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September 1, 1995
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Director of Central Intelligence Sec et Copy 0338 (b)(1) (b)(3) National Security Unauthorized Disclosure information Subject to Criminal Sanctions Dissemination Control NOFORN (Nr) Abbreviations PROPIN (ra) ORCON (or) Not releasable to foreign nationals Caution--proprietary information involved controlled by originator Terrorism Review) DI DI TR 5-009 September 1995 Highlights Colombia: US Hostage Released I 16 The Terrorism Diary for October and Novembell Summary of Indieenous Terrorism-August 1995 This Review is published monthly by the DCI Counterterrorist Information available as of 15 September 1995 was used in this Review. 23 ITR! 3 Dsec, t U1 R ~-009 September 1995 5 Sec et DI 7K 5-009 Sepsem er 1995 s e et 6 Se et g Sce t DI TR 5-009 Septem r 1995 Highlights Significant Developments 13 Sec et DI TR 5-009 September 1995 15 S\ t the Colombian Minister of De tense had pledged that the Colombian Army would stay away from that area for a period of at least five days. ? Two US hostages were killed in June by the FARC as they were trying to evade an antiguerrilla operation by the Colombian Army. ? Four US hostages remain held by Colombian guerrillas. US Hostage Released grade education. Thomas Hargrove, a US journalist with an agricultural research center, was released unharmed outside Cali on 20 August. Hargrove was abducted in Septem- ber 1994 at a guerrilla roadblock near Cali by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). According to Hargrove, the guerrillas detained him because his identification card showed him to be an employee of the "CIAT," the Comision Interamericana de Agricultura Tropical. The guerrillas, however, not knowing what the "T" in "CIAT" stood for, were convinced they had a CIA agent. (Hargrove said that all but one of his captors were either illiterate or had no more than a third- ===== ?> >i Colombian Army operations in the area where Hargrove was believed to be held 737 128 9.95 may have delayed his release, which had been expected earlier in the summer after his family had made two ransom payments: I October 1985 4 October 6 October 1973 8 October 1967 10 October 1980 12 October 1965 14 October 1985 23 October 1983 28 October 29 October 1923 29 October 1973 31 October 1984 The Terrorism Diary for October and November{ Below is a compendium of October and November dates of known or conceivable significance to terrorists around the world. Our inclusion of a date or event should not by itself be consfrueq! to suggest that we expect or anticipate a commemorative terrorist event Tunisia, Israel, Palestinians. Israeli bombing of PLO headquarters in Tunis. Jewish World. Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). Israel, Arab World. Arab-Israeli war. Egypt. Armed Forces Day (commemorates October War with Israel). Cuba. Heroic Guerrilla Day (death of Che Guevara in Bolivia). El Salvador. Founding of Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN). Chile. Movement of Revolutionary Left (MIR) founded. West Germany. Revolutionary Cells bomb economic targets to commemorate 1977 suicides of Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin. Japan. Beginning of construction of Narita airport (usually marked by 10 days of demonstrations). Lebanon. Bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut. Cyprus. Greek National Day (observed by Greek Cypriot community). Turkey. Independence Day (proclamation of republic). Cyprus. Turkish Republic Day (observed by Turkish Cypriot community). India. Assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards, trig- gering anti-Sikh riots throughout northern India. Peru. Founding of Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) and People's Revolutionary Command (CRP). Syria. Hafiz al-Asad assumes power. Jordan. King Hussein's birthday. D DI TR -009 September 1995 17 November 1973 Greece. Student uprising at Athens Polytechnic University (terrorist group 17 November Revolutionary Organization takes its name from this incident). 22 November 1943 Lebanon. Independence Day. 29 November 1945 Yugoslavia. Republic Day. 29 November 1947 Palestinians. International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (anniver- sary of partition). Chronology of International Terrorism The following incidents were considered by the Intelligence Community's Incident Review Panel since publication of the previous issue of the Terrorism Review and were determined by the Panel to constitute international terrorism. Such incidents provide the basis for the State Department's Patterns of Global Terrorism, which is published annually as the US Government's official record of international DI TR N5-009 September 1995 Sec 25 July 3 July refused to comply with their demands India: Six tourists-two Americans, two Britons, a Norwegian, and a German- were taken hostage in Kasmir by the previously unknown militant group Al-Faran, which demanded the release of Muslim militants held in Indian prisons. Al-Faran may be part of the Kashmiri-separatist group Harakat Ul-Ansar, based in Pakistan. One of the Americans escaped on 8 July. On 13 August Al-Faran murdered the Norwegian; his decapitated body was found with the name Al-Faran carved on his stomach and a note stating that the other hostages