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June 24, 2015
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January 31, 2011
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November 5, 1990
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C00175466 Page: 23 of 149 CLAS UNCLASSIFIED CLAS UNCLASSIFIED AFSN TB0611142090C SUBJ TAKEALL-- Comlist: Moscow Consolidated 5 Nov 90 Full Text Superzone of Message 1 GLOBAL 2 1 sergey (vorovyev) on 61st anniv of radio moscow in foreign languages and on interest in soviet union abroad. (5 min: romanian 1700) 3 2 (olga biryova) on meeting of internationalist society, tracing creation of movt to combat growth of nationalist democratic movt in baltic and other soviet republics, outlining its aims. (3 min: spanish 2100) 4 3 "points of view": vsevolod mikhaylov on identity of soviet and french views re diplomatic solution to gulf crisis; vyacheslav solovyev on situation in soviet army and its role in society; france as seen by soviet press following gorbachev's visit. (frenchinter 041800) 5 4 "young listeners' club." (rpt frenchinter 061800, item 9 on 7 oct list) (frenchinter 041800) 6 5 reply to listeners' letters: incl letter of gyula kis from goedoelloe agricultural univ of friendship and future relations of hungarian and soviet people; on will land be returned to soviet peasants; hierarchy of pravoslav church, incl results of latest synod. (hungarian 2000) 7 DISARM 8 6 "intl diary": incl aleksandr zholkver london dispatch on significance of british decision to reduce number of its nuclear submarines. (3 min, sent: home 1745) 9 7 yuriy solton on afp report that agreement on cutting conventional forces in europe will be signed in paris between Warsaw pact and nato. (rpt enginter 011210, item 32 on 1 nov list) (finnish 011630) 10 8 "topical subject": viktor glazunov on decreasing level of military confrontation in europe, noting now that Warsaw pact has overcome its internal differences of opinion, cfe treaty is likely to lead to peace with ever fewer weapons, stressing that germany will be turning from confrontation line to an area of relative relaxation and that with german unity achieved next aim must be to make war in europe impossible. (5 min: german 1700) 11 9 anon on disarmament in europe after agreement signed by ussr and french leaders and unification of germany. (3 min: viet 1000) 12 10 anon on soviet defense ministry spokesman's remarks on safety aspects of ussr's nuclear tests. (5.5 min: mend 0100) 13 UNITED STATES 14 11 vyacheslav akimov/mikhail ivanov on fourth soviet-u.s. conference on cultural and information exchanges ending, incl brief quote shevardnadze suggesting expanding program on coop and exchanges for 1989-1991 in order to make it more democratic. (300 text sent: tasse 1234) 15 12 vladimir (surname indistinct) on forthcoming baker-shevardnadze meeting in moscow, reviewing topics likely to be discussed. (3 min: portbraz 2300) 16 13 fyodor nosev on ending of soviet-u.s. media experts meeting in moscow and agmt reached to set up joint soviet-u.s. radio and tv association, noting new independent companies granted same rights as gosteleradio, quoting shevardnadze remarks in conversation with usia director (bruce I 7S Approve for Release x,010 C00175466 Page: 24 of 149 gelb) on need to amend next year's program under superpower agmt on info exchange, also touching on agmts reached in area of film-making, opinion polls and journalist training, quoting soviet dpty foreign minister petrovskiy describing meeting as fruitful. (3 min: engna 2300) 17 AMERICAS 18 14 leonid levchenko on un designation of observers to verify fulfillment of agmts of central american countries, namely in disarm activities. (3 min: spanla 2300 portbraz 2300) 19 TB0611142090TAKEl 20 15 "rm-7": inci highlights developments in latam during past week. (rpt spanla 042300, item 17 on 4 nov list) (spancuba 0130) 21 16 "dx wave": dedicated to fm radio programs of south american countries, second part of intvw with