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June 24, 2015
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August 31, 2011
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January 4, 1975
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ANDUM FOR: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Deputy Director for Operations SUBJECT Possible Topic of Conversation with APPROVED FOR RELEASED DATE: 05-09-2011 --torture; placement of military courts on a peacetime basis with right of appeal, habeas corpus, etc.; prompt notification of third parties -about .- -arrests for subversive activities. including farni l i pc _ i ntarac ;art rti nl n_ turn a deaf ear. decided that an effort should be made o en the ears of the Junta e. convince one of the me ers of the Junta, that the Chilean Government should take certain measures to improve its image, among them: proscription of all forms of f JA",' i973 1. military aid restrictions on Chile by the U.S. Congress designed to encourage the Chilean Junta to liberalize its approach to human rights was not having the desired effect. The Junta's conviction that harsh measures were necessary for self-protection plus the-din of continued protestations from the U.S. and elsewhere human r' L to ^ (b)(1) (b)(3) President -IFinochet agreed with most of the arguments on human rights issue and said - - that he would make a statement in a major speech scheduled for 31 December. JPinochet's 31 December speech. did not mention any significant human rights 1). ;concessions , however. ' mati c missions; etc tion in present tough security practices. 3_ Having the above facts in mind may want _to exercise some pursuasive influence on n ,favor of liberalizing practices involving human rights that would not have a serious effect on Junta control of subversive elements. It should that recently reported that the MIR, extreme-left elements of the S c a ist Party, and smaller left extremist groups have been crushed Colonel Contreras was the only senior official who had voiced strong objections to any relaxa- Government will now focus on the Communist Party of Cnile. through the Government's counter-terrorist campaign- The uch less-serious than it was. the security situation in Chile is Acting Chief Latin America Division