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June 24, 2015
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August 31, 2011
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March 29, 1973
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_ o 7. APPROVED FOR RELEASES DATE: 05-09-2011 MEMORANDUM FORI Deputy Director for Operation? (b)(1) (b)(3) rec., - 2 9 MAR 1973 SUBJECT: ITT/Chile Press Coverage 28 March 1973 and Other Developments 1. The VI Mareh press gave *vide coverage to the attempt by the i Church Subcommittee staff to question Ambassador Kerry about his knowledge of a "repotted" $400, 000 -fund Of the CIA 'for propaganda action against Salvador Allende in 1970. The Subcommittee questions ? could b.eve been based on information from a former State Department officer. On ft March the Legal Advitier of *0 Deportment of State in- formed Mr. LaWV.11100 Houston that he had heard that Mr. John It. Mark*, an igatcutiie Assistant of Senator Clifford Case* had been with i State until about September 1970 and bad been aware of approval of a food to sin ligurnit by the 40 Committee for political action in Chile Att'A?ittitirat fint.4tenditOY=4,181teadohtorkaiwatt-:reportml4tobo. ?areriiing to Sem* iertenr with the staff of the Church Sahnoratnitton,;. It Should be noted, however, that the information provided by the PCI the Senate CIA SahOerareitteeta this afterneen 00 With Mt,: WI* fitoiater Cintrch..Wat alio invited to attend, did inebnie reference to Chilean operations In 1970 lavOlvbig the *um ?Mom* $4004 0001* :spelling operation. .not on behalf of any individual candidate, but **het in propaganda and other means for calling attleation to the dengoeS of an Allende viatorr*, 2. Tho .Jeremiah O'Leary article- in the Washington Star *IP : March Voted almost the entire tout of the DCIls letter -of-the previous day. to Senate* Ontrelt In which iluo 1X11: agreed to allow hirc WUIIsm 1#7., Br*. to tete* Itafore. the Subcommittee in executive tosseien.. 'another example of * leek of CI* material by the Subcomml NZ. ihtPDET ? 4. The 11404.21b1g .1 28 March * person, familiar with ITT pisuning for these hearings reported that "draft number three? of Harold S. Geneen's proposed remark* for his scheduled appearance before the Subcommittee, now changed to 2 April from 29 March. "looked Ithe the decision had been taken to drop John McCone as a director of ITT" be- cause he had acted as a consultant to CIA without informing Ur. Geneen Theodore G. Shack]. ex. Theodore G. Shockley Chief - Wester* Irlemisphere phi-4o*