manuel castro, editor of magazine nuevo (mazo) internacional. (15 min: spanla 0200) 22 17 "night talks": discussing current cuban-soviet music and cultural relations and hope for greater exchange of letters between listeners, noting everyone is urged to continue strengthening relations, intvwing cuban singer on his career, performances in ussr. (27 min: spancuba 0130) 23 18 summary anon pravda on soviet official's visit to cube. (4 min: portbraz 2200) 24 19 anon on designation of new ambassador to chile showing great importance ussr is giving to new democratic system in chile, inci remarks by new soviet ambassador to chile yuriy pavlov. (4 min: spanla 2300) 25 20 yuriy isayev dispatch describing extent of nicaragua's econ difficulties, noting sandinistas' responsibility for current hardships, mentioning one dollar buys 1,500,000 units of local currency. (3 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 spanish 2100; anon: portbraz 2200) 26 GERMANY 27 21 viktor levin on upcoming gorbachev kohl meeting scheduled for 9-10 nov, against background of upcoming shevardnadze-baker talks. (3 min sent: mayak 1430) 28 22 report on resumption of regular air service between west berlin and moscow, inci excerpt from welcome ceremony for first ilushin to touch west berlin ground after WWII. (4 min: german 1600) 29 23 "perestroyka--problems and solutions". (rpt german 221700, item 23 on 22 oct list) (german 1700) 30 WEST EUROPE 31 24 yuriy Bolton on afp report that agmt on cutting conventional forces in europe vill be signed in paris between Warsaw pact and nato at coming csce meeting. (rpt enginter 011210, item 32 on 1 nov list) (spanish 042100 portuguese 042100; anon: mand 1000) 32 25 summary krasnaya zvezda on european security and coming european summit in paris. (rpt czech/slovak 031800, item 28 on 4 nov list) (czech/slovak 041800) 33 26 col vladimir orlov outlining current state of play in process of arms control in europe in light of coming shevardnadze-baker meeting. (3 min: german 1600 greek 2100 turkish 1400 albanian 1600 romanian 1700; 2 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 spanish 2100 portuguese 2100 polish 1600 serbo 1700) 34 27 "good evening, austria". (rpt germaust 021925, item 39 on 2 nov list) (germaust 1917) 35 28 intvw with london-based collective of early music on tour in ussr. (rpt enguk 022000, item 41 on 2 nov list) (engna 2000) C00175466 Page: 25 of 149 36 29 sergey sayenko on latest public opinion polls in britain, showing marked decline in popularity of tory party, some of which were taken before resignation of hove, pointing out heseltine letter was another blow to thatcher's popularity and this could be deepened by how's upcoming speech in parliament to explain his resignation. (3.5 min: enguk 2000) 37 30 Juan ramos, sec gen Spanish comparty, criticizing socialist govt's economic program in Spain which includes wage freeze and reduction in public spending, says gulf crisis will have great effect on Spain's economy. (3.5 min: spanish 2100) 38 31 anon on visit to ussr by klenberg, commander of finnish defense forces, incl brief quote moiseyev. (brief, poor: finnish 021630) 39 AFRICA 40 32 "africa as we see it": vladimir shilov on renewed fighting in rwanda, noting rebels gains during advance from uganda, says hopes are pinned on mediators though belgium has so far achieved little, conflict looks like following liberian pattern (3.5 min); vladimir borisov on results of tanzanian presidential elections, noting election of mwinyi for second and last term by 95 percent of vote, describing general political and social conditions in country (4.5 min). (engafr 1700 2000) 41 TB0611142190TAKE2 42 33 aleksandr mikhailov on mengistu's visit to egypt, describing debates by two leaders on issue of nile, which was discussed to dispell rumor that ethiopia is to build dam on blue nile. (3.5 min: amharic 1500) 43 34 yuriy konstantinov on postponement of 5th round of angolan talks, recalling stance taken by both sides, citing