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July 1, 1995
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Director of Central Intelligence Se et cony ~! ~~? National Security Information Unauthorized Disclosure Subject to Criminal Sanctions Uisscminatian Control NOFORN (Nr) -- _ - - Abhrcvialions p}ZOPIN (t~tt) Not releasable to foreign nationals Caution---proprietary information invoh~ed Dissemination and extraction of information controlled 6y originator This information has been authorized for release to... Terrorism Review Highlights July 1995 The Terrorism Diary for August and September REIighlight~ Significant Developments The Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARO) killed two American missionaries, Steve Welsh and Timothy Van Dyke, after a firelight with the Colombian military on 19 June. Both men were kidnapped by FARC guerrillas in January 1994. The guerrillas apparently assassinated the two hosta es in an attempt to facilitate their escape from a military patrol, The Minister of Defense said the patrol engaged the terrorists during "normal" antiguemlla operations The Colombian military and national antikidnapping unit dropped a joint plan to rescue the two hosta es in earl June eporting, because the perahon wou pace the hostages in greater jeop- ardy. The Colombian military has been criticized in [he past for its heavyhanded rescue methods that often have led to serious injuries or death to kidnap victims. In October 1992,ed a British businessman during a botched rescue attempt by the military Undefended foreign and religious workers in rural sections of Colombia remain in danger of being kidnapped by FARC, which frequently kidnaps US citizens. For- eigners at greatest risk include missionaries, petroleum engineers, or employees of evangelical organizations, who work in rural areas near guerrilla-occupied territo- ries. FARC currently is holding four US missionaries and a public relations employee. The group usually releases hostages unharmed after its demands for substantial ransom payments are met 11 Sec et DI T 5-007 July 1 S Reverse Blank ~ 3 SeC Ct The Terrorism Diary for August and September 2 August 1990 6 August 1825 6 August 1966 11 August 1952 I2 August 1689 13 August 1984 14 August 1947 IS August 1947 15 August 1964 15 August 1971 20 August 1953 31 Arigust 1978 31 August 1980 1 September 1939 1 September 1969 September 1970 3 September 1971 Below is a cornpendiurn of August and ,September dates of knowr: or conceivable sigraiftcarrce to terrorists around the world. Otrr inclusion of a date or event should not by itself be construed to strggest tha! we expect or anticipate a cammen:arative Iraq/Kuwait. Iraq invades Kuwait. Bolivia. Independence Day. United Arab Emirates. Accession Day of Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nayhan, Emir of Abu Dhabi. Jordan. Accession Day for King Hussein. Nortl:ern Ireland. Protestant commemorative marches mark day apprentice boys locked gates of Derry against James II's forces. Morocco/Libya. Union established. Pakistan. Independence Day. India. Independence Day. Colombia. Pro-Castro guerrilla movement. The National Liberation Army (F.LN) begins armed struggle. Bahrain. Independence Day. Morocco. King's and People's Revolution. Libya/Shia World. Lebanese Shia cleric Imam Musa Sadr disappears in Libya. Poland. Solidarity trade union founded. West Germany, Europe. Antiwar Day (anniversary of Nazi invasion of Polandj. Libya. Coup overthrows monarchy. Palestinians. During this month, the Jordanian Army drove the Palestinian guer- rillas out of the country because they would not stop attacking Israel from Jordanian soil; in response, the largest group, Fatah, established the Rlack Septem- ber Organization, best known for its attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. Qatar. Independence Day. 15 Sect D/ 95-007 Juf~~ 1995 3 September 1982 .4 September 1980 8 September 1982 10 September 1922 14 September 1982 IS September 1982 17 September 1978 17 September 1982 21 September 1989 23 September 1932 23 September 1964 25 September 1984 27 September 28 September 1970 Peru. lleath of Sendero Luminoso leader Edith Lagos. Iran, Iraq. Date Iraq charges Iran started war. India. Death of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, "the Lion of Kashmir." Turkey. Founding of Turkish Communist Party. Lebanon. Assassination of Phalangist leader and Lebanese President-elect Bashir Gemayel. Lebanon. Israeli invasion of Muslim West Beirut. United States, Israel, Egypt. Signing of Camp David accords. Lebanon. Massacre in Shatila and Sabra refugee camps (17 September Organization takes its name from this event). Saudi Arabia. Execution of I6 Kuwaiti shias for hajj bombings (sparked anti-Saudi retaliatory attacks). Saudi Arabia. Unification of the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia. National Day. Egypt, Jordan. Resumption of diplomatic relations. Spain. Basque National Party Day. Egypt. Death of Jamal `Abd al-Nasir. 7 5ecle~t DI TR -007 July 7995 Chronology of International Terrorisrr~ The following incidents were considered by the /rttelligerue Community's Incident Review Panel since publication of the previous issue of the Terrorism Review and were determined by ilte Panef to constitute international trrarism. Such incidents provide the basis for the State Department's Patterns of Global Terrorism, w/zich is published annually as the US Government's official record of international 17 Set~et nr T s-ao~ July 1995 All the hostages were released unharmed. Sudan: The Sudanese People's Liberation Army-United Faction (SPCA-U) took 21 people hostage from a barge transporting humanitarian goods for Operation Lifeline. The hostages included Sudanese nationals, one Italian, and one Filipino. 