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June 24, 2015
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January 31, 2011
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March 25, 1993
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C00175575 Page: 66 of 98 CLAS UNCLASSIFIED CLAS UNCLASSIFIED AM OV2603010093 DDAT 930325 SLIN Beijing China Radio International in Russian 1900 GMT 25 Mar 93 SUBJ Program Summary: Beijing Russian 251900 Full Text Superzone of Message 1 [Reception: fair/poor] 2 1. (2.8) npc continues group discussion; Jiang zemin takes part in (shanxi) province delegation discussions; cppcc presented with socialist market economy system proposal. (1 min) 3 2. (3.8) kuomintang committee, taiwan league of cppcc hold press conference on participation of democratic parties in government matters, democracy in china. (und min) 4 3. (4.5) fujian province government chairman holds press conference on economic developments, fujian-taiwan relations. (und min) 5 4. (4.8) RENMIN RIBAO, 25 mar, publishes article, "an irrepressible historical process" attacking governor of hong kong saying being true to one's word is the proper manifestation of morality in international relations. (1.5 min) 6 5. (6.3) prc state council approves economic system reform for 1993. (1 min) 7 6. (7.5) prc achieves significant successes in use of nuclear power for peaceful purposes in relieving tight situation with power supplies; new nuclear power generation projects approved. (1 min) 8 9 10 7. (8.6) tibetan education statistics for 1992 given:- (1.5 min) 8. (10.1) prc muslims mark ramadan. (und min) 9. (10.8) zorkin, in KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA newspaper interview, says constitutional court is not demanding yeltsin's impeachment, says it's a matter for congress. (und min) 11 10. (11.5) vance, oven, president of b-h, croatian leader hold talks; b-h foreign minister says progress has been made; vance, oven do not hold meeting with serbian representatives. (1.5 min) 12 11. (13.1) new australian cabinet sworn in. (und min) 13 12. (14.0) un official says Iraq still has engineering, scientific powers to develop nuclear weapons. (1.5 min) 14 13. (15.4) spokesman for Interpol conference in chile says developed countries must give technical, monetary aid to developing nations to fight against drugs. (und min) 15 14. (16.0) current events: LIAOWANG journal commentary "absurd assertion by u.s. press on the chinese threat," on unceasing campaign of lies about china being conducted in the u.s. (7.5 min) 16 15. (23.8) part 2 of report "historic ascendancy of china," on growing material well-being of chinese people. (6.5 min) xA7 16. (1.2) mail box: report on ufo's. (15.5 min) 18 17. (18.3) mail box: report on growing demand for ecologically pure food items called ' reen food' in china. (6.5 min) 251900 0992603.0070 26/010lz Mar BT #5482 NNNN .93 Approved or Release OQ0io