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June 24, 2015
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January 31, 2011
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December 29, 1990
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000174711 Page: 87 of 149 CLAS UNCLASSIFIED CLAS UNCLASSIFIED AFSN TB3012141890C SUBJ TAKEALL-- Comlist: Moscow Consolidated 29 Dec 90 Full Text Superzone of Message 1 GLOBAL 2 1 aleksandr kanishchev/georgiy shmelev account of'ussr foreign ministry briefing by vitaliy churkin on aspects of soviet foreign policy issues, citing return of soviet specialists from Iraq, soviet concern for gulf crisis, charges of crime against soviet soldiers in germany, belgian govt endorsing plan to reorganize its armed forces, others. (300 text sent: tasse 1544 tassr 1505; 3 min, sent: enginter 1810 2110 spanla 2300 serbo 1700) 3 2 mikhail mikhaylov intvw with vitally khokhlov, head of intl bank for economic cooperation, discussing what awaits countries, mbrs of council for mutual econ assistance, incl countries of europe, asia and latam, in coming year, noting these countries switch over in their trade to world prices and payments in convertible currency, noting how this switch over will affect various countries in different. (3 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 spanla 2300 persian 1500 greek 2100 turkish 1400 romanian 1700 polish 1600 hungarian 2000 serbo 1700) 4 3 "world in mirror of events": on Intl poll revealing what most ppl regard as main events of 1990 (3 min); discussion between aleksandr zholkver and pravdin on world events in past year and outlook for 1991, noting despite gulf crisis, they are generally hopeful, noting humanitarian aid to ussr, especially from germany, is mentioned with appreciation, pointing out ussr must stamp out crime, mentioning Japanese are worried that medicines they send are held up at sheremetyevo, shamefully, contents of percels received from germany and austria even turn up on black market (4 min). (home 1745) 5 4 roundup reports from viktor gorbachev in havana, and vladimir korolev in mongolia on situations in these countries. (rpt enginter 281210, item 5 on 28 dec list) (engna 0000 spanish 282100 mand 1000) 6 5 "mirror". (rpt czech/slovak 251800, item 11 on 26 dec list) (czech/slovak 281800) 7 6 "radio moscow friends' club": review of letters from listeners and activities of club in 1990 and prospects of club for 1991, conveying seasonal greetings to listeners. (arabic 1600) 8 7 "moscow mailbag": incl discussions on ufo's, effective econ blockade or, iraq needs time, aftermath of armenian earthquake, ryzhkov's promise of recovery in two years not fulfilled, outlining distribution problems causing shortages in ussr, also deliberate sabotage of perestroyka. (engna 2300) 9 DISARM 10 8 vladyslav kozyakov on cuts in nuclear arsenals, noting desire for greater changes during coming year, underlining significance of test ban, quoting warnke that u.s. intends to go ahead with testing but effect of this would bring to nothing effect of agmts already signed, claiming with a test ban treaty in place risk of new nuclear powers arising would be largely offset. (4 min: engna 2300) 11 9 summary soviet press comment on ussr defense minister yazov intvw with 58 Approved for Release 21 f 000174711 Page: 88 of 149 jap yomuiri shimbun on disarm, other topics. (one min: mand 1300) 12 10 anon intvw with generazl mikhail kolesnikov, chief of general staff of ussr land forces, on rumors that soviet military are trying to bypass paris agmts. (rpt enginter 261310, item 13 on 26 dec list) (polish 1600) 13 11 anon observer on anniv use of biological weapons by Japanese militarists in soviet far east during 1949, and threat to use this type of weapon in persian gulf, citing un 1971 document banning biological weapons. (6 min: camb 1100) 14 TB3012141890TAKE1 15 UNITED STATES 16 12 solton on changes in soviet-u.s. ties, reviewing bilateral confrontation in past. (6 min: jap 