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June 24, 2015
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January 31, 2011
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January 19, 1991
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00.0174712 Page: 103 of 149 CLAS UNCLASSIFIED CLAS UNCLASSIFIED AFSN TB2001101091C SUBJ TAKEALL-- Comlist: Moscow Consolidated 19 Jan 91 Full Text Superzone of Message 1 GLOBAL 2 1 account of vitaly churkin's 19 jan soviet foreign ministry press briefing on situation in Persian gulf and forthcoming soviet/american summit. (500 text: tasse 2002; segment on gulf develpments: 450 text sent: tasse 1447 tassr 1350 arabic 1500; 3 2 "moscow radio friends' club": incl item on mideast war; listeners who wrote to radio about their leisure time and books they have recently read. (arabic 1600) 4 3 "point of view": vsevolod mikhaylov noting french opposition parties' call for govt to apply pressure on soviet leadership bodies and suspend aid to user due to vilnius incidents, violence does not help to solve thorny inter-ethnic problems and death of innocent ppl created indignation and protest in user (4 min); aleksandr smailin in bratislava/(sergey shivikin) in Budapest on Czechoslovakia considering its membership of veto's military organization (rpt enginter 181210, item 94 on 18 jan list); "france and Belgium as seen by soviet press": komsomolskaya Pravda. examines france's reaction to hostilities in gulf, trud notes not everyone in France agrees with taking part fn gulf war, Pravda highlights mitterrand's call to Iraq to withdraw from kuwait to avoid further damage, rabotchaya trfbuna notes Belgian's concerns in 1991, za rubezhom publishes intvw with french contemporary painter currently exhibiting in moscow (3.5 min). (frenchinter 181800) 5 4 "update": incl an mp, and deputy chairman of parliamentary committee for afghan war veterans (name indistinct) on gulf war, he recently visited Iraq, war is not a solution, he blames war on saddam's intransignece (3.5 min); anon on moscow news conference by leaders of democratic russia on lithuanfan iituation, generally critical of soviet union's leaders, afanasyev says president opposes true sovereignty for republics (2.5 min); leonid zhukov who visited moldova and georgia on lack of firm economic plans for this year in those republics, other economic problems of georgia noted (6 min). (enginter 0810 0000) 6 5 "focus on asia and pacific": incl aieksandr pogodin notes military action in gulf gives rise to questions about its effect on new world situation (rpt enginter 181210, item 60 on 18 jan list); mikhail krystov on seoul talks between soviet delegation headed by maslyukov and south korean delegation head by senior presidential counsellor, agenda of talks outlined, heads of both delegations underline that user and south korea have big potential for cooperation (2.5 min); aleksandr nikolayev on Beijing announcemnet that delegation of supreme people's assembly of laos led by it chairman will arrive in china ZO jan, noting visit is expected to give fresh impetus to rapidly developing bilateral cooperation (3.5 min); intvw with artur chilingarov, deputy chairman of state committee for hydrometeorlogy, he supervised soviet scientists' research in antarctic region, he gives details of his visit last month to chile to take part in special consultative conference, info given of projects discussed at conference providing for turning antarctica into world nature preserve, 59 Approved for Release ~ ~a 000174712 Page: 104 of I49 noting problems faced over differing views by participants in conference, he adds they were unanimous in believing antarctica should remain continent of peace, details given of soviet/american cooperation in the region, and of soviet cooperation with pacific countries, greenpeace work in region noted (9.5 min). (enginter 0610) 7 6 "moscow mailbag" presented by joe adamov "krokodil" magazine described, regular correspondent from tucson told there are approximately 