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June 24, 2015
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August 31, 2011
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March 30, 1973
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(b)(3) (O ) APPROVED FOR RELEASED DATE: 05-09-2011 3 -o MAR 1913, MEMORANDU , R t Dep .Director for + rattom .SU tJEC r* ITT/Gh#ls 'retie Covewage 30 march Other Developments leas sibilty of etttrWg: economic troubl ' in Chile . ood se red, . '' `o icy e e a- re U.c " :. the Subcommittee zne .. * re t : engaged 1F l and iaca ee wee r whether the a s + . I.. They New York Ti ea reported that testimony to the Seas to For. e a A elattone . ea lta a on MultianUoual Corporations on. 2: March reealted in Sir Fu rig . e r.s.tng ' rtroa doubts about tote p o priety of the Ws a#en" exploring the paoxt of dart the ec+ emy of tote In 1910. rtes A. U"er0 for .r Assistant Secretary Of State for Z y-, ericsn a ara,. was asked whets r the 40 a ttee d ever i"d lr d .U a matter Of iey' that the + Ob*UW -explore the the a ;byte * . i . ork t 4. a NOW it "d r t t '#+ ; 1ha e p ha.. of a r ra, ii* ii~ o g ac r c Ad. . 'h ' h . a scat at-? Wt 0* 0+,+ 3 4 eaa es te b Viers . g e r -1 80*40r Can. and $Sooo*. of r. snte vith Gat* ( . ) * h e nt et that sit i ~*' ems,. tom, W:: Umit + a" .th at hl a* r: .' s ha*t knew O ... ;$ '`. the arm. e? a: Meier e U~ ody"' 3. The afata eat by actor Church that s!# .o1 a is Z$ngu w** given coverage by the Washington Post,. UPI, and- Rout*" but' rnentianed by the New York Timm** in its 30 Marth story. ";ids re erred to conflicting test ny earlier from John MCC*** and V. J. Gerrity of ITT on ,the question of whether ITT offered Si xPilljou tot th* U.S. +overnrnentt for political a city or for housing d. agriculture In Chile. lie also said '1W- 'At one contradicti?ota, but there are Oth*k*.0* '0 "UPI reported that motor Church bad said came witness** had tied' t the role of ITT and the CIA"' lompbasis added) in the 1x#70 preside*f i election in Chit** 4. Most eitories but *ot that of the New York UmOso co red the Church s we nt that the Subcommittee report would. be tumid, o'er 14 the Justice Xe trtruent to determine whether soy perjury had been corn- mitted. . me d not Indicate Bch witnessee he thought' migh. bare perjured they rsalsus. A ne sp -peruinn *ho bast cove ed We aL rT ~-eMed rr3isat gar .Church well: as ` e 1.I vt on, the : ubco ` s '*Vm*+ L and Pat. xWt of the or R,t*ti -s M- 4ho nittsie that per whose t tt eter for hi ' t i' ads t'~ and ' u+s fir .in din: si It. : Chu r h, a g comment .ate: stag,. ;mart :.'rr'i*c * ai atE*+[s i+e-#1' '.: .:.tts s T ,. A beya l ^ jar". b" # s # ' t t ny ~' ,: Meyer -*,ad ed ? Theodore G. wd Thea4*,V . We.te e e i$to it 'T)