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August 1, 1999
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(b)(1 );'' `(b)(3)` Sec et Terrorism Review) August 1999 Articles i secket DI TR 9-007 August 1999 eet ii L Key Dates and Events The Terrorism Diary for September and October 199 Chronaln!Pv of errorism-June-July 199 29 Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-July 19991 33 This Review is published monthly by the DCI Counterterrorist Center. Comments and queries are welcome and may be directed to Information available as of 31 August 1999 was used in this Review, except where otherwise noted 1 Seckt DI TR W-007 August 1999 3 Sec t Se et 7 Seeet DI T 99-007 August 1999 Se< ?e1 12 15 Sec t Se\c -e9 16 21 Se Net DI T 9-007 August 999 See t NOFO N-ORCON Highlights Sec et DI TR 9-007 August 999 Reverse Blank 25 I September 1939 1 September 1969 September 1970 3 September 1971 3 September 1982 8 September 1982 10 September 1922 11 September 1973 12 September 1992 14 September 1982 15 September 1982 17 September 1978 17 September 1982 17 September 1992 19 September 1989 20 September 1984 The Terrorism Diary for September and October 1999 suggest that we anticipate a commemorative terrorist event. Below is a compendium of September and October dates of known or conceivable significance to terrorists around the world. Inclusion of a date or event does not West Germany, Europe. Antiwar Day (anniversary of Nazi invasion of Poland). Libya. Qadhafi seizes power. Palestinians. The Jordanian Army drives Palestinian guerrillas out of the country because of their attacks against Israel from Jordanian soil; in response, Fatah establishes the Black September Organization, best known for its attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. Qatar. Independence Day. Peru. Death of Sendero Luminoso (SL) leader Edith Lagos. India. Death of Shaykh Mohammad Abdullah, the "Lion of Kashmir." Turkey. Founding of Turkish Communist Party. Chile. Coup in which leftist President Salvador Allende was killed and military junta led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet took power. Peru. Arrest of Sendero Luminoso founder Abimael Guzman. Lebanon. Assassination of Phalangist leader and Lebanese President-elect Bashir Gemayel. Lebanon. Israeli invasion of Muslim West Beirut. United States, Israel, Egypt. Signing of Camp David accords. Lebanon. Massacre in Shatila and Sabra refugee camps (17 September Organiza- tion takes its name from this event). Iran, Germany. Iranian Kurdish oppositionists murdered in Mykonos restaurant (Berlin). Niger. UTA Flight 772 bombing, killing all on board. Libyans suspected responsible. Lebanon. Truck bomb destroys US Embassy Annex in Beirut. Twenty-three die, including two US citizens. Islamic Jihad claims responsibility. 27 Sec DI TR W-007 August 1999 20 September 1999 21 September 1989 22 September 1980 23 September 1932 23 September 1964 25 September 1984 25 September 1997 27 September 28 September 1970 1 October 1985 3 October 1990 6 October 1973 8 October 1967 23 October 1983 26 October 1995 28 October 29 October 1923 29 October 1973 31 October 1984 Israel, Jewish World. Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). Anniversary of 1973 Arab-Israeli war, according to the Jewish calendar. Saudi Arabia. Execution of 16 Kuwaiti shias for hajj bombings that sparked anti- Saudi retaliatory attacks. Iran, Iraq. Iraq invaded Iran, bombed Iranian military installations and economic tar- gets along their mutual border, precipitating the Iran-Iraq War, which lasted until 1988. Saudi Arabia. Unification of the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia. National Day. Egypt, Jordan. Resumption of diplomatic relations. Jordan, Israel. Assassination attempt on HAMAS political bureau chief Khalid Mish'al. Spain. Basque National Party Day. Egypt. Death of Jamal `Abd al-Nasir. Tunisia, Israel, Palestinians. Israeli bombing of PLO headquarters in Tunis. Germany. German Unity Day, official date of unification of West Germany and East Germany. Israel, Arab World. Arab-Israeli war begins. Egypt. Armed Forces Day (commemorates October War with Israel). Peru. Founding of the Communist Party of Peru, from which Sendero Luminoso evolved. Cuba. Heroic Guerrilla Day (death of Che Guevara in Bolivia). Lebanon. Bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut. Israel, Palestinians. Palestine Islamic Jihad leader Fathi al-Shiqaqi killed in Malta by Israeli agents. Cyprus. Greek National Day (observed by Greek Cypriot community). Turkey. Independence Day (proclamation of republic). Cyprus. Turkish Republic Day (observed by Turkish Cypriot community). India. Assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by Sikh bodyguards, trigger- ing anti-Sikh riots throughout northern India. Chronology of International Terrorism June-July 1999 The following incidents have met the criteria for the Intelligence Community's incident Review Panel since publication of the previous issue of the Terrorism Review. These incidents are the basis for the State Department's Patterns of Global Terrorism, published annually as the US Government's official record of interna- tional terrorism.) 