500 AIDS cases registered in user but only about 40 thousand people have been tested so far, continues by giving other statistcal data relating to aids; agreement reached with several western companies to open fresh oilfields and build petrochemical complexes in user; lack of enthusiasm in usa for short wave listening discussed, adamov talks about his visits to Seattle and praises area. (13.5 min: enginter 2300) 8 DISARM 9 7 gorbachev geetings message to participants of nuclear weapons conference in new york. (one min, sent: home 1600) 10 TB2001101091TARE1 it 8 political observer aleksandr zholkver on conference on problems of banning nuclear tests, which has just ended its work in new york, recalling history of movement for reducing and banning nuclear tests, illustrating his words with statistics for 27-year period since treaty between user/usa/britain on banning nuclear tests has been signed, and about dangerous situation emerging in world when some countries which possess nuclear weapons have not yet joined treaty. (4 min: mayak 0630) 12 UNITED STATES 13 9 aleksandr barabeychik intvws susan eisenhower, granddaughter of former u.s. president, who visited moscow for intl forum for survival and development of humanity, she feels gorbachev's idea for eliminating all nuclear arms by end of century is still worthwhile concept; problem is that it is not just the superpowers that have nuclear arms; gulf crisis will doubtless put nuclear non-proliferation on agenda, importance of good soviet-u.s. relations for whole world stressed, reception by gorbachev recalled, topics discussed broadly outlined. (7 min: enginter 0000). 14 AMERICAS 15 10 second part of soviet profs lecture on beginning of soviet-brazilian relations in last century and soviet nobility's interest in brazil's colorful birds, forests. (11 min: porbtraz 0000) 16 11 tars intvw with kim en un, mbr of user supreme soviet's committee on intl affairs, on good prospects for development of relations between ussr and chile. (rpt tassr 181535, item 14 on 18 jan list) (400 text: tease 0727) 17 12 corr to lima (alexsandr gramov) on escalation of terrorism in peru. (3 min: spools 2300) 18 GERMANY 19 13 gorbachev telephone conversation with chancellor kohl re his reelection as chancellor. (c/r fosse 181536, item 16 on 18 jan list) (brief: enginter 0000 0800 0900 1000 1000 hungarian 182000 korean 0900 wand 0100 viet 1400 comb 1100 urdu 1100 hind 1200 bur 1200 indo 1300 thaf 1300) 20 14 anon on need for the preservation of good?.relations between ussr and germany despite disagreement on lithuanian issue. (4 min: greek 2000) 21 15 anon on formation of new german cabinet, evolution of soviet-frg ties. (5 min: romanian 1700) 22 WBST EUROPE 000174712 Page: 105 of 149 23 16 summary Pravda outlining contents of various british intelligence documents supplied by spy george blake. (rpt enginter 172000, item 20 on 17 jan list) (enginter 2000) 24 17 "newsreel of soviet-french friendship." (rpt frenchinter 111800, item 26 on 13 jan list) (frenchinter 181800) 25 18 item on exhibition of french painter. (3 min, poor: polish 1600) 26 AFRICA 27 19 "africa as we see it": yuriy zhuravlev on initial reaction in africa to events in Persian gulf (rpt enginter 181630, item 25 on 18 jan list); vladlen mikhaylov on difficult year ahead in ghana, noting finance and economic planning sec, recently warned that this year would not be easy due to loc prices for african exports and increased oil prices, contending enforced curtailment of state expenditure would also affect social program, nevertheless, govt planned to continue its economic recovery course (4 min). (enginter 181930 0630) 28 20 "africa as we see it": vladlen mikhaylov on announcement in freetown that general elections would be held in may, a bitter fight has erupted, with number of groups urging an immediate review of constitution to abandon one-party rule, until recently ruling party, while conceding need for greater democracy, raised fears that emergence of several parties could