281200) 17 13 tass corr anna tatarinova on two large soviet film festivals to be held in u.s. cities at beginning of 1991. (400 text: tasse 1129) 18 AMERICAS 19 14 tass dip corr yuriy rublevskiy intvw with yan burlyay, dep head latam department of ussr foreign ministry, on ussr's relations with latam countries during 1990. (390 text: tassr 0646) 20 15 anon on important developments throughout central america during 1990. (rpt spanla 282300, item 16 on 28 dec list) (spancuba 0130) 21 16 intvw with aeroflot trade deputy director on difficulties being faced by company, noting aeroflot's planned flights to brazil, increased interest in flights to chile. (3 min: spanla 2300) 22 17 anselmo septiem intvw with mexican ambassador to ussr on end of cold war, aspects of soviet-mexican relations. (8 min: spanla 0200) 23 18 (yuriy zayev) on political life in nicaragua, reviewing events in 1990, noting prospects for 1991. (3 min: spanla 2300) 24 GERMANY 25 19 "international diary": incl konstantin patsyuk on activities of neo-nazis in germany, suggesting all groups and parties preaching neo-fascism need to be outlawed. (4 min: orbita 1030) 26 20 v. chistyakov bonn dispatch on frg govt disinterest in resettling soviet germans in germany, citing frg interior minister schauble ARD intvw on EEC countries sharing burden of soviet emigrants. (approx 400 words: tassr 1139) 27 WEST EUROPE 28 21 anatoliy potapov on prospects for developments of all-european process. (rpt enginter 281210, item 24 on 28 dec list) (engna 0000 spanish 282100 tamil 1400; anon: spancuba 0130) 29 22 tass observer albert balebanov on positive development of eec-ussr relations, noting eec member-states backing idea of helping soviet union join world community. (approx 550 words: tassr 0955) 30 23 tass corr vladimir smelov vienna dispatch on difficulties being experienced by soviet immigrants in austria, citing personal cases. (approx 550 words: tassr 1051) 31 24 reports on russian prime minister silayev 29 dec meeting with sir rodric quentin braithwaite, british ambassador to soviet union, with gist remarks exchanged. (130 text sent: tasse 1519 tassr 1440; one min, sent: enguk 2000 enginter 2100 spanla 2300) 32 25 "points of view": incl vsevolod mikhaylov reviewing soviet-french relations in 1990, highlighting cultural cooperation (3.5 min); summary soviet press on france and belgium (4 min). (frenchinter 281800) 33 26 "newsreel of soviet-french relations". (rpt frenchinter 251800, item C00174711 Page: 89 of 149 30 on 26 dec list) (frenchinter 281800) 34 AFRICA 35 27 "africa as we see it": aleksey grigoryev on recent congo decree on general amnesty, meaning dissidents can now go into politics legally, noting political restructuring in congo (3 min); vladimir shilov on passing of charter of national unity in burundi, recalling past conflicts between hutu and tutsi people (4 min). (engafr 1700) 36 28 (vladimir kokarev) reviewing events in africa during 1990, highlighting changes in angola and mozambique. (6.5 min: engafr 1700) 37 TB3012141990TAKE2 38 29 vladislav chernukha on call by UNFAO to vest for food aid, re threat of famine, saying size of famine threat gives it global dimension. (3 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 engafr 1830) 39 30 vladimr shilov on congress of burundi's ruling party, citing need for unity in country, describing topics discussed. (4 min: swahili 1700) 40 31 southern africa corr (yuriy zhuravlev) reviewing important political events in south africa for 1990. (rpt engafr 261830, item 37 on 26 dec list) (zulu 1830) 41 PERSIAN GULF 42 32 special corr, navy officer aleksandr yakovlev, on his month-long visit aboard soviet naval ships in gulf. (rpt enginter 221210, item 33 on 22 dec list) (indo 1300 1500 burm 1430 camb 1230) 43 33 special corr, senior naval officer (aleksandr yakovlev), on his return from gulf, on soviet rescue helicopters based on soviet task force ships in gulf, citing It-col (valeriy kovdeyev) stressing role of helicopters as