jornal de angola. (4 min: portuguese 2100) 44 35 tass political analyst gennady petrov on expectations for upcoming fifth round of talks between reps of angolan govt and-unita rebels, in lisbon, portugal, held with portugal's mediation and with participation of soviet and american experts. (300 text sent: tasse 1416) 45 PERSIAN GULF 46 36 account 31 oct moscow news conf by valentin falin, cpsu cc see, on gulf issues. (c/r tasse 311329, item 1 on 31 oct list) (brief: finnish 311630) 47 37 summaries 31 oct stv intvw with primakov on results of his recent mideast tour. (c/r tv 311840, item 57 on 31 oct list) (3 min: engna 0000 finnish 011630 Spanish 042100 portafr 041900 Jap 041200 mand 0100; brief: finnish 021630) 48 38 anon on results of primakov talks with husayn, also solton on baker's mideast tour. (6.5 min: Jap 041200) 49 39 soviet mp, scientist and head aaso dr mikhail kapitsa on situation in gulf. (rpt enginter 021210, item 52 on 2 nov list) (finnish 021630) 50 40 (nikolay gelikov) intvv with various people's deputies on developments in gulf and electorates' concerns. (7 min: arabic 1500) 51 41 summary yuriy glukov pravda on ussr's stance on gulf crisis. (5 min: arabic 1500) 52 42 soviet politologist yuriy glukhov on situation in persian gulf and mideast. (rpt enginter 311210, item 56 on 31 oct list) (finnish 311630) 53 43 oleg shchedrov on current tour by u.s. sec of state James baker, re gulf crisis, noting possibility of war breaking out in region due to iraqi stubbornness, cautioning about disastrous consequences of war in gulf. (5-3 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 portbraz 2200 2300 enguk 2000 german 1600 Spanish 2100 portuguese 2100 dart 1500 greek 2100 turkish 1400 albanian 1600 bulgarian 1700 romanian 1700 polish 1600 hungarian 2000 C00175466 Page: 26 of 149 serbo 1700 tagalog 1300 malay 1200 urdu 1300 tamil 1400 burm 1430 indo 1300 1500 viet 1400 lao 1030 1300 wand 1400; anon: spanla 2300) 54 44 undatelined tass roundup situation in gulf. (approx 900 words: tassr 0823) 55 MIDEAST 56 45 mailbag: replies to listeners questions. (rpt engafr 282000, item 70 on 29 oct list) (engafr 042000) 57 46 anon on Israel's refusal to accept de cuellar's proposal to convene an Intl conf to provide protection for palestinians in occupied arab territories, stressing Israel's bellicosity. (arabic 1600) 58 47 tass political analyst albert balebanov on collective letter sent by nineteen arab states to un sec gen, declaring against recognizing credentials of Israeli delegation to current 45th unga, prompted by tel aviv continually failing to comply with un resolutions. (450 text sent: tasse 1333) 59 48 undatelined tass roundup on intifada. (approx 500 words: tassr 0832) 60 49 soviet union and turkey -- on path of goodneighborliness. (rpt turkish 031400, item 38 on 3 nov list) (turkish 1830) 61 SOUTH ASIA 62 50 anon on afghan situation, noting izvestiya telephone intvw with afghan dissident demanding soviet union stop giving military support to afghan govt. (4 min: korean 0900) 63 TB061114229OTAKE3 64 51 boris (birakov) kabul dispatch on changing situation in nangarhar. (rpt enginter 031210, item 40 on 3 nov list) (thai 1100) 65 52 sergey viktorov noting afghan opposition leaders abandoning plan to launch direct attack on kabul, pointing this does not mean that they do not seek to resolve afghan problem by force, but merely believe that it is unrealistic to untie afghan knot with one blow. (3 min: dart 1500) 66 53 roundup reports on afghan developments. (4 min: dari 1500) 67 54 summary pravda Islamabad dispatch on continued efforts for release of soviet pows in afghanistan, citing soviet ambassador to pakistan yakunin, noting his approach to afghan rebel leaders, pakistani authorities and Intl organizations in pakistan for assistance, saying efforts will continue until all pows are released. (4 min: urdu 1300) 68 55 yevgeniy nikolayev on impact of 73rd anniv october revolution on Indian independence, citing noted Indian freedom fighters