lead to revival of tribal differences, religious strife and internal destabilization (2.5 min); aleksey grigoriyev on Intl consumer expo X91, which opened in moscow, noting applications to participate had been received from 35 countries, but none from africa, citing remarks at opening press conf given by deputy chairman of user chamber of commerce and deputy general director of expo, regretting africa's absence from expo. (3.5 min). (enginter 1630) 29 21 "africa speaking": sergey nagayev intvws nigerian scientist dr. (ayo ojajune); currently at philosophy department of moscow state university, they discussed item in arguments and facts, which had noted growing rapprochement between east and west, stressing vast economic aid being given by west to user, would lead to starvation of at least twenty million people in africa, noting africa had the resources and rich agricultural potential, all it needed was to be more inward looking, selfreliant and politically stable. (11 min: enginter 0630) 30 TB2001101191TAKE2 31 22 "an invitation to talk": first instalment interviewed dr. irina filatova, head of department of african studies of moscow university, on financial difficulties affecting her department and waning interest fn africa, excepting south africa. (6.5 min: enginter 0630) 32 23 "program for radio moscow listeners' clubs in africa": letters, as usual mostly from nigeria, reviewed, following letter from ghana.quoted about club activities, listener in sierra leone who had asked about life of soviet muslims was told that a special program on subject would be broadcast on 15 feb; "chronicle of events in ussr": review of issues discussed at december session of congress of people's deputies quoting deputies dzharimov and zeleznev. {15 min: enginter 181930) 33 24 intvww with soviet amb to Somalia on situation in mogadishu. (4 min: somaii 171600) 34 PER5IAN GULF 35 25 gorbachev 17 jan stv/radio stmt on gulf war. (clr tv 170936, item 29 on 17 jan list) (2-1.5 min: Somali 171600/twice/ jap 181000 181200) 36 26 anon on outbreak of war in gulf. (rpt enginter 171210, item 39 on 17 000174712 Page: 106 of 149 jan list) (5 min: Somali 171600) 37 27 gorbachev message to heads of state and gouts of arab states, pegged. (c/r tassr 181430, item 33 on 18 jan list) (1.5-one min: turkish 1830 camb 1100; brief: enginter 0000 0800 0900 1000 1100 urdu 1100 hind 120 bur 1200 1430 indo 1100 that 1100 lao 1030 1330) 38 28 soviet foreign ministry stmt on Iraq's attack on israel. (c/r tasse 181419, item 34 on 18 jan list) (3 min: portbraz 0000; brief: enginter 0000 portbraz 0000 spanla 0000 persian 181500 hungarian 192000) 39 29 account of 18 jan soviet foreign ministry press briefing given by alexander belonogov and vitaly churkin. /r tasse 181903, item 36 on 18 jan list) (engna 0000) 40 30 gorbachev instruction that everything possible be done to evacuate all soviet citizens from Iraq, as reported by gennadiy yanayev. (c/r tv 1215, of today's list under "life in ussr" section) (70 text sent: tassr 1506 tasse 1535; brief: enginter 2000 2100 serbo 2000) 41 31 "Intl panorama": incl yu golubeva presents program which openes with cnn video of start of gulf war, with narrator giving factual account of what happend, camera shows technicians arming aircraft other details of offensive given (8 min); vitaliy kobysh on Iraqi second missile attack on israel, vieeo showing damaged buildings in israel, trod quotes general Petrov on events in gulf (6 min); video report by t arakuta rounding up reports broadcast on cnn in last few days covering events in gulf and intvws by tarakuta describing peacenik demos in Washington and intvw with demonstrators (6.5 min); over cnn pictures, voice over describes events leading to gulf war since august last year (3.5 min); ye. golubeva video report on u.s. wives seeing off their military husbands to Iraq. all reports from Iraq have been heavily censored, kobysh says, kobysh sums up reaction of countries from all continents to gulf war-(7.5 min). (tv 1500) 42 32 costa