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October 23, 2023
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September 1, 2023
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March 1, 1964
4- 0 M M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 01.1. -MEV- 30 June 1984 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD 'EUBJECT: Tele#hone Conversation between AMBIDDY-1 and Martin Ferrer DATE : 30 June at 1100 hours � 1. *on Erneido Oliva's request,. AMBIDDY-1 vent to meet with him last night. At the meeting Oliva mentioned- to A�1 that he (Oliva) was receiving the backing.of-AUBARK- and the Pentagon and implied A-1 was also receiving aid. 011Va stated that he tat met with Alfredo, Rodemeyer, the same lodemeyer that both of them had- met early last year..- A-1 replied this wao all before the death-of Kennedy rand he nolonger ,had contact with any of,ODYOKE's officials. ' According to Oliva. Mr. Rodemeyer.spoke-badly of some of' the personnel. in A-1's organization, e.g.., Antonio Iglesias. � Oliva-mentioned that he-had talked-with' Thomas Mann:", recently and expected to sew Mr.- Mann within the coming week to-reoeive oup:)ort for his, conventional *attar. program. , A--]' told Oliva he had no objection to the-conventional Warfare plan and that he. would morally support Oliva in -liberating Cuba. However, he would continue in hitaOwn: � little way-with his unconventional. war. According lo A-1, :he made it clear to Oliva that he was not receiving ODYOKI baoking.. ' 2. A-1 expects- to leave- on 1 July for- Costa.Pica ,tomorrow, He again mentioned that Adelaida will aeon -Wiring the United -States. A-1 commented he.does,not-expect to visit the United States as.often as he has, dOne in- the pant. A-2 Asked that Enrique and Mr. Archer clearly undoir- _stand that he does lntmll to keep his word, concerning- the ' (thews he, has mentionmd to us at the lest two meetings. AitemumemmommitimW Ittomnmpitmlimol diegod whver ern ,Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344.-NPF4s.,v- 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 SECREI -2- 3. A-1 expressed a desire to meet with Hr. Archer sometime after the August operations. AMBIDDY-1 - 20/ tile: Conversations Oliva - 201 - � Raul J. Hernandez wHisit/so/ux ....,mApproved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344,.4,. I. 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 29 June 1964 minau0s Damn tm tow WILMS. 24 J. 1964 SWIM �MBIDDT-1's /sage and Phileoephy 1. 21011010T�1es preftempatien with his political liege shame Ors. shoe he inquired whether we suspected him of dictatorial leanings. we replied. In offset. that we enter+ tallied soak suspicions and inclined toward tales his protest*. time el Libor $1 as- and Welles fairs with � heavy dele of salt.,�� Ouse iss power be weld treat the 1940 as a scrap el paper sad rue the country aloes asiteriterise lines. nattered thy hie .inpl.ied inclusion in the line of seseassien. to.1 only vetoed laild disease. " 2. Cesasett. Cessiderisa the exigeseles of estosemy shish deer us mush eypoctusity. Let. ales* Laverne ia &hatpin 461111110T4's political philosophy,. VS, have conveyal twhin variety ei ways :that we de net partirolarlir'eparo.ono .oay or Oho ethos,: that.ve,easet Laney his as asehasen thatroiasat seta& the periphery ei ileitOLD rad that by eat/maim � ima have :se 4steaties et prosetlit say. political aspirations he may harbor. haw aloe loth no doubt in his mind that we view his pari� -gornanso la, the, At_OKMD:driveies seat rather than say Wiese* stream et Seaseisessess, as --a dependable gauss et boo mold be=pssforodat la. a pasitios,e1:pelitieal-Awspenaibi1ity. �, ve pelmet sag ei Ar1i4914:. that Liberation- Osy wesld glad aprestratei basksept aad exhausted people, massy to death P : polities and: prepeasede, esevisa to be left elate lee a skate to eolUet its thenbte, There. �maid be re peLitimal !agree: seresseve, ea whisk-to build ast:presatarely salted peastal pianism ld aerely gene deraee marresey o.i.parlisosstartdeses nosy eves sere. Per a while at Least, a bestial sad, jest =seat= Wald bare to resters Cuba's ectilibriva sad permit bar to rebuild the lasIOtattesa vitbrot *Job a demi:soy mast prepaid], essatisa. _..Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 S 4. Is this contort, us nentioned sentiments ezpressed.by AMSIDDV4 on Venezuela TV deprecating largescale revenge during the re. � construction phase end voiced hope that he vould.do his ohms to wie these noble ideas put into offset. limy D. 16sbabsir est Polio, istimes 20/ Ms/. Approved for Release: 2023/68/26 C00554344 1.1-0�000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 29 June 1964 AidlOOLD MILETIVO15 nu amass, 14 J. 1964 =BUM tuthsida PAD11011 y Cruit.b Matteis. to Bove tier to Bioassays 1. Drawing liberally. woe, data supplied is-13141A l6312, we- realaded A1ISIDDT�1 about our liagiviege regardIsa his ,essotiatice with �4e1a14a-1DADROW y 'Cruz. He comeaded awars items of sows of the rumors cLrculatlag about bar � Past private Me sad stated that be had batisfied: hisasett that they ears ,lateuaded. We *jetted that ea totem that jos.' mobs Rosalie ties- beak asked to do gene investigating .and had talks. Adelaida ..Padres a elan bill of health. We also happeeed to,lateu that ' irBat was . Mat* of the truw story Sad- for 2141$471111 of his Cm bed decided, to withheld It.. frop Ali6IDDY�1. We 11101red what be kart almost Senora NOLL silt be eawssetsid- that -she had hose a what vimmo". We ebeetved .that the "had bees" was, *pea :to, graostioa. a. $1111110T�/ aveirrod..-that is bad. listened to a telephone '011.s.reatiew berms- Adelaida 4 her fames. boohoo* auger. � Sties Lateolia,isohish-.-the:�-lattio.hatiaihAtted-. that the stew: theet hie. having. assad l'hiegiar-orders -.bee ustryiwa Adolaida-systo safoisade4....AMIDOV�1 also .chaysed the ams.huaband pettleilisteisi orgies.- thet Adelaide- bed fettele4. to- de is. , 3. As mord.- Adelaide's ellegod irolatteaskip. -ILtb.aa�Prooldost ba1tritt.....AMBIDDT4 siisply. declared the chimp e. be matoaaded. � Adelaide: did know Cat1Os--CAII140,431aaalea � � . tbio mai is e14 -Met at the tinily.' sho aloe bat .sat ao�Proat� OD/ Jzsgsue but weigibia.-of wessaprosisissaaeas bed mooed. A. eeke4.-whedw hat intros . hota to &swivel firvieleset VWS..SIW, be deoLipd tbli,aad � Staled Abet :istrodostioat had bow pada by $itele:git*Clit,ve WISNICelilidlieed Wahl al. .iikiwiloarrams*ammewnewearirrosiegoorsitrimeitalW,w4litiarkgaszfitimlO'INg t�-� r. "' � SECLEI � Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 CO0554344 -00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 -2- � � S. Our query why Adelaide, if she had AMBIDDTA..s' � interests at heart, appeared to have qualms about owning up in respect to past events, was parried by AMIDOT-1 by nlaiming that Adalaida was of Course aware of all these. rumord and had warned him of possible political embexrassiment. 6. Ova!mating WO& 16512 on the.basis of our talk with ANSID1ffuil, -we conclude that its Main .source. has a-high batting awards*. At least these .appears Lobs hard core- of truth to practically all allegations mide,� to the extent we wire ablm. to check thee out. we would venture tha gross. that, :despite his protestations to the contrary, A15IDDY0. is quits conversant with Adelaida's past history, but can ses no practical Sala in so Rolling us. Us may reason that an avowal of intent to marry -- a wows* whose antecedents are in fact as described, would seriously blentsk hie 'image and that,..by pleading ignorance now he can,. U- .thleas sbiold get out of control, always strike a poee of injured .iunecesse and elicit a liar* but. for the Grace of god to.. to -up. aities tremm.his PliPalbilt associates. 7. Agreement that all ittterested.partles-wan141.bieofit:by- swim& Adelaide.. abode from. the WM area to Oicaraguaswas-,-.' Masked at the, basis of. ANSIDD'f�Ife acceptance. of our ;flat--:stato, -wet -that .wo. view Adelaide"- as a Poteetill hasart. to dia4014.10* and ILIPAStea. eemarity. .We .based this raasseint upon, aatiata,that Adelaide had- become" 4/1 but completely ptivy te ,evelythisvi-that,was� going .an in:Abal0a1.0 and that .her discretion- kat a- great deal. to be desired, we: drew no denial from AISIODY4.1 wbsa.statleathat.Adelaide had ,beceies witttsgref,.the wAn- training Setat1141 ter �J11131pWl�1 and that she presumably lomat about,,EMIANt Salopert.for referred to Adelaides- lesbian. 'associates, ulthoot: staid* that we ensposted her of Wadies charter asebuship to that erty.. wc,aostiOned by name Aida mu and Lucia WO. Mem the latter was labelled- by is a teibian--bellaved to bsth Adelaide's, esseplusaftomtidenie, ANSIDiffel, evinced suryrisa- *aid for roaeoso..dttfioult to fathetalmost dismay.:. we .oceeluitod:.by Otayseies She importsnee. of breaking op Ildalsidass, *irate et-. easeeiateS sed�Coatidsets elk an .indispormabl.e. israrsquiiite...for telitaielag the theses her access-to. inforreatiea, us seasider- eiassifiet samisens and asked $1111100.14 to sake, sus* that es essiAtt Of this vest mold. Canoe- her to plossoepo. � SEC:if Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 S. Os made no Atttimpt, libith is any case meld have been .velo. to break up the relatiolship imummetAMBIDDY�1. and Adelaide.. Weepologised to him for involvistourselves In matters of a private and intimate natumehich unfortunately more beglasing to impingivupoa omits security.interests. ISOSIDDY*1 in turn me4:1 it clear that he thinks he is in love and thet separatiou ismot-in the cards. We dropped -the-, issue by assuring ANSIDDY..1 that the day weld come uhem things comlatba soma is better perspective ad that he could depend ow 'um iset to gloat :lc-remand his that- vs had told him se. 9. Ile nestiosed offhand that we assumed that, Adelaide Awl all the papers seeessary to effect her departure from SSMIt..,ASSID01�1 replied that she bad sot been able yet to -get the secessery papers. iiesimpiy oommeated that she should _ sea for lbws. Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 14-000M EECRET/RTBATA5 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 Chief of Station, MOATS � RN Deputy Chief,. RR (Special Affairs) TYPIC/ANNORLD--IdAmtity RITS: A. VISA 18512, 15 June 1564 � S. DIR 31528 1. Chief, RR requests that an investigation of the truth of .sone of the allegations made initet'a report be held in abeyance pending determination Whether Subject in fact has decided to lam pspaimm /or Nicaragua. a. Headquarters continues to be interested in additional data regarding the house in the MYR area which ANSIDDI-1 intends to purchase in the name of Hilw Messer. 