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June 24, 2015
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April 9, 1968
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000015452 to .? ? '0..?.01.0 l? ? e.wifOr SW me lois* S. 9 April 1.968 Nothing But the Facts on UFOs or ? Which Novosti Writer Do You Bead? 1. Whether you believe in unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or not, Novosti (APR -- the Soviet "unofficial" news agency) Wee. with You. We are forwarding attached reproductions of two articles which argue both aides of the issue: ? a. "Unidentified Flying Oblecti" by Felix Zigel, 1)4244..or Of Science (Technology), Assiatant Professor, Moscow Aviation Institute, appearing in the February 1968 issue of Soviet Life (counterpart to USIA'. America) for which APR supplies all materials; and , b. "Flying Saucers'? They're a Myth!" by Villen Lyustiberg, APR Science Commentator, which originally appeared in the 16 February 1968 issue of Moakoviky Komsomolets, and which APR released in English translation on 123arch 1968. The first article takes UFOs quite seriously; the second laughs them off and even claims the U.S. publicizes them to divert people from its failures and aggressions. 2. It is not surprising that two writer; teke?opposing views on so controversial a subject, or that one adds a dollop of propaganda. It is surprising to find any disagreement on, any Object in Soviet media, especially in materials made available by the sane agency to approximately the same readership. The irony is obvious. - - ? ? ':.- ? ? ' ? ? " ? ? ? ? ?-? ? ... ? s ? "r A.??,???? V7Fr...w .z;.%% 16+;54414.111.? ? ...Ir.-4:- ? ? ? II. ? . 644...44.15=t)4 ? Tr?I ? "????- 17????,"?4?5:? ?? ? "1:'.4.? ? ?? E;:v..;5" riT.:1711raZELLUE EE ? ?? Alketflifr, ... ? C00015452 3 AttaoWants 2 unclassified ,articles full) 11 7 \ C00015452 ? . ? Tuesday March 12. "MIRO CAUCERS"7 THEY'RE A MYTH: Vilken Lyustiberg; ABS Science Commentator In the last 20 years pUblicatio of literature on "unidentified flying objects" has advanced to one of the first places in the world. .This prdb lam is dealt with by numerous associa- tions and clubs. Are these "flying saucers" just imagination or reality/. Thousands of recorded statements by bye-witnesses seem to show that "there must be some- thing in it". But let us try to look all these materials from a different stand. So, as the convinced supporter of the "saucer" theory say almost ever time, you can draw your own conciliator while we give you. ,"Flots Only" Kenneth Arnold, an American pilot, is the "godfather" of flying saucers. /t % he who noticed in 1947 nine shiniag.dises flying in formation at the speed of al.oul 3,000 km an hour. The next encounter with saucers had a tragic outcome. In January 1948, an immense flying saucer appeared over the Mos US Air Base. Pursuing it Captain Thomas Manthell perished. The last thing he reported from an altitude of 9,000 metres was that he saw an object and was going to approach it. This story found extensive response. Many considered it to be a stern warnin; of unknown envoys from other planets to leave them alone. There was a great deal of a talk about the mysterious death. of the pilot. It was received as undoubted proof of the existence of mighty forces still unknown to us. But the results of a thorough investigation by US authorities received much less publicity. The mysterious 'saucer" proved to be nothing but a thin-walled plastic balloon made by US Naval Forces under the secret "Skyhawk Operation" pro. sect. Such balloons could rise to an altitude of 30,000 metres. Meanwhile, Thomas Manthell pursuing it, forgot that he had no oxygen apparatus on board his craft. ' We know of stories about encounters and even hand-to-hand fights with pilots of craft landing from other planets. They were shot at, but without success. A saucer out down a tree on :me Amazon River short and disappetrl turbid stream. It was zlever recovered. Another saucer glided over the earth likE C00015452 an injurvd ar.d crashed before the eyes of witnenees. But "having cpi! out" several pieces of metal, it levelled out its course end flew off. Delivered to the police, the metal proved to be ordinvy tin. An abandoned silvery disc wus found in the deep rock-coal seams in Norwegian coal mines on Spitebergen. It was pierced and marked by micrometeor impacts and bore all traces of having performed a long space voyage. It was sent for analysis to the Pentagon and disappeared there. Nothing but a saucer put out of commission a high-voltage power transmission lite in 1965 and this plunged several large American cities ilto darkness for six hours. But the most thrilling masterpiece of this sort was probably the "Interview w: a Man from Venus" published at the close of 3.967 by the Nest German Stern magazine. This materialfzed blue-eyed "superman", a version of Nietzsche's "bliargeast", proved to be a secret service agent of the Pentagon: He was 190 cm tall, spoke excellent English (it was Eneh indeed!) and could breathe freely in our atmos- phere without any devices. His modest fibre suitcase contained an unusual silvery sun, flexible like silk and so hard that a diamond drill broke off it. The man from Venus said that he ccitild walk freely in such a suit over the. sur- face of the hottest stars, ignoring all powerful gravitational fields. Maybe these "facts" will do? How Can They Be Studied? It is easier to ask this question, than to answer it. These flying saucers -- they are like Our Lady: they appear to those who believe in them. And they per- sistently fail to show themselves to air observation posts, meteorologists and astronomers, i.e. precisely to those who can give vs accurate information and trust- worthy descriptions of a flying object. Experiments that do not repeat themselves, or the chance appearance of a phenomenon always either handicap the possibility of investigation considerably or exclude it altogether. Nowhere in the world is there EVEN ONE trustworthy stereoscopic photograph making it possible to trace from two points simultaneously the outlines of