of that time. (5 min: hind 1400) 69 56 georgiy kirichati delhi dispatch describing background to Indian govt crisis. (3 min: enginter 1210 1510 portbraz 2300 spanla 2300 spanish 2100 dari 1500 turkish 1400 burm 1430 indo 1300 1500 viet 1400 wand 1400) 70 CHINA 71 57 "rambling talk with listeners": feature incl answers to listeners' questions on ussr-prc reform. (26 min overall: wand 0700) 72 58 "half hour with wang xiao": incl soviet weekly digest; disputes between ussr supsov, rsfsr supsov, czech comparty congress, soviet sinologist on Chinese cultural relics. (30 min overall: wand 1300) 73 ASIAN COMMUNIST 74 59 report on upcoming 9 nov Intl meeting in Jakarta to prepare for Intl conf in france re cambodian issue. (4-3 min: camb 1230 lao 1030 1300 viet 1400) 75 60 summary pravda hanoi dispatch on efforts to normalize relations between vietnam-u.s., calling on u.s. to lift trade embargo against vietnam. (4-3 C00175466 Page: 27 of 149 min: camb 1230 viet 1000) 76 ASIA/PACIFIC 77 61 "focus on asia": anon on moscow city mayor's visit to taiwan (4 min); anon on indonesian president's visit to vietnam (6 min). (korean 1100) 78 62 eugene nikitenko intvw with radio australia general manager on role of station, noting australian interest in events in ussr and possibility of exchange of programs between both countries. (5.5 min: enguk 2000) 79 63 report on indonesian president's upcoming visit to vietnam. (4 min: lao 1030 1300 camb 1100) 80 64 anon on first visit to japan by mikhail gorbachev next april, noting apprehension of Japanese coop with ussr. (3 min: camb 1100 viet 1000) 81 65 aleksandr vladimirov on Japanese parliament heated debate re coop with un on sending peacekeeping force to gulf, noting Sap fear that involvement in gulf would be seen as jap active participation in intl politics. (5-4 min: malay 1200 thai 1100) 82 66 "mailbag": inel jap listeners' letters on jap cultural week in moscow, more free speech in moscow radio programing. (28 min overall: jap 041200) 83 67 tass corr oleg polovko on south korean ties with russian federation, citing tass intvw with myung-bak lee, president hyundai corporation, on trade agreement between russia and hyundai having no legal force of commercial contract. (360 text sent: tasse 2148) 84 68 "various aspects of cooperation": incl roundup brief reports sov-rok relations. (rpt korean 011100, item 82 on 1 nov list) (korean 1330) 85 TB0611142390TAKE4 86 69 anon on u.s.-philippine talks re future of u.s. bases in philippines, noting u.s.-philippine treaty expires next year and philippine attitude toward treaty. (6 min: korean 0900) 87 70 anon on inauguration of new tourist and air service enterprise jointly owned by private thai tourist venture and soviet-danish company. (rpt thai 021100, item 92 on 2 nov list) (thai 1100) 88 EAST EUROPE 89 71 andrey chupakhin sofia dispatch on congress of restored bulgarian ep. (300 text: tasse 0855) 90 72 review soviet press comment on situation in bulgaria. (4 min: bulgarian 1700) 91 73 aleksandr shakhin on 18th congress of czechoslovak cp congress. (rpt engitner 021210, item 93 on 2 nov list) (finnish 021630) 92 74 vladimir taranov on significance of congress of czechoslvoak cp, which reshaped party, reflecting its change of ood and showing it as becoming more vialble. (3 min: engitter 1210 1510 1810 2110 spanish 2100 portuguese 2100 turkish 1400 albanian 1600 romanian 1700 polish 1600 serbo 1700 viet 1400; anon: portbraz 2200) 93 75 feature devoted to recital of poems by czech poet karel ilynek macha in moscow. (rpt czech/slovak 291800, item 96 on 29 oct list) (czech/slovak 1800) 94 76 report on soviet troop withdrawals in hungary and related problems, quoting from press conference by soviet command in hungary, condemning violation of graves of soviet soldiers who gave their lives for liberation of hungary from fascism. (4.5 min, excerpt, sent: mayak 1330) 95 LENIN/IDEOLOGY 96 77 anatoliy yaroshevskiy intvw with lyubov (lushina), senior researcher at central lenin museum, about