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June 24, 2015
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August 31, 2011
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October 23, 1970
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APPROVED FOR RELEASED DATE: 05-09-2011 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Friday - 23 October 1970 Page 2 5. Called Ed Braswell, Chief of Staff, Senate Armed Services Committee, to say the Director had returned from his trip and was interested in getting in touch with Senator Stennis. Braswell said the Senator would probably not be back in town until after the elections. Braswell suggested we call Mr. Cresswell, of the Senator's personal staff, for detailed information on the Senator's plans. Called Mr. Cresswell who said the Senator would be out on a tour of military bases in the southern U. S. from Monday, 26 October, until Thursday, 29 October. He suggested the Director call the Senator's Mississippi office in De Kalb about getting together. Cresswell did not expect the Senator back in Washington before mid-November. He said if he was in touch with the Senator he would mention the Director's interest in seeing him. 6. Met with Mr. Frank Slatinshek, Acting Chief Counsel, House Armed Services Committee, who queried me on the Soviet test of capability to intercept in low earth orbit. He. had apparently been queried during the day by members of the Committee. Information currently available, coupled with re-briefing of the test observed in 1968, was sufficient to answer his present questions. I also briefed Mr. Slatinshek on the "Markham" control and data system use in Egypt; Soviet SS-9 test;L Soviet use of Singapore facilities; and Soviet ZO - . 7. Met with Garner J. Cline, Counsel, House Subcommittee on Immigration and Nationality, who told me that he will be travelling to Chile right after the elections with Representative Joshua Eilberg (D. , Pa. ). It was agreed that I will provide Mr. Cline with an informal briefing on the situation in Chile a week or so before departure. I also discussed with Mr. Cline a case involving private legislation for residence credit during service with the Agency outside the U. S. Although he agreed to think about it, he indicated that present Committee rules would preclude approval of such a case and would require that the individual meet with the Committee prior to any consideration of such a bill. I also gave Mr. Cline an informal outline of information available Clixx~was_ maw-flnts'risiativa_ concerning M. C OHN M. MAURY Legislative Counsel ER O/DDGI Mr. Houston; Mr. Goodwin DDI DDS DDS&T EA/DDP OPPB A (b)(3)