a solid flying object clearly. All photographs that exist have been made with single-lens cameras and always leave a margin for doubt. A series of such photographs amazingly resembles a.straw hat with a black sills ribbon, thrown into the air. Others undoubtedly prove to be internegatives Obtained from two combined slides, for instance, that of a landscape and that of a strangely designed craft drawn on white paper. Modern photographing techniques allow photo- graphs to be produced which no expert will ever prove to be counterfeit. They are ; real. But they do not show strangers from space; they show quite ordinary earthly ' objects unexpectedly foreshortened -- pots, pans, plastic toys, and the like. Are there photographs which evoke no doubts whatsoever? Yes, there are. They always show .ehining objects of a circular or oval shape with vague outlines. Most !IC 00015452 1ues4sy,.:4- 1.;!, 196:i 3 likely these photographs chow ball lightning. ZnaLlentally, the nature of the let has not been fully elucidated yet either, aue to the vagueness of the place and ti of its formation. However, no one ever thought of ascribing a cosmic origin to it Even with a superficial analysis, mysterious flares on clouds proved to be reflections of electrie welding, warning lights vl airplanes in the area of airpor or distant summer lightning. And the November 1967 "saucier" Over Sofia proved tol a high-altitude NATO reconnaissance balloon. Among the most serious works devoted to an investigation of the problem, 'Mori are two which ought to be mentioned. One of them is the book "Flying Saucers" by Donald Menzel who explains almost all cases of their appearance by disturbances in the Earth's or Sun's atmosphere. Our planet travels in the upper liYers of the Sur atmosphere where clots of high-temperature plasma are moving. freely. The other is a book by Frank Edwards. /t is a collection of statements, notes and records of eye-witness testimony classified into several sections. True, Edwar often qualifies his source as a witcess who did not wish to have his name mentioned but who may be fully trusted, or that the trustworthiness ofthe witness is con- firmed by numerous of his countryr ., but he cannot mention his name so far for a number of reasons. That's not very convincing, is it? For Whom Is /t Not a Myth? They are those for whom science is a business. Taking advantage of the lively interest of people for everything the 4trange and unusual, numerous lecturers in the Went appear before audiendc ..eports and stories, invite eye-witnenses to such lectures, and demonstrate p 'las and slides. Most of these lecturers are nothing but ordinary quacks. Tru, there are people who are sincerely convince in the trilth of what they aretalkingIbOut. They strive to draw the interest of the public to certain phenomena but, we are sorry to Bey, there is more harm than use in that. The Americans Desly and Adamski are the most outright frauds among them. Using their "good friendly relations" with strangers from other planets, the enter- prising businessmen "visited" Mars, the Moon and Venus, learned from our cosmic neighbours to treat by simple and accessible methods such diseases as cancer, glaucoma, hypertension and others which afflict the human race. Their lectures, motion-pictures, books and medical practice have brought them many hundred thousand dollnrs out of the pockets of trusting listeners and patients already. We may trace a clearly defined regularity in the appearance of large numbers' of flying saucers. And, strange as it might seem, this regularity is closely connected with earthly events. The first "cycle" of four years began in 1947. The number of saucers always 4: grows sharply on the eve of presidential elections in the USA. This is difficult to explain. Maybe people on other planets lay bets as to who will win in the next elections -- the republicans or the democrats. Perhaps, these saucers appear in order to divert the voters' thoughts from the again non-fulfilled pretidentia, programme and promises to rat'.- t11, .1...mItry a %mt" and "prosperina. society. There is another cycle. True, it is not determined by Cate. Saucers flooded the earth's atmosphere in 1951, in the months when the American troops were waging a ruthless, annihilating war against the Korean People's Democratic Republic. C 00015452 ? ? ? ? ? ? I The next invasion or saucers was in 1965.1966, when 35 American advisers in $uuth Vietnam were quickly replaced by half-a-million-strong army equipped with the Latest arms and intending to rout the National-Liberation Front within two weeks and when the President- of the United States of America, without declaring war and in violation the constitution of hi., own country, gave the order that the peaceful population of North Vietnam be subjected to brutal bombings. In short, when newspaper circulation drops, when readers set tired of economics and politics and when they are to be diverted from "irrelevant" quo:Miens, the Western businessmen resort to thras reliable, "always fresh" sensations:. Flying Saucers, the Sea. Serpent (sometimes it As substitned by the Loch Ness Lake monster)/ and the Snow Nen. / ? It is much nicer to read ebout Mysterious craft from Venus think of Mu future, of the wage freeze, ofrgrowing prices or Unemployment. Statesmen in imperil let countries resort to this 7infornation" quite deliberately. For them the ming saucers are not a myth, but I well-camouflaged mains for misinforming the people. And nothing but that. ? -.(Moskovsky remaomolets, February 16. In fu: THE END CO0015452 unam Faxime OBJECTS Fir* the /*Wm several nollshro awl reliable I El/ Mow. atinnot ? awl Own. ? einehmintt flint AffM1111 Tl'1.10: .4 nhonatinn I. *Inn. 41w fichl ramp n1 ? gmtat,..iral potions limn a Laningtaa growth inditittr, Th. modss..11 Is II iniha want. The awe .4 nhor...tien iaNoint's .IC. IWO. *low II P.M. heal iterailling to 310.tat of Caning! awl Soeltelonor. tha tamp :shiet. ? *mow, lune:non. !may nallenlp sp. MPIt the mnanhatt. on the linlitte .4r of An %An?. 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