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December 28, 2022
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August 7, 2017
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January 23, 1975
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Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481987 (b)(3) I UNCLASSIFIED I I CONFIDENTIAL I I SECRET TO: EXECUTIV_ SECRETARIAT ' Routing Slip _ ACTION INFO DATE INITIAL 1 DCI 2 DDCI 3 S/MC 4 DDS&T 5 DDI 6 DDM&S 7 DDO 8 D/DCl/IC 9 D/DCl/N10 - 10 OGC 11 OLC 12 IG 13 Compt 14 D/Pers 15 D/S 16 DTR 17 Asst/DCI 18 AO/Da 19 20 21 22 SUSPENSE Dare Remarks: 3637 (3-74, Executive er a/7rY 7 5� Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481987 Awa ICraFf'Srir Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481987 Extract from Morning Meeting Minutes of 30 January 1974 The Director reviewed the basis for the article in today's Washington. Post, "CIA WatPrgate Tapes Torn Up, Says Colby", attached. He then initiated a discussion of past capabilities for recording business conversations in some Agency offices and noted that this ' practice was terminated about a yPar ago. The Director asked Warner and Thuermer to review the draft of an EMployee Bulletin on this subject. He recalled that he had discussed with Chainnan Nedzi and Acting Chairman Symington a list of activities which the Agency had discontinued. He went on to emphasize how important it is that employees bring to management's attention any questionable activities and called attention to the EMployee Bulletin on this subject, previously issued. /s/ Extract from Morning Meeting Minutes of 25 February 1974 Chamberlain noted that the surfacing of another CIA Watergate- related incident required another Watergate "scrubdown." The Director reviewed this incident in which a former contract employee is nrieged - to have destroyed in June 1972 documents residing in James Mcord's residence (refer to D/Sec metro to DCI dtd 22 February 1974) . The Director reiterated tx points which he asked be emphasized by managers in their staff meetings, viz., everything having any bearing on the Watergate affair must be reported promptly and canpletely and must surface at top levels of the Agency and second, the old philosophy of extreme carpartmentation, "spooky secrets" and secretly-conducted business within the Agency must be discarded. /s/ Extract from Morning Meeting Minutes Of 26 February 1974 The Director highlighted yesterday's Current Intelligence briefing of the Nedzi Ccmmittee and observed that he had comited one of the Deputy Directors to attend each future biweekly briefing. The Director recounted Chairman Nedzi's vigorous review of yesterday into the Pennington affair. He again urged ExCcm members to task all employees with submitting any knowledge of Watergate-related materials or other potentially embarrassing topics to the Director, Inspector General or line supervisors and asked that no regard be given to providing same through channels if an employee would rather not. /s/ B. C. Evans \ TOP ' EcRa- Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481987 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481987 I cur bitz ET Extract From Morning Meeting Minutes of 27 February 1974 Chamberlain reported that the DDI is making available to assist the 0/IG in reviewing OS files (see Morning Meeting Minutes of 26 February) . The requirement to review files of other offices for possible Watergate-related mat-Prial was discussed. The Director instructed Chamberlain to: (1) check on the functioning of the carmand line in surfacing anything to do with Wai-ergate (see Morning Meeting Minutes of 25 February) , (2) spot-check files of other offices, arid (3) review selected files as he feels necessary. Chamberlain will determine the magnitude of this latter task and, within a few days, request any additional manpower he estimates will be required. � /s/ (b)(1 (b)(3 (b)(1) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481987