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July 31, 1950
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C00015283 T1Go 2,~TERY ~' 'fl "e'LYltlG DXOCON A eontributi+m to its possible eaplamtiaa. kly Dr. MW A X* wit, ttsatia5o Chile* h. Oristobal Golan 19916 Cauriw. I=ty use A=XT so ilikR7LG.1' Attachment 1 Though the ooatinnousls reappearing reports on the appearance of nsv1 arybterious aircraft of unknown eonetrcetion doaald be ea nol4erod with severe aakopticiaaaa as the result of a sort of ne sin, nevertheless sumo of the detailed and coinciding accounts of to trained observers deserve atten- tion and pornit ane to draw conaluxi as to the probable olasoiticatlon of than rev aircraft. Slow so far the observations love been r'de malnlyr in the daarl:, which means that only the luminous parts of the craft ark, visible, every ropart baths the description of shining discs or circles. It should discard the absurd conjecture that these aircraft originate free lt;?oa~6 We earth, than it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that the ebielag alvelea boar a relation to theva- haust of a rotary gas-turbine. The possibility `fists that the rotor of a tur- bine Is used at the acme tiu as a stabilising top and is therefore fixed vertically to the dsvel of the other turbine rings, which in the darkness prmo- duees the effect of the "rule of Saturn". ' e observations renind is of a caauiLteZy new typo of aircraft which we devcy:;;.cd during the years I worked in the research plant of Profeasor Junhars in Dessau, which was attached to the airplane faotoriea brown all over the world. I do not know hoar reap of ray co-uorkars are still alive today.* but I do know that Dr. Book, Prwfessar at the Technical US* School of Berlin, and who was at that time chief and Aland of rent' 7-max-s has been departed to the Soviet Melon. The name of Professor Dock was never widely know due to his modest oharaoter, but be my !mine boss the greatest @enins of German airplane theoretics, and later, in view of his extraordinary fhoalties, he was rmend bead constructor of the Ilnietry of Ger::`an Airwiyrs and Director of the German Institute of Airways Research in Berlin-Adlsrshof. In order to explain to a wider alrcl, or readers the basic idea of the new air- craft,.I should kilos to submit llovind explaaatioaasa The first and mtknma who considered the rev Science of Aero- dynamics after oemaesaosasnt of pelf experimental developments of aircraft construction was the Russian Professor `oadd or ktosoou. Delbre the first vrld war and together with?aay esteemed teacher, Be. k4rtta from the Technical R19ta School of .Stuttgart, Geraaany- be devek. d the theory or adrplsne-vtngbsse.. eaor lfutta succeeded in establishing .be famous "Aiffirantial equation of the undo trat; vbieh far the first time thrown which La any case explains fbr' the first tins an the lavosseas in theoretically the m ~ Ls why a AooO'v 1d~ and planeving can bear a load while moving forward throe the air. Since then the "3utta-Jubovald Theory of AirpLw-vingbesm" has been the ibmdation of AU aura- dynamics. An already mentioned, the can of this work is the so-called "boundary , which consists of the thin layer of air in U" the transition of Velocity Zero to the Velocity of the Ibving Object talon place. If the object is strsaali ed then the boundary stratum will endeavor not to sever, no whirlwinds will occur, and therefore no loss of energy will two piece in that stratum. Sian nature always functions meet economically, it always tries to avid lose of energy, and therefore a piansviag would rather boar weight then cause a disruption of the comae of the current and let the wing drop. The logical conoluaions based an these theoretic discoveries were obvi u as already in the year 1925 Professor 5. O. Daman, also ham the Technical High School of Stuttgart; received a patent an the "8plttviog" throsgh which the artificial interruption of4ths'eowrse of the current, the tearing or the bo%mdary etratua and the consequent braking and dumisiehing or the landing speed would be attained. This C3 iM ~ ttt9k:S. ~ `tea C00015283 Cgiffl L nMZL =PO& ACCIdi= Co $414 Attaetswont 1 procedure was Rater appisd to a great extent to the fighter plane Motor Ju. 8C under the none of "dive4waks". This patent had to '* handed to the i4g1116 factory Handley-Pap after World War t, which .nplains that the onus of %"207- Foam Splitting" is more widely known. However, devslope'ants +oroceedod. It was principally the Asrodynariie Ex- perlmontal Instituts of the Gottingen University, dirsoted bF the rsaomsd Professors Praadtl and Bets, and Constructor Flottsor, which draw its conclusions from the theory of tbhe airplane-uio~bem. Flettnsr proved that the conditions of a rotating object are stigma to those wbieh appear is a etransktoriseb n' covoment. Thus evolved the "Plattner-Rotor". Professor Jwunkers, bead of the U (mown mirplaw works in Dessau, who in the year 1915 received his patbbaea ng patent on the one-plea metal wing vitbout junctures, ordered a research VoWs which was hadded by Prat'sesor Dr. Book, and to which I had the honor