rican amb regrets gulf war and comments on satisfaction over gorbachev's readiness to mediate in search for peaceful solution to conflict. (3 min: spanla 2300) 43 33 mexican jouranlist miguel barberena of weekly excelsior on kremlin policies re persian gulf war. (3 min: spanla 2300) 44 34 anselmo septiem fntvws nicaraguan amb to ussr on gorbachev's speech re gulf war. (c/r spanla 182300, item 32 on 18 jan list) (8.5-4-min: spanla 0000/twice/ 2300) 45 35 venezuelan journalist (roberto yusqui) on attitude of soviet govt and gorbacehv re persian gulf conflict. (3 min: spanla 2300) 46 36 col. vadim solovyev assesses situation in persian gulf. (rpt enginter 181210, item 54 on 18 jan list) (4 min: jap 181200 persian 182000) 47 TB2001101291TAKE3 48 37 leonid rassadin reviews gulf war developments. (rpt enginter 181810, item 56 on 18 jan list) (enginter 0000 hungarian 182000 korean 0900) 49 38 vladyslav kozyakov on calls to halt gulf war. (rpt enginter 181810, ite? 57 on 18 jan list) (hungarian 182000) 50 39 aleksandr pogodin notes military action in gulf gives rise to questions about its effect on new world situation. (rpt enginter 181210, item 60 on 18 jan list) (amharic 181500 persian 181500 hungarian 182000) 51 40 vladimir pasko quotes (zhivis), deputy head of directorate of center for operational-strategic research of general staff of ussr armed forces, pegged. (6.5 min, sent: mayak 0930) 52 41 leonid rassadin reviews gulf developments: multi-natl forces continued 000174712 Page: 107 of 149 air-raids on Iraqi military targets; u.s. military command pleased with progress: bush quoted in this connection and calling for realism; Iraq again shelled tel aviv, Israeli premier's spokesman said country will retaliate; soviet foreign ministry rep reiterated ussr's position voiced on friday, urging Iraq's leaders to realise their actions result only in destruction for Iraqi people and Israel to show necessary restraint and avoid path that leads to still greater tensions in.mideast. (3 min: enginter 1810 2000 2110 2300 serbo 2000) 53 42 anon on situation in Persian gulf. (5-3 min: spanla 2300 greek 2000 romanian 1700) 54 43 Pavel demchenko on situation in gulf, saying Iraq has withstood initial strikes and dream of those who thought matter will end in short time has been dashed, re situation in the arab demchenko says in tunisia, Sudan and Yemen and others are expressing sympathy with Iraq, while others including Saudi arabia and egygt are participating the hostilities, contending arab masses' anti-Israel feelings should be taken into account because Israel is still occupying west bak, east Jerusalem and other arab lands. (arabic 1600) 55 44 military observer aleksandr yakovlev on latest developments in Persian gulf area, noting outcome of first two and half days of war indicates plans to assure quick success of multinational force in military operations has failed to materialize, the american command admitted hostilities are to last at least 'til februsry, soviet amb to use, yuliy vorontsev cited on user's contacts with Iraqi leadership. (3 min: enginter 1210 1510 arabic 1500 Bulgarian 1600 polish 1600 korean 1100 mend 1000 viet 1200 1400 lao 1030 1330 camb 1100 1230 hind 1200 indo 1100 bur 1200 1430 that 1300) 56 45 melnikov video report on bombing of Baghdad, Iraqi strikes against Israel, bush talked on telephone with Shamir, long-drawn out and unpredictable conflict expected. (4 min: tv 1530) 57 46 review of soviet press comment on situation in the gulf. (rpt portbraz 182300, item 62 on 18 Jan list) (engna 0000 urdu 1100) 58 47 undatelined tars roundup of gulf crisis. (approx 700 words: tassr 0325) 59 48 report on public reaction to gulf war, concern, criticism of saddam. (5 min: jap 181000) 60 49 news agencies reports on reaction in asian countries on outbreak of war, Iranian president hashemi-rafsanjani immediately sent msg to Perez de Cuellar expressing regret at outbreak of war, and called for speedy amicable settlement by peaceful means, Indian prime minister said