8. If it should turn out that the conditions described in: Met.report are not drasticany remedied and continue to pone a* teetering threat to the security of AMWOULD, your btation may nays to be, requested to investigate. In the meanwhile, we are hopsfUl that Subject's removal from the WATS area will Immo to attenuate this bad situation. , 4. Thanks to Aof A report, we were able (without going. Into too nook sordid detail) to put �1DIDDT-1 on none* that we view his association with Subject in the RAU area as a.potential throat to ANWOHLWe and HUHANIVe security and that the political scandal. potentiml of the existing situation is-squally formidable. ikv - 0Onsoquent17 tell 1* with AIIRIDDlf-l's suggestion, nadedurlig the latest eseting is- Panama City, that he wove the 'mentor of hi. illicit 'affair to Nanrgua whore it would be easier to contain unpleasant. . repercussions than in-the WATS area. We urged AMBIONT-4, and-d-he grealood to heed our advice, that ne dot pernit.bubject totake along to Micaragua.nembers of her present entottageo-plagling out 14a5t1t70 at Bet a as a particular came la point. - -I. it should.)). stressed that AH8IM5T-1 is uawaverincia his Ansel or feigned) conviction that Subject is pure an:driven'enow and badly maligned and 'Maths has a ready explanation ter:swery:-"runor." Stimuli have bees unwise to' attempt coercing his 'into. his Weir with Subject, and- snot likely he would not-have yielded to esp .- ranee. no had no obolee=but-to settle for tberprow. psoet sere 40 Slearagua which.represents a palliative at best... leinetb Ne loblIbrook Mistributlenu_ WOW 8963 99 Juno 1244:. 4 m COSI MUM .44 sysaavairetit so.1S4-274 1. Wal/rwee WBOA/110/110 Mrecksber :bb Wataa/so/za 81108 MORO 201 7 ANBINT-1 201Y � lona Cano 201 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 s 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 INCREVITRAT VIM MAMA= COM ATIMCES929 90 UM 3042. dated 29 as se04 Meet Adetaida FAME y Ceuta Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344m�rz�rrrrrpwsrgr,*=rz7..=,r,,,zzp- 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 SECCIT 29 June 1984 Debriefing of Russell R. Bambara in Wash., D.C. 18 June 1984 DUOJRCTs DMJM Engineers 'Bambara reported he met with AMBIDDY/1 at the Mined, -airport on 5 June 1084 for a briei.discussion.of-organt--- .sationel 'changes. .After their talk. A/1 requested,89mbora socoipany-him.to the airport hotel to-act as interproUr with an American engineer (possibly WM). sambora not reeill the nano of the engineer but. that the. engineer hid -stated the airstrip in Nicaragua' would cost tomeahero -,.in.the.vleinity of a million dollars,- Accordinglto:.. Bambara, A/1 simply.listened.to the proposal and, said he would: take the matter under'advisement. .- -- - J. Hernando" - � VIVIIA/80/1111 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 ,-,ACM=IT 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 SEVET ARNOLD Neetbut in Mimi. 28 June 1984 88122CTs Photographs :of Adolaida Padres I 1. During -a lull in the Meeting I took �MDIDEV4, Wide (se instructed) and told his it would b. boot feral' concerned to,tahe Adelaide' Out of PMPRIU2 a.. he-ked eumented. I mentioned to. him .there lev growing', amber of reports ea Adelaida !lading their vat to : tushiagtea easing it increasingly difficult for us ts'- protect hl rear. I thee casually aeationed.te him that vs had Areceived gems obscene photographs which. hove caused as is go mono (ingAalhing wAtIvNieme people to Waehlegtour_. that are beginalng to some singiwiage about" 2121120T�lleetual3y this etortie aotioaal). I. 1 helloed the reinurk.oesserniag the-photographs . Wet AMBIDIT4. "De you.mesuinmoral pictures Martin?* 211111=4 inquire& sodded and to avoid his lathing' r farther questions abeut-the pictures-, 1 reminded him of * hielvivoloo that Lucia copo. (Ass1eell.1 denied, knowing her) and Lids Perez Pone would not fellso Adelaide to Mionsagua. 4.. Daring the rest of. the Ammar aysimr,4 app�sr�d- to he somewhat dejeoted and preoccupied. It le the opiates- the Cage fitteadlat-tho missing-that-thle wee.ettributed Ale-tbs roisrns Wide coneeralag the enlitteace of-- these- PheiletralMs. 44- 4. 80 the Neetlag vie about to end. ANDIDOWA naked 'DV you rWallt htwo-mosi immoral 7.1.oesreg:ct.'. bee Walaida). liZatlart .Agaiol said nos." Moue - � .08tegrephe-had,esse 1st� our pommies plownpook ammo 444 _Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 information that we had not divulged to hie. AILMIDDT-1 then inquired it he could -see. the photographs. I replied that it was our .feeling, that it would serve no useful purpose other than to satisfy his own curiosity. , Inessuch as- he had promised .to take Adelaide out of the Country, - there was no sense in rubbing salt into the wound. Further- sore, we did not wish to reveal our soirees to AMMIDOY-1. Lastly, both be and I know, that photograph*. could Os fabricated and we. did net went to be falsely accused' of � .doing just this. AMBIDDY-1 again asked that,I inform, ISECIEMO/7 that he. is 'interested in hearing the picture,. In order to drop the entire subject, -I promised AMMON-4: I would pass the sgssage to aSCIEMOrt. . S. BECEROMP belieree that this (notional) .interventios. =red AMBID011-4 out of his complacent assuapt ion that we Anabstantial information to back up our claim that Adelaide!, immoralities are sore-tban-unprovabls-rusors. Also, hopefully,. he may novo have -,-been put on guard and - sag take adequate precautions against blacknall-of-hisself Sr 'Adelaide which we consider. a major throat to the .security Of AMINALD. If in future meetings AM3IDDY4 should revert tO the existence of these Ihotographe, it may .be best to '� State that they were promptly destroyed but- that -lust!, also- being le the possession of poteatial. blackmailers--can mover be Puled out. AMBIDDT-1 should _ .he roomed ot Als_oowuraoso ti inaildiately- if mail& atteeptiv�are�sadei' WAND :he .say need our help in warding this off. 161.-Ass-:, � OSO aesurenee that we v.vuld not use the. cropping. up Of soak dit;lealties,te remind his-of his failure to heed our nua amusszel Adelaide Padres AM Pomo lesia Cam � � Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C60554344 4-00000. Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 AMNIA Meeting In Miami, 28 June 1984 - 828J2CTI AMBIDOW-l's Dream Roues and Personal Finances I. Without impugning AMBIICT-l's right to Purchase a hese we advised him that many derogatmry reports have seabed Our sets concerning hie purchase of a home and for this reason only we wanted to cot the record straight and thereby be in a better position to combat malicious rumors. Aml said he understood and it was evident A-1 did not take it (the Inquiry) as a personal affront. Boring a break In the meeting A-1 wont home to obtain the nesessavy data on the house. Within a few hours A-I, retUrned with the information plus a blueprint At the home. S. Apl stated-the only house be owns is the one ..iallhioh he and Adelaide are. now residing. . This house to located at 1270 M. 2, 83 Street, Miami, Florida. - The original downPayment was $8000. The monthly Par' scat on the house is $230. The funds for the dampers's* 4.110,0 obtained' Smos". a. MIA ova personal bank account ($4000). b. Adelaide contributed mosey she had receiwod, Erse an automobile accident ($1,000).- :1. She balanoe'wee-borreeed-from Slate 5i (01.100), : *4' added that the mossy borrowed from. Adwlilda and Seel vas paid bask:to thee, . *Geordies to Apl the -house to valued- at-42,101M. 5r.1 wee asked:why.the:hcaWM.48s; . 288 registered in his:nomoc -A-1.roplied this MI genii � SO grewenCrumorintrom starling as to where he had gotten figivocasy. For this memos thelnoune ii rtigitatered.in She same et (Al's bodyguard), 'itos soon as. Adelaide departs for Nicaragua, legends to lease the hoes, Weems for $120 a month, ' Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 ;qqa, .2. � u.: 3. Without being asked A-1 stated be vented to Clarify hie financial situation since his return iron prison. A-1 reported he has 'earned $4.500 from the sale of Wareham de Guerra- y Cantos de Presidio; from the sale of.the book Day of Pigs he has so tar earned $4,300 in royelt!es of wkloh41.000 has been sent-to the underground in Cuba, His personal bank.aadount at present totals-$14700. 4/.1 also. maintains:he.han no other bank account in any other country. 4,, Vs /again mentioned to A-1 that our,solopurpose.' Vas to hoar the ttate from him to prevent the vOggling. of Idle tomies,. � Inlet alaIDDT-1 - 101 Melia*" 1101 - 201 Real 3. Bernaades 111/11/110/M1 � 0� thitn Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344-' i� � (b)(1)- "1' (b)(1)-, 14-000po 6407 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 Movimiento de Becuperacion Rev olucionaria 2312 14 � C. 2 COURT MIAMI. 37. srLonstaw ,p 7/1, "'ease Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 IR 1.4400 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 TRANSLATIO� 1. Address: 1270 N. Z. SS Street, Miami, Florida. The demi:payment for the house vas $6,500. Monthly payments which have to be nadeper month, $SW. S. Ware did I get the money? . a. From the book May of Pie I have .earned $4,300 of which I have ua $1,000 I sent to the underground; thereby, leaving a balance of $3,300. b. From the Cale of .Marchaa de Guerra z Canton de Presidia, 114,500.. � . . � a. This- gave. me: .the.. same . of "id � 800....Plum *tent. striae as a total of $8,800. d. At the tine et buying-the-houses $4,000 tram WY WO Mask amoohate.$1,000- fren.Adelaida, an eatemebile. accident from .vhich she received $1,400 and 111,400 low:ed.:to -se by- Slate Mesa. Tito Mesa- - and Adelaidase "Dopey have- paid back to them. Ir. I bays remaining-In the bank ;2,300 minus $400 which I have &peat. on other thaws -leaving, ise� t total. f $1,700. The house tenet under my asae but Is �name. � The house le iralaet-st 115�000.. Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 (WO Y. (b)(3) _ Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 � 26 June 1964 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Telephone Conversation between AMBIDDY-1 and Martin Ferrer DATE : 26 June at 1130 hours I telephoned AMBIDDY-1 at his home and informed him that we (Carl, Dick and I) would be meeting with lam on Sunday. We would need the following things at this meeting: a. A complete up-to-date roster of the personnel in ths organization am they are re- shuffled. b. Return of all insurance forms which are. no longer. applicable. O. To at least have a. formulated idea as to what their operational plans will be lor-Julyand,. and any requests for data which Carl will have to Obtain. elJt Raul J. Hernandez WS/6A/60(101- Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344, .14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 4 1 7 4 .1 7 � C 10� JUWAVE nom. DUUCToit +.j baVell 0. CS NU NO. .11 T 19-V14-27/3 care, pcimAls,9 3 ago b if i� it � RE& IC TOBITE AMWORLD 'UPI- WAVE 0116 (IN 04612)* �ON 24 JUNE AT NEW ORLEANS =STING AMBIDDY-1 AGREED IT BEST INTEREST ALL CONCERNED (I.E. AMWORLD, KUBARE, AMBIDDY-1 AND Elms= 221),t1 SUBJECT MOVES RESIDENCE TO MANAGUA. SINCE THIS ..Atv Rou:!7.:; L3: I 8 ' 2 6 Jus6,1 16 3 7 z - IDIA ORIGINALLY EROACRXD IN PAJAMA ET AMBIDDT-1 EIMSELF, EQS WIP SIM MT APPLAUDED IT. IN 'US LUNT REQUEST WAVE ADVISE < GOOEGE TO GIVE FAVORABLE CONSIDERATION TO SUBJECT'S RENEWED AMP. Avilom FOR FORM I 613. SINCE ODUROX PLATED MAJOR NOLX ASSISTING .;AOMINIE IN ViRIPMATION OF MORS ABOUT SUBJSCT'S PAST, no= 4AANELIMIX ADVISE APPROPRIATE LEVEL =UR= VET IT NOV comosup - mimes Do OBETACUIE 27 SUBJECT mum UM puma, wiz PROVIDE ResuRiams SWIM MARTINO= owe. ina OF MESSAGE ys wall request ODURGE delay leaseasee I-512. It& 111101111111111. allOseii c14�00 q t o � A�:,.Attexp41061,10rsort $T OMR THAN V11111$111,11040 OFOIC r,drarpaar.theitAint Or11 ", � ' cl�i�hv� .1.4.i.sftaramxii.a=,=i.:46 � Lirl Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 CO0554344 � -00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 LAIritU mESSAGE TO s DIRECTOR PROM moon � � A:TIC:Ng DO/WHAA 3 tr FO e GDP, VR �Cttoroc-t?�t" � 130�14)01 4100.101- SECRET 241548Z DIR C TE WAVE 8396 ira Stt In ye 4 1 TYPIC YOBITE AMWORLD ROUTING 4 IskiS_ AR RrT3 LOG CA ST Br e SEC NS � 1. 22 JUNE AMYUM/19 HAD MEETING WITH AMJAVA/4 AND ANBIDDY/1 AT LATTER'S REQUEST TO RESOLVE LEADERSHIP CRISIS WITHIN AMYUM WHICH HAD POTENTIALLY SERIOUS IMPLICATIONS FOR AN WORLD. A/1 ADMITTED HAVING CONTROL PROBLEMS IN CMOS AND SAID HE,FINALLY -UNDERSTOOD WHAT A/19 HAD BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT. AS REgULT DISCUSSION A/19 BELIEVES A/1 CONVINCED MIS NOT ATTEM/TING USW** 'MU POSITION IN ANYUM AND WILL. PERMIT .A/19 ASSUME REAL.'oeCtITMOL CNER ACTIVITIES IN PIIPR/ME CINCLUDING AUTHORITY OVER INTIlk AND PROP ACTIVITIES), IN RETURN 'A/19 TO USE HIS GOOD OFFICES RESOLVE PER.; -10NNE1. PROBLEMS IN CAMPS. , , & ACCORDING A/19 RECENT ANALYSIS, WHICH BE/NG:FORWARDED NO* � 3%1110 PROBLEM IS GROWING BELIEF AMONG MOW ACTIVISTS� AND� tIZELLIGENCIA THAT AI I USING THEM FOR PERSONAL AMBITIONS AND THAT 'WI. EXHIBITING TOTALITARIAN LEANINGS WHICH-UNACCEPTABLE WHILE ACCEPTING NECESSITY MILITARY DISCIPLINE DPI MATTERS, APIYUM LEADERSHIP,. WHICH MORE CONCERNED FURTHERING IDEALS THAN , UtittiN.SAOSAMBIASOPSVIISITTUTE ONE '4* 'tit,' 'IN. EFFORT 'CAPTURE,,,0014 � .4 I � � Wei! �-� 0 , SECRET . IIIPPOMICTION sY OTHER ',MAN TMI IMP* QPI'IC ia PROINSITIED I 10 ���1111��������������101//���/...purpo� �������.....� . . ����������������.----.5. � likawitgamioaaciiiouteogiuSiti*,4414:014isceu4a-..i�a�mniesta.g.11:�4katesamo. Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 ;11417:41:.:M � � 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 11 � � CLASSIFIED MESSAGE SECRET 1 1144162/1_. HAS DONE FOLLOWING: A. IGNORED BEST QUALIFIED MEN'HEAD.UP MILITARY ACTIVITIES IN FAVOR THOSE WHO LACK CONFIDENCE AMYUM RANK AND FILE BUT WHO SUPPORT HIM WITHOUT QUESTION TO KEEP JOB. B. PERMITTED MILITARY AND PROPAGANDA FIELD BE DOMINATED Ry BAT/STIANO ELEMENTS WHICH CANNOT EFFECTIVELY DEAL WITH PSRuMEN ARMY OR MILITIA. C. ALLOWED SECURITY SECTION BECOME GESTAPO WHICH INTIMIDATES LOYAL AMYUNS WHO NOT UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORTERS All, CONTRBUTINS TO AIR INTRIGUE AND INTERNAL CONSPIRACY WHICH SAPS STRENGTH or MILITARY PHASE, AND PLAYED PERSONAL ENTOURAGE AGAINST PARTY CADRE AN ORDER KEEP CONTROL. 4. ACCORDINVAA/19 AMYUM LEADERSHIP WANTS A/1 AGREE TO SHARIN0 _ . POLITICAL DECISION-MAKING AND SELECTION 'KEY PERSONNEL WITH ANYUN DIRECTORATE MUTUALLY-AGREED UPON.. 'FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND- OPS .1PLANNING NOT INCLUDED IN THIS AND ONCE DECISION MADE ORGANIZATION. 3'10 BACK A0.1,-.DEC/SION VITHOUT.CUESTION.- .IF.THIS.NOT DONE A/19 AlAYOT. POSSIBLE LEADERSHIP MAY ATTEMPT DISASSOCIATES:LT FROM IN. ORDER PRESERVE IDEOLOGICAL PURITY REGARDLESS WIC" � - ANVORLD. DIRECTORATE IDEA WOULD NOT BE ACCEPTABLE TO An ADGORDIN0 11...,..,VAVE C/O SUGGESTED THAT BRINGING OTHER CLININTS.INTOlte:STOR ,11AKI14O MACHINERY WOULD ONLY-RESUa M:4E:PROBLEMS-AND SUOSESTED THAT PERMITTING AR AND Mt, IPTECTIVELYIERROISE RESPAOTIVt.- "Hots SHOULD PROVIDE ANWORLDIITN OATISPAOTORY BALANCE CENTRAL. :EEC CONTROL IPOR-EFFICIENOY, AND DIVERSITY Al GUARD AOAINiT ?EARS CREATING ONE MAN DICTATORSHIP.- SECRET Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 � �-� � :-- .mt901-:f Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 v.. � � � � CLASSIFIED MESSAGE SECRET I IN-EL-41'_ PAGE' 6. IT GUERTLER OPINION A/1 SHOULD NOT BE ENCOuRAGED ATTEMPT IA IT ALONE. FROM LONG RANGE VIEWPOINT BELIEvE IT NECESSARY RECOGNIZE REAL POLITICAL MOTIVATION MANY AMWORLDERS AND FACT THEY WITH PROJECT AS AMYuMS, NOT AS FOLLOWERS A/1. WHILE A/I PROBABLY ABLE ATTRACT ENOUGH 'POLITICAL ACTIVISTS CONTINuE,c0INANDO AND SAD OPS SEVERAL KEY AMVORLDERS INCLUDING AMSALON/1, ANYU1I29. NIHINT/27 AS WELL AS REBEL ARMY TYPES WOULD LEAVE IF A/1 BROKE NEIN opium FOR POLITICAL REASONS. SECRET Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344' 00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 SECRET *WORLD Meeting in New Orleans, 24 June 1964 BOBJIICTI A22121.19 or Nice Ouys Finish Last I. ngF conclusion that *WORLD interests-wouldimist be- served by not opposing the termination of liaison contacts' vitt. AMTUM.19 was prompted by some of the following eon. mideratioast a. ANNECY-1's obvious displeasure with the existing relationship o as evidenced by his rather Pointed servations about the corrupting effects of such contacts GA subordinate levels. The fact that such Contacts provide SOBAZIE with a certain insight into those *WORLD affairs which AMBIDOV-1 preltow to keep secret in obviously a. teeter, but not an overridinuoncit::Vhat-really-vorries - ANSIDOW-1 claims�that.lactionalism draws lusts- .:-�nance from working level liaison between Cubans and americans except in, those rare instances where- the , IrepaItp of the. Chban representative As beyond civil. be AMIDDT-1's lack of condidesee in AnYON.lre Welty. ROI position has been all along that 42822064 is the sole Judge of who among hie-co-workers merit _ . treat' sad who doesn't. To dispute his judgment wo4141' : eatamgle MAW into intra..AMWORLD power.politics with. :lhe adequate bailie forktelligest,judaAlet. MitherAte" 'reserve ourselves tho right 'of Co-determination on all Wersesnel action. or cid none. ANNUM gioundrulel.eir 'Unambiguous on-Absivecore. Ve do' not become involved. essept in those instances where our opinions are To:really elicited, is is. thwifield of background'. .which only by, inference beer upon the issue et.. loyalty 'to AUBROBt.l. In sum. once WIDOW-1 withdraws his sontidetee from s co-worker we haven's:lotto stand,_ snLin-pernisting that vs-have-the right 'to tunsider that partieular individual cur ehesen instrument in the field if liaises,: - d. AUVVI619te dual.rele ass risking tunstionarr' di ANWORLD and the dumber Two 'Man in AWOL :dine* mu *have reason for believing that I dichotomy' has been . opening up between AMU& and AMTUn's old guard (to; SECRET din inft�ii Wit Miltittk Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 -" ,�: -2- -which AKY101-19 belongs), liaison with ANWORLD conducted tb.rough �KTUNI42 ipso facto involves. KUBARK in factional strife. � We recall that some of the Ma3or -troubles be- setting the aistion mechanism prior P.laya_Biron stemmed from the interference of. cosimissiarn.i0 Without derogating from the importance of the idecilogiea/ component in the struggle against WINO, in any showdown between the military command and the polltioal functionary corps, it behooves us to. range INURE alongside .the former unless the points at issue manifestly implicate Malin security. Under Ain/ORLI) groUndrules =BARK � supports ABBIDDY-1 as the commander-of an unconventional vartare instrument, not an exile organisation, let alone the ideology: and aspirations which animate it. � d. The -AVM opposition group represented by 411M1.11.1 eleirly desires a share in the decision-making processes which =AIN has entrusted to AMIDDY-1. While they pap lip service to the principle of non-interference in purely military. affaira, in -the. final analysis -it -would- :be impossible to. keep the two aspects apart. - Any con- Cessions on KUBARKes part 'to the pretensions of the swum. opposition would confront =BARK with intangibles in the germ to ()eclat pressures brought to hear upon 41311:1171-1- whose twist wes-COuld not possibly gang* or Onstrel. � . s� sass dissidence flourishes .1a the ItAltd area, � � vbereas. AVVORLD' � -center. of gravity rests in -Central &merles. Unless AVILIDDY-Vs stewardship- in-- unimpeded- by � taettenalisk -AMMO.. pert OrIMMO� is bound to. 