strictly limited to surveillance and reconnaissance. (4-3 min: enginter 1210 1510 spanla 2300 arabic 1500 persian 1500 turkish 1400 bulgarian 1700 polish 1600 serbo 1700 mand 1400) 44 34 tass political observer yuriy tyssovsky on worsening situation in gulf. (350 text sent: tasse 1737 tassr 1140) 45 35 yuriy rostov video report from baghdad airport on soviet nationals leaving iraq, incl intvv with iraqi trade minister muhammad salih on soviet union's unexpected decision to participate in economic sanctions against iraq. (3 min: tv 2030) 46 MIDEAST 47 36 aleksandr pogodin reviewing situation in mideast and arab lands, noting prospects for settlement. (rpt enginter 281210, item 44 on 28 dec list) (spancuba 0130 engna 0000 spanish 282100 malay 1200) 48 37 ivanov reviewing soviet-egyptian relations during 1990, recalling visits of egyptian officials to soviet union, noting stances of soviet union and egypt toward gulf crisis. (arabic 1600) 49 38 natalia nikolayeva, soviet women's committee official, on relations between soviet and arab women, highlighting exchange of visits during past year. (8.5 min: arabic 1500) 50 39 "soviet union and turkey -- on path of good-neighborliness": summary of statements, interviews, carried on program during 1990. (16 min: turkish 1400) 51 40 "your northern neighbor, the soviet union".. (rpt turkish 271400, item 41 on 27 dec list) (turkish 1830) 52 SOUTH ASIA 53 41 anon on prayer by father (gerasin) in moscow to honor soviet soldiers who died in afghanistan. (rpt spanla 272300, item 46 on 27 dec list) (spanish 282100) C00174711 Page: 90 of 149 54 42 (basant georgiyev) summing up events of 1990 which contributed to improvement of sov-india relations, citing visits to india of soviet military delegation, modvinov-led soviet trade delegation, lukyanov-led parliamentary delegation, holding of sov-india summit in moscow, exchange visits of cultural delegations and publication of books in each other's country. (6 min: hind 1400) 55 CHINA 56 43 (kirin mikhailov) on unification efforts of china and taiwan. (rpt wand 280700, item 56 on 28 dec list) (carob 1100) 57 44 intvv with prc ambassador to ussr on prc-ussr ties in past year, outlook for various coop, others. (8 min, sent: mand 282200 1000 1400) 58 ASIAN COMMUNIST 59 45 oleg alekseyev on acclamation expressed by reps of foreign ministries of vietnam and china on outcome of supreme national council of cambodia in paris 21-22 dec. (4 min: lao 1030 1300) 60 TB3012142190TAKE3 61 46 anon discussing cambodian issue. (6 min: kor 0900) 62 47 intvw with chmn koryo assn living in ussr and prof of moscow univ, on character of assn, its activities. (rpt kor 281330, item 62 on 28 dec list) (kor 1330) 63 48 anon on political developments in mongolia, organization of pluralist state and implemention of perestroyka. (rpt spanla 282300, item 63 on 28 dec list) (spancuba 0130) 64 ASIA/PACIFIC 65 49 "focus on asia and pacific": anon on chinese stand toward gulf situation in view of visit by emir of kuwait to beijing, citing talks held with prc chmn, of press conf on thursday by kuvaiti foreign minister and of meeting between emir and li peng (3 min); anon on--situation in cambodia, noting opposition setting up hostilities against government troops, reviewing events since viet troop withdrawal, serious steps toward settlement only taken after countries of se asia and then unsc permanent rmbrs began to show real interest in resolving protracted conflict (3.5 min); anon on endorsement by jap govt of a five-year plan to build up arms, quoting times calling japan the last cold warrior', noting Japan's changing stand toward soviet threat, culminating in declaration by jap foreign minsiter during shevardnadze's visit to japan that cold war was over, mentioning, however, that there are some signs of transformation in Japan's military policy in a positive direction (3 min); anon re yonhap report of plans by south korean metallurgical companies to increase by 10 times purchase of hot rolled steel