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October 23, 2023
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August 28, 2023
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April 23, 1952
Approved for Release: 2023/07/17 C00868310 ' - VIA: AIR POUCH OFFICIAL DISPATCH SPECIFY AIR OR SEA POUCH TO : Chief FROM roprry !Np3Rmt,i;f3ND I SPATCH Q.4.9*F1 CLASS : Acting Chief, WE SUBJECT : GENERAL - Germans in Spain SPECIFIC- Eugene DOLLMANN DATE: 23 April 1952 1, Is. has been informed by I that former SS Colonel Eugene DOLLMANN has recently arrived in Madrid. He allegedly obtained his Spanish visa in Italy thro the intervention of the Catholic Church and travelled to Spain in the bit of a Francilman monk. He is said to have re-established contact Ot SKORZENY following his arrival in Madrid. .-,--"' - ' \ 2. In the eventuality thatt records on subject in its files, ( 7)is ikoll iograPhical data co g2 e on DOLLMANN. - co m a: .;.(41-4',.7, o El 1,- 3. Eugene DO S Ofl A t 1900 in Ratisbon, Bavaria (Germany), of father. He lived in Italy m.m.:EIL. -,.2.-....-,-- for many years t his yo th b e timateIy acquainted with the countryr, He join t Nazi t ho after its inception and, during X -----Z.--1--.:- uicycycv the early phases o t Seco orld , acted as HITLER's personal representative in I newspaper Iini, in its edition of C3 10 September 1950, r as N1luomo UTIIducia di Hitler in Italia.")- I-- 4:c As the war progressed, DO becane the high-level personal liaison officer OC between the GermanscSS nt WOLFF And Field Marshal Albert-VSSERLING) and WI pn the Italians Field Marshal-(RAZIANI,:Ninister of the Interioti.BOCCHINI and C) others). As such, he served as a key personality in maneuverings between -J Allied -and enemy officials in March-April 1945 which brought about the surrender (3 Cn of all German armed forces in Italy. Following the German capitulation, CI cpC) g 21C DOLLMAN was held for interrogation for a considerable time by the AlliPc. r4 SubseqUently, in 1948, he appeared in Switzerland, where he lived under the ic) name Eugeniirvon AMONN (using false Italian documentation), sporadically 6 trying to sell.his memoirs and alleged correspondence between important Nazi ii officials. He refused to return to Germany for fear that he might be assassin ated by ax-Uazis who regarded him as a traitor. Concomitantly, he wee advised that should he return to Italy he would be arrested And tried for what the 3 Italian press described as "acts of violence and murder committed against Itali.-,r hostages"--e.g., the Arde ins Caves episode. In c4m1-1, Febrilmrsx lo, FORM HO. 51-29 juN T1A9 CO TING OFFICER 7f1n7T GOER 4 L- CLA CIA k*EtICAL catt-PcnoNs RELEASE AS SANITIZED 2000 Approved for Release: 2023/07/17 C00868310 Approved for Release: 2023/07/17 C00868310 if,Ptfrt - Frc9C-F -2- he was expelled from Switzerland, travelled clandestinely to Milan, sad left for Spain on or about 22 February in the company of an unidentified man who was also dressed in the habit of a Franciscan monk. 4. I _ 2) I ), However, we warn against operational use of bOLLMLNU during his stay in Spain because he has,s1ready been involved with several intelligence organizations in Western EUrope since 1945; his reputation for blackmail, subterfuge aid double-dealing is infamous; he its a homosexual. cc: !Trim! oto Approved for Release: 2023/07/17 000868310