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June 24, 2015
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January 31, 2011
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August 27, 1952
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000015465 COUNTRY Spain; Tunisia; French Morocco SUBJECT Military - Unconventional aircraft HOW PUBLISHED 'Daily newspapers WHERE PUBLISHED Tangier; Algiers DATE PUBLISHED 22 Nay - 16 Jun 1952 LANGUAGE Spanish; French CENTRAL REPORT NO. 00-V-23759 INFORMATION FROM FOREIGN DOCUMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS CD NO. -- SOURCE Newspapers. as indicated. ! !. G SAUCERS III SPAIN AND NORTB AFBTCA .'fr SMDNE-'iSAILiN OBJECT OUR BSA -- Tangier, Espana, R2 May 52 Barcelona, 21 May -- As I crossed Jose Antonio Avenue: on my, way to the newspaper office, I saw a strange. object flying at high speed from the direc- tion of Prat Airport, about 2,000 meters above ground, and leaving a wide smoke ,:.trail. It did not look like an aircraft (neither Prat nor Sabadell airport ad- ' itted any knowledge of the object), and unlike the so-called flying saucers, .1t was proceeding in a straight line, without emitting flashes of light or re- volving on an axis. The object seemed to me to be rocket-shaped, and the smoke came out of two points close together, merging into a single streak. J r colleagues at the office saw the smoLs but not the object. Over Beda- lona, about 10 kilometers-away, the object stopped trailing smoke, disappeared for a few seconds, and reappeared, again emitting smoke, several kilometers farther away. The newspaper office vas soon flooded with telephone calls from people who had seen the object. A friend of ours took the picture of the smoke trail. -- Valentin Garcia The picture shove a diagonal stripe of diaiaishing width and lighter in shade than the sky over the dark bulk of a building cornice. It is attributed to Francisco Andreu. The caption says that the picture was taken "on 17 May," although the report is dated 21 My UNISUAL OBJECT OVER TUEIBIA -- Algiers, Echo d'Alger, 4 Jun 52 On 3 June, at about 2000 hours, aazq inhabitants of Sousse saw a flying ob- ject traveling at dizzy speed from west to east and emitting a pale green light. T-T DATE OF INFORMATION 1952 DATE DIST. ,? Aug 1952 NO. OF PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION I.. ? ~.i[iJ i if.. i..... i C00015465 00-N-23759 FLIIAG SAUCER OYES mAQ'S, M(=OCCO -- Alaiers,_Echo. d'A1ger, U. Jun 52 Two witnesses reportid a flying .saucer sppearla~ shove Meknes &$'23W hours an 7 yune 1952.' One of them said'tbat hi saw -it bright spot io:the sy k saving?at lightning speed.. I..var able to compare its spied with thit of soma T-33 plamss flying near the 1(ehaes base, for they seemed very slur by ecapirison. The un- . known apparatus emitted a white'trail'Of smoke and suds ho sound. it drew war,. described's parabola in the &T, stopped, and than diappesred tbvard Ifrane in the south. FLAMI* DISC ABOVE TAOUII, N OCCO - Algiers, Echo d'A1 es, 16 Jun 52 On the morning of 15 Jame 3952, a. strsanpphenomenon appeared above Taour- iit,, french'M(orocco. For 30 seconds, took workers am a disc of white flames iurrm-wded'by two circular strands, with make trailing behind it. The fiery object, which seemed to mows earthward, vanished rapidly. BAum ovm.CASABLAJCA -- Algiers, Journal dAlger, 16 Jun 52 After Meknes and Marrakech,.Casablanca had its fl V saucer on 15 June 1952. It was observed by Andre Assorin, a former pilot. The lieteo"logical Bureau claims that is has not seen this unusual. apprxI ion above Casablanca.