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June 24, 2015
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August 31, 2011
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October 12, 1973
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APPROVED FOR RELEASE^ DATE: 05-09-2011 co~E~ria~ Journal -Office of Legislative Counsel Friday - 12 October 1973 Page 3 10. Received a call from Administrative Assistant to Representative William Moorhe . , , who asked if we would check Agency records in the possible hope that s employed by the Agency. There is an illne s s in the family and they are. trying to locate .him.. After checking with Security, I told EA Divisi on, the Office of Personnel, and the Office of that we have no record of the individual. 11. Al Tarabochia, Senate Internal Securit Subcommittee staff, called to say he had received a call from 'nquirying as to whether Tarabochia had any further word about the translation of his book into Spanish for publication in ~ Tarabochia told that he would have to check through his own channels on this question and he also told ~~he could see some definite problems on such a move at this time. the day. Tarabochia asked me to drop by his office which I did later in. At that time he gave me a number of 5ubc.ommittee publications which had requested and h~ a.lso _~,ave me another picture of We will pass all of the s e t through D CD channels . 12. ~- GLC) In response to his request yesterday I left with David Martin, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee staff, a number of unclassified publications on the World Peace Council, especially the meeting held in Budapest in 1971. I also gave Martin the thrust of unclassified informa- tion contained in one. of our publications on this subject. 13. ~ GLC) Met with Jim Woolsey, Senate Armed Services Cornrnittee staff, and left with him a copy of. Howard Osborn's memorandum of 3 August 1973 to the Acting General Counsel and a "Submission for the Record" clarifying a statement made by Mr. Schlesinger at line 16, page 61 of his testimony before the Gommittee on 11 May 1973. I