he would welcome all soviet peace moves. large-scale marches took place in Pakistani city of Peshawar against u.s. policy in Persian gulf. (5 min: Persian 181530) 61 MIDEAST 62 50 saadettin dogan, from the turkish foreign trade under secretariat, who is participating as observer in consumexpo-91 exhibition that opened in mosow 17 Jan, interviewed on goals and benefits of exhibition and bilateral trade relations. (3 min: turkish 1830) 63 51 "soviet union and turkey -- on path of goodneighborliness: intvw with director of assn of bilateral trade and economic relations on goals of assn. (4 min: turkish 1430 1830) 64 TB2001111391TAKE4 65 SOUTH ASIA 000174712 Page: 108 of 149 66 52 kabul corr Boris biragov on 4th anniv of natl reconciliation policy in afghanistan, reviewing achievements over past four years, noting policy had made it possible to conclude geneva agreements and withdrawal of soviet troops. (3 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 arabfc 1500 polish 1600 serbo 2000 romanian 1700 burro 1430; anon: carob 1100 1230) 67 53 georgiy kirichatiy delhi dispatch on delhi seminar on peaceful settlement of afghan issue organized re 4th anniv of natl reconciliation policy in country. (5 min: urdu 1100 viet 1400) 68 54 georgiy kirichatiy new delhi dispatch on Indian people's concern that gulf war will have serious adverse effects on Indian economy. (3 min: hind 1200) 69 55 yevgeniy nikolayev pointing to merger of three Sikh akali factions under simranjit Singh mane in India's punjab state. (3 min: hind 1200) 70 CHINA 71 56 friendship, coop road: (vasilyev) intvw amity group member {milov) on pravda delegation's prc visit, meeting with huaag hue (4 min); cultures assn founds silk center (4.5 min); heflongjiang econ deleg visits foreign trade inst (3.5 min). (mend 1000) 72 ASIAN COMMt)NIST 73 57 anon on visit of lao supreme pple's assembly delegation to china, noting expanding coop between two countries. (4 min: korean 0900) 74 58 aleksey nikolayev on significance of lao natl assembly delegation's forthcoming visit fo china. (5 min: viet 1400 lao 1030) 75 59 yuriy trushin on soviet tourists' visit to lao in early jan, giving vies by head of tourists group on their impression of warm welcome by lao people during visit. (4 min: lao 1330) 76 60 vladimir korolev ulan Bator dispatch on 25th anniv of soviet-mongolian friendship treaty, describing fruitful coop over pas ~ years. (3 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 romanian 1700 carob 1100) 77 ASIA/PACIFIC 78 61 "focus on aria": anon on upcoming visit of Japanese foreign minister to moscow to hold talks with new soviet foreign minister (4 min); anon on pravda article on geasants' life and agri policy in vietnam (3 min). (korean 1100) 79 62 asian events: alekseyev on jap formin~s moscov visit 21 Jan, noting northern islands' issue may obstruct peace treaty (4 min); six, final izvestiya on taiwan, noting trade-orientated diplomacy, trade with ussr, mainland (4.5 min). (mend 0700) 80 63 oleg alekseyev on upcoming un sponsored 24-26 Jan regional multilateral meeting in kathmandu in effort to further enhance greater coop, solidarity and stability among aria-pacific nations. (8 min: indo 1100) 81 64 pravda, asahi shimbun sponsor debate on asia-pacific security. (5.5 min: jap 181200 wand 1000) 82 65 second part soviet historian dr. vladimir vasilyev on political and economic problems in Burma. (7 min: burin 1200) 83 66 anon on improvement of bilateral relations between Indonesia and vietnam and good impact of this improvement on efforts to reach political solution to Cambodian issue. (4 min: viet 1400 lao 1330) 84 67 summary lit gazeta 16 Jan intvw with kaifu, noting his remarks on perestroyka, human rights, difficult economic task. (6 min: jap 181000) 85 6$ special corr (mikhail christov) Seoul dispatch on visit to south korea by soviet delegation led by deg premier maslyukov. (rpt enginter 181210, item 82 on 18 Jan list) (enginter 0000 urdu 1100) 000174712 Page: 109 of 149 86 TB2001101491TAKE5 87 CEMA/EAST EUROPE 8$ 59 aleksandr shakin on prospects for survival of cema. (rpt enginter182000, item 91 on i8 jan list) (hungarian 182000} 89 70 "horizon of change." (rpt amharic 151500, item 58 on 15 San list) (amharic 181500) 90 71 itttvw with (candor gyoerke), hungarian ambassador in moscow, on changes last year in hungary and soviet union, state of relatiotts between two countries. (9 min: hungarian 182000) 91 SPACE 92'? 