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June 24, 2015
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January 31, 2011
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November 6, 1990
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C00175467 Page: 32 of 149 CLAS UNCLASSIFIED CLAS UNCLASSIFIED AFSN TB0711150090C SUBJ TAKEALL-- Comlist: Moscow Consolidated 6 Nov 90 Full Text Superzone of Message 1 GOSR ANNIV 2 1 vyacheslav solovyev on controversy over how to mark gosr anniv on 7 nov. (rpt enginter 051810, item 106 on 5 nov list) (finnish 051630 camb 1100; anon: spancuba 0130 burin 1030 indo 1300 1500 camb 1030) 3 2 roundup excerpts of stmts by ppl's deputies on how to observe this years rev anniv. (3 min: german 1600) 4 3 reports on preparations for mark gosr anniv. (4 min: romanian 1700 tagalog 1300) 5 4 running summary on 6 nov gala session devoted to 73d gosr anniv held at kremlin palace of congresses, giving account of gorbachev, laptev, ryzhkov and other leaders, incl yeltsin mounting platform, laptev chairs session and addresses participants declaring session open, floor given to speeches by lukyanov (13 min, sent), other speakers include simonov, antonova (7 min sent), Laptev declares session closed. (1 hr, fyi, excerpts sent: tv 1355) 6 5 report over video on gosr gala 6 nov at kremlin palace, quoting lukyanov address (4.5 min), also mentioning other speakers. (6.5 min: tv 1800) 7 6 reports on gosr gala 6 nov at kremlin palace, quoting lukyanov report (3 min). (5-4 min overall: enginter 1810 2110 portbraz 2200 2300 spanla 2300 enguk 2000 spanish 2000 turkish 1830 greek 2100 serbo 1700 polish 2100 hungarian 2000) 8 7 summary lukyanov address at gala 6 nov at kremlin palace marking 73d anniv gosr. (400 text: tasse 1610) 9 8 report on gorbachev meeting with ambassadors of foreign countries at st. george hall of grand kremlin palace, pegged, with gist remarks exchanged. (250 text sent: tasse 1606 tassr 1409; brief: enginter 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2100 enguk 2000 Berman 1600 1700 portuguese 2100 spanish 2100 engaf 1700 2000 portaf 1900 polish 1600 hungarian 2000) 10 9 report on moscow ceremony for presentation of state decorations to soviet ppl from various walks of life, quoting gorbachev opening address (1.5 min), followed by list of prize winners, and gorbachev's closing speech (2 min). (15 min overall, excerpts sent: tv 1845; 250 text sent, incl 150 words, gorbachev; 6 min, incl 3 min gorbachev: tv 1800; gorbachev only, brief: enginter 2100 2200 engna 2300 enguk 2000 portuguese 2100 greek 2100 hungarian 2000) 11 10 gennadiy gavrilenko report on gosr preparations taking place in various cities in soviet union, quoting gorbachev on traditional reasons for continuing to celebrate gosr anniv, also quoting other prominent soviet ppl on subject, incl aleksey, patriarch of moscow and all russia, also giving account of developments in leningrad, riga. (400 text sent: tassr 1325 tasse 1803) 12 11 tass roundup reports on gosr anniv celebrations. (approx 500 words: tassr 1200) 13 12 report over video on preparations for three demonstrations in moscow on 7 nov, first being official one in red square, second being organized by democratic russia, and third by group of radically-minded ppl's deputies, Approved for Release a?lo C00175467 UNCLASSIFIED 14 Page: 33 of 149 quoting n. ivanov report and intvw with v.g. urazhtev, co-chmn of "shield" union on demonstration under slogan "true sovereignty for russia". (3.5 min, sent: tv 2136) 13 summaries izvestiya intvw with patriarch aleksey on gosr anniv. (6-3 min: lenginter 1210 1510 engna 2300 portbraz 2200 2300 spanla 2300 german 1600 portuguese 2100 spanish 2100 greek 2100 albanian 1600 bulgarian 1700 polish 1600 serbo 1700 hungarian 2000 burm 1430) 15 TB0711150090TAKE1 16 14 intvw with writer yuriy nagibin about celebrations for gosr anniv, welcoming opportunities ppl now have to express a variety of opinions, ranging from viewing rev anniv as a black day to seeing it as a bright festival, maintaining whether parades are staged or not should be decided on basis of opinion polls among ordinary citizens, rather than statements of a prominent few. (3.5 min: home 1200) 17 15 valeriy belov on importance of revolution and of celebrating its anniv, despite mistakes that have been made, quoting