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June 24, 2015
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May 23, 2011
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March 27, 1957
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ALL FBI INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS UNCLASSIFIED (''TATE 06-10-2009 BY 60324 uC baw/dk/t1t CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON 25, D. C. OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR The Honorable J. Edgar Hoover Director Federal Bureau of Investigation Department of Justice Washington, D. G. Subject: d ~~ e (b)(1) (b)(3) APPROVED FOR RELEASEL DATE: 11-May-2011 I attach a memorandum with regard to subject which is self explanatory. The information on which the attached memorandum is based was passed to me Subject specifically requested that the information be brought to your attention and to mine, and further requested that it be kept out ti# the general files and placed in a special file. I am also com- '-municating the substance of this memorandum to the State Depart- rnent at the highest level, It has otherwise received no dissemination except to the person through whom this letter is reaching you, Allen W .ulle s Director RECORDED _,;? INDEXErf; APR 4 ;9,7 27 March 1957 Subject admits that since youth he has been a congenital homo- sexual; sought medical advice and was told that there was nothing to be done about it. During his recent visit to the Soviet Union and while in Moscow, subject states that he was exposed to pointed homosexual overtures and in the end committed the incredible folly of walking into the trap. This trap, subject stated, was a carefully prepared, professional KGB frame up. After the trap was sprung, subject states that on several occasions, in Moscow and Leningrad, he was subject to long political conversations largely based on his writings. Allusions were made to Lubyanka and the fact that homosexuality was a crime. According to subject no questions were asked which were of a classified nature but he apparently feared that this was merely a warming up exercise. subject reports that signed nothing for the KGB interlocutors despite their efforts in that direction. Subject states that as a safeguard against KGB pressure he wrote out a-loniz account of what had trans-oired, F- While some mild efforts were apparently made to delay subject's departure, when the Embassy ordered the tickets for him, he was allowed to leave via Prague with a day's delay and was not molested en route to Paris and London or since then and prior to the date of this information, which is March 17, 1957. (The incidents in the USSR presumably took place sometime around the latter half of February 1957.) o0 35LIr6 O"-. p-41