documents, little known in ussr, related to oct rev, pointing out as a wholesale denigration of lenin and bolsheviks C00175466 Page: 28 of 149 has become fashionable nowadays, warns against such a trend and cites various documents and fact attempting to prove that lenin and his comrades-in-arms were not that bad and that their actions, which may seem of dubious moral qualities today, were conditioned by their time and circumstances. (35 min: home 1700) 97 78 summaries pravda report by yugoslav journalist (milija komanina) on future of socialism in multiparty politics. (3 min: albanian 1600 bulgarian 1700 romanain 1700) 98 WARSAW PACT 99 79 talk about changes in Warsaw pact. (c/r intvv with gen vladimir lobov, in enginter 311210, item 91 on 31 oct list) (3 min, poor: finnish 311630) 100 MILITARY 101 80 anon on problems on scrapping or converting sophisticated weapons, supplying figures on financial aspects gained from experiments conducted in frg land of lower Saxony. (3 mn: german 1600) 102 SPACE/SCIENCE 103 81 intvw with toyohiro akiyama of tbs, to be first jap journalist to board soviet space ship mir. (6 min: jap 041200) 104 82 anon on soviet magazine "ufo and us." (8.5 min: wand 0700) 105 83 "science and engineering". (rpt engna 020000, item 97 on 2 nov list) (enginter 0910 engna 0000) 106 NATIONALITIES 107 84 "cultural life of various soviet nationalities": inci discussion on meaning of culture, music, opera. (22 min: wand 1000 1400) 108 TB0611142490TAKE5 109 85 intvw with (telman gdlan), people's deputy of ussr and armenia. (12 min: polish 1600) 110 86 vladislav solovyov on georgia's first multi-party-elections. (rpt serbo 311700, item 100 on 31 oct list) (finnish 311630) 111 87 vitaliy gurov on georgian elections von by roundtable. (rpt enginter 021210, item 102 on 2 nov list) (finnish 021630) 112 88 vitaliy gurov on situation in moldova, hoping for success of deadline for disbanding volunteer units and removal of weapons, pinning hopes for settlement on reconciliation commission, recalling gorbachev's meeting with local leaders. (5-3 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 enguk 2000 german 1600 portuguese 2100 dart 1500 turkish 1400 portafr 1900 albanian 1600 bulgarian 1700 romanian 1700 polish 1600 hungarian 2000 serbo 1700 urdu 1300 tamil 1400 burm 1430 indo 1300 1500 tagalog 1300 viet 1400 lao 1030 1300 camb 1100 wand 1000; anon: portbraz 2200 2300 spanla 2300 spanish 2100 wand 1400) 113 89 tass corrs anatoli golya/aleksandr tanas kishiniv dispatch on opening in tiraspol of conciliation commission to discuss normalization of political and social situation in moldova, citing chmn conciliation commission and moldovan comparty leader pyotr luchinsky republican television intvw, on meetings with dniester and gagauz reps, noting recent moldovan parliament adopting decision to disband all volunteer units. (240 text: tasse 1509) 114 90 account 4 nov tass on events in moldova followed by barkhatov intvw with unidentified man denying allegations of'.pogrom in moldova, inci intvv with dubossary deputy. (4 min, sent: tv 0930) 115 91 natalya vartanyan on food shortages in komi, mordovia, inci radio hook-up with syktyvkar of komi and saransk of mordovia, inci intvv with yevgeniy zubarev in syktyvkar and viktor zhivayev in saransk. (8 min: C00175466 Page: 29 of 149 home 0900) 116 92 boris markovnikov on implementation of rsfsr 500-day economic program. (rpt enginter 011210, item 108 on 1 nov list) (frenchinter 041800 finnish 011630 portafr 041900 malay 1000 thai 1100 camb 1100 wand 0100) 117 93 "soviet ppl's traditions, customs": feature on siberian ethnic minority people. (rpt wand 041300, item 78 on 4 nov list) (wand 0100) 118 94 ivan manakov intvw with ppl's deputy (mikhail artinov) on tension between rsfsr and ussr and their conflicting laws. (rpt arabic 041600, item 76 on 4 nov list) (arabic 1500) 119 95 intvw with rsfsr deputy michail (rochanov) on relationship between rsfsr and central govt, concluding that in view of