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June 24, 2015
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January 31, 2011
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September 28, 1989
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C00175689 Page: 1 of 1 Document 1 CLAS UNCLASSIFIED CLAS UNCLASSIFIED AFSN PY2809215889 DDAT 890928 SLIN Buenos Aires NOTICIAS ARGENTINAS in Spanish 1320 GMT 28 Sep 89 SUBJ Rocket Found in Desolate Area Full Text Superzone of Message 1 [Text] Cordoba, 28 Sep (NA) -- An experimental space vehicle [cohete experimental s'onda] weighing 400 kg was found on 25 September between the townships of Quilino and Cruz del Eje, 280 km northwest of Cordoba. The rocket, which was not carrying explosives, had crashed in an unspecified point in the northern part of Cordoba Province. 2 The rocket is 3 meters long and 50 centimeters in diameter. It was found buried 2.5 meters deep in salty ground [suelo salitrosol in a desolate salt flat just 5 km from the road linking Quilino to Cruz del Eje, west of the city of Dean Funes. 3 The local residents spotted the rocket and reported it to the regional police. Air Force personnel have posted sentries around the crash site. 4 Local residents have reported that,since late last year they have observed "a number of strange events in the region," including sighting of UFOs, helicopters and ground vehicles. 5 Last Monday, two residents were crossing the area through the "Los Ramblones" pass when they found the rocket partially buried in the ground. They alerted the police. 6 It is strongly believed that the rocket belongs to the Air Force and that today it will be collected by specialized personnel and taken to the Cordoba Air Force garrison. (endall) 281320 282234 sep BT #8437 NNNN aao UNCLASSIFIED Approve for Release (J'Q I ~