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September 22, 2017
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October 4, 2017
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October 4, 1954
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Ii j/1)... 0, I tlilApproved for Release: 2017/09/07 C05922737t MP MOM CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFIDE OF NATIONAL EsTniairm h October 1994 SUBJEaTs Post.ilortem of RE Alswiet Capabilities and Probable Prove= in %Med ? Di SIO 1, The preparation of NIE 111.9 during the course of which an intensive. effart,was male to exploit mazy possible scum of ovidenceo revealed a fDeritrle gap iE 013r intelligence in this Welly portent field? Although We han had available nconclusivi) evidence of the great postwar SovdEit interest in guided missiles and meow; '`Azaicatiolm that the USSR has a large and Etetiya WeSatir eh end develop. rant prows% we have ripractkally eurient 112telligencen on particulsir missiles the USSR is presently davelogng may now be producing? In view of otm estimate in FM n.644 that the US and its allies will face a growl,ng Soviet guided missile threata including eventually grave threat from intercontinental bellestic =Undies, this lack a intelligence is of critizal ageSicalloo to the fmtelligence c =amity? EO 13526 3.3(b)(1)>25Yrs TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 005922737 EO 13526 3.3(b)(1)>25Yrs EO 13526 3.3(b)(1)>25Yrs Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 005922737 Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 005922737 EO 13526 3.3(b)(1)>25Yrs Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 005922737 Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 005922737 Cfproved for Release: 2017/09/07 CO59227370 TOP swan EO 13526 3.3(b)(1)>25Yrs RECOMEDATIONS .8.0 That the Soviet guided missile program be specifically dei elgseted as a highest priority National Intelligence Objective ,on the same plane as the Soviet nuclear program. B. That a national intelligence estimate on guided missiles be scheduled as an annual =Waft to provide an authoritative estimate of Soviet progress in guided missiles and the degree of threat to US serembity-intereste, Co That, pending the initiation or the next =In this oarless a special ad hoc interiiiagency comaxiltee be eat vi? under the ILO to eximine those fields in which a greatly intensified intelligence effort would have the greatest papioff and naive the necessary' recommendations to the ILO. Subsequently this oommittee moult be responsible for - - TOP SNOW Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 005922737 Oproved for Release: 2017/09/07 005922737 - TOP SECRET preparing coordinated requirements for laving on the apprwiate intelligence 8g61725.030In VIM' of the critical importance of this emeraisea the cosmittee 4Iu14 be sufficiently high lesei to command the necossexy pricritr attention to its needso D, That the IPC and other bodies or agencies then be directed to assign appropriately hi 11 ex. pricritSes to the collection d analysis of guided sile tab:enigmas* -5- TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2017/09/07 005922737