'Miter rime. iretain e. focus an his Aron backyard.. ". - �.. � , 1t. The impression that .AMIORLEI may. be disintegrating � la fed by. Intel widish essentially retliots 111U area backstage maneuverings in. the political :sphere. _not tact � Sitantion in the saws- aboutiehish w. are, -as. a ,matter- - Of -taste relatively. uninformed. -By-striiisig...te insulate � kliVERLD against. the. sail:akin@ of WAVE area bickering had (Arita � Abe A11013aLD plature--is-bOund move.. into clearer teems :ad any. shortcomings for which AKBIDDIri./ should, be gelled. to-account -can no. longer- -be - ttnated: upon the. - debilitating. effects of AVM intrigue and.mosit� inoortoni. eacset possibly be biased' upon =DAM once its links With . IlltIna.to have been severed., � SECRET Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 SECRET g. An emasculated politicr.1 apparatus in the Wan' area will deprive AUBIDDY-1 of all excuse to divide- his tine between Central America (where he belongs)' and the NAVE area. It. The tawdry aftermath of the ZENON II raid _can justly be blamed if not on ANYIBI,- at least en AUBIDDY-l's political representation. in the WAVE area. With that representation effectively eliminated,- onw:of :the main . sources of ODYOKE. discomfiture will have:heen effectively dislocated. Impending changes shoUld at least eliminate the AMU press and Intel sections. , Should there be further unpleasantness in the � WE Area ICDBARIC once Contacts With AUYDE-19 -have . ceased. have a base for, plausible dental of responsibility for not preventing it. 3.. If we are to�believe certain not altogether unblasired report', ANBIDDY-1, through his mistress Sdolaida-PADRON, has become linked with the exile demi- Made 'which moves on. the fringes of common crime and - 'bleb- is closely intertwined with the remwmts of Batista's ._ swine. While ANNE, and particularly ANYDN-19, may- to Mao extent serve -to,.counteraat and allow down thele'trends, they are obviously unable to halt them entirely.: . Mine.,-. 'hilt little benefit we could have derived from a tie-in between AMIE and- AMNIA, bac not been forthooming. Ohert,of aa'.enduring'political compromise between oos... lUsting viewpoint, 'which we don't consider-' within the ;Imam of practical -..politise, any solution onion .keeps SEBIDDY-1 out of. the-WAYS :area and close _to: his -comnand posts serves /MOULD and hence -MASI interests. � It. 4110101ILD is tin area had become a breeding,'-ground. ter rumors and beyond- reasonable doubt :a valuable- goureir: St classified. inlorsation.for AliThUlles agents., - ay- '."' - plugs; ANBIppt.l. and..-.his pals out of. reach, PBRIIIIMP� I. 11..say.be 'reed to. base a major: collection effort On Nisaragua-whieh won't--b, easy.� . . I. a.- "aloe guy, " yersonally preponsetaing,:and, � bestially honorable. -evidently,aad in lull measur4 -shares.. � -- 1111Manit propensity for -political intrigue and treetiontlisatIon. ft Is intensely. preoccupied with'idealogical ligation and Mt Unwilling to. aeoept the -absolute primacy cR overthrowing----:' � MOO to which, at least at this -rather hopeless. stage of-the '1- 1010111-1 h - SECRET Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 14-00000. Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 -4- struggle, most ideological. reservations ought bia subordinated. Regarding this fundamental- issue be-and &BURR may be at odds. In nerving as our principal working .levelAialson contact, .be. has. not resisted the. temptation -to try ,parlaying it into. - political power vii-a-vie AMB/DDY-1, a. fact that- hal obviously not. escaped AIIIIIDE.IY-1's notice. Without impugning AMTU11-19's good faith, we- have reason for believing .that on ocCasionrhe has conveyed our Views. in the garb Of HUBARIL� criticism of AMBIDDY-1's capabilities, e.g., as a -paramilitary. plAnner - and, - it appears, has left AMBIDDY-1 wit. the comPletely, erroneous .impression that we were taking sidela in the factional dispute - involving AMYUM,, in essence- backing AMY141:111' against AMBIDDY-l. In advising AMBIDDY-1 on the pros and cons of dismissing . - SAWA& (10)..Aifftni-19 told AMBID1JY-1,that disakinsil sbuld in. � � all probability spell a.break with =BARR which .he must have - known and ot which he wale subsequently restinded, .ian completely counter to KUBARK.s. t. stated position. that personnel -Matters' are in AlIBIDDY-I'm -hands. .By at,. least, . hi say:' have reinforced AMBIDDY.4's -suspicions that IL/MORA. was linked. with ZUBARIL. si.:mrently AMBIDDY-1 has not, been- unduly influenced by .AillitIg�19*s. continuous harping on the, threat'- peced�by AUBAK13.4 (Ahnr.-19 was never shaken in-his-.convietion that AMBANG4 receives =BA support)... Another -bete noire - has now reared its ugly head it, the person of:: Oliva... � "IL ANTWX-lil'e ideological preoccupations. -have seriously detracted from- his performance as a liaison contact. As.a - de facto penetration of. Antal and as a, souroe-Of Personality' informatiow.he has- done well by MARL Thanks to him PRAM .. undoubtedly-SA, bedsa much clearer.understanding-olV the �'.. interlock- between MOULD and AZYWII, althoimh, we Aohall :have to observe the-course of events before- acceptinCLAMTUN-lro grail.* that they aro -Siameist, twina -Who if surgically ;separated wIll 'hemorrhage-to death. We owe him a debt of gratitude to - have alerted us- to the impending rift and-to havitenabled:ue- - to arrive at the only possible decision to :threw !buy, Mill. weight of liWIARK�os support behind- -- � Throtsgh_hiss We have also learved a great deal- bout,..AlailWate . ---ehaimetoriatiom as a-- leader, of course making- ter � subtle injection- of ANIRW1-190. venom... 4111111DOT-1 it mbeitlia. hi .strited-'that en.ot the-abaraeteriatisc to thigh .iakeii most Violent' eaaeptiOay;, oven are ingrained, have been; AUBIDDY4' by Anass.. - Blass the inniaptios vit the program., -.WM havm.urged ARMIDIONV'' � place himself ukchallengeabli control of the paramilitary, apparatus .aad, not altow political sealiderationd-to intrude:- . Ups!, the- tendibet of ARIMMILD affairs. Any .ssissesiagestent-;-:' SECRET , Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 F1--T 4-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 - � therefore ought not. be blamed upon authoritarianism (without which AMWORLD banns% conceivably prosper) but upon a leadership gap in AMBIDDY-3.�8 personality makeup which even "desiocratic sent:alias" eckaldn't correct or ours. 4. In assessing the prospective consequences of a cessa- tion of 'contact between ANYVH-l9,.and MARK, we dual haVe to take. into account that- he is fully cOgnizant-Of: the-fiii3t that ELTBAIOL 'supports SHWORI.D. The relationship that -has ...stated heretofore is known to him in all its facets.. a. Under.ezionmed names, the to/lining ICIMAIS- reps � or* known .to bin: . . Bobbie' Hernandez. � Deenoid Fitineraid Raul Hernandez � Henry. Necksher � . Carl Jenkins - Richard Beal .. Sart Rohrer Janes anitb b. .441/01-19 has intinata khowlsOgo of � AIFINNILD funding -arrangonoats. 1.e.8 amounts, identity of .bank accounts both Swiss and Maw Torkv-and related_ inforisation. Unless WO Melee unmistakeable indications: that .ANT011.10 icon the warpath against AHWOBLD erreageskonts. does not. appear indiaited.. Nor can vs see ony�sterit in ,dinnantling WORLD,' logistic isfrantruoturs. et whisk ANYVM-lt- has. full, , O. Re knows the, f011owing individuals: and any suspect they are sosebow�lirAnd with ISOIAKt �.: *aspen H. � sluatnw (P) MITTfal. , 4. leIophons nuabors which wore issued to ANIFIL.lt. �ONO in the proem of being discontinued.. O. 41/111111-19 knOws. the location ot. the following � � 111111Abrisattallatiene and--aseemodatiou 'Adamson, (Whisk -.11111 be given up o* changed: � I, Vbither -eV "est AMMWle in an stteePt tt-mretrt ilagined slights byliVilint (mush ss the -ahvest'tesninatims 04 the quieting .relationship. without -farewell) .by divulging. -SECRET �1114.1144 �������111ft Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344: 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 what he knows to.unauthorised persons, is difficult to assay. Should be ip honest conviction reach.the conclusion that he was shunted aside because-KURAWconsidered-bie an :Obstacle to establishing full 'Wei over AMMO, he could'easily-rationalise a betrayal. Other "ideological" considerations could be adduced by him to justify actively opposing MARK. :Whatever he may do along those lines would not be through inadvertence but design. We haveveighed-and discarded the .neutrallaing him through iecrultment. This would- not work our reading of his personality is correct. .Wevan think of 'n number of deterrents, out of KUBARK's reach,: Which will probably make him think-twice before throe:lag down the To' . provoke the enmity of- both AMBIDDT-1 andiCUBARK would. be: an act of defiance of stick we consider:ANTUE49 incapable. Derides. AMIDE-l9 strikes us as an indivUdal imbued witha sense of basic *Seesaw and of Christian morality. 11. In balance we doubt whether AMTVE.19 is going to pose � Major threat to the security of,AMWORLD. In any case,- EQS decision to secede to-AUSIDDS-l's-desires on working. level lialion, evar.if it entails a rupture in. relations with AMT101.1S, � made in full musses's of,the:fact that be could gauss. trouble. and inflict. damage intent. -"Mould this essuiLte. pass, bovevorr4t would-be-unfair to.shift the. entire . blase entriALIBIDOW.1. While-we can, hardly. applaud the glaring- S..& of politia4 amiss AUSIDET-1 has,displayed La this -whole 'Stair, vbilw.his-mOtives:Andispensinuwith APITDE.19'4 ler- V/004 mar not:. be-entirely. honorable,-- and while -MOLE, ,hts main. . Senwee-ewthOARVEM-cabalciirimilf:Gervintand euestiOnable to grArmilari,.thstaat remains thatAbofinal-decision was" as sash as it. was AUBZW.1's. est OS. MOB Min AO �MOVIMR4 2014' AN1OS.19 301 Polley ,1.4*Att11e 40,",.(0eat viej .4%104�Iiiisu . Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 11 4 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 SECREI 23 June 1964 1 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Telephone Conversation Between AMBIDDT-1 and Martin Ferrer DATE : 22 June 1964 at 1130 hours 1. AMB/DDY-1, sounding somewhat tired and with a bad cold, mentioned that he would like to advance the date: of the meeting to 23 June 1964.. A-1 advised there are - some administrative matters which have to be resolved. in - Managua and other problems in Miami that he would like , to discuss. with.,'Snrique. A-1 then intends to return In that' case-2-1, vas notified that we.(Eenry and 'Martin) mould hold the meeting with him on 23 June 1664 ,Aind. that Carl could talk with him-and-AMJAVA4.4-en::the- Seening.of.24 June. A.i was advised. that thit'is'a 'routine meeting in which many items would be discussed., e.g., the' Miami reorganisation that A�1 had mentioned.' There was - nothing of a critical nature. The ADELAIDA arrived in Monkey. Pointiwthey re leaving for the States (21 June). 4.,A-1 inquired if there ware any autstanding problems.- Martin evasively replied that he preferred. lot teidiscuss it,over the,phtne. Auil..then-eskeCif we.