vadim zagladin extensively on attempts to destroy revolution. (7.5 min: portuguese 2100) 18 16 vladimir (bylov) intvw with anatoliy potenko on anniv gosr and its impact on developments in soviet union. (5 min: arabic 1500) 19 17 viktor kuzmin intvw with cuban ambassador to moscow Jose ramon balaguer, on eve of rev anniv and effects of gosr on cuba, highlighting struggle against hungery and misery, soviet ppl's solidarity with cuba. (7 min: spanla 0200 spancuba 0130) 20 18 soviet to leader greets all cubans on gosr anniv, relates current activities of soviet tus. (4 min: spancuba 0130) 21 19 sergey ivanov intvw with egyptian ambassador to moscow, ahmad mahir al-sayyid, on gosr anniv celebrations, praising gosr as one of worlds great revolutions and says it needs, however, to redress its mistakes by pursuing perestroyka line. (8 min: arabic 1600) 22 20 (popoyang) beijing dispatch on reception marking 73d anniv gosr, citing speeches by participants. (3 min, sent: wand 052200) 23 21 gist chinese renmin ribao editor-in-chief's article carried in pravda, noting his impressions on visit to ussr on 73th anniv oct rev. (4 min: kor 0900) 24 22 pravda intvw with hungarian citizens on significance of gosr anniv. (4-3 min: bulgarian 1700 hungarian 2000) 25 23 (loreta ishanova) on film festival organized in romanian in honor of gosr anniv. (4 min: romanian 1700) 26 GLOBAL 27 24 tass corr vladimir serov bonn dispatch on frg foreign minister hans genscher's intvw with rias radio station, urging west to give vigorous support to policy of reforms conducted in ussr and other east european countries. (400 text sent: tasse 1048) 28 25 tass corr vladimir yegorov intvw with aleksander zharikov, head of Intl department of ussr's general confederation of trade unions, re forthcoming opening of twelfth vftu congress, citing remarks by representative of soviet trade union, stressing vftu and tui must turn into Intl centers. (350 text: tasse 1319) 29 26 undatelined tass round-up on climate conference in geneva. (approx 650 words: tassr 1730) 30 27 anon re first conference of Intl corporation of graduates of soviet colleges held recently in moscow, interviewing dr. (olowa), president of nigerian association of soviet academic institutions, recalling his C00175467 Page: 34 of 149 experiences during period of his education in ussr and discussing changes in soviet education system brought about by soviet reforms. (4.5 min: engafr 052000) 31 28 "new market." (rpt enguk 042000, item 6 on 4 nov list) (enguk 2000) 32 29 "focus on asia": oleg shchedrov on baker's tour (rpt enginter 051210, item 43 on 5 nov list); georgiy kirichati delhi dispatch describing background to indian govt crisis (rpt enginter 051210, item 56 on 5 nov list); igor denisov claiming election of islamic alliance in pakistan will undoubtedly affect relations with india, stmts by leaders show alliance intends to carry on policy of confrontation with delhi, primarily concerning kashmir (3 min); Preston trumen, u.s. anti-nuclear activist, on need to persuade britain and usa to renounce their resistance to worldwide ban on nuclear tests, pointing out that all other countries reacted favorably to soviet proposals in this respect, leonid zhukov, rounding out report, suggests that it is up to each individual govt to decide whether testing can be justified (8 min). (enginter 0710) 33 30 "on moscow's wavelength": inci items on celebrating nov 7th; nuclear tests in user; visit to monastery. (hungarian 2000) 34 TB0711150190TAKE2 35 31 "mailbag." (rpt enginter 040710, item 12 on 4 nov list) (enginter 0910) 36 DISARM 37 32 second part by georgiy kuznetsov, deputy chairman of soviet peace committee, discusses goals and tasks of his organization, recalling history of committee, examining how aims of organization have changed in conditions of changing intl situation and outlining actions undertaken by committee in ensuring peace. (5.5 min: engafr 052000) 38 33 soviet scientist on process of transition from confrontation to dialogue. (3 min: dart 1500) 39 UNITED STATES 40 34 special tass corr angela mosconi new york dispatch on u.s. elections, noting key issues surrounding this year's elections, highlighting most crucial and tightest races are for governorships of california, texas, florida. (520 text: tasse 1605) 41 35 anon on fourth congress of