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June 24, 2015
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January 31, 2011
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June 3, 1977
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C00041853 0 0 a^~ MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Research and Development, DDS&T FROM : Anthony A. Lapham General Counsel SUBJECT Proposed Research Project.- The author of the attached letter was an acquaintance of mine while I was in private practice. He called me on the phone several months ago and asked whether the Agency would have any interest in the research effort described in the attached letter. I expressed doubt, but said I would circulate the question if he put it in writing. The attached letter is the result. Do you have any potential interest? If, as I strongly suspect, you do not, I will let~~ down gently. Anthony K. Lapham Attachment OGC: AALI' Original - Addressee APR 03 C00041853 S In. I 1~rltlt'5 11 STANFORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE f.1INLO I'.1RK. CAt IrOANIA 1140"?6 14141 32G G700 ;tay 31, 1977 Anthony Lapham, Esq. General Counsel Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D.C. 20505 OL'ar Tony: G-2-77 I am following up on our earlier conversation suggesting that the Office of Research and Development (ORD) might have an interest in hearing and exploring avenues of research in which. we arc presently engaged. I would like, if agreeable, to discuss a comprehe-nsive research project on the global UFO phenomenon. Its major elements include ? Collection and analysis of existing policy, both official and undeclared, held by key governments on the UFO phenomenon ? Analysis of selected data and research on the UFO phenomenon - Formulation of critical research questions on the phenomenon - Assessment of institutional and informal systems for gathering and storing data on the phenomenon ? Assessment of alternative policy strategies on the UFO phenomenon ? Formulation of a national research plan on the UFO phenomenon. On approval, this project will be executed by a multidisciplinary team at SRI, in collaboration with selected scientific and policy consultants. We anticipate that the_analysis of selected UFO data may yield significant insight into dimensions of the UFO phenomenon that have been under-emphasized or overlooked. Policy options will be assessed across an array of potential human values and alternative. C00041853 Anthony Lapham, Esq. May 31, 1977 Central Intelligence Agency Page 2 "scenarios" for the UFO phe'1iomenon itself. Our product will include a final report, suitable for selected or public release. .By coincidence I will be in Washington, D.C. on June 9 and would be available to meet then. Alternatively, I could meet at any future date of your convenience, given reimbursement of travel expenses. With all good wishes. CENTER''FOR TH STUDY. OF SOCIAL POLICY 41M