- intendeCto discuss A-16 .and "his friend."'," ThsUnder!., signed Mentioned we would be dispelled to talking about � anything whick_A-1 feelSierlmpOrtant. : � 0. A-1 stated he expects to leave for: Central America by the end of mEct. week. . � hquaw, -.nog wpm, odes � AtigiggY-1 - Conversations - ,Approved for Release: 2023/08/28C00554344 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 dt4ri Po/ DISPATCH 110110111103�11110.1111MOICCI ACTION REQUIRED: None R RETNARNCA: UPGA-16512 of 15 June 64 PROCESSItill Transmitted herewith is additional information concerning AMNION/1's hose life which ti.lay be-of interest, to EICKHOFF. It would-be interesting to learn the origin of the recurrent rumor that the date Of the PILON raid was advanced at the- - instigation of MONS and that ANBIDOT/1 feels himself betrayed. (Ai vAN K (rAAit ANDREW E. 11111,1111MAN Attachment: ASOT Report D0.940. 1 Copy herewith Identities, Under Separate Cover OION IltRION1111111 I a -7Y,3 7. � � Approved for Release: 2023/06./28 C00554344 *. 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 RYBAt BE AT Report 0 20-950. =Ss DD-920. TO VT.C:Is tan StI3V..CTI t ,sAr: 14 Fe SOZP..CE. r"" � � /liar � - Source had a conversation with ("" ' an .A/017iPnY�a told source r- ��-�"1 would marry her in spite o2 everything. even if the sarriace was erpposed by the Catly).1.4.9. Imp the Americans, and by everyone. According to r---1-P �� �A. "7 has made this promise to her. _ put Ns A- 4 said the Valo,./ing to nource regarding.the 4 � � ttiAtis sloths& 111.16ns "'Vet!. � (pot by which � calls r-- and 2 ppm:- f0�21 � � locked up planning the ,� � Vilest attack, but tZ.-� � � � ���:.car.: � � -':".**.r 1 the date because they-suaticcted x v. � � .1regi . .� A. . � e'rtlet ""111:C..?(==:) t:� to Ciao up � fverything and � � .: fro= owry..,:�2.ng te. gource- ft.' roportc an nrticlo wr � � .1413.shed in iDem A .1tolande ne����.:-.7ar i Dew V.Lik � ..�:.aunci.14.;=er - .E!marriertA0 "lthontol- Mr matte 143 mint? on.131.- given tl.,''.11ttltie copy c � clipping). � 11 Jen 64 ibPN A ndit est this; rL�ticle cnni���� ten 1.� tv".� !.11,use and cp. 7 scared cr.O. As I told cource th:.A.C":"..7= had aent for- a copy 4.8 the aemsp3E-ofi,sfrora tlaw �k to ewe What the. article said. -� 'Then awarce f. told co.- � the phone that .the leourca) tewl.the nevapapear .1! te...t asked *Duran� road th.,--ertttle- to her over -0141Phona� .00Wcte dLI1his while listening in 'silence throusth OIVIOttaftaton 2 A. -1.fter hearing vle t :he article- paid. C=3 (liked source 11%e:theca she thought that harsa.4 him, and .source roPlicS. that L. did. oosPinod to-source about-all that had hapliened. and -admitted buying,: the house and the- high- coat of decorating the hours byrZee"itinagei:' Ai 0 It-D-T - - wSk iftsplwettiPit' ' Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 � t. � 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 itiets) A t�-� SECRET Report 0 DD-950, CB. 11 Jun 64 (cont.)I . . Satre.** impression ii that C=3 and f closed their house to all visitors, because both ,..� � . , (---'1 are_conserned about the way AS.A which all the inftruation about, ; . them Me-been leaked. One timer-7-3 exclaimed with teart allr' :::�.-41 t ' . :.1/4 . � Ow G-2 in our Isouse:a � � '?.... After souree's telephone conversailon�with r��� . '.. : . I -�C= called source and *aids "Last night �Tuti� = could got ' ... sleep. All this goesipiis going to mkt him.� As? . . . i ' � ( 4--1---4-8----4 told source that One tisie C==2 had calbti her � � - S.. - � - - 1:��� trom�Caracasf�Veneauele. telling her that he could barely speak .. ' because be was hoarse from talking to all wealthy iirf?Ixatut.15 asiking� . � .' them to3ive.smaey. for the Cuhr.n cauri. i- � . . , . Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C0054344 � 1 a Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 , SECRET Rygr � SWAMIS COVER AITACHUNT TO: LI1GA-16525 dated al 22 go TO: Deputy Chief, wn/sA 'Idea A. - Adelaide PADRON y Cruz 81. - Silvia GARCIA Acosta Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 . DISPATCH Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 666-55-434-4 RTBAT/SECR I&Wien 044 ;MG TO -44-Tor: .� _ � � rt� Cbkf of Station, JbWAVE xx : fiCA:1110 OktV 01.1�11641) CM. 11.001.4 WO. a MG Deputy Chief, WU (Special, Affairs) SUBSICT AMWMD--Possible Basis ACTIOT4 REQUIRIO � RILIIROICOS f aticsoseus for Entente between AMBIDDY-1 and SAMOSA 1. We advised SAIIPORA at a Washington meeting with him, 16 June 1964, that from the way things look to us he had painted himself into a corner from which he could not extridate himself. Another error was to have permitted someone like SOLE to block his path to the,AMWORLD hierarchy. . This in.retrospect, however, is all water over the dam. 12. If SAMBORA is to perform his functions as we first cow- ceive3 them he should go to AUBIDDY-1 and arrive at a now understand SAMBA was informed that we intend to meet AMBIDDY-1 before SAMBORA returns to Miami. At this meeting we intend to state in no uncertain terms that the security of the organisation is in a deplorable condition. This perhaps may have the effect of placing MAMMA in a more favorable bargaining position. 3. We counseled SAMBOIA to negotiate a hard contract which mould encompass at least the following terms: a. Me would not work under nor be responsible to MOLE but only to the highest echelons of AMMO= hierarchy, b. hall access to all files, bases, information seeded to perform a professional job. C. The complete and unhesitating support of AMIDOr-1 is all security matters. If Aml is unwilling to accept these terms or offers any restriettaW or conditions SAMBORA.hasmur permission to turn in his badge . and bid ANDADDr-1 a fond adieu:- Distribution 3 - C011,41MWAVE class watoltirel to hi*ei� UWW,391d tttTlEO �������� 4.,114,14110. IOW.. � ! ,1"1/ bA.; " ��� .Y . -I 4477 , H4t. mte.- -.j,, �;:Cr..0111P1141.1.1, � 1,11,4 ri V it, .744."...: ..;"""7g Y�, lunnarni PH ILBROOK 22 Juno 1922 " MI SAW/ 19-124-37/3 ���� , �������������� 3 �',111i4ITIttft ' . _ - '.'" mugumemmaniatavid, ASPATCH Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 r. 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 � ���� ClASSIFIED -MESSAGE � OINICTOR . - ROIA s Jill WA �flON ii hti a 3 4fie_ 1 � t. SECRET 281837X DIR rt at: t t Q6 YP IC YOBITE ARV ORLD REF Of R 28914 SECRET 0�41 MIS ig rtiA44.> �Ft AIA.444 opt% Whim 11209 REF: DISCUSSED VIT11. ANYUN�19s DISPATCH BEING FORWARDED HQ& RE,PARA 12 A�19AD11/ TS - ANVORLD FINANCES LEAVE SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED* .0 ONS/ DERABLE PERSONAL EXPENSES 'CHARGED TO AMIORLD� ADM ITS ; NC HIMSELF GUILTY OCCAS/ �NALLY ALTHO SALARY ADEQUATE. A�19 MADE FOLL .ORSERV. AT/ OHS* ANVORLD 2 PROBABLY. RELATIVELY � TREE FROM GUILT E. FEAR. NT13.Y BEING CALLED TO ACCOUNT* HOWEVER A�2 LEOUEARLE SI TUATI ON AND, DISPENSES -MONEY WITHOUT. CALLING FOR RECEIPTS. � . 1�?;: Ass, HAS 'NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO SEE BOOKS OR , PAYROLL*: THIS FOR AN SIDDY�1* �=1,1, EYES ONLY. LARGE PART N I SAPPROPRI AT! OHS FALL UNDER "TRAVEL EXPO STS"*. A* I 9 VIEW AN CIUNT ..NOT LARGE , EN OUGH TO Err Mji ANV ORL CPS CAPABILITY BUT HAS . CAUSED MORALE PROBLEM -WITHIN AN YUN BECAUSE AN BIODV�1 .c7 NISAPPROPRLATZS ANVORLD FUNDS FOR PERSONAL USE, AND THIS KNOWN TO WHEMILs�,:� T111/,' -W. IMP WU Bide. FOR 11�1 ENFORCE 'FINANCIAL PROBITY. � � SIC RE? W a - � t� '��������": it� Nitrose, � � � � .."' 11.11611.1114111^1111114 MO IN 1$ t s..MIK W11 0011 61014114M1 le Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 oats �� � 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 0 UNCLASSIFIED ra-11111itT � 0 COL. INTIM. 0 SURET ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET SUSJECT4 (Optimal) IOCIIINION NO. ti16A )tor-;1;1 I" la .luv.e. TO' (Mow dosIgratiok tom opelber, otel bandied 2. 4. S. 0. m)1 11. 10, 11. IL IL 144 11. 444 DOI IMMO MP' .NOIWArelb mars MIMS COMANNTS (Nersiber mods awasaset le skew tram III4100 OD when. War � this oven Warta after each carement.) BiiIFt PI Mt ABSTRACT , � � Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 0 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 �-. DISPATCH VO WOO Oa= 0221113, Chief. WHIM Panut\lt. S, V C. r. Chief of Station, JxwAVWCI- RYBAT/TYPIC/Operational/AMWORLD The Private Life of AMWORLD's First Family muck mulato�nsunnan ACTION REQUIRED: None, FYI REFERENCE: UP 1-3514 of 6 April 1964 1. The following AMOT report concerning the not-so-private affairs of AMBIDDY/1 and his fiancee may be of interest to BECKHOFF. According to AMYUM/19, AMBIDDY/1 intends to formalize his relationship with Iden B sometime within the next few months. The marriage w1;1 probably take place in Latin America and Iden B will make her home there to avoid a public scandal which would have a harmful effect on the AMYUM nrganization. Attention is called to paragraphs 14, 17, and 26 which answer in part, some of � the questions raised in ref dispatch concerning &YOKE involvement in AMWORLD. The Station has forwarded reports of this nature which concern claims by members of the Cuban exile community of XUBARK sponsorship of AMBIDDY/1. Of the specifics cited by the Cuban, intelligent or otherwise, to support their allegations those statements attributed to the AMWORLD principals thumselves appear to be the only ones which can make a claim to "knowledge" as opposed to conviction based on AMWORLD's affluence. To date no tangible evidence of KUBARK involvement with AMWORLD has come to our attention. PRCCESSANG PC.S.cD krICA XX lona sot mu. LA GC Z. VS.E no llamas moon outv Om.0113 PEMOMIUS CCU CM NOW 000310 Mb= " S. Source: Iden - _Source states that she has known AMBIDDT/1 since they were children in Esmeralda municipal term, Camaguey province, from where both of them come originally. Source further states she is also a close friend of Iden 13, who is now AMBIDDY/1's mistress and a homosexual like source (according to source's statements). N.11 Attachment: Identities, Under Separate Cover Distribution: eel ... DC/181/54 Miall iltlak4.OI Ltomio tivct,c.y. � 01157.F.T# MU MID 15 Jun 84 WANK IMOOLONDOUOVOIR 1178,1-18511 NtAtOplottto�ItgootosogO . .19-8-3/5 4. 10-124447/3:- Approved for Release 2023/08/28 C00554344 ..1�111MMOIll 14-000M GONTIN'JATION CF � DISPATCH _Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 3. Idea B was Fulgencio BATISTA EaldiVars mistress in Cuba for about 8 years, and she claims her 5 year old son is BATISTA's son. Idea B,met BATISTA through CarlbsCASTILLO'Gonzalez. ,When, Idea B Tci.s BATISTA's mistress she was married to Iden C, who is now in Miami also and has a very bad moral reputation. On various occasiogs Idea B has received money from BATISTA, always through' Orlando PIEDM Negueruela. The last money which she received, $200.00, was when she was already living with AMBIDDY/i, Idea B has many friends among losmumvs people and is a very close friend of the wife of Enrique MASFERRER Rojas. 