soviet-u.s. commission for cultural exchange in moscow. (3 min: spancuba 0130) 42 36 report on ending of moscow meeting between soviet/u.s. experts for cultural, information contacts, briefly quoting soviet deputy foreign minister petrovskiy. (3 min: engna 0000) 43 37 (konstantin novikov) on soviet tour by new york acting company sponsored by usia, citing soviet spokesman highly assessing plays being performed. (3 min: engna 2300) 44 AMERICAS 45 38 undatelined tass roundup on situation in central america. (approx 900 words: tassr 1725) 46 39 anon on soviet health official visit to havana, to visit chernobyl victims who are receiving treatment in cuba. (5 min: spancuba 0130) 47 40 anselmo septiem on new law approved by u.s. govt forbidding trade relations with cuba. (3 min: spanla 2300) 48 41 anon on cuban writer alfonso hernandez cata, noting his life and works on 50th anniv of his death. (3 min: spancuba 0130) 49 42 marta ramirez acknowledging and replying to letters received from cuban listeners. (4 min: spancuba 0130) 50 43 unnamed tass diplomatic corr on soviet public calling for peaceful C00175467 Page: 35 of 149 settlement in el Salvador, re results of regular meeting of central american countries in el Salvador. (400 text sent: tasse 1837) 51 GERMANY 52 44 yevgeniy vassilyev intvw with (enno barka), press spokesman at frg embassy in moscow, on significance of mikhail gorbachev's upcoming first visit to united germany, noting treaty to be signed, anticipating boost for soviet-german relations. (4 min: Berman 1600) 53 45 anon frankfurt/oder dispatch on open house events recently staged in soviet military facilities on former gdr territory, stressing highly favorable reaction in media. (3 min: german 1600) 54 46 "topical subject": boris melnichenko on economic, social situation of new federal lands on former gdr territory, noting disillusionment re closure of hundreds of firms and factories. (5 min: german 1700) 55 NATO/VEST EUROPE 56 47 (vadim solovyev) intvv with army general mikhail moiseyev, chief of general staff of soviet armed forces, on his recent visit to nato headquarters in brussels, noting same views shared by east and west on main issues of all-european security. (4-3 min, sent: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 portbraz 2200 enguk 2000 german 1600 Spanish 2100 portuguese 2100 dart 1500 albanian 1600 bulgarian 1700 romanian 1700 polish 1600 serbo 1700 greek 2100 turkish 1400 wand 1400) 57 48 col vladimir orlov outlining current state of play in process of arms control in europe in light of coming shevardnadze-baker meeting. (rpt german 051600, item 26 on 5 nov list) (engna 0000) 58 TB0711150290TAKE3 59 49 "good evening austria": incl historian dr (olga nilichka) from intl institute for studies of workers movement, on scientific approach to soviet history and on recent intl conf on workers movement held in austrian city of linz (8 min); intvv with dmitri (mironov), deputy head Sverdlovsk section of austro-soviet friendship society, on may 1991 days of soviet union in austria, which will be dedicated to arts and culture from urals (9 min); vladimir alekseyenko, head soviet research institute that staged 'donau 90' ecologist expedition along donau river, on findings of mission, incl stints by other scientists involved (5 min). (germaust 1925) 60 50 tass vienna dispatch on austria-treaty, quoting mock. (approx 550 words: tassr 1420) 61 51 tass helsinki dispatch quoting 'turun sanomat' intvv with finnish director of southern waters of finland ecological society, incl tass intvv with finnish nature preservation union. (approx 350 words: tassr 0740) 62 AFRICA 63 52 "africa as we see it": vladislav chernukha on postponement of fifth round of talks between angolan govt and unita (rpt enginter 1210, listed below); vladimir valentinov on public amenities laws in south africa (rpt engafr 011700, item 46 on 1 nov list) (engafr 1700 2000) 64 53 vladislav chernukha on postponement of fifth round of talks between angolan government and unita, believes nevertheless two sides are determined to settle conflict, noting in attempt to break deadlock hindering basic agreement, angolan leadership has decided that early next year an article on multiparty system will be included in constitution, and general election held later, lisbon sources say these decisions took unita