29 Sect DI TR 9-007 August 1999 29 June 1 July 6 July 20 July 21 July Nigeria: In Port Harcourt, I five.heavily armed youths stormed a Shell oil platform, kidnapping-one US citizen, one Nige- rian citizen, and one Australian national, and causing undetermined damage. A group calling itself Enough is Enough in the Niger River claimed responsibili On 16 July the hostages were released unharmed for an undisclosed ransom Nigeria: I I armed militants kidnapped two Indian nationals as they drove to a Nigerian rubber processing plant in Lagos. No one claimed responsibility. On 14 July the hostages were released unharmed. Angola: Near Capenda-Camulemba, local press reported the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) shot down an airplane carrying a Russian crew of five. The aircraft crash landed in UNITA-held territory, killing one crew member. UNITA officials claimed responsibility.n Burundi: I (suspected Hutu rebels fired on a WFP vehicle near Bujumbura, injuring one person.-1 Nigeria: In Aleibiri,l I armed Oboro youths kid- napped one US citizen, one British national, and one Nigerian citizen from a petroleum platform. The assailants demanded a ransom of $80,000 for the release of the hostages. On 12 July rebels released the hostages unharmed.n Angola: Local press reported UNITA rebels ambushed a German humanitarian convoy near Bocoio, killing 15 persons, injuring 25 others, and causin ma or damage. The convoy employees worked for the Catholic Relief Service Nigeria: In Osoko,l armed youths stormed a Shell oil platform, detaining seven British nationals and 57 Nigerian citizens. On 22 July the youths released all the hostages unharmed. F-1 Nigerian UNITA rebels fired mortars and long-range artillery at International Committee for the Red Cross aircraft parked at Huambo airport. No one was injured and no damage was done. 4 July Europe 1 July Indonesia: In Miliana, unidentified armed militants attacked a United Nations Mission in East Timor outpost, injuring 12 persons, according to press reports. Indonesia: In East Tiimor, according to news reports, armed militants ambushed a United Nations convoy carrying food and medical supplies to Maubara. The militants kidnapped an Australian national along with 15 others and injured three persons. The militants are suspected Besi Merah Putih Militia members owned used car dealership in Tuttlingen, causing major damage. Germany: Unidentified Kurdish arsonists set fire to 12 vehicles at a Turkish- the attackers were reacting to a Turkish court's conviction of Kurdis- 2 July 6 July 23 July tan Workers' Party leader Abdullah Ocalan.l Germany: Unidentified assailants threw Molotov cocktails at a Turkish shop and apartment house in Stuttgart, causing minor damage but no injuries. our Kurdish persons were arrested in connection with the attack Germany: an unidentified assailant threw a bomb into a Turkish travel agency in Munich, injuring two persons and causing minor damages Sedge I July Colombia: In North Santander,) mili- tants bombed a section of the Cano Limon- C ovenas oil pipe ine, causing unde- termined damage. The attack bears the hallmark of the Revolution Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) or the National Liberation Army (ELN) Colombia six armed FARC members kidnapped a US citizen from his home in Antioquia Department, near Medellin. The rebels demanded $60,000 to release the hosta e. On 26 July the rebels released the hos- tage unharmed. No ransom was paid Colombia .1 militants bombed a section of the Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline in Arauca Departmente, causing undetermined damage and halting production. The attack bears the FARC or the ELN hallmark. 