72 anon on world media interest in unidentified flying object. (20 wins korean 1330} 93 73 moscow mailbag: incl replies to listeners' questions on life and career of space rocket designer sergey korolov. (17 mitt, overall: enginter 2000) 94 MILITARY 95 74 tass corr vadim byrkin Stepanakert dispatch on assassination attempt on life of maj.gen. vladimir kovalev, chief of nagorno-karabakh autonomous Oblast interior directorate, incl intvw with kovalev describing attempt. (300 text sent: tassr 1208 tasse 2107) 96 LITHFIANIA 97 75 anatoliy chuchinik on continuing tension in lithuania and ensuing concern at home and abroad. (rpt enginter 171210, item 93 on 17 jan list) (Somali 171600 Iamb 1100 burro 1430) 98 76 a. kraminov video report on 18 jan meeting between kryuchkov, and muscovites in moscow's house of political education, on actions of soviet troops in lithuania. (c/r tv 181800, item 102 on 18 jatt list) (brief: enginter 0800 0900 1000 1100 hungarian 182000 urdu 1100 hind 1200 burro 1200.indo 1100 that 1330 viet 1400 lao 1030 1330} 99 77 vitally gurov on situation in lithuania. (rpt enginter 181210, item 103 on 18 jatt list) (enginter 0000 portbraz 0000 persian 181500 hungarian 182000 hind 1200) 100 78 anon review tragic events that occurred in lithuania this week. (4 min: spanla 2300) 101 79 video report by i. minayev/s. gelbakh/v. krasnoyarskiy on situation in lithuania, says barricades around parliament are still in place, incl intvw with gen. v.i. varennikov, user dep defense minister, on whether gulf crisis will have any affect on situation in republic. (6 min, sent: tv 1800 tassr 1905; brief: enginter 2200 2300) 102 80 (vladimir korfilyev) on situation in lithuania gradually returning to normal, says there can be no peace on lithuanian soil as long as opposing sides carry out dialogue with stones and dissidence is persecuted. (3 min: mayak 1438) 103 81 sergey vorobyev on past week's events in lithuania, recalling tragic events around parliament building and television center, briefly quoting gorbachev on natl tv, describing various political moves to settle solution. (3.5 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2000 2110 arable 1500 polish 1600 serbo 2000 bulgarian 1600 romanian 1700 viet 1200 1400 wand 1000) 104 NATIONALITIES 105 82 anon people's deputy from tatar republic on new union treaty. (4 min: turkish 181400) 106 83 vitally ilyashenko on western media interest in situation in baltics, briefly quoting various foreign heads of govt. (4 min, sent: tv 1800) 107 84 report on viewpoints of two soviet members of parliament on events in 000174712 Page: 110 of 149 baltic republics. (3 min: bulgarian 1600) 108 85 gorbachev 19 fan telegram to azerbaijan ssr and all working people on first anniv of tragic events in republic. (100 text sent: tassr 1030 tease 1204; brief: tv 1530 1800 enginter 1600 1700 1800 1900 frenchinter 1800 Czech/slovak 1800 polish-1600) 109 TB2001101591TAKE6 110 86 andrey trapeznikov on situation in tallinn, describing rising tension in republic caused by general strike. (6 min, sent: mayak 0913) 111 87 raga dispatch on stmt released by all-baltic cmtee for public salvation in latvia, assuming power in republic. (300 text sent: taskr 1537) 112 88 account appeal by all-latvian people's assembly to gorbachev, over yeltsin's anti-people document signed with leaders of supsovs of rsfsr, estonia, latvia and lithuania. (3 min, sent: home 1600) 113 89 teas corn fedor angels ki.shinev dispatch on proceedings at 19 fan plenum of moldovan comparty cc?plenum. (300 text: tassr 1502) 114 90 igor vasilkov, politologist