by surprise, the real reason why they asked for postponement. (3 min: enginter 1510 Spanish 2100 portuguese 2100 arabic 1500) C00175467 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 36 of 149 65 54 anon on address by teacher in charge of group of soviet students which visited university of namibia. (8 min: afrikaans 1830) 66 55 tass report from maseru on growing authority of rsa comparty. (approx 450 words: tassr 0746) 67 56 roundup-up undatelined tass report on situation in south africa. (approx 850 words: tassr 1720) 68 PERSIAN GULF 69 57 summary 31 oct stv intvv with yevgeniy primakov on results of his recent mideast tour. (c/r tv 311840, item 57 on 31 oct list) (4 min: finnish 041630) 70 58 oleg shchedrov on current tour by u.s. sec of state james baker. (rpt enginter 051210, item 43 on 5 nov list) (3.5 min: spanla 0200 engna 0000 persian 051500 jap 051200) 71 59 round-up undatelined tass reports on situation in persian gulf. (approx 900 words: tassr 0737, 1750; approx 550 words: tassr 1415; approx 450 words: tassr 1400) 72 60 tass report from cairo on u.s. sec of state baker's imminant arrival, citing mubarak's intvw with french tv on gulf crisis. (400 text sent: tasse 0831) 73 61 vladimir belekov: "egyptians against egyptians", published in pravda, says egyptian forces in saudi arabia would be fighting egyptians forced by saddam to join Iraqi army, should war break out in gulf. (4 min: arabic 1600) 74 62 vladislav kozyakov on possible un actions in face of Iraqi aggression, as baker goes on tour: time magazine carried pentagon report on number of servicemen required, briefly quoting baker in saudi arabia on monday both on possibility of force and world desire for peaceful solution, noting baker's coming visit to ussr. (3 min: engna 2300) 75 63 yuriy solton pointing to preparations being made to launch attack on Iraq. (4-3 min, sent: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 portbraz 2200 2300 enguk 2000 german 1600 spanish 2100 portuguese 2100 dart 1500 greek 2100 albanian 1500 bulgarian 1700 romanian 1700 polish 1600 hungarian 2000 serbo 1700 urdu 1300 hind 1130 indo 1300 1500 bur 1403) 76 TB0711150390TAKE4 77 64 stv intvw with belousov on development of situation in Iraq and on schedule for departure of soviet specialists in Iraq. (3 min, sent: tv 1800) 78 65 solodov on gulf situation, citing primakov's successful negotiation with Iraq to release soviet hostages, says world efforts can save hostages in Iraq. (4 min: wand 1000) 79 66 igor rastov damascus corr intvws lebanese premier salia al-huss on legitimacy in lebanon after the ousting of michael awn, the ta'if agreement and greater beirut plan, prospects of stability. (4.5 min: arabic 1500) 80 67 anon on situation in persian gulf and Iraqi reluctance to withdraw from kuwait, thus worsening situation in region. (5 min: spancuba 0130) 81 68 anon on danger of war in persian gulf. (3 min: spanla 2300) 82 MIDEAST 83 69 tass political analyst albert balebanov on situation in lebanon, pegged to agreement signed by shi'ite amal movement and hezbollah party to patch up their differences, outlining content of agreement and its implication for region. (400 words received: tasse 1149 tassr 1016) 84 70 undatelined tass round-up on situation on west-bank. (approx 700 C00175467 Page: 37 of 149 words: tassr 1052) 85 71 u.s. kgnq network corr antonio gonzalez los angeles dispatch, on recent murder of israeli rabbi in new york. (3 min: spanla 2300) 86 72 leonid rassadin on new wave of violence sweeping occupied arab territories, following killing of old palestinian couple after news that extremist rabbi had been assassinated in usa, noting army reinforcements have been sent to arab occupied lands and forces put on alert, briefly quoting chief of general staff of israeli armed forces. (3 min: enginter 1810 2110) 87 73 anon intvws tatar businessman who attended roundtable meeting in moscow re 67th anniversary of turkish republic. (6 min: turkish 1830) 88 74 moscow mailbag. (rpt engafr 282000, item 70 on 29 oct list) (engafr 052000) 89 SOUTH ASIA 90 75 roundup of reports on afghan developments. (3 min: dart 1500) 91 76 tass corr yevgeny aleksandrov intvv with afghan amb to usr mohammad daud razmyar, on afghani relations with ussr. (400 text sent: tasse 1829) 92 77 sergey viktorov noting afghan opposition leaders