, destroying two electrical towers but causing tzo injuries, according to press reports. No one claimed responsibility 27 August Indonesia: In Jakarta, a bomb exploded on the grounds of the Malaysian Embassy, causizzg minor damage but no injuries, according to press reports. No one claimed responsibility 28 September Philippines: In Zamboanga, armed militants kidnapped a US citiz~~~-accordi ig to press reports. The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) cIairned responsibili 3l August 1 September 6 September India: In Sumbar, a bomb exploded in a retail store, killing the owner and da?t- aging the b rding to press reports. The Hizbul Mujahideen maybe responsible Afghanistan: In Jalalabad, a bomb exploded near the outer wall of the Pakistani Ember using minor damage but no injuries. No one claimed responsibility. Indonesia: In Atambuq West T?mor, armed militants attacked a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees compound, killing three workers-one US cit- izen, one Ethiopian, and one Croatian--and des ~_ving the-compound, accord- r~ ing to press reports. No one claimed responsibili II September Malaysia: In Pandanan Island, armed militants kidnapped three Malaysians from a scuba diving resort, according to press reports. The ASG is probably responsible 30 September India: In Jammu, armed militants killed five persons i ~ieir__nzzv~te residence, ~ according to press reports. No one claimed responsibili y~ I3 October Indonesia: In Lombok, a powerful bomb exploded, damaging the offices of the PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara Mining Company, which is jointly owned by the United States, Japan, and Indonesia, according to press reports. No one claimed responsibility. I9 October Sri Lanka: In Colombo, a suicide bomber detonated the explosives he was wear- ingnear the town hall, killing four persons and wounding 23 others, including two US citizens, according to press reports. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are probably responsible Eurasia I2 August Kyrgyzstan: In the Kara-Su Valley, according to press accounts, Islamic Move- ment of Uzbekistan rebels took four US citizens and one Kyrgystani soldier hostage. The rebels killed the soldier, but the four US citizens escaped on 18 Augus Europe 3I August Tajikistan: In Dushanbe, unidentified militants detonated two bombs in a Chris- tian church, killing seven persons and wounding 70 others, according to press accounts. The church was founded by a Korean-born US citizen? most of those killed and wounded were Korean. No one claimed responsibilzty~~ Greece: In Athens, Black Star militants detonated an incendiary device under a Polish Embassy vehicle. No one was injured in the phoned a local newspaper to claim responsibility for the attack attack, but the vehicle was severely damaged. An unidentified individual tele- ~ Z September Greece: In Athens, Mack Star militants used Molotov cocktails to set fire to a Turkish diplomat's vehicle as well as to a Greek police car. No one wa hurt in e attack. Black Star claimed responsibility to a local newspaper 6 September Greece: Irz Athens, Black Star militants set re to a vehicle that belonged to a Greek-American citizen, The vehicle had US license plates. No one was in,?1Le~ ~~the attack. Black Star claimed responsibility in a call to a local newspape Bosnia: In Sarajevo, press accounts reported four German NATO-led Stabiliza- tion Force (SFOR) soldiers were injured when they attempted to arrest a Bos- nian. The suspect detongrenade, killing himself and injuring the soldiers and one civilian S September Colombia: In Bogota, the National LibQratian~rmy (ELN) kidtapped an Italian father, then exchanged him for his song 13 September Colombia: In Antioquia, ELN militants set up a fake roadblock and kidnapped two Russian civil engineers. On 21 September, the Russian hostages were freed. IS September Colombia: In Medellin, a group of armed militan#~ed three Italians in the Rio Negro area. No one claimed responsibility Yemen: In Aden, according to press reports, a small dingy carrying explosives tantmed the US destroyer, USS Cole, killing d injuring 39 others. Supporters of Usama Bin-Ladin are suspected Uganda Moro Islamic Liberation Front is probably responsible Philippines On 23 October in Monkayo, militants threw two grenades into a crowded billiard . hall, killing three persons and injuring 17 others, accor ' to ress reports. The one claimed responsibility Stmumary of Indigenous Terrorism-October 200' ~ents listed below provide an overview of indigenous terrorism worldwide. sons and wounding 40 others On 22 October in Antonio, press accounts reported National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UIVITA) rebels attacked a diamond mine, killing 25 per- press account~ On 22 October near Calundula Falls, UNITA rebels ambushed a civilian vehicle, killing 10 pers ding an undetermined number of others, according to ~ns and-wou~ responsibiliTy On 10 October in Buraza, press accounts reported a heavily armed group raided the town, killing six persons and causing major damage. No one claimed The rebels also used a rocket launcher to destroy the militiamen's vehicle On 23 October neaz Gode, press accounts reported al-Ittihad al-Islami rebels attacked a road crew and the militia guazding the crewmembers, killing 20 er' p sons' attack beazs the hallmazk of the Lord's Resistance Army~ On 29 October in Kibuga District, unidentified rebels attacked a marketplace, killing five persons and injuring one other. No one claimed res onsibility, but the ~~ responsibility On 26 October in Bhatinda, a bomb exploded inside a passenger train, killing one person and injuring 30 others, according to press reports. No one claimed reports. The United Liberation Front of Assam is grobably responsible police station, killing four persons and injuring five others, according tom On 22 October in Dibrugazh, armed militants attacked a market located under a On 30 October in Pasroor, armed militants killed five worshippers and injured seven others when they opened fire on a mosque, according to press reports. No 23 Sec'~et DI T 000-07H November 2000 __.~~ _ .,, ;Y,!..`T..~k. ,... '._)...d:: }.1_..... i:"+;C' ...'~.~kv~i"~`$.i:3~1ca~: t~s x"t %..?-?i..... !: Europe Algeria Se et On 12 October in Grozny, unidentified rebels remotely detonated a caz bomb near a police station, killing 10 policemen, three members of the prosecutor's office and four civilians, press accounts reported. The blast also injured 20 persons and caused major damage to the station. No one claimed responsibility. On 30 October in Madrid, suspected Basque Fatherland and Liberty militants detonated a car bomb in a residential suburb, killing three persons and a Supreme Court Justice ~nd_iniutinQ66 others, according to press reports. No one claimed responsibility On 2 October in Antioquia, according to press reports, National Liberation Army (ELN) militants kidnapped 12 persons after setting up a f mt at a toll station. On S October, five female hostages were released On 5 October in Antioquia ELN rebels kidnapped three journalists on assignment for Radio Cadena Nacional to cover roadblocks set up by the ELN. On 6 October, the three journalists were release On 7 October in Cali, seven persons. The ELNis probably responsible a car bomb exploded, injuring On 22 October in Antioquia, according to press reports, ELNrebels kidnapped four workers from an electrical company On 25 October in Tolu, according to press reports, unidentified armed militants kidnapped three Congressmen. No one claimed responsibility, On 4 October in Ain Defla, according to press reports, armed militants shot and hacked,tn death l4 nersons. The Armed Islamic Group (GIA) is probably responsible On 14 October in Medea, an unidentified armed militant group mass persons, according to press reports. The GIA is probably responsibl On 20 October in Tiazet, according to press reports, unidentified armed militants slit one person's throat and er after setting up a fake roadblock. The GIA is probably responsibl On 31 October in Chlef, GIA militants shot and killed two persons, then burned their bodies, according to press report