10 July Colombia: Local press reported FARC rebels bombed a Transandino storage facility, causing undetermined damage but no injuries 11 July 3 July 16 July Colombia: I rebels dynamited a section of the Cano Limon-ovens oil pipe ine in Arauca Department. FARC or ELN militants are suspected.n Yemen: Near Sanaa an explosion damaged the Marib pipeline. ipeline is owned by the United States Hunt Oil and Exxon Corporations. No one claimed responsibility.n Yemen: In Omran, I tribesmen kidnapped our Belgian tourists. On 18 July the four hostages were released unharmed Angola Congo Uganda Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-July 1999 The incidents listed below provide an overview of indigenous terrorism worldwide On 2 July in Matete, I National Union for the Total Independence of Angola rebels attacked a town, killing 35 civilians, three Angolan soldiers, and causing minor damage. Government forces killed 12 rebels during the attack) during the attack On 5 July in Chimbassi, UNITA rebels attacked a village, killing 14 persons, injur- ing 27 others, and causing minor damage. Government forces killed two rebels On 13 July in Huambo,) I a bomb exploded in a village marketplace, killing 50 persons. Authorities suspect UNITA militants On 20 July in Catete heavily armed UNITA rebels attacked a village, assassinating one cit official and one police chief, killing 10 others, and causing major damage,- On 17 July in Mouyondzi la bomb exploded during a church service, killing 44 persons and causing major age. Government sources hold rebels supporting ousted president Pascal Lissouba responsible- On 17 July in Bamadu~ I four armed rebels of the Allied Democratic orces attacked a camp for displaced killing eight persons and injuring 10 others.- On 25 July in Lusaka, local press reported unidentified persons detonated a bomb outside the tax office, causing minor damage but no injuries. No one claimed responsibility-- On 21 July in Srinagar, according to press reports, an unidentified assailant threw a bomb into a crowded market, killing two persons and injuring 14 others. No one claimed responsibility.- e,, et 34 Middle East Algeria the kidnapping stated the rebels claimed to be members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia On 19 July in downtown Medellin two unidentified persons detonated a large car bomb, injuring a security guard and two bystanders, and causing ma or damage to surrounding shops and buildings. No one claimed responsibility On 19 July near Sidi Rabie, armed militants killed four persons, according to press reports. The attack bears the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) hallmarks On 19 July in Tizi-Ouzou, armed militants killed one police officer and wounded another, according to press reports. The attack bears the hallmark of the GIAF- On 19 July in Sidi Rabie armed milit lit the throats of nine persons. 'Ibis attack bears the hallmark of the GIA On 9 July in Sanaa, according to press reports, three unidentified assailants opened fire on a vehicle passing the Presidential Palace, killing two persons and wounding another. No one claimed responsibility.) Europe On 14 July in Batticaloa,l a bomb attached to a bicycle exploded near a police station, killing two persons and.injuring 17 s. The attack bears the hallmark of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil fielam Northern Ireland On 3 July in Belfast, local press reported unidentified assailants shot a 17-ye in the leg in an apparent "punishment" attack. No one claimed responsibility On 7 July in Carrickfergus, County Antrim unidentified assailants threw Molotov cocktails at a store, causing Spain Turkey major dams e. Local politicians assigned responsibility for the attack to dissident Loyalists On 24 July in Vitoria, local press reported unidentified youths firebombed a busi- ness belonging to a member of the government's Alava Province Party, causing minor dam T e Basque Fatherland and Liberty have carried out similar attacks in the past On 1 July in Elazig, press sources reported Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) mem- bers opened fire on a coffee house killing four persons and wounding four others. The PKK claimed responsibility On 4 July in Istanbul, press sources reported a bomb detonated in a public park, killing one person and injuring 25 others. No one claimed responsibility, but the PKK probably is responsible On 5 July in Adana, a suspected PKK suicide bomber detonated the explosives she was wearing outside a police station, injuring 14 police officers and three civilians and causing minor damages On 14 July in Aydogan village, press reports stated unidentified terrorists opened fire on a tractor killing four persons and injuring one other. The PKK most likely is responsible On 23 July in Diyarbakir,) Kurdish rebels attacked a petrol station killing three persons, wounding one, and causing undetermined damage napped and later killed the mayor of Canasgordas Municipality On 6 July near Canasgordas,l I armed guerrillas kid- 35 Se et