from ussr and china next year, citing this as another example of interest in ussr and china to do business with south korea (3.5 min). (enginter 0710) 66 50 "focus on asia": incl report based on beijing talks about china's bureaucratism (5 min); anon on issues of cambodian refugees (5 min). (kor 1100) 67 51 kondratyev roundup intvws with correspondents in prc, Japan, singapore, india on major events in their host countries during 1990. (15 min: wand 0700) 68 52 (aleksey kondratin) on year-end review of foreign policies of some asian countries and soviet union. (13 min: burm 1030) 69 53 vasiliy harkov rounding up 1990 economic and political developments in asean countries noting rapid econ development in most regional countries. (8 min: indo 1330) C00174711 Page: 91 of 149 70 54 ivanov recalling trial of jap war criminals in khabarovsk 41 years ago. (4 min: wand 1000 1400) 71 55 anon on nodong sinmum report concerning south korean president's recent visit to ussr, rejecting asertion that visit obstructed peaceful unification of korea. (5-4 min: camb 1100 viet 1000) 72 56 anon on rok president no's speech to new cabinet. (4 min, poorest: kor 0900) 73 57 "ussr-malaysia friendship program": intvv with anwar bin abdullah, sec gen malaysia's congress of employee unions in public administration and civil service, on his visit o ussr. (5 min: mayal 1000) 74 58 feature on soviet-thai relations, inci intvw with thai ambassador to ussr. (rpt that 151100, item 66 on 15 dec list) (thai 1100) 75 EAST EUROPE 76 59 anon on opinion by soviet deputies on albanion issue. (9 min: kor 0900) 77 60 report on signing of trade and payments agent with bulgaria, marking process toward soviet-bulgarian market relations. (5 min: bulgarian 1700) 78 61 vladimir potakov on romanian-soviet econ ties in 1990 -- in general terms. (5'win: romanain 1700) 79 NATIONALITIES 80 62 anatoliy (tutunik) on planned temporary economic agent between republics, noting most problems are linked to need to stabilize economy, citing discussions at cpd and conf of republican and national leaders, highlighting problems generated by rsfsr decision on its budget, quoting viktor kucherenko, chmn of union parliaments planning, financial and budget commission, that it would be wrong for individual republics to try and solve their problems at expense of others. (3.5 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 enguk 2000 arabic 1500 persian 1500 greek 2100 engaf 1830 swahili 1730 bulgarian 1700 polish 1600 serbo 1700 kor 1100; attrib kurnikov: wand 1300; anon, 12 min: indo 1300 1500; 6-5 min: camb 1230 lao 1300 burm 1430) 81 TB3012142090TAKE4 82 63 "ussr today": report on intvv with various sov ppl's deputies on ussr establishment in 1922, when all republics signed treaty. (4.5 min: mand 1300) 83 64 video report on russian countryside, describing state of agri, shoving rotting crops, delapidated farms. (rpt tv 281800, item 81 on 28 dec list) (tv 0930) 84 65 dmitriy bubyakin yakutsk dispatch on yeltsin visit, reviewing his activities during 3-day tour, quoting yeltsin remarks to local inhabitants in village of saskylakh (60 words). (300 text: tasse 1118 tassr 0929; yeltsin only, brief: home 1000 1400 enginter 1600 1700 1800 1900) 85 66 "rsfsr parliamentary herald": igor zbronzhko, rsfsr ppl's dpty, intvwing two of authors of rsfsr law on enterprises and enterpreneurial activity, v. shumeyko, and a.m. akhmetov, explaining implications of law, which comes into force on 1 jan 1991. (16 min: tv 1600) 86 67 video report on ceremony for conferring russian state awards in spheres of literature and art, quoting silayev speech on occasion. (1.5 min, fyi sent: tv 1800; one min: mayak 1630) 87 68 yevgeniy (arapov), sec of council of federation of independent tus of rsfsr, on aim of an appeal by rsfsr independent tus to assess situation in country, which is extremely complicated, says ppl are currently losing faith in improvement of their lives, stressing urgent measures need to be C00174711 Page: 92 