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October 23, 2023
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August 28, 2023
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May 26, 1952
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Approved for Release: 2023/07/17 C00868312 - - VIA: Via Air Pouch # SPECIFY AIR OR SEA POUCH DISPATCH NO SECURITY 1 is4 FOR IWATIC) CLASSIFICATION TO : Chief, SE Division FROM Chief L SUBJECT: GENERAL. SPECIFIC- CIC Reports DATE: 26 May 1952 The following CIC report on Eugen DOLLMANN is forwarded for your information: Att: As stated Report No. SUbject Present Whereabouts of Eugen DOLLMANN DECLASSIFIED Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act PL105-246 BY: 1114."-) Date: '-c,01 COPY NAZI WAR CRIMES DISCLOSURE ACT 2000 CIA SPECIAL COLLECTIONS RELEASE AS SANITIZED 2000 EXEMPTIONS Section 3(b) (2)(A) Privacy (2)(B) Methods/Sources2EID ,2)(G) Foreign Relations fp r011:.; MO. 19A9 CLASSIFICATION Approved for Release: 2023/07/17 C00868312 Approved for Release: 2023/07/17 C008683127 �" '45 g-- I � 1�L e." 11 � .� � X. A - � 17TE. CCIZINTSR I7ELLICMICS CORPS reiTACITHERI1 TRI E._ !JIZ I l'SD TROOPS APO 209 U S AF1,17 9 M47 1952 , Report No. S-1300-5003 32.,:1777T: ?resent Whereabouts of Eugen YAILTAT. �1., 'rho infoLtion in this rspott was c,..fitted by OC 523.. 2, Ir Novelaber 1951 SOURCZ sub7-ittatl inforzation coneeatting tia4. for Chief of the Gul.uezt 7nt(014.genee in ITALY atnw-ng4 '4orld whioh it was disclosed that DOLIXANN vas living in 5WIT7SRLX0, in the_oity'of'16,17ano, on Via Loreto #10. The SOURCE also disclosed. Wvins in p038,3=ion of en Italian pa gErport under the name o?'"!:Zit;cf&OIAMONV. The passport hod been tamed to !7_?07,9V-J.TDT thru the Intezn7nrit.-,ion� of the Italian Navy for whom SIP3Tif.CT 4.74 been of stpal serv-ice, havinr beam responMIle for the ontrr :'..nto ITALY of two nuclear so�ontisto rho wore al1ege117 conducting amre7ri:Tlents in heavy water at the Italian naval base of ItgLamea (3ec 3-7004E43 dated 27 !Trmcs.,-,er 1951 and 2-703.1718 datel 12 aroh 19520 !1,700-F,CTt in 7riLLANN). 3. '2;:::',77,..CT; nr.yv ccnnec+.4ern. with frOM nr.r1 17:4X5ret7.ehareabotrts. 7,1ser. ttc:ittL1.`.-2.,,,L1 thrs, Of :',1:7...L.MA7K lxangof l'urtbor Ilse t'r.7r,n x7, infornative po.tat views, the 1:411,3. ts1131,tm 0.5. (Contzro-picnaggiol '3or_ntsr i3s.nionsgo) wae 37:Yalleuted 17,!.D Ital-Lfrn :*.vasspol-t, cr -Lize r.v.--:;tmcc, of ren.oriing, it t0LLiN rlizin U no,var returned, had ft -i-_!f.�:/_x.)Taiolv7Y3. beforo. releaninc it. he2 tho Swiss t'athoritios 2oll....-ai);; who. bad taci7:11y to/rte; the 1.7resenpe of DOLLYV.M pl2=.2 ilne he r. 11=21-SIVad 7!.3...t1.1 pecoports whw. thy rvl, longer po5sww3..ort c;:" thz?..;,,f protaptlzr roFx1tx3 r1i.45za the_ ;34.vino -torritcrx7. noe DOLL:NO': Valittri. .,.!,.:oattw,) of :1-4 r.,hoto &Mph of 7.17,7;:ort,22 Ittalans 11"77 farood lcenpt =dia. Approved for Release: 2023/07/17 C00868312 Approved for Release: 2023/07/17 C00868312-- � A Page 2 5. :he Italian C.L,,, took :.:0,1,1AN;; in cUstOdy then be . hir way scoortod th to o Italo- Co riaz frontier city of . and was taken to the 7Cozvento Acgclicumw (Aagclioun Gonvont on Piazza ,santlAngelo ,,12 Alamo, dirsoted by the f-47anpiaoan 70140r :Alperior 1...- , AZUOC,.s, :,.:nrico (Psdro ;1:areo 17.0.4). After a stay of about le dap; at ths covont, he vas very ably pcortod by a Franciscan Brother (rathernINI) to DerpaaonA, SPI2i,,by ohip, viidenoas rhi10 �furnished tith an Itelinn passport. '2-- - - .6. After lanciitg it :;iargolma, DOLTIIANe was aant to XacirA4 , tlitzre- the,Itellgie voaport was takon avay. Through the latervention of CnT,tai# IvoloSlatill,LL.7S, DOLI-117; rnndo contact with OW.SKORZENT � (who howled the parnehutiot unit which rosetod Bonito OM= in 1943). DOTI.1WN is presently urlder the protection of SKORZENY. t 7. 01.1.g.ANN is still atto::Tting to obtain an.Italian paszport. 73ry extibtrul taai: hcr.A21 1..11.1er obtain 8 valid dezumGnt. to 301i:it:El- ;7kLIZIA.1,1::- hat irldic-nt3d his intention rriti, book ocre7io5.:&-s intitied "Ur, eros. vil&' (A Vas Hero)* still boasts of. his Prionaship vhc said to h;71--: 3-:-ocent17 vpolcr_ favorably of EQI1YANN. UiTirathc-Ir ZUCCA, ths i?zIther 3uperior of the "Angalictm Conva^t" van invol,zlati with the ,:lisinterticutt and the hid!ng of the bof:ly �,I21, TRUST (2) ptLt ..,01 4:1..r.ty 'ISO (1) ai e - ( 1) Approved for Release: 2023/07/17 C00868312