to Won& to iatvestigats to *At extent the VOUSt of a wing could be increased through the attachment of a Thttesr-Rotor is to shape of a cylinder turning at great speed. The cylinder was two-thirds of the laugth of t'ne vice and was installed in the noes o!' the wing, when it, could best be adapted to the wing's profile. To assist us with acrodynomio prob]eas, the Gott4iwgsa University sent us Professor Prardtl. The experiments turned out to be extrsas]y difficult and involved many casualties. The purely technical question of the speedy uplift of a Zang cylinder of light construction could not be solved at that time. Inexplicable vibrations and axle breakages occurred ties after time which Professor Junkers ordered us to investigate, and with which we were occupied for aunt Dot lass than four nee, all experienced and tried pilots of the first 'Wand ;:or and outstanding engineers, died in these e nts. It was clasr to us Out only a gea-turbine could produce the direct mplift of the cylinder. Actiwrer, since nean- whi]e rare pressing problan awaited solution, experiments with this type of airy craft move interruptai 2hanw&ile the %s o T oriental Institute of Ootti gem made new and enlightening discovgriec. Professor Data found that supersonic vas, such as are produced by quickly rotating propellers, created entirely new conditions. This investigation, bousver, needed the furnishing of a wind tames for supersonic speeds "stioh could only be built ray years Inter, and which after the war was forwarded to the United States where it greatly used all scientists. Now light was died on mV things. It was ibwmd that the tearing, of the boundary stratum at supersonic speeds involved mach poster resistance, so that an object with fall atxrspbsrie pressure practically ebengs? hoe the upper layer of air, and theoretically experiences than the same uplift as an object of the seas swtrface in the water. The converting of the revelations found in research into reality, however, needed the solution of the starting force through a gas- turbine or another equivalent nohine or instrument. of beretofam unexpved it had often been oboer that the wimp of q~ft%mlfam amplWastion. For Is rotatingMsai es (( DnU wirkwmg") was much greater than could be explained according to the lava of bellistios. Paradoxical explanations wove sought for this awash as that the air resistance decreases with graving speeds. Today was dmcw that these quickly rotating missiles "swim" in the surrounding layers of air and therefore loss part of their weight. Pall clarification was brought about only with supersonic speeds, which were ebtainod in the experiments with rockets (Y-2) bud worn arrived at by flights of marry hundreds and thousands of filaosters, and which an only be explained by the way in which than aiseiles literally "bang" in the air. The surprise of the specialised scientists the world over at the astounding results of the Osxv n V-2 was not less than that which is produced today by the appearance of the epstsrlous ?F3ying Discs". In the sans way in which the ingenious dieoernmeat of Professor Junkers pointed the way for airplane aaesstruction for the whole world, thus also t his idea of attachin;, Flettmer Rotors have a revolutionary effect. tirplames of this type resat have auah an enormans carrying capacity as to be poetically amp+arab]s to axphibiaus planes of the mama sine. The lack of uplift produced by the Plattner Rotors can easily be achieved through the oblique position of the entire airplane -ter'` _ Y~ ~ :?5~ C00015283 go V94W Attubssnt 1 with a positive d iAC w CU in ooanaotian with Us oporu ui2y Mph status apaod. The attaabig a Madly rotstipg too mans aide stability. Tbars is also the possibility of attsohiag borisoatal aiadlIas7 psopULsa of the helicopter type. . d what about the question of tin starting fords! .7r aalaty of such to airorai`t stands and fail as the satatar:~ttiisn~g iba~os of the aril+derap sod only too veli do t romsabsr the oswslti~as iofUot?d b the ltsk of it. As i z ssinaa tdconssiists only of ro ti putt and wrW vitk in 6 yinda Ut of a stead magus. There is only one acre gmetioa to be answered: aauld mob an sl:aralt carry snouUh tual for vend-tide 3oisasyr4 We qt stun is asol2.v asar+sred in the A firteativs. in %a first plan. mEt an also=aft boa a tsue-sadous ~w capacity, an ve bas ahead; steal and In the stood plans aboososl tusiM Mg made astounding deuelo envs in this aspect, us.. km today--quite a !'rod atomic energy--oazriers of ensr& of msuspocted poor and duration. al onl4 be roasabered that the aisallea of Gsrrrsa oath-tank weapons wore mated with cbeaioal subatonoda vhioh malted vp to 20 ants.-of steel plates within laaotions of a ssoonxl. Znargy curlers of this tips, if appliosbl. to a a-turbine, should met an n 'SO-radive poosibi. vhtoh for surprises that of @asolins en iaos. The i'uture dl1 show Whether the; "r'lyiag Discs" are only the pzodmts of imagination or Whetter they are the Teeults of a far-advanced Corson aoienoe Which, possibly, as well as the nearly finished atomic bombs, my haw Lilian into the bands of the Russians. % Pub Y- .?-Aa:1-`N