of 149 taken to make a transfer to a market system less painful for country. (3 min: home 1900) 88 69 intvw with leader of council of independent vocational league of rsfsr. (8 min, poorest: kor 0900) 89 70 koryun khumaryan report on desperate food supply situation in yerevan. (3 min, sent: home 0500) 90 71 vyacheslav solovyev on soviet-lithuanian dialogue without preliminary conditions, maintaining dialogue between central authorities and lithuania has become necessary after a unilateral decision of lithuanian parliament to proclaim independence of its republic, maintaining econ problems in lithuania have played their role in convincing lithuanian leadership of a softer stand on situation. (3 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 enguk 2000 arabic 1600 greek 2100 turkish 1400 bulgarian 1700 polish 1600 hungarian 2000 mand 1300; anon: spanla 2300) 91 72 anon on criminal activity in latvia. (rpt enginter 281810, item 83 on 28 dec list) (engna 0000 spancuba 0130 spanish 282100) 92 73 vladimir korolev ulaan-baatar dispatch on results of departing year in mongolia, noting end of first stage of perestroyka, growth of protest movement, arrival of political pluralism, parties agmt on need for consensus on policies to sovle country's problems, underlining certain anti-soviet themes generated. (4.5 min: mayak 0730) 93 74 anatoliy golya/aleksandr tanas, moldova dispatch giving account of marshal akhromeyev comment on presidential decree on moldova. (350 text sent: tassr 1652) 94 75 anatoliy golya/aleksandr tanas report on moldova parliament discussing presidential decree. (300 text sent: tassr 1910) 95 76 vladimir abtuforov report on inter ethnic conflicts in ussr related to economic problems in various republics as a result of steps taken to convert to market economy. (9.5 min: enguk 2000) 96 SOVIET ECONOMY 97 77 gorbachev decree on extra-budgetary funds for stabilization of economy. (3 min, sent: tv 1800; 300 text sent: tasse 2021 tassr 1903; one min: greek 2100; brief tassr 1856 enginter 2100 2200 engna 2300 enguk 2000 hungarian 2000) 98 78 gorbachev decree on sales tax. (1.5 min, sent: tv 1800; 100 text: tasse 1854 tassr 1858; approx 50 words: tassr 1854) 99 79 "topical intvw": aleksandr fedorovich intvv with ussr finance minister v.s. pavlov, discussing gorbachev's two decrees on economic issues. (7 min, sent: tv 1842; 600 words: tassr 2000) 100 TB3012142290TAKE5 101 80 report on moscow news conference by yelena kotova on progress of economic reforms. (5 min: bulgarian 1700) 102 81 account of roundtable talk by soviet academics on road to market economy. (poorest: polish 1600) 103 82 roundup press briefings by moscow officials on cities worsening econ situation. (4 min: mand 0700) 104 83 "moscow evenings": incl komsomolskaya pravda intvv with italian economist forecasting developments in ussr. (czech/slovak 1800) 105 USSR CONGRESS OF PPL'S DEPUTIES 106 84 vitaliy gurov reviewing results of just ended congress, assessing decisions adopted. (rpt enginter 281210, item 95 on 28 dec list) (frenchinter 281800 engna 0000 spancuba 0130 spanish 282100 macedonian 1800 viet 1000 Iamb 1100 lao 1030 hind 1400 tamil 1400) C00174711 Page: 93 of 149 107 85 yuriy solton on congress endorsement of soviet foreign policy. (rpt enginter 281210, item 96 on 28 dec list) (frenchinter 281800 spancuba 0130 spanla 0200 spanish 282100 mand 282200 camb 1100 lao 1030 malay 1200) 108 86 vladislav kozyakov on cpd resolution reiterating support for unsc decisions on gulf crisis, stressing resolution ends any speculation about change in soviet foreign policy, stressing ussr remains committed to un strategy, as was confirmed by cpd resolution. (3 min: engna 0000) 109 87 vladimir koroblev intvw with anatoliy lukyanov, chmn ussr supsov, giving his views on outcome of congress of ppl's deputies. (15 min, sent: home 1930) 110 88 summary sovetskaya rossiya report on news conf given by newly elected vice president gennadiy yanayev. (c/r tassr 271730, item 92 on 27 dec