22 May Ukraine: Austrian Airline of,}Fce at Odessa's central airport bombed. No one was ~ injured, but damage was sustained. No group has claimed responsibilit} 27 Febrr~ary Greece: Khidir `Abd-Al-'Abbas Hamza, a defecting former Irapi nuclear scien- tist, was abducted in Athens and has not been seen since. the abduction occurred while Khidir was attempting to call a newspaper office. The Iraqi Ambassador in Athens bas denied any Iraqi involvement, but the incident is similar to other Iraqi Government-sponsored abductions 12 April 15 April 20 May 22 May consortium which includes a US company Colombia: Members of the National Liberation Army (ELN) bombed the Cano Limon-Covenas pipeline. The attack was at kilometer 41, in Arauquita, causing a rupture in the pipeline. No injuries were reported. The pipeline is awned by a Colombia: The ELN bombed the Cano Limon-Covenas pipeline. This attack occurred at kilometer 367 in El Tarra, causing a rupture but no injuries Colombia: The ELN dynamited a section of the Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline in Arauca. The explosion caused minor damage but no injuries Colombia: Approximately one kilo of dynamite detonated under a metal security door of a Dunkin' Donuts restaurant in Bogota. The damage was estimated at US $18,000. No injuries were reported, and no group has claimed responsibility for the Qiryat Shemona. Four Israeli civilians were wounded in the attack Israel: Hizballah launched at least eight Katyusha rockets that struck near 7 ,'I7ay Algeria: Armed assailants ambushed atwo-vehicle advance for a convoy of foreigners being escorted from a work site to their accommodation camp. The convoy consisted of British and Canadian citizens and other foreigners. Several security forces were killed or wounded, t~ut_ther~were no foreign casutilties. The Armed lalcrnric Group (AIG) is suspected Scc ct 2~ Summary of Indigenous Terrorism?June 199, indigenous terrorism worldwid This description of incidents and situations is not meant to be a detailed acevuiu- ing of all domestic terrorist incidents, but rather to provide an overview of in the vicinity of Poipet. Eight persons were killed and six others wounde A mortar shell fired by the Khmer Rouge on 20 June hit amotorcycle-drawn carria Te to airport expansion arc responsible An explosion rocked the home of a Narita International Airport official nn 20 June causing only minor damage to the house and car, but no injuries. Police found explosive devices at the entrance of the home and under the car. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing. but police suspect that radical opponents Pakistan A car bomb exploded on 1 June at the Sindh Provincial Assembly building in Karachi. No one has claimed responsibility Gunmen fired automatic pistols on IS June into a government office in Karachi, killing 10 people and wounding at least seven others. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it is thou ht that the gunmen were members of the Molrajir Qaunai Marement (MQM~~ were arrestetl in connection with the incident A car homb partially exploded at the Colombo International Airport on 6 June. It only damaged the vehicle, which contained approximately 80 kilograms of plastic explosives. The Ellalan Force, which is thought to be part of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), claimed responsibility for the bombing. Two Tamil youths is suspected On 4 June armed extremists attacked the town of Larbaa, near Algiers. Approxi- mately 50 assailants overran a mosque and opened fire on the security forces guarding it, killing two guards. They also blew up the courthouse and a school, and destroyed a post office, a bank, a cultural center, and a training college. No group claimpd_resaon~ibility for the attack but the Armed lslarnic Group (AIG) Jul>' 199 Seclc~t DI TR -007 ~Rypt Turkey killing nine civilians and wounding at least three others Al-Ganur'at al-Islamiyya (IG) militants opened fire on a group of people gathered outside a mosque on 3 June in the village of Tandah, in Al Minya Governorate, ity for the attack Three firebombs were thrown at a police station in Bethlehem on l8 June. The sub- seyuent explosions caused no casualties or damage. No group claimed responsibil- ~ claimed responsibilit A series of three attacks against Shell Oil Company filling stations in Germany occurred between ] 4 and 20 June, possibly to protest Royal Dutch Shell Group's plan to sink an unused oil platform in the Atlantic Ocean. Gunshots from a passing vehicle resulted in minor damage to a filling station in Moerfelden-Walldorf. in Natnburg, arsonists firebombed a filling station, destroying the station's shop. A letter bomb sent to a filling station in Coesfeld was discovered by an employee but did not detonate. There were no casualties in any of the attacks, and no group has ~ but there were no casualties. No group has claimed responsibility In apparently coordinated attacks, a series of firebombings against police stations and vehicles occurred in four cities on 9 June. The attacks caused minor damage, responsibi lity On 20 June, assailants bombed the offices of the Foreign Press Association in Athens. The blast damaged the entrance to the building but caused no injuries. A previously unknown group calling itself The Anti-Power Struggle claimed The Kcnrlisaut Workers' Parry (PKK) may be responsible On I I June unidentified assailants threw two molotov cocktails into the Hilal newspaper office in Izmir. No one was injured, but the fire caused minor damage. guard 21 June. The PKK probably is responsibl ed-three Assailants killed two shepherds and wou then people in Gurgenli on responsibility for the attac On [2 June military officials discovered and deactivated a handgrenade at a hus stop outside the Ministry of Defense in Buenos Aires. No group has claimed ~ Chile A bomb exploded outside a bank in San Pablo on 10 June causing minor damage but no injuries. No group has claimed responsibility far the incident Colombia A bomb exploded in a central Medellin park, killing 30 persons and injuries 250 others on I (June, No group has claimed responsibility for the attack Also in central Medellin, unidentifed terrorists exploded a 200-gram dynamite bomb outside a business on 14 June injuring a guard and causing some material damage. Later that day in a southern district, police discovered a second device consisting of dynamite and an unspecified chemical explosive laced inside a paint container. No group has claimed responsibility for the attac Heveree 131unk 23 Se et Secret