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June 24, 2015
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September 21, 2011
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December 6, 1968
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DRAFT -December 6, 196$ TO MGDR FROM DP via President SUBJECT Missing Persons Reference: PMVTE-b$-1270 dated 31 July 19b$ Attachments: 1. POVTE-b8-171,,8 dated lg October 19b8 with ICf~S attached 2. Letter e~~essee~ (iri French) addressed to Sot Pethrasi dated October 26, 1~6$ 3, Newspaper Article from Bangkok Post dated November 9, 196$ !~. BMVTE-b$-232 dated November 21, 196$ The attached attachments indicate the continued efforts by PM-VTE to of the missing employees presumed to be held captive by the Pathet Lao. From the first attachment it appears that the U.S. Embassy, Vientiane in its contacts with the Pathet Lao has given the impression to the latter that all personnel detained were of U.S. military origin. PM-VTE believes this is a disadvantage from a bargaining point of view and he opines our employees would stand a better, chance of being released if a distinction were made between them and U.~. military personnel. This is his intention if and when he manages to arrange a meeting with Mr. Sot Pethrasi, Pathet Lao representative. In this quest he wrote attachment 2 requesting an appointment with Mr. Pethrasi after approval was obtained from embassy off icials and BMVTE. PM-VTE received no response to his letter and we understand he either wrote a second letter for an appointment or is pursuing the matter as outlined in attachment 1,.. The newspaper article, attachment 3, appears to be in error proclaiming that DeBru3n was a British resident of Hong Kong, which we believe is a switch of identities and refers to Yik Chiu To, one of the~f our men, the other three being Thai, depicted as Americans in the story, that were detained with UeBruin. APPROVED FOR RELEASES DATE: 16-Aug-2011 Mr. James Murphy, Political Section, U.S. ~nbassy, Vientiane, has indicated to PM-VTE that he strongly believes I~eBruin to be alive, there is no conclusive e proof one way or the other, because of recent propanganda leaflets that have come into his hands .containing DeBruin~s picture, albeit PM-VTE has not seen Since it appears that we have~ot retained a copy of the debriefing interview (attached to PND DP-67/2182-5 dated May 15, 1967, Sub~eets Draft Letter to ', ~ Mrs. Y. C. To) held with Pisihdi Indradat after his release ~ December 1966, we would appreciate it if you would forward us a copy~as the contents may prove helpful in being able to identify the remaining missing employees of the B-150 incident of September 1963. We gill keep you advised of any future developments. cc: PM via BM-VTE: It seems that all your recent efforts have been concentrated on DeBruin. If this is correct we are concerned about the other missing employees, all those set forth i.n P1VD-PA-b$/2575 dated 1$ June 196$, and what is being done to learn their status. As individuals all the missing employees should be treated equally without any specis,l attention being given to one. In this regard the U.S. Embassy could be the root of this concentration of effort because of DeBruin, but as a Company, which you are representing, we feel that our concern be and effort should/directed for all and not just one individual. Apart from this it appears your efforts are making headway and perhaps with your latest contact positive results will be forthcoming. Let's hope so for all concerned. ~-_` qq -~ File (2) ,.,~o"~..~,. ~., ?~~ ~,...,~_~..~-~ ~ ~~'~~. B150 P/Files (6)