'According to source, AMBIDDY/1 has, had variouiVoieetings with Orlando � - PIEDRA Negueruela. 'quite some time' ago (sourcedoesn't.remember 'Meet date). AMWORLD/2 raised $10,000 for AMBIDDY/lcfroM'anong "batistianos." AMWORLD/2 and Orlando PIEDRA owned a gasoline - firm called "Recall, and at present AMWORLD/2 is still on very, good'terms,with PIEDRA Negueruela. 4. Iden B used to "pose" with her sister, Iden Di to please BATISTA and in the presence and with the approval of her husband, - Idea C. Idea B is a very close friend of'"Flor de Leto", Tete', *MACHADO, Aida*PEREZ Pozo, a woman called Pat (La Americana) and all known homosesuals who hold "posing" parties now in Miami like they used-to,in Cuba. One time when AMBIDDY/1 went to "Flor de Leto's" house he met Iden A. 5, AcCording to source, Iden B was also the mistress of Marces�PEREZ Jimenez, former dictator of Venezuela. Idea B met PEREZ Jimenez through Colonel PuliddOBARBETO who was a friend of PEREZ-Jimenez. Pulido BARRET� put Iden'S in contact-with at individual named PELAEZ, a narcotics trafficker according to - source, who introduced her to PEREZ Jimenez, Since then Iden 8 lived with PEREZ Jimenez for abut a year, and every time PEREZ: Jimenez visited her he gave her $100.00 for the "visit".: , . 6. Idea B was also the mistress of' Pedro (nat. unk.), former Councilman of Mariana�. municiPa1-ter1,Havilia4rovinee.,:. According to source, Pedro�SUAREZ Was Iden B's lover.here.in Miami. One time. Pedro SUAtErtook Iden B' to see a""witeh"- mulatto who lives in Miami, who is also Rolando MASFERRER's "witch", according to source. Pedro SUAREZ.wanted to Control - Iden 8 through this "witch!, but she came to an agreement with the "witch" so that the "witch" would write a. letter.to BATISTA - to make Man send a large. sum, of money to her, When Pedro SUAREZ learned about this, he beat up the "witch" and denounced her. to the Cuban. Refugee Center. According to source, Iden 8 has . another lOver named nhiche*__CARDENAS (mat.- unit.),. who: nos. Public Works. Minister in.the Republic 't Panama.' 7. AM9IDCY/1 talked to Iden C And asketlii.h4107ini organizing the ANYUM Intelligence' Section, For this objective he gave /den C a sum of money to begin working.:- lathe Month of March or April 19031 Idea El�filed a divorce suit sigainet.her husband. B. In the.same month of,MarcOor.April 1963, source_ received a check.for $300.00 from Raul. GRANDA Hernandez it behalf of AMBIDDY/1, so that Iden B could payfer-her divorce... Saul'ORANDA- lives, with Iden B's sister.- 'dine was triod-for having a stolen knife from a grocery storein_his posseseion, and he WSW sentenced to pay a $150,00 fine.. Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 ' (b)(1) (b)(3) CONTINUATION OF DISPATCH S.k Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 S E,C R E T I UFGA-165 9. Source further states that in view of the fact she (source) has many friends who. like "poses", she was able to introduce to AL3IDDY/1 some important Venezuelans including Colonel Pulldo BARRETO, CarlostISO (mat. unk.) and Osvaldo *EtAJARES (Venezuclar. aco:iouist). Source states that, at . .AMBIDDY/1's request, three meetings were held with those individuals in source's house. According to AMIDDY/Lthe objective of the meetings was'to.get support for his plans, and.theobjective of the Venezuelans was to overthrow Romulo BETANCOURT, and they were'allied to the National Liberation Armed Forces (FALN). .The conversations revolved around CASTRO Leon. The Venezuelans believed they could make a pact with the Communists and later eliminate them. At that time Warious, members of FALN came to MiaMi (source doesn't remember when). AMBIDDY/1 assured the Venezuelans he could influence GPFOCUS and KUBARK to get support for their cause. Carlos SISO told source he distrusted AMBIDDY/1 and believed he was a-KUBARK penetration to learn all, their plans. SISO also told source that when Osvaldo BAJARES returned 'to Venezuela he had been arrested,. and SISO believed AMBLDDY/1 had denounced BAJARES. In the last meeting, SISO told source that. he was going to put AmBI99Y/1 to a test. SISO asked him "whether it was true he had gone to Haiti on an official mission as an ODYOICE envoy." ARBIDDY/1 was very surprised and satd he had, but insisted in SISO telling him how he had learned that. The meetings with the groups ,of Venezuelans stopped since that time. After these happenings AMBIDDY/1 informed source he had 'written a report to the Americans about' the Venezuelan , problem, and that he had treated Rafael CALDERAS-very well in this .report because CALDERAS had given him financial assistance. 10. -ABBIDDY/1 showed source an, unbound book and. told her . . Ahis was the most important book ODTOKB had because it contained :7Alitary- secrets which were known toAt very fewpecp/e. AMBIDDV/1 4Oasted of being one of the few men in the U. S., who had that -document. Source leafed through the book and saw some Weapons, noticing that some of those Weaponsuvere marked.. AMBIDDY/1 -explained that those marked weapon* are the ones which ASTHMA has in his..possession. 11.- Source further reports that on various occasions,, in private convereaaon which AMRXDDY/1 had. with Iden B,. IdoM4landAteu0WMFAilereaid-thet-whei heeeitee Power in:Cuba-he ii going to organize guerrillas to invade Mexico andcther ccuntrie* which havedinied-ttltto Cuba. According ABBIDDT/1 is convinced 'he: wili. be President-and-Idett BlAilrst Lady., . , When AMBIDDY/1 talks of the 1940 Constitution he says it must-be defended publicly And respected -as something sacred, but in private-he has said that-when he seizes power he is-going. to US* every page of the tonetitutien as toilet paper. 31, .Bource heard AMBIDDY/1 'talk About a bnok which, had been published :which strongly: accuset-MUBARK.,andsay that he. ;den 5, and Idea-F had furnished all the, date for-this bOok-and' would receive about 98.000.00 as their. sham of the:sale profit FElea yea PREVIOUS ii1171011. KAIMPISATHO 8111CRIT Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 CONITN'JATION OF DISPATCH :Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 13. One time AMBIDDY/1, Idea B and source had a meeting and discussed who should be the pilot of his private aircraft. Iden .B proposed a pilot named ALEXANDEA (according to source, ALEXANDER had relations with Ides B,) but AMBIDDY/1 opposed W,s and complained thrt the POPRIMERS forced him to select tne personnel. 14. About 7 months ago (on or about Nov. 63), AMBIDDY/1 told . Idea B and source that ha was going to receive a secret training course under PBPRIME direction. AMBIDDY/1 used to leave every day at 6 AM and come back- at night. AccOrding to source, the course lasted 6-weeks and most of the times Idea B used to drive AMBIDDY/1 in an automobile to.a place in Coral Gables where the course was being given. Every time AMBIDDY/1 returned from the classes he talked. About the things he had learned and talked about secret writing, codes, of some pens with a substance which could kill instantaneously, about sabotage methodt, etc., etc. 15. AMBIDDY/1 frequently spends long hours at night in his house making up accounts to justify expenses. . . 16. After Idea B's divorce, AMBIDDY/1 moved with her to 881 `,-NE 71st Street. AMBIDDY/1 talks constantly in the house where he lives with her about his future p1=Ins, about the single party,- _about the. dictatorship which has to. be imposed in Cuba 'etc. 'I AMBIDDY/1 often puts on a uniform, poses in front of the mirror aT tans about invasion. � WAVE Comment: This is one of several recent reports concerning statements attributed to AMBIDDY/1 in which he. has spoken of the need for a. strongman to run Cuba. AMSRADY/1 reports that on 10 June Aurelio MARIN Naredo (one of approximately :30 AMWORLDERB recently arrived from the camps:. statwthat_AMBIDDY/1 appeared at the training camps, took a dictatorial position'on-a number of issues terminating with the statements to the effect that he was the only one to liberate Cuba, he was the only, one to run it liter, and that there would be no voting and no. elections. MARI1003bjected, stating that he had joined a revolutionary group, 'not a dictatorship,. and. along with other trainees requested to );.'. return to the WAVE area. According to AMBHADY/1 when the trainees arrived and went to the AMYUM offices to receive 'their final check AMJAVA/4 refused, a fight ensued-and AMVUM/19.had,to iatervenee MARIN characterized' AMSIDDY/1 as deceitful, liar, coward, demagogy dictator, power mad, a flagrant opportunist who cannot be.trusted, etc. Realising that AMSRADY/1 is strongly prejudiced' against AMBIDDY/1 this comment in forwarded for what it,is-worth. ,AMYUM/1 has coreeirmed_the4ncident at the MUM office, and states that,. whether or not it imjustiiied, there is a considerable'numberof AWROELDICES who hold" similar.vieWs now and who attribute statements � to AM=UDY/1 which_are.in0Oheistantwith his Statements. 17. At the time of President MINNEDYIerdettitveoUrce asked ' AMSIDDY/1,whether this would-harm him And he. replied, smiling that it did not, that now he was receiving more aid than before.- AMBIDDY/1 told Source that he-tled received a card from Mrs. Jacqueline KENNEDY in reply to the condoleneel whichlus had sent her, ands card written by Bob KENNEDY with greeting.' . 16, According to source,- AMBIDDY/1-has.juet givenIden18 a fabulous residence in-Mali...According to Iden-S,the. residence is in the naft-otAMWORLD/E,-butthey wrote another _ Specifying that the homsolLbeiongs.to-hor. -Idow B told:Searcy that ,AMBIDDY/1 had made.a-down payment of $00000,00 and $400.00 a month, Source also reports that-,AMUIDDY/I kteigiven.to,AMWORLD/2 lin MVP? JO ODIVION. A .11101111.? Approved for Release: 2023/08/28C00554344.. v: DISPATCH __Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 0.811.0vidne documents, valuables and jewelry which AMwORLD/2 keeps in a - safety deposit box. WAVE Comment: The Station is investigating these fLIMOTV of an alleged love nest b.Ang built for Iden B. AMYUM/19 claims that he is unaware of lny validity to the rumor. 