economic situation, country can no longer afford to engage in war over sovereignty. (4 min: german 1600) 120 96 tass corr natalia potapova sverdlovsk dispatch on funeral for workers who died following chemical factory explosion, quoting yeltsin remarks to relatives (100 words). (200 text sent: tasse 1353; brief: engna 2300 enguk 2000 portuguese 2100) 121 USSR SUPSOV 122 97 anon on law under discussion in supsov over external econ activities in republics. (6 min: kor 0900) 123 SOVIET ECONOMY 124 98 georgiy meizerov intvw with oleg mozhaiskov, mbr board of ussr state bank, during press conference on introduction of a commercial exchange rate for ruble. (300 text sent: tasse 1846) 125 99 intvw with soviet sociologist scholar (vladimir kasmarskiy) over soviet market economy plan, noting soviet ppl's worries about problems that may arise in introducing market economy system. (12 min: kor 1100; 8.5 min: wand 0700) 126 100 intvw with stanislav (selisnyev), mayor of nizhnevartovsk, giving his views on how transition to market econ should be achieved, believing that 500-day program is only realistic way, noting he is preparing city for market relations, free enterprise being declared by city council, pointing out industry does not seem ready for free enterprise, which he blames on parasitic attitudes prevalent for many years, stressing an egalitarian approach to social program that will accompany transition has been rejected as there is no future for such an approach in a market economy, concluding inevitable drop in living standards will be counterbalanced by measures taken so-far. (6 min: enguk 2000) 127 TB0611142590TAKE6 128 101 galina (dreshkin) intvw with prof vladimir piterskiy, dir of all-union sci research institute of mineral resources economics and prospecting, stressing that transition of geological sector to market relations is proceeding too slowly. (5 min: mayak 0800) 129 102 anon on soviet agri, criticizing former sov agri policy which caused waste, food shortage. (7 min: wand 042200) 130 GOSR ANNIV 131 103 rostov report recalling gorbachev meeting with mothers of soviet soldiers, noting mothers of soldiers who have died during peacetime planning hungerstrike and blocking movement'of tanks on red square during gosr anniv parade, citing intvv with with one such mother, and quoting gorbachev remarks in reply to mothers' demands which has halted such demonstrations. (3 min sent: tv 1230) 132 104 roundup reports on preparations for gosr military parades in acordance 000175466 Page: 30 of 149 with ussr presidential decree, outlining preps in leningrad, kaliningrad, novosibirsk and rostov on don. (4 min, sent: home 1600) 133 105 vyacheslav solovyev examining feelings of soviet ppl re upcoming 73d anniv gosr. (rpt enginter 041210, item 88 on 4 nov list) (arabic 1500 turkish 1400 portaf 041900 amharic 1500 hungarian 042000 viet 1400 camb 1100 1230 mand 1000 1400 indo 1300 1500 urdu 130 tamil 1400 malay 1200 burro 1430; anon: spanish 042100 portuguese 042100 kor 1100 tagalog 1300) 134. 106 vyacheslav solovyev on controversy over how to mark gosr anniv on nov 7, noting lack of causes for celebration this year, pointing out it is no longer possible to celebrate events 73 years ago as a historic breakthrough, but marking them as installation of a totalitarian regime would only add to confrontation in an already disunited society, quoting ryzhkov stv intvv that playing down date would amount to disrespect for ppl who gave their lives for their nation, stressing that differences in attitudes to event should not hinder common sense and responsibility, for, in a civilized society, disagreement should not erupt into clashes. (6-3 min: enginter 1810 2110 engna 2300 enguk 2000 german 1600 portuguese 2100 Spanish 2100 greek 2100 portaf 1900 polish 1600 hungarian 2000 serbo 1700 albanian 1600 bulgarian 1700 romanian 1700; anon: spanla 2300) 135 107 "vantage point": boris belitskiy marking anniv gosr, recalling leonid krasin, soviet statesman and diplomat, prominent during events of 73 years ago, noting a legendary ice-breaker named after him has been turned into a museum, reviewing history of ice-breaker and profiles krasin's life and career, noting his role in history of sov-british relations, hoping that museum will be a fitting memorial to a man who served cause of soviet-british relations so well. (5 min: enguk 2000) 136 108 valeriy (delovov) marking gosr anniv, recalling various aspects of soviet history, quoting vadim zagladin extensively. 