igor dyumin fntvw with members and leaders of rupublican party of russia, vyacheslav shostakovskiy, stepan sulakshin, igor yakovenko, on situation in baltic republics, particularly in lithuania. (5 min: rossii 1100} 115 91 summary izvestiya on consortium, members of which are avtoexport, that is large scale enterprises of russia, ukraine and belorussia, and central european investment fund, which is most favorite to become shareholder of ikarus and csepel motor works. (5 min: hungarian 182000) 116 92 report on abolishment of ukrainian ministry of consumer services, incl intvw with vice-president of ukrsoyuzservis on tasks of this organization and way it differs from old ministry. (3 min: mayak 1630) 117 93 "welcome to our home." (rpt greekcy 181730, item 121 on 18 jan list) (greek 2000) - 11S USSR SUPSOV 119 94 excerpts gorbachev's address at 16 jan supsov. (6 min: viet 1200) 120 95 vitaliy gurov on supsov session that ended 16 jan in moscow. (rpt enginter 171210, item 110 on 17 jan list) (burm 1430 viet 1200 camb 1100 1230) 121 96 vitaliy gurov reviewing proceddings at now ended soviet parliament session, focusing on economic aspects of debates, noting session strongly favored transition to market economy. (4 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 spanla 2300 arabic 1600 bulgarian 1600 romanian 1700 polish 1600 serbo 2000) 122 97 (rogachev) on longest supsov meeting, noting laws approved. (4.5 mina mend 182200) 123 LIFE IN USSR 124 9$ ussr council of ministers resolution to stabilize and improve supply of food in ussr. (c/r tease 182151, item 130 on 18 jan list) (brief: portbraz 0000 spanla 0000) 125 99 "who's who": live studio discussion presented by igor fesunenko with participation of ruslan khasbulatov, first dep churn rsfsr supsov, and gennadiy yanayev, vice president ussr, on various aspects of political, socioeconomic situation in .ussr. (1 hr 17 min, sent: tv 1215 tassr 1804; yanayev only: brief: enginter 2200 2300) 126 100 people's deputy (dobov) on his booklet on reform, political situation in country. (3.5 min: wand 0700) 127 101 topical intvw: political observer dmitriy biryukov fntvw with prof, zdenek mlynar, on difficulties incurred in changing old status quo and 000174712 Page: 111 of 149 replacing it with new democratic system in ussr. (10 min: tv 1853) 128 102 yuriy rogachev on survival of glasnost and perestroyka in ussr. (rpt enginter 181210, item 133 on 18 jan list) (amharic 181500) 129 103 "soviet panorama." (rpt enginter 162000, item 114 on 16 jan list) (enginter 2000) 130 TB2001101691TAKE7 131 104 ussr today: anon on open letter issue (3.5 min); anon on cpd 15 jan session (3.5 min); anon on Intl film industry workers assn founding. (mend 0100) 132 105 "events in soviet union": incl item on legal aspects of multiparty's politics in soviet union. (4 min: turkish 181400) 133 106 "future of socism": review magazine published by Pravda in moscow, noting dzasokhov remarks. (4.5 min: mend 0700) 134 107 "radiorama": feature on moscow important events occurring in user, supsov meeting discussing gulf war, gorbachev's stv address on war, others. (15 min: spanla 0000) 13S 108 "mosaic": review readers latam listeners letters on russian winter, soviet people's opinion of lens. (24 min: spanla 0000) 136 109 "horizons": incl item on book recently published by soviet writer; yuriy rogachev on unemployment in ussr. (28 min: spancuba 0130) 137 110 "various aspects in soviet life": anon on publication of magazine on future socialism in russian noting it is new, internationalist publication on leftist idea fn europe (5 min); anon. on publications of (dowril Popov), soviet people's dep and economist, noting they are popular books among people (6 min). (korean 0900) 138 ill misc internal ussr items: 43: global 3 sov 7 democ 2 latam 1 mideast 1 asc 17 asnc 12 139 UNPRO: enginter 1200 1300 1400 1500 - 140 POOR: polish 1600 indo 1530 141 PART MISSED: enginter 2300 142 DROPP$D UNTIL FURTSER NOTICE: tamil (endall) 19 Jan 91 143 TB2001101791TAKE8