abandoning plan to launch direct attack on kabul. (rpt dart 051500, item 52 on 5 nov list) (persian 051500) 93 78 tass news analyst askold biryukov on peace efforts in afghanistan. (400 text sent: tasse 1635 tassr 1335) 94 79 georgiy kirichati delhi dispatch describing background to indian govt crisis. (rpt enginter 051210, item 56 on 5 nov list) (persian 051500) 95 80 vladimir ivashin criticizing india's world hindu cncl for mixing religion with politics and disputed shrine issue which has created political crisis in country. (3 min: hind 1130) 96 81 aleksandr batev noting suspension of u.s. aid to_pakistan in view of Washington's doubts about latter's nuclear program, says if U.S remains firm in application of relevant law, pakistan's new prime miniter will not succeed in having aid resumed, but if it trusn blind eye to nuclear rpogram, they might reach middle-of-the-road agreement which will lead to temporary stoppage of pakistan's nuclear program and resumption of aid to islamabad which is facing serious economic problems due to gulf crisis. (7 min: urdu 1300) 97 CHINA 98 82 "half hour with Wang xiao": incl church in red square to be reconstructed (7 min); ivanov on ussr's econ relations with poland (4 min); selection of chi classical essays to be published in moscow (4.5 min); profile of soviet sportsman (3 min). (30 min: mend 1300) 99 TB0711150490TAKE5 100 ASIAN COMMUNIST 101 83 izvestiya corr in phnom penh on diverging views on solution to cambodian problem. (5.5 min: camb 1230 lao 1300) 102 84 viktor valentinov previews 9 nov meeting in Jakarta on cambodian problem. (rpt camb 051230, item 59 on 5 nov list) (camb 1100) 103 85 oleg alekseyev on vietnam's agreement to let U.S representative in hanoi to search for mia's. (3.5 min, sent: viet 1000 carob 1230; lao 1300) 104 86 anon on article carried in pravda over vietnamese-u.s. relations, notes vietnamese effort to normalize relations with u.s. says it is high time for u.s. to give up hostile policy against vietnam, notes sanction imposed against vietnam. (3 min: korean 0900) 105 ASIA/PACIFIC C00175467 Page: 38 of 149 106 87 "focus on asia": incl intvw with kong no-myong, carried in izvestiya, notes future of prospect of rok-soviet relations, says establishment of diplomatic relations leads rok to invest in ussr, to press ahead with joint venture, notes brisk mutual relations, notes no great difficulties will not arise in rok-soviet relations (7 min); intvw with mikhail titarenko, director of far east institute of soviet academy, over soviet policy toward asian-pacific (3 min, sent). (korean 1100) 107 88 current events, commentaries: official of ussr academy of sci discusses improved relations between east asian countries. (3.5 min: wand 1400) 108 89 dr. of philosophy mikhail titorenko of far east studies institute of ussr academy of sciences, noting positive trends toward dialogue in asia-pacific region following end of u.s.-soviet cold war and citing establishment of ussr-rok diplomatic relations and gorbachev's coming visit to Japan, briefly quoting from shevardnadze's vladivostok speech. (3 min: enginter 1210 spanish 2100 turkish 1400 albanian 1600 indo 1300 1500) 109 90 anon on Japanese parliament heated debate over cooperation with un on sending peacekeeping forces to gulf region noting if Japan sends its troops that country would be embarking on more active partcipation in intl politics. (5 min: bur 1030) 110 91 intvw with osamu Watanabe, moscow branch manager of Japan's chori company, on joint venture firm established in ufa, bashkir assr for devpt of petroleum-gas exploration equipment; intvw with yamamoto, chief of chori company's machinery division, reviewing company's post coop with ussr, Watanabe hopes for jap-soviet econ exchanges, looks forward to gorbachev's visit to japan in 1991. (14 min: jap 051200) 111 92 aleksey nikolayev on thai prime minister's recent visit to laos. (4 min: carob 1100 lao 1030) 112 93 aleksander vladimirov on talks between u.s. and philippines and future of american bases. (5-4 min: bur 1030 thai 1100) 113 EAST EUROPE 114 94 sofia dispatch on ending of bulgarian cp congress. (approx 450 words: tassr 1435) 115 95 aleksandr kapralov izvestiya on bulgarian political situation. (3 min: bulgarian 1700) 116 96 anon on 18th czech cp convention. (c/r taranov, enginter 051210, item 74 on 5 nov