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June 23, 2015
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June 26, 2009
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June 24, 1942
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MEY..ORAND`i".i; FOR TT'J CHIEF, SITUATION A.D PLANNING BRANCH: "ubject: Inforcr:.tion frcn: Rstdio Sources Other Than theFederal Corww::.unicationr . EASTERN EUROPE Russ Is T7 German ualitnry now occupying the Russia:? city of Keroh avopear to be operating the for,:er Russian wireless channels of that ca.ty, under their original calls, UKG-2 and 'JKG-3, both of which have been observed calling BLS. Berlin. 'KG-3 was he rd trnne;,'.ttint-; five-l: tter groups. Times and frequencies have been recorded on both. The German operators were inexperienced, and the signal tone very rough, indicating that the original transmitter was prob- ably destro;ye by the Ruselr..ns. Finland of week direct radio traffi.c between Italy and Finland were heard, much of it in the clear in German and Italian. From both the increase and nature of the traffic and some of t :e content in the clear text, it would ajrpear that some Italian troogs are operating in Finddnd. Turkey Me German Gestapo circuits from TurKey to Hamburg have been terrifically active. The frequency of two main air- cults are 'recorded, together wit`, one rather permanent time schedule. FAR EAST Jar. an Frequencies, *ours, dates, call letters, etc., have been noted with regard to the various Jnpnnnese traffic, par- ticularly that from Station CEA2, Santiago, Chile. Generally, this traffic is Japanese diplomatic going to and from the Foreign Office and the Embassies, Japanese military "War De- partment and Attaches) andJapanese Naval(;:avy Department and Attaches). Consular and other types of messages have been heard clearly on many frequencies and times from some one hundred points in Japan, China and the Dutch East Indies. ..ost of the traffic has been in five Roman letter groups and in numeral groups sent in Japanese short signals. Some Japanese front line messages in Ramat have been heard and their fre- quencies and hours, etc., noted. APPROVED FOR RELEASED DATE: 09-Jun-2009 INDIA ' he nistr n As Considerable in traffic ins been observed between Stab ,n D"C, Berlin ,nd :Ax, K?Lb il, %fi , :ar.i tan, w, t . "rus:." traf#ick. It w: u.. seei, wort while a,,.er the circ t,.aces to watch well be connected w i t;, or;::;ib if thurst:1 of the Axis in Egypt and b,iyon, tn_~ ;:ro?,_oot of e nine fat~,,:! e Poe",? ible drives of t.. n nel,ui.a-warc. duST ;R = Dl; I`ia' i_~lC~ South America At the womert to,ere is r great amount of caution by Gestapo agents in the +estern ae ,isi,?a ?e. :n,a rrer r?ce twelve Gestapo circuits have been heard, moot of them wit!i ah!,.nging calls but with MMMNT, JOR, and BX7 frequently occuring. ?requencies a ve been recorded, but here is con,1i1hrab1e change as to time schedules. Chile Since t ntrance of the United States into the war, Santiago, Chile, ap.j, ;.rs to have beco.; t -e c: .r:,= 1 `': which the bulk of comaunication> frou, the esters hei-Li ;oiiere has been and is being transmitted to Japan. On the dray .:e declared war, a message was interce;:ted going fro., :,.exico City Tokio, a, age in Spanish fro.:; t`is -Japanese Ambassador toe Japoonese Foreign Office, in which the Ambassador state) that t::^ laxican Government would permit toe tranen~isoaion of radio,;.-s, s only in the clear - in Spanish or xgiis,,. this situation w;;ul. a,.. War to have caused the Japanese Government to torn e.e.av^here for en outlet unrestricted in this regard. iithin z #ew days, Santiago, Chtte tecan:e very active on its short-wave circuits linking Takio. Thi= development was reported by the radio source involved to a government official presumably comuetent to initiate the necessary action. The Atl ntic ani the Caribbean e canon transoceanic ewe ervice's daily transmission over short-wave wireless tel:ngraph station TIT, Berls,n, has made a significant departure front its routine by interspersing Nazi govern- ment secret messages, comprised of five-number groups. The press sequence is interrupted by a call WSER/DOPAU WEBER/DonAU 'hESFR/DO?'AU and then messages of from one hundred to one hundred and fifty groups are sent. It has been learner from a relieable source that these words were used by the German Govern- ment in 1917 and 1919 to designate encoded and enciphered messages transmitted to German submarines. It will be recalled as having been noted bn the FCC reports that directions andin.formation have been brorAcast on "voice" radio, appasently intended for submarines in the Atlantic and Caribbean. It would also ap;>ear likely that the orypftograms hidden in press traffic are also intended for submarines.