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July 13, 2023
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March 3, 2022
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March 7, 1973
Approved for Release: 2022/03/01 C01320571 ^ 7.March 1973 ; CIA INVOLVEMENT IN CHILEAN ELECTIONS CIA' sEiinancia3involvement in Chilean elections began in 1962. This was a direct result of American policy level concern over pros- pacts in Chile as a result of the Marxist Socialist Salvador Allende obtaining 30% of the total votes in the 1958 Chilean Presidential elec- tions. Acting on policy guidance, CIA pu4 behind Senator Eduardo Frei and his Christian Democratic Party (PDC) during 1962 and 1963. In the 1963 time frame, CIA also pu to other - Chilean political groups and individuals to strengthen the anti-communist opposition and their prospects in the September 1964 Presidential elections. In May 1964 the United States Government decided to support Frei in the 1964 presidential campaignind was expended in support of his candidacy., The result was that Frei won the 1964 election with 567 of the votes cast. Over the following years (1965-69) funds were given under the equiv- alent of 40 Committee policy level guidance to Frei, his party and a select number of candidates in congressional and local elections. These expenditures totaled Some of these ventures were successful; (b)(3) (b)(3) SECRET/ .:NSITIVE EY ONLY R11113TC/PV-B aT RELEASE 70% (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2022/03/01 C01320571 Approved for Release: 2022/03/01 C01320571 , example, in the March 1965 a.nd March 1969 Congressional elections. On the other hand some were not successful, (b)(1) (b)(3) The 1970 presidential race in Chile was viewed by American policy- makers as a real problem. It was decided, however, that CIA would not support either of The two candidates who were opposing Allende. Rather, the decision was that the thrust of our efforts should focus on alerting the Chilean voters to the dangers of Allende's victory and the subsequent socialization of the Chilean economy. As a result was spent on propaganda activities in Chile. Allende won the 1970 elec- tion however by obtaining 36.3% of the vote in a three-man race. In the period following Allende's 1970 victory, CIA was given stand-by expend (b)(3) n an effort to keep Allende out of office. (b)(3) It was thought that this might be done by having the second largest vote- getter -- Alessandri, with 34.9% of the vote -- elected President in the congressional run-off. These funds were not used however for this plan was not implemented. t.�ince 1970 CIA support has been given to various political groups and newspapers in Chile In order to keep the opposition alive. In 1972 about ������,. was allocated to preparations for the March 1973 (b)(3) SECRET/SENSITIVE EYES ONLY Approved for Release: 2022/03/01 C01320571 Approved for Release: 2022/03/01 C01320571 .L 1 Cs:. -3- ' congressional elections in Chile The results of the 1973 elections � have enz,..bled the opposition to retain a majority in both Houses of Congress. This is short, however, of the goal of having a two-thirds � majority in the Senate, which could be used to impeach Allende. The progress of sqcializa.tion in Chile has been slowed however as a result of CIA's 1973 electoral activity�, c ;ft e �-� re". I a. ��� *P.A. SECRET/SENSITIVE EYES ONLY a aa.A.A. � �A oferr...C. I � Approved for Release: 2022/03/01 C01320571