list) (kor 0900) 117 97 report on visit to warsaw by delegation of soviet cmtee of war veterans, incl intvws with mbrs of delegation on impressions of visit. (3 min, poor: polish 1600) 118 98 aleksandr shakhin on hungary becoming first east european country in council of europe, noting mbr-state foreign ministers are currently discussing in rome organization's future in a changing europe, maintaining hungary's admission is a sign and consequence of these changes, pointing out poland and czechoslovakia are to be admitted next spring, and it is expected all east european nations, including ussr, will join by 1995. (3 min: german 1600 greek 2100 albanian 1600) 119 NATIONALITIES 120 99 andrey orlov on soviet presidential council member grigoriy revenko 6 nov press briefing, on draft of new union treaty to be published in press. (440 text sent: tasse 1633; brief: enginter 2100 enguk 2000 portuguese 2100 hungarian 2000) 121 TB0711150590TAKE6 -C00175467 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 39 of 149 122 100 report on 6 nov press briefing given by grigoriy revenko, ussr presidential council member, on crisis in republics, incl draft of new union treaty to be published shortly. (4 min, sent: tv 1800) 123 101 tass corr albert maloveryan tallinn dispatch on estonian parliament deputies calling for resignation of estonian govt. (350 text sent: tasse 1300) 124 102 tass corr galina kuchina riga dispatch describing views of estonian academician Mikhail bronshtein and latvian farmer union chmn albert kauls, re possible failure of latvian agrarian policy, noting republican parliament second reading of land reform bill. (420 text: tasse 1916) 125 103 vitaliy gurov on situation in moldova slowly returning to normal, noting political solution remains to be secured, citing local leaders that coming consultations to stabilize situation should be started from scratch. (5-3 min: enginter 1210 1510 1810 2110 portbraz 2200 engna 2300 enguk 2000 german 1600 Spanish 2100 portuguese 2100 persian 1500 dart 1500 arabic 1500 turkish 1400 1830 albanian 1600 bulgarian 1700 hungarian 2000 romanian 1700 polish 1600 serbo 1700 indo 1300 1500 burm 1430 tagalog 1300 lao 1300 korean 1100 wand 1000 1400) 126 104 summary kishinev dispatch rounding up reports on situation in moldova. (approx 500 words: tassr 1433) 127 105 tass corrs fedor angeli/valeriy demidetskiy kishinev dispatch on situation in moldovan cities of kishinev and dubossary, noting cancellation of gosr parades in effort to reduce tension. (450 text sent: tassr 1642 tasse 1835) 128 106 anon kishinev dispatch on stabilization of situation in moldavia, noting 6 nov petr luchinsky-led meeting of moldavian parliament conciliation commission with gagauz conciliation commission in komrat, southern moldavia, citing lyudmila skalnaya appeal to-Moldavian women on ending ethnic confrontation. (500 text sent: tasse 1620) 129 107 r.i. khasbulatov, first dep chmn rsfsr supsov, intvv on 'russian parliamentary herald', on start of 500-day economic recovery program. (18 min: tv 1720) 130 108 tass corr natalia potapova sverdlovsk dispatch on funeral for workers who died following chemical factory explosion, quoting yeltsin remarks to relatives. (rpt tasse 051353, item 96 on 5 nov list) (engna 0000) 131 109 summary yan khutoryanskiy pravda on resent asbest tragedy following blast at factory, quoting dpty minister of defense industry nikolay (pozyrev) that by 15 nov he will be in a position to give information as to how accident happened. (4.5 min: mayak 0615) 132 110 intvw with (petr solovyev), churn of board of all-russian commodity exchange joint stock company, on founding conference of new organization and its aims. (3 min: mayak 0800) 133 111 intvw with leader of executive body of religious moslem communities of ashkhabad, on inter-ethnic conflicts in country, criticizing turkmen nationalists and agitators who are trying to split society. (3.5 min: home 0700) 134 SOVIET ECONOMY 135 112 "direct contact": intvv with peruvian listener adolfo tapia on market economy; leonid levchenko gives further explanation of market economy in ussr. (9.5 min: spanla 0200) 136 113 "international diary": inci zholkver on brussels report on state of soviet economy prepared by western experts, just published, noting things mentioned in report are very similar to those