list) (60 text: tasse 0615) 111 89 Ivan pankov on soviet foreign policy, citing endorsement by congress of ppl's deputies of soviet policy on gulf issue, citing remarks by mp (vladimir aryakin) about country's firm foreign policy. (5-3 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 spanla 2300 arabic 1600 persian 1500 greek 2100 turkish 1400 engaf 1830 zulu 1800 bulgarian 1700 romanian 1700 polish 1600 hungarian 2000 wand 1000 viet 1400 lao 1300 tamil 1400 malay 1200 burm 1430; anon: turkish 1400 swahili 1700) 112 90 intvv with mbr ussr supsov presidium on outcome of 4th session of sov parliament. (4.5 min: mand 1000) 113 91 intvv with soviet deputy on outcome of 4th session of sov parliament. (4.5 min: mand 0700) 114 92 rogachev on soviet parliament decision to hold referendum on privatization of land. (7 min: mand 0700) 115 93 summary rabochaya tribuna intvv with presidential aide georgiy shakhnazarov, on power structure reforms approved by-4th congress of ppl's deputies. (cov pmu) (300 text: tasse 0857 tassr 0608) 116 LIFE IN USSR 117 94 profile of new soviet vice-president gennadiy yanayev, briefly quoting him on sovereignty of democratic laws. (2 min: spanish 282100) 118 95 moscow party chief yuriy prokofyev new year eve message, during intvw, expressing optimism about improving country's prospects in 1991 through joint efforts. (brief, sent: enginter 1200 1300 1400 1500) 119 96 (ryurik karasevich) chita dispatch on poor state of trade there, noting violations of trading rules, incl intvw with (vladimr melnikov), head of kgb directorate department in chita, denying rumor of sabotage in area. (3 min: home 1900) 120 97 oleg padenko vladivostok dispatch on lack of petrol in soviet far east, noting angry motorists smashing petrol pumps, citing intvw with (georgiy nadenenko), general director of maritime kray goskomnefteprodukt association, on petrol quotas. (4 min, sent: mayak 0800) 121 TB3012142390TAKE6 122 98 vladimir savchenko intvw with (leonid dritov), doctor of technical sciences and director of penza polytechnic's center for fundamental research, on development pioneered by his center to extract vanadium from crude oil. (4 min: mayak 0530) 123 99 tass corrs anna tatarinova/eleonora sutotskaya on winners of nika, top soviet film award, describing award ceremony. (380 text: tasse 1312) 124 100 "ussr today": report on russian orthodox eastern church to hold art festival beginning of 1991. (3.5 min: mand 1300) 125 101 "ussr today": report profiling yanayev (4.5 min); riga dispatch on C00174711 Page: 94 of 149 situation in latvian ssr (3.5 min); intvv with president of blue movement on efforts to protect environment, cultural relics in ussr (4 min). (mand 0100) 126 102 "update": incl account of yanayev's first news conference, briefly citing his address to congress of people's deputies re his election (5 min); intvw with sovet mps who were involved in afghan war, incl head of war veterans' committee saying afghan war was crime, blaming soviet govt at that time, describing religious service held in moscow to commemmorate those who died (5.5 min); first part irina tkachenko intvw with oleg kalugin, retired kgb general, on possible official reaction to his court proceedings against ussr govt (rpt engna 270000, item 116 on 27 dec list); leonid zhukov detailing gorbachev's recent decree on moldova (rpt enginter 270810, segment item 125 on 27 dec list); report on exhibition of yesterday's military secrets held in moscow (rpt enginter 270810, segment item 125 on 27 dec list). (enginter 0810 engna 0000) 127 103 "glimpse of soviet union": vyacheslav terekhov on russian deputies meeting with yeltsin (rpt enginter 251210, item 78 on 25 dec list); other soviet topics. (16 min overall: hind 1130) 128 104 misc internal ussr items: 29: sov 5 democ 3 yugo 1 eur 1 northam 1 latam 2 mideast 2 asc 3 asnc 11 129 UNPRO: enginter 0800 0900 1000 1100 130 POOR: hungarian 2000 romanian 1700 131 DROPPED: engaf 282000 (endall) 29 Dec 90 132 TB3012142490TAKE7