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December 28, 2022
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August 7, 2017
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January 1, 1973
Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01435048 // Secret Service Support In April 1972, the United States Secret Service (USSS) requested CIA support for the National Democratic and Republican Conventions in Miami during July and August 1972. The level of support agreed upon was: a. Station WH/Miami would conduct name traces on all Cubans of interest to the USSS. b. CIA Headquarters would conduct name traces on all foreign born persons of interest to the USSS. c. CIA would keep the USSS informed of any events in the Caribbean and Latin American areas that would have any bearing on the USSS protective mission during the convention periods. Also Station WH/Miami arranged the rental of a safe house about five and nearby minutes from meeting site alias Secret Service. from the Secret Service convention center to provide a secure for USSS and Agency personnel. documentation were furnished to the alias documentation were recovered documenta- on 6 December 1973; tion was certified by the Secret Service as destroyed. Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01435048 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01435048 With appropriate DDO approval, OTS has conducted classes in Countersabotage-Personal Protection for the Secret Service. A total of 96 students from 1966 through 1973 have attended these classes. The last class was held 16 through 20 July 1973. OTS has not provided intelligence or espionage-peculiar material to the Secret Service. ORD has had numerous discussions with the USSS regarding navigation and tracking techniques and equipment. As a member of the now defunct Technical Surveillance Coordinating Committee (TSCC) of USIB, information regarding the capabilities of various audio surveillance countermeasures equipment was also provided. Also at the request of the USSS, TV equipment was provided by ORD for coverage of the 1972 Democratic and Republican conventions, primarily in the interest of crowd control. The equipment was returned to ORD at the end of the conventions. All of this support to the USSS has been in accordance with Public Law 90-331 (18 U.S.C. 3056 note), which provides that when requested by the Director of the Secret Service, Federal depart- ments and agencies shall assist the Secret Service in the per- formance of its protective duties. 2 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01435048