mentioned at solemn sitting C00175467 Page: 40 of 149 today, quoting genscher on stability in europe, noting that western companies, although prepared to help ussr, are not that eager to grant credits to soviet union, quoting german newspaper on how to recover soviet economy. (4 min: home 1745) 137 LIFE IN USSR 138 114 summary ryzhkov stv intvv on situation in moldavia and gosr anniv. (c/r tv 031840, item 85 on 3 nov list) (brief: finnish 041630) 139 TB0711150690TAKE7 140 115 "who is who": stanislav pribylov intvw with vladimir ivashko, dpty gen sec cpsu cc, answering viewers' questions on various socio-econ issues. (c/r tv 051625, item 111 on 5 oct list) (brief: engna 0000) 141 116 anon report on info re privileges accorded certain soviet citizens, mentioning secret joint decision of cpsu cc and ussr council of ministers according to which right to moscow residence permit and living space in moscow is granted to certain categories of party and state leaders on their retirement. (4 min, sent: home 1900) 142 117 soviet jurist on soviet citizens' lack of respect for law. (4 min: wand 0700) 143 118 (molkovnikov) on soviet official holidays incl gosr celebrations this and in past years. (5 min: wand 0700) 144 119 "ussr today": anon on internationality mvmt campaign in moscow whose aims are to resist separatism in some ssr's, intvvs with campaign ldrs heard (5 min); intvw with soviet writer whose periodical receives publishing certificate, citing periodical's characteristics (4.5 min). (12 min overall: wand 0100) 145 120 "ussr today": report on free trade zone in (altar); ussr military enterprises producing commercial goods; foreign tourists in ussr. (12 min: wand 1300) 146 121 "home in ussr". (rpt engna 030000, item 96 on 3 nov list) (engna 2300) 147 122 "half hour in ussr". (rpt engaf 011700, item 147 on 1 nov list) (engaf 1700) 148 123 "update": ppl's dpty stanislav seleznev, noting 500-day program is only realistic way to a market economy (6.5 min); moscow lawyer points out that a number of existing soviet laws have become redundant with move to market economy (4 min); account of visit to alma ata, noting mixed views on kazakhstan's declaration of sovereignty, maintaining kazakhs now account for only 60 percent of population, pointing out russian speaking citizens of northern areas regard their land as traditionally part of russia (4.5 min); description of consecration ceremony at moscosv site where restoration of church of our lady of kazan will be undertaken (3.5 min); vice president of soveksportfilm explains operation of independent film importing agencies in ussr (4 min); reporter gives description of new almanac of ufo's which has just come off press in moscow (4 min). (enginter 0810 engna 0000) 149 124 "events in soviet union": boris markovnikov on new free market econ program (5 min); named member of free toil party comments on political freedom, introduces party (3.5 min); report on staging of "boris godunov" by tarkovskiy for bolshoi theater (7 min). ('turkish 1400) 150 125 "we and our life": item on gosr anniv; new political groups in soviet union; soviet art. (20 min, incl music: albanian 1600) 151 126 "youth program": review of views given by soviet youths on gosr; review of soviet novel; report on circus in moscow. (26-20 min: wand 1000 C00175467 Page: 41 of 149 1400) 152 127 "youth club": intvv with komsomol officials on cpsu youth policy, growing number of young religious believers in ussr, incl intvws in kiev. (20 min, incl music; portuguese 2100) 153 128 "program for youths": discussing 72d anniv of organizing komsomol, introduces komsomol activities and nature. (15 min overall: kor 1330) 154 129 anon citing tass report on saints' day celebrated by orthodox church, giving account of discussion about saint leonard day and church position on moldavian republic. (5 min: spanla 2300) 155 130 "restructuring -- problems and solutions": review of ussr press articles on topics related to restructuring. (6 min: bulgarian 1700) 156 131 misc internal ussr items: 54: global 11 sov 6 eur 2 northam 1 latam 10 mideast 2 afr 1 asc 7 asnc 14 157 TB0711150790TAKE8 158 UNPRO: enginter 0800 0900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 tv 0930 1455 159 POOR: portaf 1900 polish 1600 160 PART MISSED: kor 0900 161 DROPPED: beng 1200 (endall) 6 Nov 90 162 TB071115089OTAKE9