19. At present, Idea B lives with l'air two sons, AMBIDDY11 and a maid named Iden G who is also a homosexual. This Iden 0 has brothers in Cuba. who are militiamen and she corresponds with them. Iden G's husband is known GallegO",�and he. is now in the training camps. Iden G has been .a �friend of Idea M for many yer-rs, and is the one who used to accompany her to her dates with BATISTA. According to source, Iden G knows too much about Iden B and is the one who really directs her. 20. Source further reports that the current MIMI Chief of Intelligence, Iden H, is married to a woman named 'den I, who practices prostitution. AMBIDDY/1 has ordered the Intelligence Chief to collect information on Iden B, but all the reports he submits on her are good because the AMYUM Intelligence Chief is an unconditional supporter of Iden B. One time the'AMYUM, Intelligence Chief hit an AMYUM member because he made unfavorable comments about Iden B. 21. Source learned from Iden B that Juan AMADOR Rodriguez is one of the newspapermen in exile who receive money from AMBIDDY/1. Iden B also told source that the articles and declarations made by Iden J are written by Iden K. 22. Source further reports she leaned AMBIDDY/1 had difficult with the ERACORN brothers because Ihigo'ELIAS Martinez, stationed in one of the encampments, brought contraband Whiskey into Nicaragua and this angered the ERACORN brothers. Source also learned that an individual named Raul LEAL Garcia deserted from the encampments together with 21 men. This Raul LEAL is now living in marital relations with Martha BRAVO, a very close friend Of 'den D. 23. Source 2* Iden L Both Iden 8 and her sister !den D are homosexuals, Idea C works at the Rden Rock in Miami Beach and lives with a Miami Beach gangster in addition to practicing prostitution. Idea M is an aceountant, is registered in the Association. of Cuban Accountants in Exile and works on Miami Beach. 24. According to source, Iden 8 was Pulgencio BATI3TA.Zaldivar mistress And had a son by him. :In mrder to avoid troubIetin Utile affair, DATIETA !aarriod her off to Idea Cp a� member of the Constitutional Army with a terrible moral reputation.. /den 8 used to "pose" with her sister to please her lover MAT122A and her husband. Afterwards, Iden C Continued to exploit ;den II with this "posing". When !don 8 arrived in the IL 8., (source -does not remember date) she became the mistress of former yeah:extol:1h Prerident Marcou PlAn Jimenez., and later the. mistress Of Pedro SUAREZ, a for= Marlanao Councilman. ;UAW& save Idea-Wen automobile for which he made the dOwn payment:and paid some ihatallmenta uniAl ho quarreled. with hir. AMSIODYflfinished.. paying for this automobile., � f Approved for Release: 2023/08/28C00554344 1-00000 DISPATCH c r r- 0 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 25. Source further reports that Iden 13 had homosexual relations with Idea A (source el). In turn, this Iden A also has homosexual relations with a ttlown homosexual named Idea G, aka "Campeona", who lives with Idea B and A2LBIDDY/1. According to source, this group of "ladies" used to meet with Olga*GUILLOT Vidal both in Cuba and here in Miami to hold "parties". One Of Idea B's friends is Aida PEREZ Pozo, aka "La Gorda", who together with-Pat (aka "La Americana") are partners of a man called "Chucho" who is in jail on charges of narcotics trafficking in which he was recently surprised. Source states that she is well acqusinted with /den B's intimate affairs because she knew her in Cuba and lived in her house here in Miami for one year. 26. Source 3: AMCRAG/1 � On 17 May 1964, Francisco TABERNILLA Palmero talked to AMMORM/1 and told him MARK was investigating the private lives of AK:BIDDY/1 and Idea Bs because it seems it is feared AMBIDDT/1 is being infiltrated by "batistiano" elements. The investigation that is being made of AMIDST/1 is quite publicly known in Miami. Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 �� r Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 ". � fi YUltis cis= SEPARATE COVER ATTACHMENT TO: MA-16512 dated : Deputy Chief,WII/SA t t 256 Idea. A - Silvia*OARCIA Acosta, friend of Iden B. Idea B - AdelaidePADRON y Cruz Idea C - Roger*ROJAS Lavernia Idea D - VictoriePADRON Idea E - Rinaldo OLIVA 'Idea P - Jose SAN ROMAN .Idea 0 -AucieCANO * - - Idea - Jose MOLE Rosales Idea I - OlgeOOMEZ-Mena .Iden J Edgar SO Grande - Idea X -,Roland MERSELOS Baldarrain � Idea L - Milagros LEIROS Pilgueira, friend of Ideas A Iden K OueidePADRON, sister of Idea B. , ;Approved for Release: 2023108/28C00554344 a, 1.4-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 SECRET WU 64-640- 19 Jane 1964 10IM(4AROOR FOR: Cilel, Western Hemisphere Division 116 t Deputy Chief, IIR (RpeaLel Affairs) 8011.111Ct ARIORLD--Review of Deficielscies 1. A meeting with 410111107-1 has been called for weekend of 2? June in order to review certain deficiencies in *WORLD � nanagement and, in this context, convey to �R11110Y-1 expres- stens of Chief, WR's serious concern over manifestations of if iciest leadership in giving direction to and exercising supervision over the 4111101,11) effort and the personnel assigned 90 its 1). In reviewing seats-of the preceding, twelve peaths,. ..19-�111 be pessible to balance praise -and stricture. --'.1rhat --ben happened, it appears, it: that sifter a flying start,. the project. is beginning to feel the effects of a.devolutlian of .C.111 controls and that deficiencies is the enality-el ARRIDDF-r5. leadership awe appear in sore striking a. in relating to �NIBIED1.1 our trio* regarding the - state of- ABWOiD affairs, we propose to dietl on. following aspeetes . � - a. -ftvativatot allOpolies�,- carrying over into -the- field et finances. still no capable administrater... de lodiestions.disbursanent. et funds' wohjected-le -acatre/0 Otter than requiring 'reselpta. � Deubte whether Any. kiwi OF budgettina still being enforced since. ve. converted to -stwatgat end.- fixed subsidising._ Faint-odor of earruption. b. Illlft_etsPerseamel. Leodership Weskit Furter statteadr-ifiteegia anytime, reenaltasit 'drive ELI. t Wilma i:,..-�ats VS 110 v.:$;!.:1:11111 =Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 - t*, 4-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 ('ECRET -3- above field grade level either at standstill or =availing. .fty le it good people do not flock to ANWORLD'a colors. - especially after Piloa7- Anong reasons poet frequently mentioaed, alleged. unwillingness to delegate. authority and tendeacy to surround-himself with dross of exile community which repels good elements. bier's sad Castillo, who above average; have already quit. e. Political'Action. Other than what taken la hand WASSION-1 pereonaily, media output of deplorably low � quality. ANSIDEW-1 himself goofed after Piles. d. Operational Planning. -June. perfortaace below par-despite NATI training and Jenkins consultation. - liastaninuta choice of.target in Pinar del alo ill-conceived sad slipshod... e. Operational Security. Virtually non-asistaat. Irelm-strike against calm crus and Punta natal, origiaally scheduled for June 1964, prematurely blown and Cobaa arteeption committees preatomably lying in wait. Prelia- *nary survey iadicates likelihood proposes operation widely known in ASWORLS iiisal circles. leakage. there- fore, not necessarily attributable to high-level penetrm. -tics, but hypothesis such penetration exists le quite nappertable. Solt Headquarters will cease discussing iiperatioW Ians !aside U. B. and theist on paisley - tate/ -abroad. ANSISSZ-1 has consistently ignored-our adVies batten down- batabse -sad -prepare for- major-CIS', OINtleaghte especially � post.:Pilon..-...Sis -so-called- Intel mottos staffed, with cammifollowsere and beaded by a, tat*. illy professional (Major Gomm)- about -te be 'ditched. . - f.. Ilessale !Attalla-2'y_ eaceptImaybsr crasing. - =gait cadres. 17716-1,1 toying with-- idea to -quit. - 0011Srs may follow- snit. Charisma no 'substitute' for- � Issatiriat.ability4 -ANSIDDT.tes disoolatenose.settias . rat esasp/o. g. '"Adelalda.* Clear. indications.; elmobeispeeke.blm-.., SOd possiosissp tnat alter one.year-of cohabitation,. he . .. emu bow earoservodlyt. eithholding,..nothing.. Hither :SECRET- - � � CAW 1.V064 6�:40.811,141,..:4 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 settees to comprehend or does not-reallse the beigh seasdal poteatial of thin relationship.- Ras kern Impervious to low-hey advice that scandal coult ensue and that its full exploitation by Castro would be forego.* conclusion. 4. Above inventory of major defectii�in AMU& probably - incomplete and partly based, on hearsay-and-derived fray patently.prejsdieed sources. - Some ianifestationeet.416*rmy may merely be concomitant of organisational shakedown and ellalnation of marginal personae's. Others may be presumed' *adagio ills of most resistance organise left-to awn devices plus Cuban propensity to fractionally*. In final analysis. Ms eould probably justify the *matey input as long an AMBIDOW-1 produces am oceasioaal Piles. Reconstruction of viable teals- taupe movements inside Cuba, however, is remote prospect, especially if se coaclade that target area now virtually dialed to all. but singlets*, abort-ters, operators.- ,Cossande voids may eoatinue to prosper as long as- are permitted to render lute& support on itspresest level. aseir.sher Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 18 June 1964 � MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Telephone Conversation between AMYUM-19 and Raul Hernandez : 18 June 1964 at 0930 hours � . 1. AMYUM-19 called to say that he had passed the message to AMBIDDY-1 that GUERTLER had given him. , , 'stating that the Consejo is interested in meeting Am.19 was advised to tell A-1 the meeting would be preferable at the end of next week, 28 Or.-27,JUne. 'in New Orleans, whichever date suits A-1. A-49-also, ..-mentioned that he had informed A-1 that there. was . too much loose talk in the organization. -'2. Am4.9 has forwarded to the Consejo. the'letter' .requesting the July budget. Also accompanying. this. letter is a request for funds to purchase uniforms, tools, :bedding, etc. for the camps which according. to -.A.