also would be killed if the group's demands were not met. The Indian Government has when taking responsibility for past attacks France: A bomb detonated aboard a Paris subway train, killing seven commuters and wounding 84. The bomb detonated when the train arrived at the St. Michel station. An individual who said he represented the Armed Islamic Group-General Command (AIG-GC) telephoned press to claim responsibility. We have no information that the Armed Islamic Group has used this nom de guerre ist group calling itself The Autonomous Parcel Service claimed responsibility Germany: Assailants placed incendiary devices under two United Parcel Service (UPS) trucks. UPS employees found the devices and removed them safely. A left- his case is under appeal.) No one claimed responsibility Germany: Attackers smashed the windows of three vehicles at a Chrysler car dealership in Kassel. They also broke the salesroom window and scrawled graffiti protesting the scheduled 17 August execution in Pennsylvania of Abu Mumia Jamal, a journalist and Black Panther. (Jamal later received a stay of execution and were issued. Authorities suspect the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). tourist. On 17 July the kidnappers released the hostage unharmed. No demands Turkey: Kurdish separatists abducted a Japanese tourist at a rebel checkpoint near Siirt. They robbed the passengers and set fire to a truck before fleeing with the Colombia: In Barrancabermeja, Santander Department, National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas bombed the Galan-Sebastopol pipeline, causing it to rup- 10 May Colombia: ELN guerrillas destroyed an oil valve in an Industrial Petroleum Complex (CIB) pipeline, located in Barrancabermeja, Santande Colombia: In Barrancabermeja, Santander, ELN guerrillas bombed the Barran- cabermeja-Bucaramanga pipeline causing it to rupture 14 May - 6 July Colombia: ELN guerrillas bombed the Cano Limon-Covenas pipeline six times. Three of the bombings took place in Arauca. One each occurred in Teorama, El Paso, and Banadia. The most serious damage from the bombings occurred in Banadia with a 4,000-barrel oil spill. Remedios, Antioquia Colombia: ELN guerrillas bombed and ruptured a Colombian pipeline in 12 June Colombia: In a similar attack, ELN guerrillas bombed cabermeja, Santander, causing it to rupture a CIB pipeline in Barran- Venezuela: Six ELN members kidnapped the mayor of Guasdualito and a group of his aides in Canoas. The aides were released unharmed. The abductors had reportedly sent a message to the mayor of the Municipality of Pacz, threatening him to pay greater attention to the people, who are unhappy over his poor perfor- 21 S ret Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-August 1995 Djibouti Azerbaijan indigenous terrorism worldwide This description of incidents and situations is not meant to be a detailed accounting of all domestic terrorist inci n s, but rather to provide an overview of e t developing peace process in Djibouti are responsible for the attacl On 3 August an unidentified person in a minibus threw a grenade into a Djibouti City restaurant, injuring four people. Authorities believe that opponents of the pect that the LTTE also is responsible for this bombing Another suicide bomber killed four persons and injured 10 others on 8 August when he detonated a bomb in a busy market place in Batticaloa. Authorities sus- over a highway that links Baku with the airport. On 1 August authorities found more than 70 kilograms of TNT on a railroad bridge terrorists planned to detonate the TNT when President Aliyev drove under the bridge en route to the airport A bomb exploded on 13 August in Ajaccio, at the Teacher Training University Institute, destroying one floor of the building. There were no casualties. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Corsican nationalists may be responsible. Se et 1)1 TR 5-009 5eptem r 1995 On 13 August in Istanbul, five gunmen shot at a Turkish National Police vehicle, wounding one person. Dev Sol may be responsibleF--] mayor's office, the church, the hospital, and the landing strip On 7 August, 400 suspected Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas began an attack on the police station in the town of Miraflores, Guaviare Department, ultimately damaging 40 percent of the town. The fighting lasted for 16 hours and left 13 guerrillas and 10 policeman dead. There were an additional 14 policemen wounded. Damage to the town included the police station, the including six children During a village festival in Joyabaj on 13 August, unidentified assailants threw a grenade from a moving car, injuring an anticorruption campaigner and 14 others, Nicaragua An explosion at a Catholic school damaged windows and the building facade in Managua on 15 August. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack dent of Venezuela On 12 August in Barquisimeto, unknown individuals exploded six tear gas canis- ters at a political rally. Forty persons were injured, including the son of the Presi- Egypt On 21 August, suspected al-Gatna'at al-lslamiyya militants shot two policemen, killing one and wounding the.other, near Mallawi in the province of Al-Miny bomb Authorities safely dismantled a bomb found at a bus station located near a school in Jerusalem on 8 August. No one has claimed responsibility for planting the