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June 24, 2015
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August 31, 2011
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April 2, 1973
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APPROVED FOR RELEASED DATE: 05-09-2011 (b)(3) ~ 7 s- o S~/7 2 APR 1973 MEMOWDUM FOR; Deputy Director for Operations SUBJECT: ITT/Chile Press Coverage of 31 March - I April 1973 1. Hearings of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee an Multinational Corporations stopped on 29 March and are not to be resumed until 2 April when Itarotd S Geneen of ITT is to testify. The Now York Times end. Washington Post carried summaries of th* hearings in. their I April (Sunday) editions which raised as many ' stions about CIA as they did about ITT.. c gs. (Lev#ns 3 .r r h sendo r Kerry this. covert propaga aa. against Attend. during the 1979 cr ar +ed by any witness. Owl the WC .had authorized . d by the?S *-_ CAm".I am us the ima Allo y war said to . botm partt arly'ia fluenced. , r~fse1 to eoxnpantseritre 1O**listrd A errfean copier c *te 2. The Washington Post had two .lengthy articles an i April;. O article summa rj*iod th* results, of two. weeks of testl any b referring to swot American Corporation conniving With iar "tine c e:., ..,. w ".,. .. flee asp ect a . a ITT cla craft l by a ci of l * 1~tati nsl it 'e The thrust of this *rU410 it t a lthough Sher 'profeRse eEd positioxa t . a+ tf eti Sraer-d` Allen+i o's election wao of professed neutrality". the t Vice Of Mr. Williasak ' . ro nth fix. T. a r ty. of I'T:en 29 September 1910 w" amity a "So My stated mandate of l to s+vee. What it c d' do ..stsve oft Afetfdea QM C 3. The at if#-shifaegton Post article r ported tr e west tk0 be ings had,sea sd l r residont Allende *at there bxid. indeed. ,beefs a l by the U.,S.' ilut Vial`: ' to `:pro his. election in :i97s *I"-* as ww by prod waves a a of (hit . S,, negotiations at* debt renegotiations Cad e'e Z Z, IMPDZT and was told that Korry could not seer any questions about actt ,tie s of the GIA,.. .lt war also reported from Chile .that Allende has extabw fished a special task force to study the Subcommittee tests ay for possible follow up in Chile, particularly among opposition politicians. .4. The New York Times of 1 April had an article in &Mk,in Review e ection which stressed the two "separate though interrelated threats" of attempts by.ITT to influence U.S. foreign policy s whether CIA sometimes pursues its own foreign policy. On the latter point the article described left unchallenged" that Mr. Bree'a a one were not. approved by anyone higher than fir. Helms. This was $ =me-, diately followed by a stat :ent that nevertheless, there wette, indications that a change in policy toward Chile was being considered at bi.gheet Ge rexrament levels. U.S. Theodore G. $haok1ep Western. How. I ruph+e a DMsl a-