-19 ae been previously discussed. . �.4-has asked As19 to send.the DMJN-,plans:to- ,Vicaregua. Ap-19 inquired it where- these plena are. Also-A-19:added-he was. promised- the blueprints fortZge landing. field. The undersigned mentioned. that Diek.wan not in the office and if. A-19 would. call laok/aterve.would-have the answers for . , 4, A-19, when Asked il the charter fee for the: 40111.AIDA had been paid for thie month, stated he did not know if it had been sent but voult.a4cak_withMerra., 6;004 400:00*, too ro �a ti' I, re."4,o,o, AP'S ',Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344', � Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 � �������� A' � �p-19 promised to have the answer when he calls bath this afternoon. E.. 4649 stated that Jorge RODR/GUEZ Gwesada is not the AMWORLD representative in Costa Rica. woluisonandez Mel Conversations- RODRIGUEZ - 201 �MBIDDY-1 - 201/ DEM ADELAIDA 'Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344- Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 mzseiv�:r.WDR D. RECKSHER/gt IJ*44 ivH/ SA/ SO/ PA C ibca 4477 NOOIl own. 17 June 1964 DEntsiscsruse. 19-124-27/3 to :WM NO& DIRECTOR ".11'� Pc/w 'we Kt Vit 2 I 1.4 t.,:ri.. . . TELL ANYUW19 HQS REPS HAD FRANI TALE WITH AlIBIDDY.4 ABOUT ..-,RELATIONS ITH ANYUN..19. FOR. WHATEVER WORTH,. ANBIDDY�l� .ASSURED S REPS HS CONSIDERS ANTUW19 PLENIPOTENTIARY MARINE ing,.m.z. s,AUTHORITY ACT ON ALL MATTERS CONCERNING , ANWOELD THIS AREA(/NCLIIDINO 'HOLE). � '7% , � AISBIDDY1 ComPut7.21ED, ABOUT AlITUNA9� I itaMerielk, INZ-EXERCISI HANOR. HIS RESPONSIBILITIES. ATTRIBUTES. .RELUCTANCE TO PEAR OP EXCESSIVE PlUAXCUPATION WITH" ANTICIPATED EUDARK- VIEWS . , . Aim REACTIONS, AND IN THIS CONTI= CONCERN =AT � BY SOME =AD - BE NIGHT CAUSE RUPTURE: BETWEEN- ANWORLD AND !WHAM ;�:A/BrODY4 ALSO *WW2= A1EITIK.49 Simons no. WITH WHOSE ORIENTATION STRONGLY' (EVEN. FANATICALLY) CATHOLIC AND !41.'4411411P. ANTU1.49 aPaRiino mattart-i.usai unitive await :ram maw 1101% SIDISIMIXLTITATS 110174rAMWOMNISTM ANY i'4� /HPARTED TO ANSIDDT....1..EATSilti NEVIN ,.:ORITIOISS OP PILON RAID PLAN ST "CISIPANI" ISO? COWIN'S .TO ALLEGEDLY OVERLOOKED PRESENCE OP MACSINS g/IPLACIDISWT tit TARGET AREA. IINDIRLTINO ALL, COYPU !WM, ,ANBIDDY�t* a 11111L1110,,. ANTS* 19 SAT IISAD SOU IC tip 01 CABAL liAMISSINDRO BY ICOBASIC. ainuivii PLAT aim) "out 441:41690�Virlir� kali= a IIII1641144ifiCt IC110161016 � . ttlES Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 -00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 SCE FORM spza , SECRET T.:0 *ii204 OF.UNCS NIA NM sok% DiRKTOR mea MOO PAGE 2 . of& cm OR � - DISAVOWALS OF ANT INTENT UNSEAT OR =Al= AVIEGRITY. AMBIDDT-q� MADE SOME IMPRESSION). .7. 'of, � . O. AMBIDDY-118 MOST CONVINCING STRICTURE Qr ANTUM-10' S. LEADER-. SHIP, It UMW/MT TO AVOID CLEAR= DECISIONS ( OR -AT LUST FAILURN TO ARTICULATE TEEM).. OUR- OWN :///PRISSION. � ANTUB�19 NOT VERY 'SKILLFUL -IN HANDLING AMBIDDTAs FAILING.-PANDER TO HIS VANITIES AND TENDING !TATE HIM WI'IN BAD NEWS INSTEAD 'OF MIXING DOSAGES.. DONGT.WISM-ADJUDICATE OUTSTANDING ISSUES WHICH.MOSTLE: AL. ASSMUt AMTUB-19 I AWAKE .TENRNTTO SIDES -TO .3VERTTEING ass SOLE CONCERN =STOUR nANIMILITT AND ASSURE- PROM FUNCTIONING. - -Ak;a� '� IMP sips OBTAINED .AMSIDDT...1* 8 pfflaussior UAW PREIRLT ON i3.��,ABOVE =MANGE IN ATTEMPTING. AMELIORATI SITUATION. SUGGESTOWENTLIN 10.. POINT OUT TO A1flU8.19, aussas- =span, TO &WORM ill sussarr: uma--ae titaLtvlas mice. . astrurele :LOSCiAMTSING. ST LSSUMINO PlaN .COlatANOL .I:- P ?WINO AMBIONT441 PORPORTIWTILLINONSOOAACK RIM II Loma ID U maw- Rim: wait vissaysantas. OUR mina -NY4...qat ILoosnio,. � OVER SMOULDER MIMI MOO kliCARIOART TIE DI EASE Assirarate a . � , 1310101101111.. 1313, =I4eP 11113101, 0013 ,1172.1433AL NM= 1331L �Fiassamomomoi spotomair r.: aki now � wet** I � 111 3 Cf I LT ittSekTioloillsrintlit464 NW' tilta no in Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 - � � 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 MESS a.r.T FOTIVI -___, 'II SECRET i , T . . TO nog& DIRKTOR 3 NO ipetia PLI a a au NO. 20/1 NO* � PAGE 3 s DIVOi 10. ASSURE ANYUM-19 HE ENJOYS OUR FULL CONFIDENCE AS LONG Ad -HI ACTS INSEST INTEREST ANWORLD. MOULD. HE BE FORCED OCT "IN' , :LINE gs DUTY" MARK WOULD NOT al osmixorm aro EMI= EUCAUSE, CUBAN �3sraDox,; HOWEVER =ARE WOULD FAIL UNDERSTAND 17 BE QUITS nag, OR nuts 'iron OR mina VALUABLE TINE OR accLanAaTICAL PURSUITS. fl. " ADVISE ANTUN-19 WE =VIM= AMBIDDY-141 - OWN INORTCONING8 AND .1.1177 .110� -.DOUBT WHERE =BARR STANDS 'SHOULD NAM, SCANDAL, APERSONAL . 'OR CTIERW1811)- ROCK BOAT. BEQUEST GIMW7LER ELICIT ANIIIM-19* S FRANK VIEVE P.E ANHORLD� Tr AN ,MANAGING .7INANCES. OUR IMPRESSION -7180.AL -CONTROLS :INADEQUATE '.301-luios swamp on.. it mans DISQUIETING 12701.1111 :ON lititaaaual Luc JOBB an UAW MAT= Inik BAILIWICK tOtiliNG . S 7 RIB Acciniariara).. � END OP 41P1141.4 saliseirisesmo, "Ibinefrg.'" Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344:� 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 SECRET maim= of Russell R. BAMBORA in Washington. D.C..-18-June ISM =SAM Inbesslenent oflunds by 1- Ilanbora renorted -that who in the head 02 was accused of.esbessling $1,000 from WORLD. A/1 conducted a personal investigation of .the case. The final outcome of the cases Re was asked to make restitution out of his salary until the entire, amount had been repaid. 2. This case in point was brought up by Bambara to illustrate that A/1 rpends a great deal of his tine on relatively minor tasks which could easily be delegated to sonsone else. ,:.,Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 � :(b)(1) (b)(3) ' ;(b)(1) (b)(3) (b)(1) (b)(3) 1.1-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 1 sEC DEBNIZYING of Russell N. SAMOA In Washington. D.C.. 14 Jun* 1444 SUBJNCTI Loose Talk on Telephone . As an illustration of poor security of �MBIDOT/1. � Sanbora cited the sample of how 1/1 had telephoned � Sisto Mesa on 14 June 1984 from Nicaragua to notify.hin -,.that the operation had been called off due to bad weather. .Naul J...Nernandes IRIBA/S0/10 'Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 14-000M Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 FBI DOCUMENT DATE: II JUNE IS.54 CLASSIFICATION: CONFIDENTIAL SUBJECT: ANTI-FIDEL CASTRO ACTIVITIPS FBI FILE #: UNKNOWN .4.41.-rOWIrigrAlt=i1,X IWOOty, �andaji: . ARM M. Jut +1, _,..14.rica Nil � Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 . 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 IMMM� MOM 1MM M.. OMMIS MEM& S. LIMN b. SIMS & WILLte/S� a. 11111.1�1011. ULM. CVNIallft YIN& CLEM& V. ��������.m. S. la S. 10�&LAtil V. IMININ�Vv. NV& S. Ilmandr. NA. CAM V. 011115. MIMI& MAIM OMB. VIVA& vi�M�VON S. _.__55. ISINVIMINS. 5������01/& 61. SVISINVIV O&M SIMINOMVIA. & tvIVIVIV. Ma& 'WM MI6 & 5.141111,1111NV. MIL 1.111�1121 irmsorr. COOL alailM118, SIVISSIO1.111.1.0 Min& Ziales Zonal* commAmusonewmows June 9, 196k Mr. Miami Arttme Mesa Mffitaleatoda RecuperacionDevoluelonaria 2211 Martheast 2ail Clamart � Masi 97, liarigla Deer Kr. × This is to acknowledge and to thank you for your thoughtfulness in vriting to me. It vas very Beatifying for we to amution your daring said on the yet or Pilau in my speech of Nay 20th.. Pelicidades. I wish you the- very best in your future actions against Castro uho poses game menace to all of the Aneriaad* -I -very pleased that throe & the Referendum the Cuban- commmity now enjoys a central voice Ithich can serve to eo�ordinate effective anti-Castro activity. Ropetullys, ny Rovermasset vill turn tiny tram its. ill-advised policy of zestriating the Men encileits end aid people las yourself to liberate the Man people tree the Castro-Cammunist dicta- _ tenthly. To that end let III assure you of ny continued support. Please do not hesitate to *its me again. With every but video ea Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 600554344 � � 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 AM% SENDER WILL CNECIC CLASS. ZAT10#4 TOP AND BOTTOM 11,11CLAASIFIED I I CONFIDENTIAL 1 1 SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGFNCT OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO NAME *NO ACIDNESS DATE INITIALS 2.0 1 17iii. A i A I so 1 Solite DIRECT IMPLII PROM REPLY APPROVAL 0ISPA`111 RECOMMENDATION COMMENT FILE NEVIN* CONCORREIME INFORMATION MUM Remark's i if "ir *,r 47A, j:LLretois4P late.04 14 441041 if dIfA . attajueci . Is .4..e., 1.w&1.w& loft. st oloct;" II , 4144t4jr 7 evataile -featA.- 0 A , POLO 141155 TURN To seresaa mom Name ADDAMS AND MONS ND DATE 1 UNCLAMITIND I : CIONVIDENTIAL "MKT' ma ma AIM. NM &Nielson million tea Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344,, Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 MIL 71"."!!."'T The following is a letter from AMBIDDY-l'e father to his son. 8 June 1964 My dear son Manolin, It has been a while since we have received a letter from you. We are writing this to find out how you are and we suppose you are well. Here everyone is well, thank God. Tour mother is not writing you because I as writing it quickly so that it can leave today. We have presented everything since 20 March as well as depositing the price of the fares and we are only waiting for permission to leave which we will soon have. When it happens we will send you a cable. Tour Godmother Rosa is sick and when I saw her today she told me she hoped you would come to liberate her. Therefore we know you are doing your duty. I support your position. Don Jaime is well, thadiGod. saw Imilita and he sends her love. She also told me to tell you to write Lino and his brother a letter and to send it via this channel. 'Witte is not going thero until you send it (the letter) and it should be done through this ohanael if it is possible. That' letter which:is addressed to Conseulc Camps de 8. put a stamp on it immediately and 'mil it SO it arrives at its destination. I am staying in her father's home and I am very anxious to help bar. gigs* ..� ilareq!,..n I Irinewt --11.0104 � Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344, Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 ������. cr.00rT ;141 -2- Well, Manolin, there is nothing else for the time being; in reality, so much has been said about the situ!.. ation that there is no to resist the atmosphere. Your mother and I send our blessing and will never forget you. - M. Artlse and Otilla Muesli I congratulate you on Pllon. Wilta also asked me to congratukate you. � Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 14-00000 Approved for Release: 2023/08/28 C00554344 avec. :eV vritten by A-12a a father to A-1. Gtvet to!QS by A-1 at Bev Orleans on 24 'Inns 64 "Ai