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June 24, 2015
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August 31, 2011
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March 29, 1973
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(b)(3) APPROVED FOR RELEASE^ DATE: 05-09-2011 S*j 2 5 MAC 03 MEMOR UM Rz Deputy Director for Operations '13JECTc ' ITT/Chile Proms Coverage 20 :reh 1973 ''*ad sir Defi-eldpre is 1. The .W*ihjngton Post article of 29 34aarch eboat test eelr of r. William V. Bro. Bch was roteai the previous day by the Sege Oi- .iga Rotation Sebcronlad#ee "t4tin i#onal Corporations atreas.d the Isct?&at Mr. Brae had rejected a July 1970 offer by Mr. ftrold S. -Ce en .for turd ,to %lock the eteat " at leade, - The New York Times ' a lele put emphasis, lush, an the Later '?different pe,ritionu oI' Mac.. Biroo fa member 1970 when he "proposed to the-ITT, Corporat a saries steed that it other American temp aao%es mlgbt take to create :e a aenomtc instalaillty In Chile to prevent the election of Or. datvadcr Al de aia;a p''r+astdeat,. ~' bpi= pc ti+ a l t e a a i - f f e n in is c l u e : b e alwoot * vow - Oft" AU" do og'Fy a tty- 39.2%) of #h*: W ter .1910 M4 to g aft a, rit . * d t on 4 Oct. .' to ov"t b prestdeM U. vftx rite for. a ce e a m **sae the a -;fie ,Mawasmd r i tip ear. r s i f o 1. &Ufiettwk slier ,wft U "Wow sc `are OMWAW00 i *Se per. et ecti , ,gaeadq> r Cbmr w*s i #ted attends t- g a It safe. : ot 13 hta `3i irl ee - 64ta* ono w 1,910. He. '. o era~a- t'teaf Was*** - tt +earr AMA"A C thee uWar CowsaMoottaft the- ftqgft for aa, ere Atft" : eater Duos ghx"# t U. ut f vU~r+ that the p aI med.. ar Is r . r t h e W"Ungtft Font e1 'M t .a pp*reaaak -tara atleaa k sa "Vid rt aar- ea 4i ; nee that *up' I 1 t a eati ,l'Itia +a ii adl +n is assure !. t# -2. 3. A newspaperman covert the hearings aro eftt*4 pri iy the xo ng of 29 mod that baisador .lorry, when be a aced before the Subcommittee two 447 0 eartier. had armed to be . * car +.t+og sad c oie*' and. was obviously enjoying bfs tt.wtiile U*UWW the i - tO==ittee Viers with his references to "Wor comet t ent. ~' Sher person attending the hearings said a rwards t t the reporters. were i ty conf mod by Xoorryts pyr.teehntc style .sad dr;UO ate. em- selves afterwards *bout wb*t exactly he: hat esfd. Theodore G. Shackjey Theodore C+? ickley h'r+f Western p .re #visl+