17 min: portuguese 2100) 137 LIFE IN USSR 138 109 gorbachev address to meeting with soviet students. (c/r home 011653, item 120 on 1 nov list) (brief: finnish 011630) 139 110 anon account of gorbachev meeting with students, 1 nov. (rpt enginter 011810, item 124 on 1 nov list) (finnish 011630) 140 111 "who is who": stanislav pribylov intvv with vladimir ivashko, dep gen sec cpsu cc, answering viewers' questions on various socio-economic issues. (30 min, sent: tv 1625; brief: enginter 2200 engna 2300) 141 112 intvw with rep of soviet trade union on protection of laborers' rights. (13 min: mand 042200) 142 113 intvw with a.p. lapin, director all-union scientific institute for protection of labor of state commission for food and purchases, following all-union conf on labor safety held in orel. (4 min: mayak 1200) 143 114 anon intvw with vice president of (sovexportfilm) oleg (silkin), explaining his agency's aims of importing and distributing foreign films. (3.5 min: engna 2300) 144 TB0611142690TAKE7 145 115 intvv with vladimir (pankratov) of sci research institute attached to ussr prosecutor general's office. (rpt portuguese 032100, item 90 on 4 nov list) (portuguese 042100) 146 116 yakov belitskiy introducing feature on new publication 'almanakh' which contains info on local lore, citing article by valentin rasputin on lake baykal region. (6.5 min: home 0900) 147 117 intvw with publisher of 'russkiya bagatsva,' first private paper C00175466 Page: 31 of 149 published in soviet union. (3 min: german 1600) 148 118 indistinct report on unveiling in moscow of monument to victims of totalitarian regime, briefly quoting some speeches. (4.5 min, poor: finnish 311630) 149 119 information and music program: incl intvw with prof valeriy (zorkyn) on new constitution of russian federation (4 min); fedor yurin on moscow unveiling ceremony of monument to victims of totalitarian regime (3.5 min). (macedonian 031800) 150 120 portrait of newly formed 'free labor party.' (3 min: hungarian 042000) 151 121 "youth program": incl item on why soviet youth is politically passive; young christian democrat's opinion on creating harmonious society. (hungarian 042000) 152 122 "moscow evenings." (rpt czech/slovak 031800, item 98 on 4 nov list) (czech/slovak 041800 1800) 153 123 "life in soviet union": anon on land ownership law discussed in ussr (5 min); anon on russian republic pressing ahead with plan of economy market system (7 min); anon on foreigners' sightseeing in soviet union (5 min). (korean 0900) 154 124 "soviet union today": incl anon on passing of economic program of 500 days by rsfsr parliament (7 min); yevgeniy kolesnik on operation of soviet-french joint venture sofraplast which produces plastics from recycled waste (4 min); irina dobrovolskaya on one-day hunger strike staged by students' assn in moscow demanding resignation of ryzhkov govt (3 min); galina grozova intvw with sofia saripova on political portrait and goals of new party free labor that has been formed in soviet union (5 min). (greekcy 1730) 155 125 ussr today: report on intl movt activities in moscow; intvw with moscow writer on his new literary magazine. (12 min:-mand 1300) 156 126 misc internal ussr items: 37: sov 7 democ 6 eur 4 latam 5 mideast 1 afr 1 asc 4 asnc 9 157 UNPRO: enginter 0800 0900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 tv 1530 1800 158 POOREST: wand 1300 159 POOR: spanish 042100 finnish 021630 engafr 1700 portafr 041900 1900 160 MISSED: engafr 1830 (endall) 6 Nov 90 161 K611142790TAKE8